Bethel Greenway Project

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Bethel Greenway A rare opportunity to permanently protect significant green space in Bethel Park and honor nature’s restorative power


Property Details


40.51 acres over seven individual parcels

Entirely within Bethel Park ▪ northwest corner of the municipality ▪ bordering Castle Shannon

Completely wooded

At headwaters of flood-prone Saw Mill Run

History of industrial abuse - coal tailings pile

Remarkable display of natural recovery

Existing informal trail network used by neighbors

Rare opportunity to permanently protect one of the largest remaining tracts of green space in Bethel Park



Property Attributes ▲

Industrial and natural history

Amazing natural recovery over past 60 years

Impressive and growing list of flora and fauna

Island of solitude amidst hectic surroundings

Beautiful landscape

Network of informal and well cared for trails





Protecting this Gem is an Unprecedented Community Opportunity ▲

Preserve rare scenic beauty and habitat

Provide much-needed, close-to-home place for outdoor recreation and exercise for all ages and abilities

Further enhance attractiveness of the municipality for prospective young homeowners ▪

“proximity to open space” is cited as a key factor in the consideration of where families buy homes

Increased property values and associated tax revenues without increasing costs ▪

+5%-30% based on distance from green space

Unique resource for environmental education for students, school district, and the community

Sequester rainwater to help mitigate downstream flooding ▪

3.2 million gallons per year

Contribute to municipal MS4 requirements

Increased traffic avoidance

Potential for collaboration with municipalities and civic partners to deliver multiple community benefits


Project Partners

• Allegheny Land Trust • Municipality of Bethel Park

• Community members / groups • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania • Private foundations

• Saw Mill Run Watershed Association • Other non-profit collaborators • More as partnership efforts continue