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Individual parts of a pattern can stand on their own but when emerserd with others like it, each one comes alive and creates the overall piece. An artist can take new paths and claim to be like no one else, but we all build upon each other and others build upon us. As an artist, I put my spin on what is present in the world around me. Therefore, this book was inspired by and created for you.

Lindsay Courtney



This pattern was created by repeating the letter o. With a systematic application of color on the palete shown above, this pattern reveals a connection, not only in simularity of shape, but also in hues of color.

Echo Phone Case

Echo Laptop Sleeve





This chaotic and fun pattern is made of overlapping circles and dots. The warm colors in the palette above and spontaneous design will set you apart and reveal your colorful and fun personality. All products are made using recycled materials.

Dotted Phone Case $47.95

Echo Laptop Sleeve 69.90


This pattern of overlapping dots and circles reveals a state of mind, a state of relaxation. Each small dot forms the larger one and together they float in a high state of serenity. It’s as if time is standing still. The color palette above show the system of color and each item are produced using recycled materials.

Calmed Phone Case $47.95

Calmed Laptop Sleeve 69.90

Thank you for checking out my designs! You can view them, make them even more of your own, and purchase at these two websites!

AD 318 - Fundamental of Interactive Multimedia Design Fall 2013 | Lindsay Courtney Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts Purdue University

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