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I do not have as much free time as I would like to have these days, but I still think it’s important to make something special for the little ones that bless our lives. I received an email from a friend of mine the other day, who is seven months into her pregnancy, and the subject line was “Blue booties please!” I was excited for her as she already has one gorgeous nearly three year old girl, with the brightest mop of curly bright red hair (just like her mom), and I thought a little boy would be a wonderful addition to their family. So I thought about putting together a little gift pack for her. I spoke to my mother-in-law who is arranging for some of the ladies in her community upliftment group to make both of the children a beautiful knitted blanket – a slightly bigger blanket in pinks and oranges and yellows for her and hues of blue in a smaller blanket for him. I would not have time to knit a blanket for both of them, and this way I also get to give back to the community in which I live. I thought though, that at the very least I should attempt to make a pair of blue booties to send with the gift I’m not the world’s best knitter. Usually the best I can do is knit squares to give to my mother-in-law for her blankets. I figured the best place to start is the pattern. There are so many free patterns available on the internet today. You can find almost any pattern you could ever want. It’s always nice though, to use one which is tried and tested, and to have a picture to see what the end product should hopefully look like. That’s why I usually turn to my mother or motherin-law and their friends to see what has worked best for them.

Cosy toes Materials: One ounce of Patons Beehive Baby Wool 3-ply Patonised, for both pairs; a pair of No.11 knitting needles; 2 yards of narrow baby ribbon.

Tension: Work at a tension of 9 stiches to 1 inch, over the stocking stitch, using No. 11 needles, to obtain the following measurements. Ribbed Booties: Length of foot, 3.5 inches; top to base of heel, 2 ¾ inches. Abbreviations (To be read before working) K., knit plain; p., purl; st., stitch; tog., together sl., slip; k.1b., k1 through back of loop; m. 1, make 1 (by leaving wool at front of the work so that it passes over the needle before working the next st. or sts. Tog); moss st. is k1 and p1 alternatively and on subsequent rows the sts. Are reversed; stocking st. (k on the right side and p on the wrong side.)

The Ribbed Booties TO MAKE (BOTH ALIKE): With No. 11 needles, cast on 31 sts. For sole edge. st

1 row: K.1; m.1; K.1; m.1; K.12; m.1; k.1; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.1; m.1, k.12; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.1. nd

2 row and every alternate row: All p. rd

3 row: K.2; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.14, m.1; k.1; m.1;k.3; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.14; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.2. th

5 row: K.3; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.16; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.5; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.16; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.3. th

7 row: K.4; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.18; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.7; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.18; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.4 th

9 row: K.5; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.20; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.9; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.20; m.1; k.1; m.1;k.5 – 71 sts. th

10 row: All p. th

11 row: All k. th

12 row: All K. th

13 row: All p. th

14 row: All k. th





Repeat 12 , 13 and 14 rows twice, then work 12 and 13 rows again. Now divide sts. For instep: Next row: K.42 sl. next st. onto right hand needle, turn.

To shape instep: st

1 row: K.2 tog.; k.11; k2 tog.; turn. nd

2 row: P.13; sl.1; turn. rd


3 row: As 1 row. th

4 row: K.13; sl.1; turn. th

5 row: P.2 tog.; p.11; p.2 tog.; turn. th

6 row: K.13; sl.1; turn. Repeat these 6 rows twice more, then work the first 5 rows again. Next row: K. to end of row. Next row: P. across all sts. Slot row: * K.2; m.1; k.2 tog.; repeat from * until 3 sts. remain, k.1; m.1; k.2 tog. Next row: All p. Next row: All k.


1 rib row: K.1b.; *p.1, k.1b; repeat from * to end. nd

2 rib row: P.1; * k.1b.; p.1; repeat from * to end. Repeat these two rows 9 times. Cast off.

To Make up Booties Press on wrong side. Join row ends to form back seam, then join seam of sole. Thread ribbon through holes at ankle and tie.


make something special for the little ones that bless our lives. I received an email from a friend of mine the other day, who is seven month...