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ACR currently  has  54  group  homes  located  in   the  following  cities:    

Andover       Arden  Hills       Brooklyn  Center     Brooklyn  Park     Burnsville       Coon  Rapids       Eagan         Eden  Prairie       Golden  Valley       Inver  Grove  Heights     Lakeville       Little  Canada       Maple  Grove       Maplewood       Mounds  View       New  Brighton       Plymouth       Robbinsdale       Roseville       Shoreview       St.  Anthony       Stillwater       White  Bear  Lake     Woodbury      

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The ACR  HealthCare  Group   provides  high  quality   healthcare,  assistance,  and   companion  care  for  people  with   disabilities  and  for  the  elderly,   either  in  their  own  homes  or  in   one  of  ACR’s  residential  care  


ACR has  unique  and  rewarding  career  opportunities  for  those   looking  to  make  a  difference  in  the  lives  of  some  very  special   people.  We  hire  caring,  dependable  individuals  to  work  with  us  in   providing  the  best  quality  of  life  possible  to  the  people  we  support.    

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• • 651.415.9991 888.558.9991   2437  Rice  Street   Roseville,  MN  55113  

Program Counselor,  $10.84  -­‐  $17.27/hr   Elderly  Services,  $12  -­‐  $15.50/hr   Live-­‐in  Residential  Supervisor,  $30,390  plus  benefits:   o 2-­‐3  bedroom  rent-­‐free  housing   o Medical  Insurance  for  you  &  your  family  (up  to  3   dependents)   o Retirement  Plans,  Matching  Savings  Plan,  and   Commitment  Bonus  options   LPN,  $20.62-­‐$31.49/hr   Case  Manager  RN,  $51,000+  

Be a  part  of  the  ACR  HealthCare  Group   and  make  a  difference!  

Requirements • •

The ACR  HealthCare  Group  has  over  900  staff  who  are  touching  lives   and  building  friendships  as  they  work  with  the  elderly  and  people  who   have  disabilities.  Our  commitment  to  quality  requires  high  standards   for  staffing.  We  have  a  thorough  hiring  and  training  process  with   excellent  supervision  and  support  for  our  staff.    

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Ø No experience  necessary   Ø Paid  training  

Ø Flexible FT  &  PT  hours  

• • •

Ø Morning, day,  evening,  night,  &  weekend  shifts  

Ø 54 metro  locations   Ø Comprehensive  benefits  for  FT  employees  


ACR  is  a  drug-­‐free  environment  and  performs  drug  testing   You  must  be  16  yrs  old  for  the  Jr.  Program  Counselor   position,  18  for  the  Program  Counselor   You  must  have  a  valid  US  driver’s  license  and  a  reliable  car   You  may  have  no  more  than  2  moving  violations  or   accidents  in  the  past  3  yrs,  or  a  conviction  for  DWI,   reckless/careless  driving,  drug-­‐related  offenses,  suspension   or  revocation  of  license   PT  staff  are  required  to  work  a  minimum  of  2  shifts/week  or   two  24  hr  shifts/month   FT  staff  are  required  to  work  at  least  38  hours/week   You  must  be  able  to  lift  70  lbs   ACR  is  looking  for  people  who  are  willing  to  make  at  least  a   6-­‐month  commitment   ACR  is  legally  required  to  run  a  Background  Criminal   Apprehension  check  on  all  employees  and  is  prohibited  by   law  from  hiring  anyone  who  has  been  convicted  of  a  felony   ACR  is  a  tobacco-­‐free  environment,  so  tobacco  may  not  be   used  at  any  time  during  your  shift  (in  the  home,  on  the   premises,  on  a  community  outing,  in  a  company  or  personal   vehicle  or  on  breaks)   You  must  be  able  to  read,  write,  speak,  understand  and  hear   the  English  language   ACR  Homes  is  an  EEO/AA  Employer  

Positions, Rates  of  Pay,  Shift  Info,  and   Applications  available  on  our  website!   651.415.9991   888.558.9991   2437  Rice  Street   Roseville,  MN  55113  

ACR HealthCare Group Employment Brochure  
ACR HealthCare Group Employment Brochure  

Start your career with the ACR HealthCare Group! We provide a wide array of services from residential support services for people with physi...