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WiseStamp Works for You for Free By Lindsay Grubb WiseStamp is a quick and easy application that allows you to quickly customize your email signature on any webmail service. It is currently available on FireFox, Google Chrome or Flock browsers and Thunderbird 3 email client. It even allows you to customise your signature on any HTML supporting web page such as Google Docs. WiseStamp is an easy to use WYSIWYG rich text editor loaded with options where you can create business and personal signatures and automatically share blog posts, quotes, news, bookmarks and more. It is the quickest way to share your social services with friends and business associates. Its easy to use interface allows you to personally design your signature, rename and use multiple signatures, add a logo or picture, add your personal feeds and social profiles and services. It is certified by Softpedia to be 100% spyware, adware and virus free. Visit the WiseStamp website to download WiseStamp for free and for further information on the benefits and different applications of the product. Feelings on email signatures are still very mixed. Some people prefer a clean and neat signoff – they feel it’s more professional, while others feel that crazy fonts and colours uniquely identify them to friends and colleagues. Love them or hate them, they certainly seem to becoming more popular and perhaps WiseStamp is the answer to people’s desire for more.

WiseStamp Works for You for Free