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Youth With A Mission Urban Ministries Winnipeg Missionary Report (Lindsey Ainsworth)

The last you heard from me we had just finished up our last Discipleship Training School, and at the time of me writing this we are less than two weeks away from starting our next one. But in between, we have had a very busy spring and summer. Much of it was filled with prepping for and running our Mission Adventures program, which overall was a definite success.

Mission Adventures

September 2010

settle into life at home again they will remember what they learned in Winnipeg, and learn to apply it to their own lives.

Staff Changes

About halfway through our summer program, we had the happy privilege of welcoming a new staff member to our base! Kathryn Hodge, a student on our last Discipleship Training School, joined Kathryn us on July 9, and has been settling quite well into her staff roles. She is also my new roommate, since Michelle has moved out of the YWAM house. Michelle is still living in the neighbourhood, but is less involved in day-to-day YWAM work at the moment as she is taking a sabbatical.

Garden Over the course of the summer we hosted four teams in three 10-day periods. We also had three summer staff to help out… it was great to have Jesse, Peter, and Brenda with us! Throughout the chaos there were, as always, times when things went wrong, but there were also some really good times where God was undoubtedly at work in the teens, their leaders, and even us, as exhausted and frazzled as we were. The theme for the summer was “Forward”, and each of us staff had the privilege (although it didn’t always feel that way) to share a testimony with the participants of how God was moving us forward in our own lives. Through various outreaches such as soup kitchens, handing out roses to prostitutes, and hanging out with people on the streets all day, the teams learned about the realities of inner-city life, a completely new experience for many of them. Our hope is as they

This summer we again planted and tended our three little gardens, hoping they would provide lots of fresh veggies for our community. They did alright, but because of all the rain and some unknown factors, many of our plants acquired strange maladies and haven’t been doing quite as well as in previous years. I suppose some research on Manitoban plant diseases is in order before planting next year!


On Aug. 15, all of us staff from the YWAM Urban Ministries Winnipeg base piled into a van and headed off to Pinawa, MB for the bi-annual YWAM Canada Staff Conference, or, the Rendezvous. Throughout the week we participated in workshops led by our fellow YWAM leaders, heard Dr. C. Baxter Kruger (theologian, writer, and fishing lure designer) share his thoughts on Trinitarian life, and

had many close-up photo opportunities with deer. In between all this there was plenty of time to catch up with YWAMers from across the country, many of whom I had not seen since the last Rendezvous. It was a great week of learning, connecting, and simply enjoying the beautiful wilderness around Pinawa.

Chiara House

This community space/transitional housing/shared life project has been in the works for awhile, and it is finally close to becoming a reality! More details to come, but if you’d like to read the proposal for the project you can see it online at:

which means a few different things. One is we have a week of teaching devoted to justice issues around the world. As well, every week we will be praying about an issue outlined in ‘Steps of Justice’, a 30-day prayer and action guide focusing on various injustices around the world and what we can do about them. I would highly recommend looking it up - - it is a great resource! Also in keeping with our justice focus, we have decided to go to Haiti for the Outreach portion of the DTS to help rebuild the country after the earthquake. We are hoping to do rubble removal and perhaps some construction, as well as work in orphanages and tent cities. I am really excited about all the possibilities there!

YWAM House Pets

A couple of weeks ago, we inherited a hermit crab. It’s one of those things where, while we probably would never have thought “Hmmm… today, we’re going to buy a hermit crab”, we ended up with one anyway and had to decide what to do with it. So I and my housemates (Kathryn & Brenden) decided to keep it, and buy a proper “crabitat”, which happened to come with another crab. So Professor Bertrand Wallace and Punchinello the Effervescent, as we named the two little guys, are now residing with us at 443 Furby Street, and I am enjoying having them around much more than I originally thought I would.


Our next Justice Discipleship Training School starts on September 27, 2010. As is generally the case before a DTS, whenever I think about all the work that still needs to be done, or see one of our soonto-be student’s countdown on facebook, I start to panic a little. But I am happy to say despite all this I am, overall, looking forward to the school. So far we have five students accepted, representing the most nationalities we’ve ever had before, which is really exciting! As you have probably gathered from the fact we call it a Justice DTS, our school has a justice focus,

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to say “hi”, please feel free to contact me! Blessings,

Lindsey Ainsworth 443 Furby St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V7 Canada (204)774-7072

If you are interested in financially supporting me (ie. direct deposit, postdated cheques), please make all payments to YWAM, without Lindsey’s name anywhere on the cheque. Please attach a note with my name on it. Send support or questions to YWAM Project Funding at: PO Box 57100, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z0 or (604) 436-4433.

Newsletter - Sept 2010  

Another exciting summer at YWAM Urban Ministries Winnipeg!