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Cynthia Louise Kelly Benson


Right after the photo of the bassinet was taken, the Kelly’s stole her and took her off to the Catholic Church and had her baptized. Lee had an outgoing personality. Never met a person he didn’t talk to. Cindy got his sense of humor. Every Sunday we went to visit the Kellys for dinner. We always roast beef and mashed potatoes. For a treat, they would make meat pie with fresh veggies, potatoes, and leftover meat. It was delicious and made a whole new meal. Cindy was the love of my Dad’s life. She inherited her sense of humor from her grandfather Harold Kelly. Her grandmother Helen was German Irish. - Mom


“I was born with bangs.” - Mom Cindy found a class for both of us to take to improve our photography. We went places to explore and take photos. Cindy started with “Let’s go….” and her ideas were always good ones. - Susan Passmore




For the Fourth of July we went to Ocean City, New Jersey. We would get a room at a hotel and went to Summer Point to listen to music. - Mom


They were so proud of that fireplace they built. Cindy was always so fashionable. - Mom


The thing I remember most about Cindy is hanging out together in Ridley park and Burnham. If I were to describe Cindy, I would have to include her love of cats. The best times we had were trips to the Jersey shore & Wanamaker’s. I remember one time when we went to Wanamaker’s while your grandmother was working. We somehow wandered off & missed the train back to Ridley Park. Your grandmother left without us & we had to take the next train. Another time we were at the beach with your mother and I stepped on something sharp that cut my foot. Your mother took me to a doctor for stitches & I had to pretend to be you so that your insurance would pay the doctor. We always had fun when our families got together. - Cheryl Stuckey Naulty Cindy had the best grandmother ever! - Patty Stone We made up lots of games ourselves. Cindy had many costumes, so we sometimes played dress-up at her house. Another preoccupation was “brew.” Each of us had a cardboard box that carried containers and plastic bags with soaps, laundry detergents, and any chemicals we could find. We would also collect small containers and capsules that would be used to mix up different substances. Sometimes we would take parts of trees or plants to mix up with other things we had in order to see what could happen. One of the favorite experiments was called “phlegm.” This resulted from taking soap shavings or a particular kind of laundry detergent soap that came in light flakes, placing it in a capsul with the right amount of water, and shaking vigorously so that the mixture was thick. Over a few days it got lumpy and achieved a consistency that gave it its name. - Diane Ciekawy


When Cindy was about 3 or so and just getting good at putting on her socks and shoes I thought I would devil her. When she finished getting her socks on and was reaching for her shoes I said, "Just a minute Cindy Lou, you have your socks on the wrong feet." She looked at her socks and then looked at me and said, "Uh uh Daddy! These are MY feet!"


- Dad Everyone thought that the name Cynthia suited her personality because she was so sophisticated. Ridley Park was sophisticated at the time. She was always dressing up in a fancy dress, always looking pretty. Myrtle always had gloves to match her outfit. Only recently gave some away to Goodwill. We always had pets, they came through one life at a time. There was Shorty the Siamese, and Sam (Samantha) the Siamese traveled the world. She went with me from Ridley Park to Burnham to Alexandria to Florida. She was 25 when she died. Lee was very stylish.

Cindy always liked hats, even as a baby. Myrtle’s thought processes were ahead of the times. Cindy got her sense of humor. We both sang in the choir. - Mom Another one of your fabulous outfits. - Mom


When Cindy was in first grade, I said, “Tomorrow I have to go to the state capital of Pennsylvania.” She said, “I know the capital of Pennsylvania.”I asked, “What is it?” She smiled proudly and said, “P.” - Dad


A few summers we held a fair. We made up signs and posted them in the neighborhood. We would decide what games were going to be played and Cindy’s grandmother often got us prizes to use for the game of “fish,” where someone paid a small fee, put a stick with a line into a box, and then pulled it up with a prize tied to the line. Sometimes we put boobie prizes on the line, and the person would get something used and nasty. One time we gave a boy down the street one of these prizes, and Cindy’s grandmother made us give him something acceptable. During the fair we would also have skits. Once Cindy organized a water ballet show, where those in attendance watched us swim in the pool to a classical recording. One of us would be the MC and others would perform. The proceeds we gave to charity. One time I recall that we donated the money we made to the American Heart Foundation, as an acknowledgement of the importance of doing research on heart disease, which had been involved in the death of both Cindy’s grandfather and my grandmother. - Diane Ciekawy When Cindy was about 4 she was playing with the boy next door, also 4. I said, “Stand side by side and I will take your picture.” They stood next to each other and I said, “Put your arms around each other like friends.” They did. Each child put their arm around the front of the other kid. I have a photo of this and I am hunting everywhere for it. I even went to the Sands Casino looking but no luck finding the picture. - Dad Cindy always had a love of animals. She still takes the kids at the Farm School out to see the animals. - Mom



When she was 8 or 9 she was the flower girl in her uncle Bud’s wedding. After that, every night she would dress up as a bride and come down the stairs at 404 Crum Lynne Road. I made her a real wedding gown. Her grandfather Lee would sing and play the wedding march on the banjo, and I would play the piano. This went on for more than one year. That was her childhood! I used to walk the streets of Philadelphia looking for fabric for ballet costumes, it was not easy to find back then. That's when I took ballet lessons in the city. There were no children's classes in the suburbs at that time or I would have taken her to them. I found her some slippers and a tutu in a little shop on Chestnut street. She always wanted to be a ballerina, I see she now has two. - Mom Neighbors were good friends, and we knew all the people in our section of the block. We knew their back yards like our own. We hunted bugs in all the yards, and took Japanese beetles out of Gilbert and Marie’s bug traps. We liked to collect them in jars and boxes. We would keep lots of beetles and pill bugs on hand, and would decide from time to time to release them. The shiny copper color of the Japanese beetles attracted us, and we used to stuff them into cigarette packs, sealed with the aluminum paper lining. Once either my father Stanley or Frank mistook the pack of beetles for a full pack of cigarettes. - Diane Ciekawy



We used to have the best time going on photo shoots.


- Laurie Some of my favorite memories of all times are of the summer, when I was from 4 to maybe 8 or 9. We sometimes played in my yard or in our breezeway, and my mother Violet made lunch for us or served popsicles or coolaid. We liked ice and cold drinks because the weather was hot and most of us only had an air conditioner for exceptional days. The girls who hung out at Cindy’s house, myself, Margaret, and sometimes Carol and Diane Johnson (called DJ), liked Cindy’s house because there was rarely an adult to bother us or tell us what to do. Cindy was a responsible older girl, and most of our parents did not think anything of our being there with Cindy in charge. We rarely elected to go over some of the other girls’ houses because we were too used to the freedom enjoyed at Cindy’s. - Diane Ciekawy The thing you noticed was her sparkling personality. - Suzanne Lawson I remember picnics at the lake at Greenwood Furnace with Rick Wright and Renee Elliott. - Rich Burns She wore her clothes swimmingly. - Mom I’ll always remember the fun times we had visiting them in Ridley Park at her grandparents’ house. - Cheryl Stuckey Naulty



Every year we got new ice skates for Christmas. Then we would go ice skating on the pond at Ridley Park. One time a really creepy guy was following us, and responsible older sister Cindy decided our best defense was to impersonate retards. We couldn’t stop laughing in the end though. - Laurie You were very opinionated about the Santas, some you liked, some, there was a fight. We did Christmas at both houses - the Kelly's and the Leepers. All holidays were done like that. We had Christmas Eve at the Leepers and went to the Kelly's for Christmas dinner. - Mom



The thing I remember most about Cindy is her ALWAYS positive attitude about life! I cannot remember EVER seeing her angry. (Well, maybe once or twice. After all, we were teenagers!) - Melanie Osborn Her favorite music was Sound of Silence. We had to replace that record three times! You always have had a sense of fashion. - Mom


In our neighborhood children spent time outside most of the day and part of the evening. Cindy’s grandmother Mrs. Leeper and Cindy’s mother were at work. In the hottest parts of the summer we hung out in Cindy’s grandmother’s yard. Under the huge choke cherry tree on the picnic table, on the deck of the pool, or on the back steps, we sat talking and playing. We swam in the pool under Cindy’s supervision. We played board games, Barbie dolls, gumby and pokie, and Little Kiddles for hours. Each of us had a set, and many bought and hand-made clothes for all of these dolls. Sometimes we went inside the house where it was cool, and occasionally got cookies from the kitchen or candy from the large candy dish kept in the dining room.


- Diane Ciekawy Lots of memories of the Burnham Pool, Greenwood, and Rec. Park. I cannot remember the last time I played so much tennis in such a small window (Hours every day for two weeks) like we did at Rec. Park during the teachers strike our senior year! We usually had at least foursome. We had some pretty cool parties while I stayed with my aunt and uncle our senior year. No beer, no drugs, just cool friends. Rich Burns and Bill Marsh would bring their guitars. They would play for what seemed like hours. Cindy was my rock. Everything we did together was fun! I think it was important to both of us to enjoy life! The most fun we had was when we would hang out at Cindy's house for sleepover's and share our goals, secrets, giggles! - Melanie Osborn She had an MG in high school, and she would take us to the drive-in movies. I would hide under a blanket in the back seat so I could get in for free. - Laurie

I remember how we used to dance and do routines on the “Shippensburg University”, mind you, Drill Team! Pledge that damn sorority! Go to Lots and Lots and Lots of Frat Parties! Spend that fun and memorable summer on Cape Cod! Cruise to Nantucket just for an afternoon! Meet at Wanamakers for Lunch! Go to McGillins for Patty’s Day! Talk about “youknowwho”! Date Tony, while all the other girls were dying for Tony! Cindy was so pretty, a skinny thing, loved to laugh, have fun, and was always up for an adventure. - Kathy Bell Kiely


If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include smart, bubbly, caring, energetic, true friend. Oh, I forgot…cat lover! I remember how we used to all go together ( a car load of us) out to a very rural area and hang out. A road hidden somewhere? It was like our best kept secret. There were usually about 6-8 of us. I think it become a weekend retreat our senior year. Kirk, Connie, Renee, Jeff, Cindy, Ed, me. The best outing we did was head to Penn State and hang out on weekends.(and an occasional skip day) Or was it bus trips? To scout out colleges. Or to the Channel 8 (Lancaster) dance show? Yes, we were on TV! Maybe hang out in frat houses at PSU? Remember the weekend there were rumors three NFL players were hanging out there? I don't think we ever did actually hang in one but we sure tried. - Melanie Osborn She and Melanie once took me into Lewistown and bought me my very first 45 rpm record, Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys. - Rich Burns Cindy was a fun-loving person. And she loved cats. - Cheryl Stuckey Naulty Notice Cindy’s long legs. - Mom


She was always quick to laugh and was rarely ever in a bad mood. Up for anything. One of the most fun memories we had was the sorority/fraternity swaps: big brothers and little sisters during college and let us not forget the party we held senior year in our apartment to celebrate all of us turning "21" the same week! Now turning "60"! Love to you Cindy on this "60th" birthday and wish only happiness and health in the years to come. - Patty Stone I was so proud when she went to college. It was fun to visit her when I didn't have to work on the weekends. I left right from work and sometimes almost fell asleep on the road. One time I was so excited to get to Shippensburg to visit her for a ceremony that I didn't stop to rest, I woke up on the railroad tracks. I should remember what ceremony it was, but all I can remember are those railroad tracks‌ - Mom



If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include the adjective "Creative", deceivingly "Smart", and quite "Intuitive" with an added "Hells Bells"! Everything was fun, was a hoot, was silly, was a million laughs, and often times ended in analysis of people, the story, the situation, and then we would laugh again! The funniest story was when we lived on Cape Cod and the so-called men next door, who were really boys dressed like men, pushed up the screen in our bedroom window while we were supposedly sleeping but were instead in stitches watching this nonsense. They proceeded to take the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand between the 2 single beds, reset it to wake us promptly, and quickly replaced it. Like I said we chuckled with muffled laughter under our covers. - Kathy Bell Kiely I’ll never forget her smile. She was always adventuresome, willing to step outside the box and try something different. - Rich Burns The best time was living at College Park. - Patty Stone


The fun was endless! Sharing pizza in the dorm with Patty, Evonne, Lynette, Beth Timblin, Sue Lomady, and a few stragglers; Sorority stuff like pledging, ugh; FRAT parties; Deciding what to wear to that Grand FRAT party; Gossiping; Summer on Cape Cod; Chatting on the Phone in 2011, 2012, 2013. It's all about the little things, afterall! Every fragment of every piece of what we shared with our girls' nucleus and with each other has been a blast during every aspect of those years. Whether there were tears or laughter, it was and is still truly a great lifetime of memories and achievements together and apart. I miss you and love you, Cindy! Have a Grand 60th - as my mother would say, "You only go this way but once"! - Kathy Bell Kiely I remember how we used to have photography classes with Bill Fuller and Jim Johnson at the USDA Grad School darkroom, and work on building the darkroom. - Chuck Winkler The most fun we had was when we went to Wolf Trap. Again, no money but a bottle of wine and a little cheese/fruit/crackers and we were happy. Never forget sitting through Joan Baez in the rain with wine and plastic sheets over our head on the lawn. - Erlene Bishop Killeen



Can’t believe Cindy is turning sixty or that it’s been thirty years since I last saw her at the wedding. I still visualize her as a young lady with long hair, big smile and a great attitude to match. And I’m sure her age of sixty has not diminished any of those attributes. Although, our relationship was pretty much on the employee/employer basis we did developed a mutual respect for one another that turned into a lifetime friendship. I will always consider Cindy as one of the best people I ever knew. As for being an employee, Cindy was hard working and she cared about her job, people working for her and her employer. And above all she had absolute integrity. For the most part Cindy and I were separated by 200 miles due to me being in new York and Cindy in Washington, DC., therefore, work was the only activity we shared. The enjoyable part of our work activity was our conversations regarding the business; there was nothing Cindy didn’t know about her job. She knew all the nuances of each of her stores, people, market, plant, competition and possible new store sites. In short, Cindy made my job easy. I recall two funny stories that at the time didn’t seem so funny but in retrospect they were. Story #1 In expanding into the DC area (as into any other are) one of the most difficult challenges is to find the right personnel. To that end I placed ads in the newspaper with date, time and place I would be conducting interviews. I called the hotel and requested a conference room with tables and chairs as well as a room for myself for the night. Arriving an hour before the start of interviews to my horror

the hotel advised me that they didn’t have a conference room available and the only room left was a room with a queen size bed. After recovering from instant panic I demanded that the hotel clerk advise each applicant of the situation and then send them up to the room. Upon a knock on the door I opened it and there stood this beautiful young lady with long hair, a flowing dress and a concerned look on her face (if she’d had only know of the terror going through my mind). Quick thinking saved the day. Instead of saying hi I said “just a moment please” turned and grabbed a chair to prop the door open. It helped, it somewhat relaxed Cindy; but not me. Being one chair short I now had to conduct the interview with Cindy sitting on the edge of the bed. As afore said, it’s a funny story now, but at the time it was anything but. Story #2 Cindy and I were riding in the car visiting stores and I noted that she was both preoccupied in thought and seemed somewhat tired. Concerned I asked her if there was anything wrong. Cindy took a breath and a moment to respond and said “I have this family from Afghanistan who speak no English, has no place to live and no job and I’ve been trying to situate them”. I looked at her and the only words I could come up with was “what”? Cindy explained that they were refugees from Pakistan and that her church asked her to take on the job of finding them a new life. Cindy was terrified of the challenge but didn’t shirk from it. I asked her how she could let someone talk her into a task this big and thought it kind of funny that she got herself into this pickle. But to Cindy it was anything but funny and she saw the challenge through to a successful conclusion. - Frank Berenyi



I remember back in the Colorfax days when Cindy was my boss. She was a no-nonsense chick, at least in the beginning. But once she was convinced that I was about business, she lightened up considerably.   We had a great rapport and I respected her immensely. I was running the Georgetown location when Cindy decided to transfer me to the company’s flagship store, Dupont Circle as its new manager. It was a match made in heaven. I was perfect for the place – just weird enough to handle it and get it to grow. At that time, it was a neighborhood joint. No minilab, no digital anything. We barely had a computer. Oh wait, at that time, we didn’t have a computer. We had a calculator. Anyway, I was still getting used to the pace of this location and, as yet, I hadn’t had a good opportunity to case the neighborhood.  But, Cindy did.  She would visit but most of the time I was too busy to talk to her, so she would leave and look for business opportunities near the store. Later, she’d tell me about the area and leads to follow up on later. One time she came back with a small bag of greeting cards. Said she got them from a store down the block called Lambda Rising.  She assured me they had a lot of good cards.  Now, I was busy preparing an order but I made a mental note:  “Cindy said Lambda Rising has good greeting cards. Must be some type of greeting card/stationary store.”  That was all the thought I gave it until…. A couple of weeks later, a nice, clean cut gentleman, probably in his thirties, picked up his order and started to leave. Before he got to the door, he turned around and asked me, “Do you know of any Christian bookstores around here where I can get a Bible?” (Yep. I remember it word for word.)

I still had not cased the neighborhood but I knew where a few things were. “I don’t know of a “Christian” bookstore around here but there’s Kramers Books on the other side of the circle. Oh, there’s a place called Lambda Rising down the block here. They may have what you need.” That man gave me a very strange look. Then he thanked me and left.   I kept working. Finally, a week or so later, I took a walk around the block. I found a couple of art galleries, a Mongolian restaurant, a newsstand, The Daily Grind – a coffee shop before they became popular, and Lambda Rising.  “Oh yes, the stationary store.” I went in and glanced around, mentally comparing it to Spencers Gifts. Lots of stupid stuff in there.  The greeting cards were near the door and as I looked at them, I was suddenly smacked in the face with the revelation that this was a LGBT store.  Suddenly, the look on the face of that the nice, clean-cut gentleman looking for a Christian Bible store came back to me. It was Cindy’s fault! My boss said….   I started laughing so hard, I had to leave. I still laugh at the memory today, decades later. Cindy, thanks for letting me hang around since the 80s.  You are still one heck of a woman. Call me for your retirement in another ten years or so.  You are still on my top three bosses list and one of my really good friends. - Pennye Pinckney



The thing I remember most about Cindy is that she was still driving a K car long after most K cars were at the junkyard. The best times we had were just about any photography-related outing. If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include: photographer. Photographer, and party animal. The funniest story was when she talked me into playing "Three Coins in the Fountain" on mandolin, with Afghan refugees who were playing tabla and harmonium. Either that or the "Womb Room" at the avant-garde art show on Ninth Street in Washington DC. Or the "jumping portrait" I took of her for large-format color studio photography class. Or the rat at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. - Chuck Winkler As a professional photographer and manager of a chain of photo developing stores, Cindy loves to take photographs. And I like to organize them in photo albums. Add in two really cute kids, and you get lots of photos and book cases of photo albums. The hundreds of photos in this book are only a small sliver of the 18,000 in just the family albums. And that doesn’t count the 20 volumes each that have a first name of Allison or Lindsay. Along with our fun, we take our pictures seriously. - David


The thing I remember most about Cindy is her joy of life, her artistic nature and her beautiful smile. If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include the she is a lovely Christian woman who loves beauty in all its facets. She appreciates it and creates it as well. The best outing we had was going to the Shoreham Hotel in our youth to the Brazilian samba party, and we danced on tables! We were young and happy and strong and carefree.


- Patricia Lessard She had a wonderful ability to find joy in life. We always had fun together. I’ll always remember driving in the snow during a huge blizzard in 1979, and of course “Hotel Morrison”, the best Halloween party ever! - Carol Noyes When I first started dating Cindy, she had the picture of her in the hat in a frame in her room. Couple of points: 1) the room was not well-lit, 2) I don’t see very well, 3) sometimes my mind goes off in strange tangents. I looked at the framed picture and thought “Why would someone put up a picture frame and leave the photo from the store in it?” When I got closer, I realized it was Cindy. - David Shortly after I met Cecil, I came over to her house on Gallows Road where she did this photo shoot of me. She has real talent for making someone look good. He still has the photo on his nightstand. - Suzanne Lawson


She had a wonderful ability to find joy in life. We always had fun together.


- Carol Noyes The thing I remember most about Cindy is her smile, her laugh, her fingernails, and her blond curls. Everyone always loved Cindy. She was so fun - we had a good time working for almost no money at the personnel agency. Our big treat on Fridays was to buy a grilled cheese and tomato or griled cheese and bacon sandwhich for lunch -We were so poor when we both moved to D.C. and got to be friends. We used to go out for happy hour for the free food and then hope somebody would buy us our second drink! I remember how we used to roll our eyes at all the crazy people we met in D.C. We had some really interesting people come in looking for jobs and then there were the guys - the Persians and the lawyers were the most interesting ones. The funniest story was when we moved in together with Dorann. Hours with the moving -- cement blocks and boards for bookshelves and Dan, John, Cindy, and I moving her stuff -- then John throwing up and only Dan and I really doing any moving of stuff !!! Crazy day but we got it done! Other great times were dancing - the singles group at church - Ralph, Sylvia, Charlie, Mitsy, John, Dorann, John, Cindy, Dan and I. We were just wild and on the loose in the city. Cindy was a huge part of the decade of my twenties. She was such a good friend and I will always hold her close to my heart! My wish for her is sixty more great years and lots of people to surround her with the love she deserves. - Erlene Bishop Killeen We would go to parties, wear balloons, etc. A couple of blonde chicks in D.C. - Suzanne Lawson


I remember sitting in the living room at Morrison Street talking trash about our housemates. Thomas was a professor and dated a seemingly endless stream of his students. We used to call them “Miss January, Miss February, Miss March”.


- Carol Noyes If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include her wholesomeness, her friendship, her loyalty, and her warmth. She is a kind and loving person - so proud of her daughters, so happy with her kids at work, and so engaged with life! She was a dynamo taking on the Afghan refugees and the church! We had some interesting endeavors finding them jobs, housing, and the social security office! The best activity we did was Thanksgiving in Philadelphia is one time I remember - we went to her uncle Bud’s and stayed and I got to go to the Gimble’s parade - what a rush for the girl from Iowa. Also got to see Wanamaker’s where Cindy once was an assistant buyer. She loved to show off her store and city. - Erlene Bishop Killeen It was a family tradition to work at Wanamaker’s in downtown Philly. Cindy, Myrtle, me, Kel. I met Kel there. - Mom We got engaged six weeks after we began dating. Cindy lived in D.C. and had a dog that didn’t like the dog across the street. Her dog bit the other dog, but the people told the police that Zia had bit her child. Cindy figured that if they lied once, they might do it again, and in D.C. dogs are only allowed one bite. She decided that “If I move in with David, they will never find me in Virginia.” So basically the reason Cindy moved in with me is that she was crossing state lines to avoid prosecution. - David

Sometimes you can script life a little. It was January 1984, and Cindy and I were dancing in the dining room at Morrison Street to Linda Ronstadt’s album of Big Band songs “What’s New?” The final lyrics of the last song on side 1 of the cassette (this was before CD’s) were the words “Won’t you tell him please, To put on some speed, Follow my lead, Oh, how I need, Someone to watch over me.” Then I asked her to marry me. I think one phrase sums it up. Cindy is the best thing that ever happened to me, and we love each other deeply. 50

- David The night before her wedding, she spent the night at our house. We spent that evening preparing the flowers and taking them over to the church. A lot of her wedding pictures were taken at my house. - Barbara Gill The most fun we had was when we celebrated each other’s wedding! - Patricia Lessard I remember helping take the wedding presents back to your house on Gallows Road on your wedding night after the party at David’s uncle’s house. And of course, we had to open them all. - Anne Fenn



When I met Cindy I had this funky little house on Gallows Road in Annandale, Virginia. The first time Cindy came over the house, she was going through the front door ahead of me. I told her, “The light switch is just inside on the right. ” She must have been all charged up, because when she touched the light switch, she melted the inside of the fuse box, taking out the entire electrical service to the house. I remember thinking “Wow that was impressive! This girl’s got game!” I promised Cindy that I would have Zia's doghouse finished before we went on our honeymoon so our house sitter wouldn't have to deal with her. Instead of a bachelor's party, I spent the night before my wedding frantically building a doghouse in the backyard at midnight. Didn't do a very good job at it, because when we got back from the honeymoon, the doghouse had collapsed. Zia was scared to go near it for a long time. On our honeymoon, Cindy styled her outfits each day according to the location. To the right is her Paris look. - David



When I first met Cindy it was at a Halloween party. I was instantly smitten, and have been ever since. She came as a bunch of purple grapes. Not a single one of her balloons had been popped, no one dared. The thing that impressed me the most was when she asked me if I had ever seen a purple balloon before. I replied that, in fact, I had never seen a purple balloon ever. She said “There is only store in D. C. that sells purple balloons. I found it, and went to Georgetown to get these. ”I remember thinking “Wow, this woman is serious about her fun!”In reality, however, I had no idea what I was about to get into. For each season, we had different wreaths on the door, seasonal table cloths, table centerpieces and outfits for the resin goose and flamingo, over-the-top Valentine’s Day decorations and events, extensive inside the house Easter egg hunts, the Leprechaun’s return each Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day events, Father’s Day events, Fourth of July matching T shirts, annual apple picking events, dozens of amusement park visits (most more than 12 hours away), epic themed birthday parties for Lindsay and Allison, Halloween decorations, Saint Nicolas Day, and full-scale house transformations for Christmas. When the bulb count on the Christmas tree got below 1,500, she would hint that a few more strands might be just the thing. The Christmas lights outside were visible from a block away, and the decorations were designed for both daytime and nighttime viewing. But if you’ve ever seen my sandcastles, pumpkin carvings, 26 years of the exact same poses for the annual picture album, snow sculptures, music collection, or the thousands of daffodils and tulips, you know I take my fun seriously also. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years. - David


Our next door neighbor Kathy was a fundraiser for a Republican political action committee. They were having a reception at the White House for their donors and needed a photographer. White House security would allow each photographer to bring in only one camera bag, so I had to stuff my small bag in--side hers. When they had her bag in the X-ray scanner, they could recognize the cameras, but were puzzled to see an additional oblong metallic object. Cindy saw it on the scanner and instantly recognized it. She looked straight at me, cocked her head and asked “Why, why did you bring your harmonica to the White House?� - David The best outing was for sure going to the Easter Egg Roll together at the White House when the girls were young...and oops we just sort of fell into the line about half way further ahead than we should have been!!! OOO did we do that? Yes we did!!! Yeah Girl, you remember? hahahaa We actually got in, and there was quite a long line behind us! We had such a great time that day, the girls loved it and we were exhausted afterwards! - Cindy Ryan



The long and winding road that leads me to your door. Forest Avenue, Ridley Park, PA 404 Crum Lynne Road, Ridley Park, PA 205 Third Street, Burnham, PA Shippensburg University 404 Crum Lynne Road, Ridley Park, PA Lafitte Court, Alexandria, VA Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA Mayflower Drive, McLean, VA 3223 Morrison Street, N.W. Washington, DC 3414 Gallows Road, Annandale, VA 13116 Frog Hollow Court, Oak Hill, VA The Annandale house was at the intersection of Hemlock Drive and Gallows Road. Twice during the short time I owned the house it was hit by tornados. Cindy was not at the house either time, so she wasn’t involved. However, she was convinced that she was continually hearing ghosts walking up and down the stairs. The previous owners thought there ghosts also. I didn’t think so, but when I bought the house, the other bidder for the house was a fortune teller who wanted to set up shop there. - David Cindy was one of the first people I met in the new neighborhood when I started to stay at home with Courtney. I was so thrilled that she had a little girl like I did!!! If I remember correctly I think I was either pregnant or had just had Courtney, I am thinking I had Courtney and she may have been a newborn, and I think Lindsay was around 9 months or so. I can still see Cindy sitting on Frog Hollow Court that day when I walked up, and of course we hit it off right away and so did the girls. I still today know we will always cross paths on occasion, not all the time, but the memories will always be with me and deeply treasured! - Cindy Ryan


The funniest story was when I walked into my obstetrician’s office as she was walking out, and we were both pregnant. We had no idea that we had the same obstetrician, or that the other person was pregnant. 60

- Patricia Lessard I think the main things I always think about when it comes to Cindy are... first is her name, I could never forget it!! No, really, the great company she was for so many years of staying home with the kids, the great conversations we had, being an honest and dependable friend. When I think back on it what an incredible ride it all was! The fact that we raised and experienced early marriage, delivering and raising children together is amazing to me still today. I am so glad I had such a wonderful friend to share that all with! Such wonderful, and joyfully happy years we spent doing all those great things together....Honestly I wish we could go back and do it all again... I hope you have a wonderful and happy significant number birthday Cindy!! sniff sniff, as I am walking down memory lane in my mind... Love always, your friend Cindy Ryan When I was pregnant with Danny and she was pregnant with Lindsay, we would walk to the swimming pool every night. Both kids turned out to be athletic. - Kathy Neville



We always had a good time together. We would spend hours setting up one shot, with lights, cameras, and vintage clothes. We loved to model for each other or together, making timeless images I still hang on my walls. I would send some, but by shooting in tandem, Cindy, all of our shots were basically the same! Other times: the Halloween party where you and David wore striped shirts emblazoned with "Venice", straw hats, sunglasses, and pencils for sale in their cups, being, of course, "Venetian Blinds". I wore a short pink uniform with a pocket of combs, scissors, and knives, as a "Maniacal hairdresser". A sign on the wall read, "Let them eat chips!" Another time I came over and you had just found out you were expecting, so we shot you with a beautiful mum held to your tummy. Some of my favorite memories are of you, Cindy, and I will be forever grateful for your friendship. You topped it all when I became very ill, with my family being gathered three times in the ICU because I would not live, there for six weeks, and you sent me lovely cards nearly every day with silly pictures in them of the baby, or of Charlie or Zia, or one of just us. I could not hold up the cards, but I had the strength to laugh, and God bless you for that. Happy Birthday! - Patty Byam


Thank you.


Thank you for always being my closest friend and confidant. Thank you for your endless love, your patience, kindness, and understanding heart. Thank you for teaching me photography, for driving me to and from dance, for pushing me to take risks. Thank you for your endless creativity, your excitement about life, your genuine interest in people. Thank you for pouring yourself into motherhood so completely so that my days were always filled with wonder and learning, exploration and discovery. Thank you for being a beautiful woman, inside and out and sharing your joy and spirit with the world around you. Thank you for being you. I love you, now and always. - Lindsay



I remember Lindsay being with us the day when Cindy delivered Allison, the girls were none the wiser as to what was going on that day and that Lindsay that evening would have a baby sister! The girls played in the basement for hours, and then they laid down and had their bottles together and of course who could forget the haunted house fun, social committee, hot as he-- days at the pool, and pretty routine visits to Frying Pan Park with the girls. - Cindy Ryan "I once told my Mom, "That Santa was real...he had blue eyes". From then on, every Christmas she would go around to all the mall Santa's to find one with blue eyes before she could take me to see Santa. - Allison



Anyone whose ever know my mom knows she's a fun, but also hysterical. Her laughter is contagious. Some of my favorite times are when we are cracking up about something so hard we can't breathe. Such an episode occurred one time in the car on the way to ballet. I had told her about my misinterpretation of a diagram in a philosophy book and we laughed so hard we were crying. She almost had to pull over to avoid getting in an accident. - Allison Cindy was a fun-loving person. - Cheryl Stuckey Naulty We used to take the kids on shopping adventures to Occoquan and Potomac Mills. I also remember the trips to the beach with the kids. Danny and Lindsay used to dance to the song Kokomo at a restaurant near the pier. Once at Virginia Beach, the wind was so strong we had to take shelter in someone’s carport. - Kathy Neville Happy birthday to you...



Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you always!! xoxoxo - Allison The most exciting time was one July 4th when David and Mike were setting off firecrackers and launching bottle rockets and they set the backyard on fire. - Kathy Neville


I remember when Wally and I came out to the new house and met the girls. - Shelva Elliott The best thing about Cindy is that she takes my brother in stride.Last spring David decided to attack our annual worm invasion one worm at a time.I asked Cindy how long was he going to keep the worm extermination up, she replied “Oh probably for hours, but that’s OK – it keeps him busy and out of trouble.” - Barbara Benson



The thing I remember most about Cindy is that she took me under her wing when I first moved to Bradley Farm in 1992 and invited me to the play group where I could meet the other moms. - Debbie Walker Let's not forget the trash can parties in front of Patty Christie's house! Playgroups, the girls were so little then, I just can’t believe it thinking back on it. They loved sliding down that little yellow plastic slide and wheeling around in the cozy coupe! Playing in the play kitchen, always cooking up something, And then eating all of the muffins that the moms made while we all talked and had coffee! - Cindy Ryan


First Day of school.

Note the identical outfit.


The most fun we had was drinking cocktails at the pool on Friday afternoons. We had to hide our drinks under towels. - Adair Reeve Cindy was always fun-loving, carefree. I’ll always remember her slathering sun lotion on her daughters at the pool. Once we were having a Girls Get-together at her house the same night of the Teen Party at the pool. We snuck up to the fence to spy on them. - Ilene Braun



When Steve and I returned from visiting Maine we brought back some Lobster and had a get together with some neighbors. It was a nice time. Well the next year we decided to do an Annual Lobster Party and have Live Maine Lobsters shipped in for the party, so we planned the 2nd Annual Anderson Lobster Bash and passed out flyers to our friends. Along with the date, time and place of the party the flyer also stated....”AND DON’T FORGET YOUR CRACKERS” Cindy showed up with (and seriously thought this is what it meant) a package of “SALTINES”. - Nancy Anderson The thing I remember most about Cindy is that she took me under her wing when I first moved to Bradley Farm in 1992 and invited me to the play group where I could meet the other moms. - Debbie Walker Charlie knew the birthday party was for him.


It was late August and Cindy said that Gnolan, the Take Home Gnome had been dropped a couple too many times the previous school year and needed to be retired. She said “I need a new Gnolan, and we’re down to only three gnomes in the yard.” That’s what I love about her. She considers being down to only three gnomes a problem. I replied, “Well I wasn’t going to tell you about them, but I have a stash of gnomes for future Mother’s Day presents in the garage, and since you can only buy gnomes in the stores in the spring, you can have one for the new Gnolan.” A stash of gnomes, that’s what she loves about me. - David Way back in the day when "Friends" and " The x-Files" had just come out…Cindy and I would have a get together every Friday night to watch The X-Files and have a party. We would drag out an old couch out of her basement, bring a few tables and chairs and even a couple lamps along with a TV and strategically make an outside living room in her back yard under the huge tree to watch the "spooky" X-Files under the black sky! But the best part was we always had a floor lamp AND umbrellas like in the "Friends" commercial! - Nancy Anderson She used have these great X Files parties. Let me tell you, the margaritas were flowing! - Ilene Braun


When Lindsay was young, Oshkosh had a photo contest. She did a photo shoot with Lindsay that featured lots of Oshkosh overalls. Cindy also did a photo shoot for a reception with Oliver North, and later a reception at the White House with President Reagan. - Kathy Neville My mom is a powerhouse of love and creativity. She does everything passionately and whole heartedly. The only thing is I’m pretty sure she’s going to spoil her grandchildren rotten. - Lindsay


She’s one of the most thoughtful people I know. One of my favorite qualities about her is her ability to connect the little details to make her notes special. I remember the note she sent in for my Pi Phi initiation week was so sweet, I was trying really hard not to tear up in front of my pledge mom who was reading it to me. - Allison



Once upon a time, in a time long long ago, there lived a magical princess with long frizzy hair stuck in a tower with a evil troll with claws and teeth, named Charlie. He was the terror of the town, stealing everyone's food and chasing them wherever they went. The day that Charlie bit the princess for taking up too much space in her bed was the day she decided to run away. She packed up all her belongings in a handkerchief, tied it around a stick, and informed the queen that she was running away. The queen locked the door behind her, presumably to keep Charlie in. Later that day the frizzy freckled princess got hungry and couldn't find the fabled blackberry bush that Charlie had encouraged her to seek. She came back to the castle to beg for a fluffer nutter sandwich, but the door was still locked and there were pointy bottomed bumble bees in the grassy moat surrounding the place. The chief guard, Tivoly, took pity on her grumbly stomach and informed her of a secret back entrance. She tiptoed through the tulips to the back of the castle and daintily slipped her way through the open window. Unbeknownst to the princess, a palace minion had been watching and took note of the sneaky entrance. The next week, the minion attempted to replicate the dainty maneuver, but ended up breaking the screen, leaving evidence and scaring all the castle dwellers. - Lindsay The thing that best describes Cindy is that she cares about her family. - Laurie



The best outing we did was going to the Shoreham Hotel in our youth to the Brazilian samba party, and we danced on tables! We were young and happy and strong and carefree. - Patricia Lessard If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include her great sense of humor and sense of fun. - Anne Fenn The best thing about Cindy is she is positive and nurturing without all the mush. I can only thank her again for being who she is and someone I remember very fondly 30 some years later. - Jeff Ellsworth



You got his eyes and his sense of humor. - Mom Decorating Gingerbread houses - Cindy still has the largest collection of “old� candy that you can imagine. - Susan Passmore


Charles the Barles! I will always remember Cindy in her chair in the den, covered with an afghan, watching ice skating with the cat de jour in her lap. - Barbara Benson She loved cats. - Cheryl Stuckey Naulty



Concrete World


The thing that I love about her is that we are very similar, both hoarders. Cindy and I have the same kind of outgoing personalities.


- Kathy Neville The most fun we had ...too many to pick the best-BF social committee events, Bradley Farm Babes teas, Halloween parties, X-Files gatherings, Ladies’ Night Out, Bargain Buzzards Shopping, Star Trek Mystery Dinner (she dressed as Whoopi Goldberg’s character) and more. - Pam Faulkner We went to the ballet at Wolf Trap to see Baryshnikov. - Ilene Braun I remember how we used to sit on someone's porch and have the most delicious margaritas! I always had a great time when we were together and have fond memories of our time on Frog Hollow! - Teresa Giamichael Often we would take our dogs out for a walk together. Sometimes we would just grab our cameras and go out and take pictures. - Anne Fenn


She’s always encouraged Lindsay and me to create and express. She drove us to ballet, taught us about photography, encouraged us to produce home movies, endless crafts, etc. I owe her a lot for my appreciation for the arts and shaping the woman I am. - Allison A few years ago I asked Cindy to join me for the “Engaged” event at the Willard. I wanted to go really badly since my flower design crush Preston Bailey was the keynote speaker. Cindy was not aware of the level of knowledge I had about the work of this man… When we showed up and I finally started to talked about everything I knew about him Cindy finally said “Eva, I never knew you were a stalker…” For the rest of the event I tried to explain to her I was not a stalker, I just absolutely adored his work. (By the way… We both learned a lot at that event and that became really handy for our other endeavors) - Eva Mitter


You know how Mom just knows things sometimes? I had heard the stories, but it wasn't until the day I asked for Lindsay's hand in marriage that I actually believed. Sure there had been some odd coincidences in the past, but things like that happen all the time. Anyway, I'm a believer now. I had finally made up my mind and gotten up the nerve to set in motion the plan to ask Lindsay to marry me. I wanted to ask the Bensons in person, but I never found an opportunity to be alone with them. Lindsay always seemed to be hanging around. I decided I just needed to bite the bullet and call. Little did I know that Mom was already tuned into my thoughts. Right before I called she told Dad to pull the car over. It was very important to do so because Mike is going to call in just a minute and ask for Lindsay's hand in marriage. Sure enough, the phone rings and it's me. While I'm fumbling around for the right words and all the formalities I know Mom was just snickering in her seat, though I couldn't hear it at the time. I know because when I finally did ask no one actually responded. It seemed like ages before Allison finally jumped in with a loud, "OF COURSE!" It didn't take half a second for Mom to regain her composure and respond in similar terms. The result is that I don't have to call anymore. I can save my minutes by just thinking really loud. - Mike Garrett The most fun we had was when we worked on getting Lindsay married... It took lots of work to plan the party and turn the under-utilized venue into something special. Lindsay had the theme and we talked about doing this and doing that‌ We used Sue’s car to load everything in and drive it to Richmond. There was not a single room in her large minivan. Every little space was filled with flowers and supplies for the party. 24 hours later we were ready for the party‌ and that was one big fun! I had a large bowl of leftover rose petals and as the newlyweds were leaving I just dumped everything over their heads. - Eva Mitter


We used to come home and find Parker sleeping on the front porch swing. I remember having the chicken pox in the summer and hanging out on the top porch. Mom was working on a project in the front yard and I had no idea what she was up to. It turns out she was making my American Girl Doll a canopy bed from scratch. She has always been incredibly crafty and creative, a trait that has inspired envy from all the other preschool teachers. I loved that bed, and it was always perfectly made, unlike my own. - Lindsay


Cindy was part of our family. She was like a daughter to me. She used to bring David and girls over to our house every Easter. - Barbara Gill The thing I remember most about Cindy is her creativity. It is remarkable. - Barbara DeMartinis



The thing I remember most about Cindy is her love of decorating. She would put out all of her pink dishes on the table just for effect. When we yard saleing together, it was always a rush to as to who could get to the pink dishes first. We used to plan out our yard sale routes on Friday nights, with a focus on the more expensive neighborhoods like Vienna. With two adults and four kids in the car, after a hard Saturday morning of yard saleing, there was almost no room left in the car for all the toys and clothes we had bought. - Kathy Neville We loved to go to teas at the Watergate and other places. At the Park Hyatt in Georgetown, there was no limit, so we spent all afternoon ordering plate after plate of sandwiches. - Ilene Braun



When my girlfriends and I were headed for Cape Cod we stayed overnight at Cindy’s & David’s. One girlfriend was fascinated with her collection of teacups. While at the Cape we found a teacup in the thinnest finest china I’ve ever seen. You could almost see right through it.We took it back to her to add to her collection. - Barbara Benson The story that later turned out to be funny was when she was resting on the sofa in the family room after hurting her back. I was heading over and called to see if she needed anything. Allison had somehow got herself trapped between the sofa and the window/wall so I raced over and hauled her out. Fortunately she were OK but more than a little stressed. I think administering cookies and milk for both of you helped. For a while after that, whenever I would call, or she would call me, we would ask first if anyone was trapped behind or under anything. - Pam Faulkner Even Cindy's cats were fashionable.



Mom is always up for a good time. The craziest thing we ever did was buy a fly to Florida on a whim. She was chiding me for teasing Mom Mom for telling her I was going to visit that week. So I challenged Mom to seize the day and come with me as a surprise guest! We bought the plane tickets immediately and had a blast: lounging on the sand, eating a plethora of tomato sandwiches, taking aerobic classes oceanside, bead shopping and pineapple sniffing. Carpe Diem, Florida Style! - Lindsay




For a good time, put a bunch of squirrels in the back yard and watch Cindy at the kitchen window go crazy pointing and threatening their demise if they dare start to rip her tablecloth apart for their nest again! - Barbara Benson



I remember so many enjoyable activities with Cindy: Picking apples - a long-standing tradition that happened even after ballet rehearsals. Visiting wineries – at first without our children and now sometimes with our children. - Susan Passmore The most fun we had was when we went apple picking with the families! My kids still talk about that! - Teresa Giamichael



We caravanned with the Petersens three hours to Pennsylvania to go to the world's first corn maze in 1993.


The thing I remember most about Cindy is that two blondes (we two) could create a lot of stares. But not in a terribly bad way... - Patty Byam We would go to parties, wear balloons, etc. A couple of blonde chicks in D.C. - Suzanne Lawson The best times were the Halloween parties, especially Hotel Morrison when she wore purple balloons. There was this huge turtle that lived under the house at Morrison Street. Cindy used to feed it. - Anne Fenn Their first matching outfits!



Aunt Cindy is nice, funny, pretty; my favorite.� My favorite memory is spending Christmas together. - Katherine Little


Christmas was wonderful all December long. We started things off with a delicious chocolate advent calendar and the plush count down wall calendar. After picking out the perfect Christmas tree and sipping hot chocolate by the bonfire, the entire day would be spent making up stories about the ornaments. We always went to Lord & Taylor to pick out a new ornament each year, thanks for preparing my fully decorated tree now! Later we added the pickle and the banana to be found Christmas morning for a new treat. There were so many lights on the tree, it was simply mesmerizing to sit and gaze at it. We had St. Nick's day (I’m pretty sure I never got coal in my shoe), and gingerbread house making parties, a tradition I continue to this day. Of course we still enjoy driving around with hot chocolate looking at the neighbor's decorations. On Christmas Eve Mom Mom always reads The Night Before Christmas. Sometimes we sprinkled granola on the snowy lawn for the reindeer to snack on, and we always left cookies for Santa. I hope he likes gluten free ones now! Perhaps this is why I love the entire Christmas season better than Christmas itself, because afterwards it's back to normal life! Thank you Mom, for making Christmas magical. - Lindsay



The best time we had was water rafting and Christmas tea! - Teresa Giamichael I remember how we used to walk in the mornings after we got the kids on the bus. I seem to remember that we were pretty hard core in those days and even walked in the dead of winter in the snow. - Debbie Walker



The thing I remember most about Cindy is her smile. - Anne Fenn My mother is intuitive, compassionate, and a little bit psychic. One time in college, I was awake all night driving my very sick roommate from doctor to doctor. It was stressful for everyone involved, but I was not the one in pain. As soon as mom woke up in the morning she called me immediately and asked, "What's wrong? What's going on? Are you ok? What happened last night?" I was shocked that she was in tune from miles and miles away and I assured her it wasn't me who was sick that night. - Lindsay



Cindy flew out to California with Lindsay and pregnant with Allison to visit. She insisted on seeing Hollywood and Rodeo Drive even though I told her there wasn’t much to see. When we got there she agreed it was all a bunch of hype. The problem was getting home. The freeways were so bad it took us 4 ½ hours to go 60 miles. We had to stop and buy Lindsay some new clothes because we ran out of diapers. I used to fly up to Virginia each Fall to go Christmas shopping with Cindy. Once we started before dawn by hitting a yard sale then moved on to the outlet mall. I was losing steam just before we got to the halfway point in the mall and Cindy gave me her pep talk. It went something like “Buck Up! What’s the matter with you, have you gone soft? Look there’s an espresso bar just ahead, go get a double! We’ve got a lot more ground to cover!” Fourteen hours shopping = good times. - Barbara Benson




I think of her every time I have to thread a needle. She had an incredible way of threading a needle. - Adair Reeve There's a prize for the best booth! Uh, maybe it was for the best artwork in your booth. - Lindsay


If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include her uncanny memory of everything and her absolute love for her daughters (and Dave too). - Teresa Giamichael She took such beautiful and amazing photographs. They looked so professional. She was a very beautiful and gracious person. - Shelva Elliott



Both girls were in tutus within months of learning to walk.


We had trips to Richmond to drop off and pick up dancers and to attend ballet performances – Actually we made trips “across the globe” to watch ballet performances. One time it was Alabama. - Susan Passmore The best outing we had was driving on 95 back and and from Richmond. It was hilarious to drive and listen to her scream with fear because of all the semi's. - Teri Kelleher


Cindy and I met about 10 years ago at Classical Ballet Academy when my kids were just starting their ballet experience. Over the years as Lindsay, Allison, Alex and Ariana grew older we shared many school and life experiences with the kids, at Westfield HS and later Virginia Tech. Although some years have passed since our CBA days, we ballet families have a strong connection and enjoy cheering on our now adult children as they pass to the next stages of their lives! One of my favorite outings with Cindy is what seems to be quarterly meetings with dear Brenda at Amphora Bakery to reunite for the breakfast coffee and a chat! We end up spending hours chatting until we realize its time for lunch!...soaking up the time and catching up until Brenda's next visit...its a standing date and I always look forward to it! The other favorite memory of Cindy is the fun times we have at our ballet family reunion dinners. I love that we get everyone together, especially the kids, eat good food, tell stories and talk about everything, laugh a lot...and take great pictures! I hope we can continue to do this in the years to come! Happiest of Birthdays Cindy! Looking forward to many girlfriend coffees and family fun ahead in the years to come! Love, Hoori



If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include that she is in charge… Give her a task and she will come up with a plan and run with it… And she will get it done. Did you ever notice things were out of order when she run bake sales for the ballet performances? Never under Cindy’s watch… I remember how we used to be in charge of different parts of the ballet rehearsals and performances. The other day I tried to count how many we did together. Over those 8 years the number is definitely well over 100. There were so many good times since we met sometimes in the middle of the 9th… The ballet shoes painting parties at my house were always a riot… Take bunch of little creative ballerinas, few adventurous mothers, several bags of stinky used pointe shoes, paints, ribbons, beads, etc… Bring everything into my kitchen and make it happen... People actually did buy the final products and every year we raised several hundred dollars for the ballet studio. - Eva Mitter While chaperoning for the Richmond Ballet summer intensive, Mom always made sure that we had plenty of activities at the hotel. She had a collection of teen magazine cut outs and had the girls rate who was hotter. Josh Hartnett won every time. Duh. - Lindsay The thing I remember most about Cindy is Nutcracker, Nutcracker practice, Nutcracker Shows, Nutcracker. The most fun we had was when we worked Nutcracker, took our girls to ballet auditions, meet for coffee and lunch. - Teri Kelleher


Cindy and I hung out at the ballet studio while the kids were taking classes or rehearsing, which was practically every day for at least 6 years. Cindy made waiting for hours fun every single day. I loved shopping for clothing with her – Cindy has this remarkable talent for finding discounted merchandise that is beautiful and the perfect color. You want her to come along to find appropriate prom dresses for the teenagers. Actually, you want Cindy to come along to find anything. 150

- Susan Passmore I first met Cindy in the crowded hallway of Classical Ballet Academy. Sophie was just a little ballet rat then and had moved from a recreational studio to CBA for better training. CBA was not "Dance Moms" crazy, more like "Dance Moms for classical training" so pretty exclusive, and more than a little closed to new people. Not Cindy though, she wanted to know all about Sophie and gave me the 411 on CBA. I think we bonded through our love of all things glittery and our hatred for all of the backstage politics, wanting our girls to get great training, to love ballet and to have the opportunities that they were ready for. Soon, I was in the thick of it, and best friends forever with Cindy, Hoori, Ruth, Stacey and Sue. Our daughters have all become amazing young women, some who still take our breaths away on stage and others simply because they are such talented, gifted and compassionate people. And the CBA Ballet Moms, we still see each other as often as we can and pick up almost mid-sentence from where we were last time. Happy Birthday Cindy dahling...may your life be filled with glitter and sparkle. xoxo Brenda Dushko


The things I remember most about Cindy was how whenever there was a lull in the conversation whether it be at dinner or on an elevator, etc. she would feel that she needed to fill the void by saying “La La La La La La!” The quote: “On the island of PIGGY PIGGY” by the Hudson Bros. And I can still picture her today sitting on the sofa in our College Park apartment putting on her mascara using a tiny handheld mirror. - Patty Stone When we had chicken noodle soup, she used to take all the noodles and leave me with the broth. - Laurie When we would get soft serve ice cream cones, Mom would always steal the curl before handing it to me! - Lindsay




I'll never forget the first day you pointed out the leprechaun. You were sitting on the porch swing and I was probably stripping the mimosa tree of its pickle leaves, such a satisfying little joy of summer. You asked, "What's that shiny thing in the bushes?" I looked and didn't see anything and was about to run off to make another potion, but you insisted that I look harder. I shrieked with excitement when I found those gold covered chocolate coins that that silly leprechaun hid. Our front yard was the hangout for all the neighborhood kids that summer as we kept watch for the leprechaun to peek his head out. For a long while we had the leprechaun in our service as we would leave gifts of flowers in a house we had made for him, furnished quite nicely, might I add. In the morning he would thank us by replacing the flowers with small precious stones or candies. My youth was filled to the brim with imagination and excitement like this, thanks to all the hard work of wonderful parents. I couldn't have asked for a better childhood. - Lindsay



The second thing I remember most about Cindy is a joyful, lilting laugh. Cindy's reply to a lot of things was this cute, spontaneous laughter that made me feel rewarded for my jokes (You WERE genuinely laughing, weren't you?) - Patty Byam One time when were were waiting for a table at Coastal Flats we decided to walk around the shops for a little bit. Lindsay and I had wandered into this fancy little boutique and were admiring a beautiful bracelet. Out of nowhere, mom swooped the bracelet onto her wrist in a very dramatic, breathy fashion. It was so funny we had to leave because we were laughing so hard. - Allison


She always liked school. She became a teacher. - Bettie Bale The thing I remember most about Cindy is how much she loves teaching and being in her classroom!


- Teresa Giamichael Cindy has been molding young minds at the pre-school for 17 years now. She designs her own curricula that is designed to instill the joy of learning in them. And in her quest to avoid hearing the phrase “Do we have to do that again?”, she brings in multiple interesting activities for every day. Her curricula now has taken over about a third of the basement, one wall of the garage, and most of three other rooms in the house. If you visit her classroom, it is beehive of activity with children engaged in self-directed crafts and learning. She calls it “controlled chaos.” Sort of like life has been on Frog Hollow. The result is self-directed, smart, engaged, confident kids. Sort of like life has been on Frog Hollow. - David We had fun shopping at art and supply stores on sale days - There was always something to purchase for projects or activities for Cindy’s preschoolers. The challenge was getting everything in her van, since it was always full of preschool items already. I am most impressed with Cindy’s ability to collect things and create such amazing activities like Veterinary Day for her 4-year-old students. - Susan Passmore


If I were to describe Cindy, I would have to include her fantastic sense of humor. - Teri Kelleher


The thing I remember most about Cindy is that she has a great taste in everything. Not only wine, but also a nail polish color to wear for our winery trip. Note: We did not plan on having our toes painted with the same fabulous OPI color. - Eva Mitter Cindy and I have been friends since our daughters, Allison and Shanna, were in elementary school - and now they're in their 20's! First we were "ballet mom buddies", carpooling, sewing, working at shows together, and sometimes just hanging out (and eating.) We became shopping pals, we have pedicures together (and we go out to eat.) Finally, we added Mah Jong to our list of things to do together (we have snacks while playing.) You can see when Cindy wins because she posts pictures of her winning hands on Facebook!! She's happy when anyone else wins, too; Cindy is an equal-opportunity-rejoicer! That's why we're friends and will stay that way. Whatever we're doing, we enjoy spending time together (and did I mention we like to go out to eat? We can even find gluten free fun!) Happy Birthday, Cindy! - Ruth Gayer



I would describe my mother as bright, enthusiastic, warm, genuine, highly creative, smart, and funny. She loves glitter. I remember when ever I had to make a poster or visual display for school, she would insist, "It's not complete without a little glitter!" - Allison If I was to describe Cindy, I would have to include that she is one of those special friends who I don't see as often as I used to, or as I'd like to, but we are always able to pick up where we left off. She amazes me with her creativity and sense of adventure. She always seems to be out there doing something from what I see on Facebook! - Debbie Walker



I remember how we used to meet at the soccer field when our children were six or seven and on the same soccer team. My son kicked the soccer ball into his own goal, and her daughter picked flowers on the soccer field while the game was going. Children! - Patricia Lessard On our first date we had dinner at a jazz club, where the band that was playing would later play at our wedding reception. Cindy said that the thing that impressed her the most was the fact that I had just planted some baby azaleas, and how one day they would grow up to beautiful plants. I think in her mind she was probably already naming them Lindsay and Allison. - David



Cindy has made me very proud. - Mom I would have to describe her as laid-back, a family person. - Adair Reeve I remember her laughter and her smile. She was so much fun. - Suzanne Lawson


Happy 60th birthday to a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, boss, partner in crime, and role model.

With love, All your family and friends.

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