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June 2014

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front porch news Wondering what your neighbor’s home sold for? Give me a call with the address. I’ll look it up and let you know!

555-333-2222 Save coins, bank dollars The old saying, "A penny saved is a penny earned," refers to the idea that by hanging on to our small It's been said that the definition of change, we gradually increase our insanity is doing the same thing over wealth. and over, and expecting different

Are you insane? Here’s how to fix that!

results. If you look at that statement in A fun game to play is to shave your expenses a little every day, thenreverse, it can be a useful life tool. store the change you save. At the For instance, you might you keep end of the year, use the changegetting the same unwanted results you’ve saved to take a vacationover or and over again, even though you buy holiday gifts. try different things. Perhaps you keep

passed over for promotion. Or For instance, instead of orderinggetting a your boss keeps having a "talk with latte, order regular coffee. Instead you." You keep having the same of name-brand soda, buy generic. Instead of large size, go small. Inarguments with your spouse. Or your each case, estimate what you business keeps struggling. didn’t spend, and put that amount If you keep getting the same unwanted aside. Your coins could add up to results – it may be a sign that you’re hundreds of dollars. doing the same old things, but dressing them up differently so that you think you’re changing.

Want to really change? Try this: First, admit there's an ongoing problem you’d like to stop. Second, create two mental of the results you keep getting, and one of the results you want. Put those pictures at opposite ends of an imaginary line, the old on your left and the new on your right. Third, mentally enlarge the picture on the right and reduce the picture on the left. And fourth, take steps to actualize the picture on the right. Continuously ask if the things you are doing will put you closer to the new picture or move you back to the old.

If you need a service, I know people... In my work, I’m connected to great service people of all kinds. Call me at 555333-2222 or send an email if you need something done around the house, and I’ll give you referrals.

June 2014

name of agent  555-333-2222

Story: Some things can only be learned by experience

A young man approached a jeweller and said he wanted “Soon,” said the jeweler, passing him the stone. to become a gemologist. The jeweler, an expert on The young man was about to say that he wasn’t going to precious gems, was hesitant. But the young man insisted put up with this treatment any longer, but as he took the that he had the patience to learn everything the jeweler stone in his hand he felt surprised. “Why are you giving was willing to teach him. The jeweler told him to return me a different stone today?” the next day for his first lesson. The jeweler smiled. “You have begun to learn.” When the man arrived the next day, the jeweler placed a jade stone in his hand. For four hours the young man held the stone while the jeweler worked. The next day the jeweler had the young man hold the same stone. And the day after that, and the day after that, for over a week. Finally the young man showed up one morning and asked, “Sir, when am I going to learn something?”

June Quiz Question

He was the last man to walk on the moon.

Humor: Sneaky health advice

Lost in translation

I don’t know what it is, doc,” the young man said. “I From just the Mother Nature Network website comes this list don’t feel good.” of concepts from other languages that just don’t translate neatly into a single English word: The doctor examined him and ran some tests. Then she talked to her nurse and came into the examination room Cualacino (Italian): A mark left on a table by a cold glass. with three bottles of different-colored pills. Dépaysement (French): The feeling of not being in one’s “OK,” the doctor said. “I want you to home country. take one blue pill with a large glass of Jayus (Indonesian): A joke that’s told so poorly that it water every two hours. I want you to forces others to laugh in spite of themselves. take a green pill with a large glass of Komoreb (Japanese): Sunlight filtered through leaves. water every three hours. And then take one of the yellow pills, with a large Pochemuchka (Russian): Someone who asks lots of glass of water, every four hours.” questions. “Gee, that’s a lot of pills,” the patient said. “What’s the matter with me?”

Sobremesa (Spanish): A period of time spent after a meal talking to those you shared the meal with.

“You’re not drinking enough water.”

Waldeinsamkeit (German): The feeling of being alone in a forest.

Quiz Answer: Eugene Cernan, 12th and last man to walk on the far.

June 2014

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name of agent  555-333-2222

Want to win movie tickets?

Welcome to new clients and Thank It’s easy! Answer the quiz question on page 2. Each You to friends who’ve trusted me month, all correct entries have a chance of winning two with their referrals. FREE movie tickets. Put the word QUIZ in the subject line Name 1 and send it to: Name 2 Name 3

• Last month’s quiz: If you traveled 24,901 miles/40,075 km in a straight line, where would you end up?

Who else do you know who’s going • Answer: You will end up back where you started. The to be buying or selling a home thismeasure is the circumference of the earth. year? Please introduce us! Congratulations to last month’s winner: Name of winner

How to create complex but memorable passwords Password security is something that should be taken• All single symbols ($) more seriously than it is by most people. Here is some • All single digit, plus single symbol (8%) advice about choosing secure passwords: • All two-symbol combinations ($%) • Longer passwords are exponentially harder to crack • Mix upper and lowercase in the middle of your than shorter ones. For instance, a 10-character password, avoid all common dictionary words, add password might take a hacker about 5 days to crack.numbers and symbols in the middle. But a 14-character password would take him • One idea is to pick a quotation or common phrase 72,946,048 days to crack. that’s easy to remember. Use only the first letter of • Avoid ending or beginning a password with these: every word, and add a random number or capital • All two-digit combinations (56) letter to increase the complexity. For instance, “To be or not to be” might turn into “tBon2B." Then add a • All dates from 1900 to 2006 (1962) few random symbols, like "tB$on#2B." • All three-digit combinations (678)

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Q&A: Should we get a buyer’s agent?

Use the Auction Effect This to question highlights confusion about the definition of "Buyer's Agent." Some agents work only with buyers by choice. They might call themselves Sell Your House Faster

"Buyer's Agents," just as some agents work with only sellers by choice, and Auctions create energy and call themselves "Seller's Agents." But most agents are both buyer's and excitement that makes things sell on seller's agents. The best option is to find an agent you trust, then ask them to the spur of the moment. What if you represent you – whether or not they call themselves a "Buyer's Agent." could sell your house using the Also think about what you expect from your agent. Do you want your agent energy of an auction without doing the auction? Email me for a copytoofpoint out problems, push hard for your price, or get extras for you, like new a paint allowance? These are all the kinds of things that ANY good agent this great report showing you how: will do when representing you. So start by finding an agent you trust and discuss your concerns with that agent to be sure your needs are met.

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Testimonial: You made a tough deal work! “You were enormously helpful in getting the right home for us in January. We had very specific requirements which made the search quite time consuming, but you worked with us all the way, putting a lot of effort and patience into making us feel taken care of. You guided us thru the whole process and even when the sellers did not keep up their part of the deal, you dealt with it patiently without giving in. You got us everything we asked for. For us the real estate transaction was stressful, but you made it as pleasing as possible. We highly, highly recommend you to anyone, and have already told my sister to work with you when she sells her house this summer! ~ Very gratefully yours, Michelle and Josh Sayers

If you, a friend or neighbor, are thinking about buying a home, invite them to meet with me to discuss the process and be prepared! World’s Greatest Agent


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