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DJ Lindsay Luv, labeled the “DJ to the Stars” by MTV, and a “Turntable Goddess” by Victoria’s Secret, has one of the most exciting careers in DJ history. Born on the east coast, Luv made a name for herself by spinning the hottest nightclubs, private events, and celebrity parties before relocating to Los Angeles and becoming one of the most sought-after names in the industry. Naming her their branded DJ, Luv has created original and versatile mixes for Victoria’s Secret, which have garnered over 60,000 hits. Most recently, she was hand selected for their latest ‘What Is Sexy’ campaign’ and spun a number of their high profile events in Los Angeles. Her Victoria’s Secret Radio channel is the first of its kind, and is constantly receiving accolades in the press. Luv’s versatile and ever-lasting mixes have been featured on popular website TheFuture.FM, and she has been a staple name in their ‘Top Played of All Time’ category. Luv has additionally recorded special mixes for Spice Girl Mel B, fashion icon Andrew Marc, famed fitness gurus the ‘Tone-It-Up Girls’, and has collaborated with fellow producers such as Grammy winner Jeeve. She spins at annual music festivals like Coachella and SXSW, recently played at JavaClub in Geneva, Switzerland, and Paasha in Pune, India, and has been featured in fashion blogs such as Refinery29, Rebecca Minkoff’s Minkette, and GUESS’ 30 Years of Style. With residencies on both coasts, in addition to touring both nationally and internationally, Luv’s career is at an all-time high, and is the SHE-Jay to follow!


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