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==== ==== Would you like to make money from your hobby? ==== ==== Creative Way to Make Money from Home Do you have a talent or a hobby that you are really good at? Have you ever thought of passing that talent or hobby on to others so that they too can have the pleasure of learning from an extremely talented person? Do you believe that your main purpose for being on this earth is to pass your knowledge on to others? Perhaps you would wish to show others what you do successfully but do not have the tools to do so. When you really know your subject, teaching it could be second nature. Zig Zigler says If you help enough others to get what they want, you can have whatever you want. I believe this can be financial but more importantly emotional. Giving should be the most wonderful feeling. Imparting knowledge is a gift to others. Just think about it. There must be tens of thousands of care workers, teachers, leaders of church groups, womens groups, physically challenged people who are constantly looking for new skills to pass on to others. Also there could be some folks who live in very isolated areas looking to learn new skills but unable to meet with a group of likeminded people. Perhaps your skill is embroidery, knitting, lace making, baking, cooking, pickling or preserving fruits and vegetables, sketching or painting, furniture restoration, writing, scrap booking, or any other creative talent. How would you feel if you could pass that knowledge on to someone who hankers after being able to learn your skills via the internet? It would take a little bit of organization on your part to get such a site going. Just think of how many lives you can enrich by parting with your knowledge. You would need a webcam in order to video each lesson and perhaps a website if you are going to go big. You can build this with the help of wordpress, a free service offered by google or outsource someone at a cost. Your first lesson would be on the basic tools and materials you will need to get started and where these can be purchased. The next lesson would be getting the basics of the skill mastered. After that a step by step simple guide on completing one item. As long as you have good lighting and a camera that clearly picks up every step, you should be well on your way to enlightening others. It is a proven fact that we mainly learn through sight, we retain information when we listen and do a task at the same time and our recall is greatest when telling and showing is simultaneous. Once you have your site up and running and are constantly adding little tips as well as answering queries from learners, it would be a good idea to send it to a manufacturer of the materials you use. Perhaps they would be prepared to sponsor some advertising on your site. When your site is attracting readers, google will find your site and promote it. This will not be a get rich quick plan, but it is worth trying as a way to earn a secondary income as well as impart your skills to others to carry forward for generations. I hope you found this informative. There are more on Good luck and enjoy!

==== ==== Would you like to make money from your hobby? ==== ====

Turn your hobby into an online business.  

How would you like to make your hobby into a busness. Go to

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