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Name: Class Period: Africa Test Review Complete this review sheet using your notes, assignments, quizzes, and textbook to prepare for the test over Africa. Your test will be on Thursday, March 1. This study guide will also be due on Thursday. Define and explain the importance of the following terms: PlateauEscarpmentGreat Rift ValleyTropical rain forestSlash and burn farmingSavannaSteppeWater scarcityFamine-


Be able to answer the following questions: How was the Great Rift Valley formed? What is the tallest mountain in Africa? What is unique about this mountain? Where is the Sahel located? What type of climate does the Sahel have? What type of climate is found in the parts of Africa near the Equator? How does the climate change as you move away from the Equator? What are the causes of desertification? How has desertification affected the Sahel? Describe the overall birthrate, death rate, infant mortality rate, and life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Describe the problems with health care that many people in Sub-Saharan Africa currently face. Why is the population of Africa south of the Sahara unevenly distributed? Why did many European countries set up colonies in Africa during the 1800s? What are the lasting effects of European colonization in Africa? What was the Rwandan Genocide? What caused it? Which two religious groups do most people in Africa south of the Sahara belong to? What are some of the similarities between the traditional religions of this region? How many languagesare spoken in Africa today? How has African music influenced music in other parts of the world? Label the following physical features on a blank map of Africa: Atlas Mountains Congo River Great Rift Valley Ethiopian Highlands Kalahari Desert Lake Victoria Mt. Kenya Mt. Kilimanjaro Namib Desert Niger River Nile River Sahara Desert Sahel Serengeti Plain Victoria Falls Zambezi River

Africa Review  

Africa Review