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Hello Lovely. By buying at Lovely, you have joined a smart group of women who have decided to go their own way when shopping for a wedding dress. Buying local, independent and women-owned are just a few of the amazing decisions you made today, maybe without even realizing it. Good on you! In a world of fast fashion, we treasure the slow, careful and sustainable business of made-to-order wedding dresses. And while the wait can be hard, it is also very cool that you are part of the sacred ritual of getting a garment made especially for you for your wedding day. The best things take time, and we hope the journey you went on with Lovely was something that you will hold with you in your heart.


Team Lovely LO V E LY ’ S M I S S I O N To provide an empowering wedding dress shopping experience to brides seeking to buy original dress designs from a company with heart.

N E X T 1 TO 5 M O N T H S

While the wait can be nerve wracking, it means you have bought something special and unique – not a mass-produced item. Also, made-toorder means zero waste, which is good for mother earth. Now take pride in knowing that your dress is being slowly, carefully, and lovingly created just for you.

Your dress is in a queue of other made-to-order dresses and is given priority based on your wedding date. Production managers sometimes shift the schedule around to accommodate different bride’s wedding dates, so when you have a longer lead time, your dress may take a bit longer to arrive. Our indie designers really appreciate your flexibility, since that ensures they can spend lots of quality time on perfecting each and every dress.

D E L I V E RY D AY We email you letting you know that your dress has arrived, has been thoroughly reviewed and is ready for pick up! Now is also a great time to set up your tailoring appointment. Visit for a list of preferred tailors by city.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t already purchased your accessories at your first Lovely appointment, come back in while your dress is being made so we can complete the lewk!

TO D AY Your made-to-order dress specifications were sent to the designer, who will begin the manufacturing process of your dress. We always get a heartfelt thank you from them for the order…our designers feel so honored that you chose them!


NEXT WEEK Fabric and trims have been purchased by the designers and the long part of the journey starts now. We don’t get updates along the way, but we only work with trusted manufacturers, so you can rest easy knowing that your dress is in the best hands.

I N 5 TO 6 M O N T H S Your dress is being finalized, carefully wrapped and shipped to us. We are not alerted when it’s on the way, so it’s like an awesome surprise for all of us when it arrives! PRO TIP: We are on a first name basis with our delivery carriers, who understand they deliver some pretty precious cargo. Say ‘hi’ to them if you see them on your visit back to us.

You get to meet your dress! Please keep in mind, your dress is still a work in progress and needs final alterations by a tailor. We like to give this reminder, since your last memory of your gown was a perfectly fitted sample (once we applied loads of clips and pins!) It can be surprising to brides to find they aren’t feeling the same love for their brand-new dress. Never fear, Lovely, our brides have always been overjoyed at the final results once tailoring is complete, and the dress feels even better than the day you first fell in love!

You’ve just joined the most exclusive, INCLUSIVE bride club. You’re officially part of the Lovely community. Cheers to that! Will you help us spread the word to other brides-to-be? Good ole’ word-of-mouth referrals are our favorite way to meet new Lovelies. But Google, Yelp and The Knot reviews also work. Thanks friend!




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