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is a Cambodian Family alumnus currently attending CSUF, double majoring in photo communications and business marketing. At this point, he is still unsure what he wants to do in the future because he has many interests. But whose to say he can’t do it all. He has always been singing, mostly to himself in the shower, but have only recently started to sing publicly and on YouTube. Like singing, he begun dancing at a very young age. He joined The Cambodian Family dance group when he was 11, which was also the first time he performed on stage. For 5 years, he only performed cultural dances. He was always into hip hop, but he held back from it because of his fear of criticism. It was not until his junior year in HS did he start performing hip hop in front of others. He was well received, more than he ever expected. Ever since, he has been keeping up with hip hop and have been actively choreographing. Kevin plans to audition for the GRV dance team, a team that he admires and is a huge inspiration to him. is a Cambodian Family alumnus finishing her first year of college at Irvine Valley College. She uses writing as a way to find herself. Hatefas believes that self expression is important and that everyone should express themselves. “Everyone has a story to tell and many want to hear it,” she says. Hatefas Yop performed her first spoken word piece with her friend Sambathany Chen at The Cambodian Family’s High School Conference in 2009. She is small in size, but her voice is loud and clear.

is a young Cambodian-American singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and community leader. Sovann started singing at age 2 and performed on stage at church by age 6. She wrote her first song at age 8. Sovann is also involved with many community service activities locally and abroad. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2010 with a degree in Women's Studies and a minor in Anthropology. She is also pursuing a full-time career in singing, acting, and modeling. In the Summer 2010, she auditioned for Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ and immediately caught the attention of an agent, leading to her current contract with Rage Talent Agency. She has always been most passionate about performing and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.


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Featured Artist: Kevin Choy


Open Mic Sign Ups


Featured Artist: Hatefas Yop


Open Mic Sign Ups


Featured Artist: Phanith Sovann

The Cambodian Family Youth Program has been serving the Santa Ana/Orange County community since 1984. With the support of staff, parents, and volunteers, we help youth develop their vision for the future and attain the skills to turn their vision into reality through academic, health, career, and leadership engagement. One of the goals of The Cambodian Family Youth Program's high school group is to organize an Open Mic Night for the community to express themselves in a friendly and warm environment. It is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the talents we have in our community. The high school group meets once a week to learn a variety of leadership skills such as: team building, collaboration, community empowerment, and public speaking.

Danny Heng, Stephanie Peou, Ruby Ocampo, Mariana Guzman, Dean Badillo, Nairurth Borath, Sokvida Trang, Larissa Fregoso, Francisco Fregoso, and Darleen Molina

The Cambodian Family

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Parent Group at The Cambodian Family

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Kevin Choy

Hatefas Yop

Cambodian Awareness Org. at UCI

Century HS Key Club

Santa Ana Building a Healthy Community

All Volunteers and Guest Performers

The Cambodian Family Open Mic Night  

One of the goals of The Cambodian Family Youth Program's high school group is to organize an Open Mic Night for the community to express th...

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