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Kolodzik business scholars Drive your future.


College of Business

KBS means

specialization flexibility Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) is an energized, highly motivated community of students fueled by peer, advising and career support. KBS students tailor their coursework and experiential learning options to meet their individual goals, whether they be leading a Fortune 500 company, running a non-profit organization or starting their own business.

The Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) Program develops valued professionals with depth in their desired specialization. To enable highly effective specialists, the program emphasizes: Our values—passion, empowerment and community—drive the KBS program.

network to meet both their personal and professional needs. We routinely orchestrate professional, social and service-based events so KBS students can interact with their peers, our alumni, our corporate partners and the full KBS support team. By focusing on the community, we help everyone realize their goals as individuals.

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INNOVATION COLLABORATION GLOBALIZATION Passion. We encourage students to discover what most excites them by exploring different business areas and social issues while building their skills and knowledge base. As their passions develop, KBS students can specialize their education by customizing their majors, minors and experiential opportunities (study abroad, internships, etc.) into whatever combination best matches their ultimate dreams and goals. Empowerment. We urge students to make

their own opportunities. KBS has program requirements, but each student chooses how he or she will fulfill them. We provide support, guidance and a multitude of options, but each individual decides what type of professional experience (internship, cooperative education, part-time work, etc.) and which international experience (European study abroad, summer session in Latin America, freshman trip to Montreal, etc.) is right for them.

Community. It’s important for students to continually build and enhance their

Key Benefits of KBS In addition to traditional classroom study and Lindner’s real-world experiential learning opportunities, KBS provides its members with ongoing leadership workshops, professional development seminars and global field projects. The KBS Support team also provides members with career guidance and academic advising. KBS students receive $1,500 per semester in scholarships that are renewable for up to eight semesters. Thus, students who enter KBS as freshmen can receive up to $12,000 in scholarship support. To remain in the program, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 and participate in our thorough annual review process. Please note that the KBS scholarship can be utilized in conjunction with any other scholarships awarded to students via the University of Cincinnati, the Lindner College of Business and/or any other sources. To be considered for KBS, your University of Cincinnati application must be submitted by December 1.

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Getting the Guts

Michael Maloof, Orca Rewards, Cincinnati

My freshman year alone, I spent three months abroad in Europe studying Spanish, running with the bulls, going to the final Harry Potter premiere in London and getting lost in every corner of Madrid, Florence, Athens and countless other cities that seriously need to consider getting better maps. Over the next few years, I conducted and presented research on consumer purchasing behaviors, acted in films and started my own company, Orca Rewards. Orca is an app that rewards users for simply listening to music. The freedom and support provided by KBS led me to realize that the start-up world was where I wanted to be. While working on Orca, I’ve met with multiple Fortune 500 and venture capital firms in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

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KBS continually pushed me forward to take the necessary risks

Learning to Lead

Presidential Material

KBS immediately became a family and a community that I could depend on. It opened doors to amazing friendships and life-long mentorships.

The sense of community that KBS fosters is one of its most impactful and longitudinal effects. The experience of serving as UC Student Body President was one of the most impactful experiences of my time at UC, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support, passion, and flexibility of KBS.

Jenna Yoder, Johnson & Johnson, Houston

By joining KBS, my college experience quickly became a time in my life when I was able to truly put myself out there and accomplish things I never even knew that I wanted to try.

to turn my dream into a reality.

-Michael Maloof

KBS graduates leave the program with unique experiences and distinctive resumes that set them far apart from the competition. It’s no wonder that more than 90% of KBS graduates are either immediately employed or accepted into a graduate program.

Lane Hart, IBM, New York City

My favorite KBS memories are my study abroad experiences, which took me to five different countries in four years. I loved the flexibility of being able to literally transplant my curriculum to other countries. My experiences jumpstarted my career at Johnson & Johnson. Now, just four years after graduating, I manage a $2.5 million territory in one of the largest and most competitive healthcare markets in the world. My collegiate experience certainly would not have been the same without the amazing opportunities, countless support and incredible leadership of the Kolodzik Business Scholars program.

I truly believe in what this program is doing in the Lindner College of Business, at UC

and beyond!

-Jenna Yoder

KBS helped me define and realize my passion of giving back through leadership and mentorship by granting me the opportunity to lobby on behalf of students’ interests, implement new programs and support a legacy of new student leaders. Those experiences changed the trajectory of my career and enabled me to take a risk on a new path that I hadn’t previously imagined – pursuing a career in management consulting. Today, I use the same skills of leadership, analytical thinking and flexibility in my career.

I’m forever grateful for the impact that

KBS has had on my life.

-Lane Hart


KBS students are dedicated, smart young people that have a lot of drive and ambition. Through our program, they will blossom and do things beyond what they imagine they can do.


-Marvin P. Kolodzik

Kolodzik Business Scholars Brochure, 2013-14