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Lindsay Brown Lacombe J.S.

Grade 2  


Topic : Odd and Even Numbers Lesson #: 1  

    Objectives: (Students will….)

Math N2 Number sense Students will know the difference between odd and even number

Resources: Text Book: Nelson math focus 2 Materials: Calendar, Paper cut outs of numbers, handout homework sheet, Red, yellow, green cups



20 min

Anticipatory Set: Read part of Even Steven, Odd Todd story (40 page full color picture book about odd and even numbers) Input: (Put song and poem on smart board) (Student will repeat back and sing together) • Teach (“Bingo”) song (Modeling) • Teach poem •

*Handout cups to keep everyone on the same track Activities:


Guided Practice • Use the calendar as a tool. Each student will receive a number from the calendar. I will draw a number and the student with that number must respond to if they are even or odd. (Direct and Interactive Instruction)

7 min

Experiential Practice • Students will sort a pile of numbers into even and odd piles. I will circle around to make sure students understand. Once they think they are complete, I will check to make sure they are correct and if not they must work together to find what is incorrect. (Make sure Bobbie isn’t doing all the work) (Independent study/Experiential Learning)

7 min

*Students may move the desks into pairs to work on this portion of the lesson.




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Independent Practice • If student finish quick they may start their assignment where they use each of their family members names and figure out wether the amount of letters are even or odd. They will hand in the assignment for me to mark the next morning.



Reminders: Emphasize the importance of knowing which numbers are even and which are odd. Use cups to see how well students understand. (Repeat song and poem to see if they still remember) Evaluation: Students will use their red, yellow, and green cup throughout the class to make sure they all understand. Students will hand in their assignment they took home the next morning for me to mark to assess if they all understand or if I need to go back and re teach.





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10 min

lesson plan