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ABOUT US The Football Medicine & Performance Association (FMPA) is the independent representative body for medicine and performance practitioners in professional football. Members consist of doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists, sports therapists and soft tissue therapists as well as allied healthcare practitioners such as dentists, podiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. The FMPA is a not for profit organisation.

Mission Statement: To support the practice of medical, performance and allied professions associated with (professional) football. Vision Statement: To create an environment where all facets of player care and performance are delivered to the very highest standards.

“FMPA – the voice of practitioners in professional football”

Use the worlds most popular sport to drive students to your university

ADVERTISING PLATFORMS Digital marketing Industry magazine Leading interactive website Targeted e-news Wall planner Annual Conference The FMPA Awards

DIGITAL MARKETING Keeping your university ahead of the curve with FMPA social media management

Over 26,000 social media followers

FMPA WEBSITE Interactive website used by members and accessed by professionals in football and across the sporting industry

The FMPA is seeking to partner with those universities that offer post-graduate and undergraduate programmes of interest to our Members and the wider sporting community.

“The FMPA is a terrific support network for all medical & science disciplines across professional football. As a team we are determined to ensure our voice & representation is heard at the highest levels of the game.” Tony Strudwick Head of Performance Wales Men’s National Team

As a partner the university will be able to use the FMPA brand to promote their post-graduate and undergraduate programmes across the marketing spectrum

In an increasingly competitive environment a partnership with an organisation that promotes, educates and guides careers in the Professional game will have huge appeal to students interested in a career in world football.


Providing educational and editorial content to sports practitioners

ü Quarterly production hard copy ü Circulated throughout football and medicine arena ü Online exposure worldwide ü 15,000 hard copies per year ü Latest news and articles

Your package could include: ü Edition sponsorship ü Magazine editorials ü Full page adverts ü Back page exposure ü Double page advert

All students on a University partner programme will be given access to our Quarterly magazine ”Football Medic & Scientist”

2018/2019 SEASON One programme listing £400 Two programme listings £750 Up to 5 programmes £1750 To talk through partnership opportunities with the FMPA contact: 0333 4567897

University partner package 2018/19  

Your University & the FMPA - together a winning team

University partner package 2018/19  

Your University & the FMPA - together a winning team