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Holistic Mentorship Network of Health Professionals

“Together, We’re Building the Holistic Health Profession”

Holistic Mentorship Network

Membership Yearly Rates: Individual: $129/Year Businesses: $129/Year Business Partner: $50/Year

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Non-profit 50% Discount/Year Students: $50/Year Community $40/Year Testimonials: “The name Holistic Mentorship Network says it all. HMN practitioners cross-refer, support, educate and listen. The MARCI publication has helped spread my message to the public and supported my practice. It is such a breath of fresh air to be surrounded with like minds and hearts that are committed to professional service and collaboration. Thank you HMN for expanding my family of holistic practitioners” Dr. Robert Kandarjian, DC, HTP; Intuitive Energy Healer

A network designed to support, educate and mentor the Holistic Professional “I am proud to be a member of the Holistic Mentorship Network because it supports holistic professionals and strives to work with the community to get information out there. Thank you Linda for your drive and vision of the future for a more holistic community.” - Vivian Sartoretto, Board Member & Founder of Harmony Holistic Wellness Center


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of Health Professionals "Together, We're Building the Holistic Health Profession"



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Our Vision:

HMN is an International Organization and will open and support New Chapters wherever there is a desire for support in the Holistic Field.

“To strengthen and support

HMN is pending Non-Profit 501(c)3 Status Since July 2006

of holistic professionals”

the community

Holistic Mentorship Network of Health Professionals

The Network

Benefits of Membership

The Holistic Mentorship Network is a membership organization for Holistic Practitioners and the community. We come together for networking, mentoring and collaboration in order to show strength in numbers, provide support and promote the principals and practice of

A platform for holistic self-expression and community!

MARCI™— an acronym for: Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion & Intuition MARCILatestEdition.htm

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Access to human connections that transform both you and your holistic business! 

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Educational Programs HMN provides educational and enriching programs to support you and your business - HMN University—on-line webinar and teleconference seminars for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and holistic training - HMN Conferences, Seminars, Workshops - HMN Retreats

HMN advocates at the grassroots and fuels movement for political action! - Project Planet Network - Legislative Awareness & Education

Vision of Project Planet To create an environmental board represented by students, teachers, school staff and community.

HMN Brochure  

More about the Holistic Mentorship Network. It's vision & purpose and how they support Holistic Professionals to build a sustainable future...

HMN Brochure  

More about the Holistic Mentorship Network. It's vision & purpose and how they support Holistic Professionals to build a sustainable future...