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“After living in my car for a year, having a home is so rejuvenating! You just need to have the right people to help get you back up - Thank you!� - Tishura, housed in June

Fall 2020

finding everyone a home

Life through a HOMELESS Lens “We are a unique shelter because we don’t require people to leave after a week or a month; we allow people to stay for as long as they need. “ - Hannah O’Halloran, Shelter Services Manager

George has been sober for 16 years; he continues to be strong in his recovery. In June, we had the pleasure of helping him move out of our Adult Shelter into his forever home after a whole year of searching for affordable housing. “My homelessness journey started on a cold Thanksgiving morning when, after a family dispute, I was asked to leave. As I sought shelter in an ATM, it started to snow.” George’s sleeping arrangements didn’t get much better. He went from couch surfing at friends, to South Station, to sleeping outside of Logan Airport - George had no safe place to call home. Thankfully, someone told George about the Adult Shelter at the Somerville Homeless Coalition. “I got the number and a friendly staff member on the phone told me to call every day and to never give up!” George became increasingly anxious about living on the streets - his health suffered and he soon found himself in the hospital. It was during this hospital stay that he got the call from SHC. “That call in June was a godsend and I finally got to meet the friendly staff member whom I spoke with months before. She was a sweetheart and so encouraging.” After meeting his basic need for food and shelter, the real work began when George was assigned a caseworker and his search for a home started! Housed and happy, George is now working full time at a Somerville grocery store - giving back to the same community who helped him get back on his feet. “It really was a team effort; you have a terrific crew. Thank you.”

Volunteer for us? We salute you! “Thank you to our volunteers for always being there. The care you have for your community makes it a better place for all of us. We appreciate your passion and dedication in supporting the most vulnerable in society, and we’re glad you like us too!” - David Jacobs, Project SOUP Manager

“I always feel good leaving Project SOUP. They are good people doing great work!” - Kendra, food pantry volunteer

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71 Evictions



Housed clients receiving 1:1 support


Homeless individuals housed

We are THEIR safety net and you are OURS... thank you! “Most people have a family to rely on, but not me. Now I have someone to help me stay on the right track.” - Victor, Supportive Housing tenant

Since March, I have been inspired by your response in coming together to provide for your neighbor. You provided SUPPORT by volunteering and donating. And, the entrepreneurial among you stepped up by making homemade masks and hand sanitizers at a time when they were as valuable as gold! We saw that you thought outside of your own circumstances and the upheaval created in your own home and business. You are our reason for SURVIVAL and you are responsible for keeping our doors wide open, even opening some of our services 24/7, at a time when isolation and closures became the norm. Your response has been pivotal to our SUCCESS with our clients. We have experienced exponential growth in first-time clients, while also witnessing an increased need within our existing client base. As unemployment rises and sufficient public benefits become yesterday’s news, our families are going to find themselves continuing to live in crisis and increasingly at risk. Despite all these challenges, our mission remains steadfast in finding everyone a home. Our clients continue to persevere because your resilient support ensures that no one is turned away at our door.

We are their safety net and you are ours - thank you. Mike Libby Executive Director “I have been in a position myself where I have needed help and it was difficult to get the right support. I am privileged to help our clients every day.” - Dary M. Castillo-Andre, Case Manager The mission of the Somerville Homeless Coalition is to provide homeless and near homeless individuals and families with individualized supportive services and tailored housing solutions with a goal of obtaining and maintaining affordable housing.

Life through a FOOD INSECURITY Lens Can you imagine having to make the choice between putting food on the table or paying rent? This is the reality for so many of our clients at our food pantry, Project SOUP. “Each month, after paying all the bills we had fifty bucks left, which gave us a choice of either food or diapers. With a newborn, we always chose diapers.”

“We always eat now, thanks to you. You are here for our family and for others like us, too. Today we are surviving because of SHC.” - Perette

- Perette

Currently, Perette’s family make extra monthly visits to make ends meet.

SOUP has served 465 NEW households during COVID.

“Since March, we have seen an increase of 91% in the need for our food services. Your support comes at such a critical time and we can’t thank you enough!” - Brielle Short, Director of Programs

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*Figures represent monthly averages



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Home Home Home Deliveries Deliveries Deliveries

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Food Food Pantry Food Pantry Visits Pantry Visits Visits


You help us reach more and more clients each month

952% 952%

4 Easy Ways to Keep Our Community Strong! Time: Volunteer at our Project SOUP food pantry Organize: Personal, neighborhood, or work food and toiletry drives

Donate: Online giving, business sponsorships, workplace giving events, corporate match funding, stock donations

Fun: Get involved in our virtual fundraising events,

including Somerville 5k Detour² and a series of experiences for you and your family and friends to enjoy! Got a fun and crazy idea of how to support us? We want to hear from you! Contact Director of Development, Felicity Beal, at fbeal@shcinc.org and keep checking our Events page on our website.

Online Giving:


PO Box 440436 Somerville MA 02144 (617) 623 6111

Please make checks payable to ‘Somerville Homeless Coalition’

www.shcinc.org @somervillehomelesscoalition


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SHC Annual Impact Report 2020  

SHC Annual Impact Report 2020  

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