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Healing Hands Massage Therapy Identity Various Sizes 2012 Healing Hands is a small but expanding business in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The logo and identity created is to represent healing hands as it is now and will keep up with the company as it grows. The design developed out of the notion of holistic healing and massage. It depicts hands in the shape of leaves and a flower growing.

The Friendliest Robot 40� x 18� 2011 For this poster I chose to depict the friendliest robot in the world. I decided to make a great big robot that looks as though it could be intimidating and destructive however, due to its stance and facial expression, you can see it is friendly. I based it on a popular kid’s toy and added a flower which adds to the feeling of friendliness.

About the Author: Yulin Wang is an instructor in the Visual Communications department, Medicine Hat College, teaching graphic design. His paintings have been exhibited extensivly in the United States, Canada and China. He recieved his Bachelor of Fine Art from Nanjing College of Arts in China in 1988. Mr. Wang studied at the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas and later at New Mexico State University, New Mexico. Where he earned his MA and MFA degrees.

Step by Step: A Guide to the Graphic Design World

In 1996 Mr. Wang was awarded NMSU College of Art and Sciences Award, by New Mexico State University, New Mexico USA and 1999 he was awarded a Visual Arts Creation Grant from Canada Council for the arts.

Yulin Wang

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Professional/Trade Division 605 Thrid Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10158-0012 New York. Toronto. Medicine Hat. Shanghai

Step by Step 11� x 17� 2012 I began designing this book cover by designing a visually interesting graphic image. As I was placing the type I decided to make lines representing the guides I used.The guides tie the image and type to the book’s graphic design concept of the book by referencing the program used to develop the concept.

What is Wrong?

What is wrong? 14” x 26” 2012 The image on the right has twelve subtle changes from the image on the left. Can you find all 12? When creating the image I was inspired by the idea of a children’s book. I decided to use bright colours and whimsical characters to create the scene.



Fukuda Shigeo Show 36” x 24” 2012 I designed this poster for a fictional showing of Shigeo’s work in Canada. I worked with the idea of a knot that Shigeo used in a poster. I incorporated his use of hands and feet into the image and, to add a Canadian spin to it, added mittens and a maple leaf.

The Final solution I came up with was installed in the library. It was responded to well by people walking by. The biggest challenge was getting good pictures. This is because the magazines, plastic holders and clear sheets were all shinny. So all the light made it hard to get clear pictures.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Guerrilla Advertisement 2 Feet x 6 Feet 2012 To bring the message of becoming an in school mentor into the library of Medicine Hat College I choose to use the periodical magazine section. I chose to use clear sheets to make my message appear over the magazines. The sheets also ensure the usage of the magazines is not interrupted. The fact that it is advertising for Big Brothers Big Sisters is brought out by the use of their logo. The choice to use purple as the main colour was also to bring out the message of Big Brothers Big Sister.

Shortgrass Library Annual Report 8.5” x 8.5” 2012 The basis of my final design for Shortgrass Public Library Systems is their motto “resourceful by nature.” It also brings in the idea of their paper saving initiative. I brought these elements together by using old books that have been discarded from the libraries.

Figure Drawing 32 18� x 40� Chalk Pastel on paper and board I created this image to utilize the space and cropped the figure to create an interesting composition. I worked on creating a realistic presence in the space while using bright colours to create interest. This is one of many figure drawings I have worked on to develop my drawing skills.

Man in a Red Turban Re-interpretation 24” x 18” Acrylic on board 2011 I painted a re-interpretation of Jan Van Eyck’s, “Man in a Red Turban.” What drew me to re-interpreting this piece was the man’s face; though he has a very serious demeanor I feel that a smile lies just behind the eyes. I have enjoyed looking at Van Eyck’s work and enjoyed the challenge of working from one of his iconic paintings.

Skeletal 2.5 Feet x 4.5 Feet Mixed Media on Found Object I created this composition from multiple images. It had a spooky and unnerving feeling toward it. The board I found worked well with the image. One of the greatest challenges I had with this piece was seeing how the different mediums responded to the surface. I used acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, pencil and conte.

Born that way 24� x 18� Acrylic on Canvas 2011 I was inspired to paint a portrait of Lady Gaga because she is a well known icon of popular culture. She represents equality and uniqueness. She is out of the box and that is why I wanted to capture her essence.

Still Life 26� x 20� Acrylic on paper 2011 I used complementary colours in this still life. I did so to study the flowers and fruit and set them up in a way that is visually pleasing. I wanted to paint items that die quickly to capture them in their most beautiful stage.

Never Saw You Coming Video 2012 Never Saw You Coming was a short film I wrote, filmed, directed and edited. It is about two young people who meet on a bridge by chance. The young woman in the film is dealing with a break up and after their brief meeting something unexpected happens.

Introvert 8x10 Film Camera 16� x 40� 2013 This image was digitally created from two images taken with the 8x10 film camera. I choose to put the image together in a way that one image is the dominant element and the second image is passive. This is a play on two sides of myself.

Home Town Boys 12” x 20” 2012 This image was one in a series of hockey images I took. These photos have personal connections to me as they were of my brother playing hockey in the rink of my father’s home town. I wanted to capture the sport of hockey in a way that was compositionally interesting and artistic.

Date Night 10� x 40� 2012 This panorama was created from multiple photographs put together. It is of two stuffed animals on a date together in an empty movie theater. It brings the idea of stuffed animals coming to life which relates to many television shows and movies.

Beauty Exploration 11” x 8.5” Film Photography 2011 This photo is from a series of black and white film photos that I took. It was interesting to work in the dark room developing photos.The series is about beauty and discovering the layers of one’s self. This photo is the first of four layers. It is one where the individual is the most covered.

Home Town Save 12� x 20� 2012 This image was another in a series of hockey images. This action shot is of the goalie stopping a shot on net. It was an action shot I took. I hope to tell the story of a moment in a game in a single image.

Lindsay Toth 306-290-9435

2013 Portfolio  

My 2013 portfolio from Medicine Hat College. It features design, art and photogrpahy.

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