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lindsey m. newman

design discourse bridging the void rehabilitation retreat laundry house and gardens building. nature. synthesized.

design-build concrete marker wine table healing waters interpreted cube joint puzzle

bridging the void

re-ligare seperation into four pods by function: exercise, social, spa, meditation

spine main circulation element all pods stem from spine


1 cluster per floor, 2 floors per building plus 1 shared prep floor, at 4 buildings gives 8 clusters.

physical spine visual spine building layout

The Re-Ligare Institute is a collaborative project between Michael Batryn and myself, and began schematically through the eyes of Zach Crocker. Completed during 3rd Year with supervising professor Mark Cabrinha. This project is a molding of landscape and architecture, connecting the environment and the built form integrating their relationships into one spatial experience. This building seeks to blend nature and building, questioning what is inside and outside and how those exchanges take place. The building begins inside the earth and breaks out to draw people in. Playing the role of architecture wedged into the earth, and the earth splitting open to allow for architecture. The neurobiological laboratories focus on the biology of the human and nature, they become the most integrated part of the landscape. Their need for privacy is also a defining factor for the building being pushed into the ground. The Re-Ligare is an active public facility that acts as a node for people and activities. Its active program pulls up out of the earth making a garden space and a meeting point. The program is split into four different buildings each signifying a different activity, developing from the north to the south starting with meditation and worship, then to spa and hydrotherapy. Two buildings are quiet and meditative signifying the mind and its relationship to nature. The next two buildings become the active buildings for theatre and exercise facilities, which constitutes the change from mind to social and from social to body. The connection of all of these buildings is the interconnecting spine, which runs roughly perpendicular to all four buildings and the research laboratories. The spine becomes the connection of both the Re-Ligare to itself as well as to the laboratories making the two programs cohesive and functional.

roof assembly copper roof waterproofing rigid insulation steel deck secondary girders c channel structure ceiling assembly MEP space wood slatted ceiling c channel structure light cupboards flat-plate concrete steel deck steel girder ceiling assembly MEP space wood slatted ceiling c channel structure light interior structural column exterior structural column

curtain wall system aluminum mullions glass



1 shared lab space 2 yoga 3 meditation 4 worship 5 massage 6 hydrotherapy 7 lockers 8 lobby 9 theatre lobby 10 theatre 11 classroom 12 music 13 dance room 14 exercise room 15 spinning room 16 weight room



first floor plan scale 1� = 45’

1/32 Inch Site Model constructed on Walnut CNC Routed Base

1/8 Inch Site Model on CNC Routed Base

in progress: thesis rehabilitation retreat



This thesis is a study of health, the four areas of health: physical, intellectual, spiritual and mental; through the idea that nature can be a catalyst for learning, understanding, relaxing and rehabilitating. The journey to health and the change of lifestyle has become a key element in the design, as well as integrating water, the life giving element throughout the project. Located in the Willamette National Forest in Oregon the site sits on a south facing hill right next to the Terwilliger Hot Springs. The Hot Springs were an inspiration for this porject in demostrating how nature can heal ailments like arthritis and skin conditions.


The design stems from the site topography seeking to blend into the landscape. It also mimics trees in the program layout with atriums forming the trunk for various program elements to branch off of it.

Branches extend out above ground

Trunk as main core element

Roots into earth building meets contours

building wraps around topography

topography shapes building

contours fall over building

trails interventions tool shed

Treatment Exercise Rooms Physical Therapy


land use






health center

Entry Reception


Elevator Restrooms

Staff Room

Massage Janitor



Entry Reception Lounge Cafe

Lecture Hall


learning center

Exercise Pavilion






Locker Rooms Changing


Lockers Interventions Staff Quarters

Janitor Laundry



Entry Reception Entry

Beauty Unwind

lodge Cafeteria Kitchen Sleeping Offices



Cleansed Loosen up




Learning Lobby


bath house Sudatoria Janitor

Treatment Rooms




Steam Room








Depth Solace Soul






Aroma Taste

Sauna Therapy Exercise

Nature Hear

Sleeping Massage

Harmony Delight Sacred


Library Dining Pools


Spa Mechanical

laundry house and gardens

This laundry facility is located in the heart of Olf Town Alexandria, Virginia in a park that is currently underutilized. The concept was to integrate a building into a landscape to make both better. Water flow was a huge priority as it is located on the waterfront and laundry produces a large amount of greywater, so a park setting was particularly attracting as the water can be completely recycled on site.

Union Street Laundry House and Gardens Scale 3/32” = 1’-0”


1/8 Inch Site Model

pull up public


form push down site




building. nature. synthesized.


Connect back to nature, integrate built form with landscape, nature and the urban setting. separated into spaces based on private and public designation, private entities are integrated into the ground to provide privacy, the public areas are pulled out of the ground to create nodes. the building acts as a centerpiece for everything surrounding it, enticing people to towards it. Two very different programs are brought together by a large plaza and an underground lobby connecting and creating two lobbies, one formal and one central. the orientation of the building gives every space a view of the ocean encouraging interaction with nature and those around them.

splines site contours from splines heightfield from splines

exterior | interior barrier


floor plates | circulation

program space

enclosing vine mesh

enclosing roof plane



e Ins titut e


This project was an annual concrete competition at Virginia Tech to design with a primordial element and use in mind. This marker is used to provoke the understanding that two different objects a Square and a Triangle can work together to become something better than either can be alone. 1st Place Winner - Awarded a Trip to FallingWater by Frank Lloyd Wright

concrete marker

this product design class focused on the conception of the project through many iterations into a built final piece. Built out of south american walnut the table is conceived as a pinwheel tension joint with the ability to rotate until the final joint is inserted. Aluminum rods allow for movement in one direction. Every piece was milled and manufactered myself.

wine table

Water is the essential element to human life, and life on earth, without it we become nothing. This pedastool is a celebration of water and how critical it is to our lives. Every part of this pedastool required water to become what it is, from creating the concrete to growing wood over the course of many years.

healing waters

our first woodworking project designed to let the imagination flow and use our hands to create our vision. Built of walnut and red oak wood with a glass pane window.

interpreted cube

The puzzle table was inspired by beautiful pieces of australian cypress scrap that was to be burned. I salvaged the pieces as well as the steel to create a coffee table of 100% recycled materials.

puzzle table

mixed media

This installation was a collaboration between Kimberly Dillin, John Delleny and myself in response to designing and creating a 3d space through 2d media screenprinting that envokes fear.

fear installation

alexandria, va. avila beach, ca. bend, or. chicago, il. new york, ny. paris, france san luis obispo, ca. smith rock, or. tillamook, or.

medias: colored pencil. watercolor. melted crayon. wood block print. acrylic. ink. pencil.

Lindsey Newman Portfolio  

My final portfolio showing my body of work towards a Bachelor of Architecture Degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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