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The Secret Relationship between Women and Shoes Shoes have always been something that has fascinated women, whether they are style icons or notThey cannot seem to get enough of footwear, no matter what the state of the economy, or their own pockets, is.It doesn’t even matter that they already have and own all the shoes they will ever need in their lifetime - shopping for shoes (sandals) will always be something that they look forward to. Beyonce is one example of this.In a person’s lifetime, she can own a thousand pairs of shoes in her closet. Like her, women seem to enjoy their large shoe collection even if it is just for display. Carrie Bradshaw falls into the list that best describes her shoe addiction.Shoes leave a spiritual and lasting impression on her.Women can be judged by the shoes they wear and feel the need to own a lot of Designer Shoes. Possessing a large collection of shoes is somewhat trivial for non-shoe lovers.In some way, there is an irresistible charm that entices women to go out and purchase a pair.So what is it, then?What is all the excitement about over a pair of shoes especially for women? What is it with women and their love for shoes? Retail therapy is not an advent of this day and age.People shop to instantly feel better about themselves.When they start to pay, this is when the guilt usually sets in.However, when it comes to shoes, it is not typically the case.According to them, shoes are much more functional and don’t feel as guilty as quickly compared to other retail items.The good thing about sandals is that those reasons stated previously set itself apart from others. As with heels, no one can deny the fact that a pair of pumps or stilettos really give a woman that extra edge when she is with her friends.That is not really arbitrary, because with that extra height also comes the feeling of empowerment, even if it seems so random.It is not - it boosts confidence in ways that people never thought would connect. 1

Women, Shoes, and their Unconscious Associations | © 2012

Apart from that, heels also make a woman look sexier than if she were wearing flats. A woman in high heels appeal more to men since it emphasizes the body curves and gives her a sense of assertiveness.The alpha female can be easily translated to Miranda Priestly of the Devil Wears Prada - the high-heeled , high fashion boss with nearly unreachable standards. The deadly concoction of power, sex, status and wealth stimulates the picture of someone in heels.Even if they aren’t aware of it most of the time, this is what is often associated with sandals by most girls.Simply enough, shoes symbolize something like the goals and dreams they aspire for. Power-dressing generates a certain high which can only be found in retail therapy. Online Web 2.0 Version “Women, Shoes, and their Unconscious Associations “ You can read the online version of this press release here.


Women, Shoes, and their Unconscious Associations | © 2012

The Secret Relationship between Women and Shoes