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Produced by  Terrance  Lindall  at  Joyous  Gard.  In   Williamsburg  Brooklyn  

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"Along that  great  continuum  of  highly  regarded  and  well-­‐ known  artists  who  have  illustrated  Paradise  Lost,  belongs  the   remarkable  Terrance  Lindall,  taking  second  place  to  no  one  in   his  love  and  knowledge  of,  or  devotion  to  Milton,  or  in  his   capacity  to  bring  alive  in  remarkably  vibrant  new  ways  and  in  a   new  age,  the  poet  for  all  ages,  whose  epic  stands  next  to  and   even  above  that  of  Homer  and  Vergil."       Robert  J.  Wickenheiser,  PhD,  19th  President  of  St.   Bonaventure  University        


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Dizozza Lyrics  for  “Milton  in  Outer  Space  the  M usical”  

Foreword: Milton  in  Outer  Space  

Satan as  a  Black  Rebel  

Milton as  father  of  Science  Fiction  

Burn Baby  Burn…The  argument  

Story Synopsis  


Episode One;  Nervous  Exhaustion  

Milton A wakes  to  a  New  Life  

Interlude: The  Indian  Well  of  Peter  M inuit  

Implements of  Mischief  

Undaunted to  Meet  Whatever  Power  or  Spirit  

The Curse  of  Diversity!  

What the  Devil?!  

Episode 5:  The  Little  Experiments  of  the  youthful  &  fun-­‐loving  Grexi  

Episode 5  1/2  The  Necessary  Extermination  of  that  Troublesome  White  Race  


Episode 7:  Old  M an,  Old  Knowledge,  and  New  Ideas  

The Nefarious  Doings  Inside  The  Immuno  Nuclear  Corp.    

The Man  Who  Controlled  Everything!  


Episode 9:  More  considerations  of  the  human  condition…The  Protocols   of  the  Wise  Rulers  of  the  Greater  Euro-­‐Asian-­‐American  Co-­‐prosperity  Sphere  

Episode 10:  Down  the  Rabbit  Hole!  

Episode 11:  The  Gift  of  the  Grexi  for  Isaac  Newton  and  Humanity  

Episode 11:  Humanism  and  the  Failure  of    he  Grexi  Experiment  on  Planet  Earth  




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Table of  Contents    

Episode 13:  Humanism  and  the  Progressive  Liberals  

Episode 14:  The  Weapon  of  the  Progressives  Against  White  Christian  America  

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Episode 15:  M ilton’s  Nightmare      

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Episode 16:  An  Interesting  News  Story  about  the  next  15  years    

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Episode 17:  130  Pettaflops  and  Mankind    

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Episode 18:  The  Fourth  Turning  and  The  Fulminating  Crisis  

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Episode 19:  A  legion  of  voters  dependent  on  liberal  government!

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Episode 20:  Trappist-­‐1  The  Solution  to  Mankind’s  Misery?  

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Progress is  Our  most  Important  Product!  

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Milton M eets  B elial  

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Moral of  the  Story  




We are  delighted  that  Peter  Dizozza  has  written  a  musical  score  for  Milton  in  Outer  Space   and  will  be  producing  a  musical  production  for  Fall  2018.  Here  are  hos  fabulous  lyrics: PART ONE: “New adventures from ages past; Some blank verses are built to last” Flying high on Milton's words Soars us toward a heav'nly place.. Not like in our home on earth, Somewhere out in Outer Space. Is it heaven? You decide, You, who sit there at God's side. Where's the angel most preferred? Why’s he now reviled? Satan should know that a man with the power of poetry can bring him to the end of his luck. And he should know by Milton's stride and the look in his eye, That he will be forced to give up!

Satan attack! Satan attack! Watch your back before it fades to black! 3Xs Milton might look as fragile as glass, But he’ll kick your Satan ass! Go Milton go! Go Milton go! Now go, now fly! With your new Rocket, You Own the sky!


Part 2 Nine December Sixteen-oh-eight Eight November Seventy-four. Milton served through Cromwell's reign, Commonwealth, Protector, Lord. Subjects missed a monarch’s throne. Royalty restored! He can serve you on your ride. Whether you be lord or waif Who’s to say God loves you most? Or that love will keep us safe? But you should know that this man with his power of poetry can bring you to your knees. And you should know by Milton's stride and the look in his eyes That he will be eager to please. Milton is back! Milton is back! Course his track to find the words you lack! (3Xs) Go Milton go! Go Milton go! Now go, now fly, With your new Rocket you own the sky

Mister Satan never hangs around When he hears this Milton sound: "Here I come to save the day!" Mighty Milton's on his way. Yes when there is a wrong to right Mighty Milton joins the fight. In the sky or on the land, He has the conflict well in hand. Now Milton's stronger than you know, Will deal Old Scratch a mighty blow. All his life he's been told He'll be nothing when he's old Hey now! He is young once more, With all his wisdom well in store. Oh, great Milton, Through storm and strife, Fighting for Truth throughout your life, You've been struggling to make things right, A mighty man in a mighty fight. That's how this great poet flies, Opposing Satan’s greatest lies. TERANCE LINDALL/PETER DIZOZZA


J Foreword     JOHN  MILTON  IN  OUTER  SPACE   Surrealism  Unbound   By  Terrance  Lindall         The  world  is  my  swamp,  my  Paradise!  I  grew  up  in  Afton  Minnesota  from  age  7  to  12.    I  spent  most   of  my  summers  in  the  swamp  in  back  of  our  house.  I  saw  the  spring  floods  swell  the  swamp.  The   fish,  northern  pike,  gar  etc.  came  into  the  swamp  to  lay  eggs  in  the  weeds  where  they  hatched.  By   summer  the  floods  receded  and  the  swamp  water  was  low,  but  natural  springs  fed  the  swamp  with   ice-­‐cold  water  and  huge  carp  dwelled  in  the  swamp  in  large  schools.  In  the  mornings  you  could   watch  as  their  red  dorsal  fins  stuck  out  of  the  water’s  surface  as  they  moved  around  the  shallow   edge  where  they  put  their  snouts  into  the  murky  bottom  to  stir  up  crawfish  and  insects.  Summers   were  my  joy.  I  would  jump  out  of  bed  with  my  toy  terrier  dog  Nipper  before  anyone  else  was  up.  I   would  grab  a  breakfast  of  Frosted  Flakes  and  run  across  the  railroad  tracks  down  to  the  swamp.   There  I  used  tin  cans  to  scoop  up  minnows  that  hid  in  the  recesses  of  the  swamps  edge.  Sometimes   I  would  climb  the  ¢old  dead  trees  that  rose  up  in  the  swamp  and  get  the  baby  birds  that  were   chirping  there.  They  would  open  their  mouths  wide  thinking  that  I  was  the  mother  bringing  them   worms.  Or  I  would  go  try  to  capture  the  leatherback  turtles  with  their  long  narrow  snouts  and  evil   looking  yellow  eyes  with  slit  pupils.  Sometimes  I  would  find  a  huge  snapping  turtle  with  a  beak  like   a  hawk  and  haul  it  up  to  the  house.  Then  there  were  the  science  fiction  and  fantasy  comics.  My   father  gave  me  $1  a  week  allowance  and  I  would  run  down  and  buy  ten  10¢  comics.  I  would  go   home,  get  an  apple  to  eat  and  spend  the  afternoon  in  glory.         So  now  I  am  in  New  York  City,  humming  and  diverse  cultural  capital  of  the  world!  Another  swamp,   but  filled  with  wonderful,  colorful  humans  of  every  stripe…blacks,  whites,  Jews,  Muslims,  Faith   Healers,  Evangelists,  drug  dealers,  murderers,  real  estate  magnates,  philanthropists,  artists,   actors…you  name  it.  This  is  a  great  city  for  an  artist…a  wonderful  swamp!  All  the  city  creatures   using  and  sometime  swallowing  each  other  up  in  their  need  to  survive.  They  are  like  Milton   scholars.  I  wrote  this  about  Milton  scholars:     Milton  scholars  in  heaps  they  run!   Some  to  undo,  others  to  be  undone!     _____    


Milton’s England  of  the  17th  Century  was  volcanic.  New  forms  of  thought  and  action  thrust   through  encrusted  dying  ideas.  Under  Cromwell  England  was  remade.  King  Charles  I,  who  felt   anointed  by  God  was  executed  by  Parliament.  The  logic  of  the  accepted  ways  of  thinking,  the   rights  of  kings,  was  thus  toppled.  The  British  Empire  gathered  laurels  and  wealth  across  the   world  from  India  and  China  and  the  Americas  and  John  Milton  engaged  a  campaign  to  annex   poetry  itself.    They  put  the  past  to  the  flame.     The  light  and  the  dark,  God  and  Satan,  percolate  in  the  subconscious  and  in  their  excess   ejaculate  irrational  desires  and  fears  -­‐  the  fountain  of  surrealism.    The  Christian  Whites  had   enslaved  the  black  race  and  sent  them  to  work  in  plantations  in  the  new  world.  Slavery  is  not   new.  The  Pharos  enslaved  the  Jews.  The  Greeks  enslaved  the  Persians,  and  the  Romans   enslaved  the  Greeks.  We  whites  not  longer  enslave  the  blacks,  but  black  people  still  feel  the   bondage  and  oppression.  Blacks  are  still  struggling  to  be  accepted  and  equal.  Midway  through   the  Civil  Rights  movement,  Dr.  Martin  Luther  King  Jr.  ...  But  I've  come  to  believe  we're   integrating  into  a  burning  house.”.    Bienvenido  Bones  Banez  said  in  his  recent  verses,  “build   your  own  house  and  then  you  are  truly  free.”  I  agree  with  him!     Today  on  college  campuses  Social  justice  Warriors  fight  against  what  they  call  “institutional   racism.”  For  many  SJW’s  all  whites  are  racist  and  cannot  be  otherwise.  So  the  fight  is  against   white  people  or  whiteness  itself  not  just  an  unequal  system  of  justice.  That  belief  or  attitude  can   only  lead  to  racial  conflict  and  no  good  outcome.  Milton  in  Outer  Space  explores  this.      


Cover for  Terrance  Lindall’s  GRAND  ELEPHANT  FOLIO  of  Paradise  Lost,  AKA   “The  Watermelon  Portrait  of  John  Milton,”  20  X  34  inches,  oil  on  board,  24  k   gold  leaf  frame  with  jewels    


DIVERSITY   Diversity  of  values  leads  to  conflict.    Plato  knew  this  and  said  that  democracies  thus  pull  themselves   apart.  World  Communist  Socialism  requires  diversity  because  the  world  that  it  seeks  to  rule  is   diverse.  To  avoid  the  conflict  among  groups  and  individuals  it  must  impose  ruthless  totalitarianism,   rigid  rules  of  behavior,  to  keep  the  diverse  elements  from  attacking  each  other.  .    But  people  resist   authoritarianism  and  that  is  why  attempts  at  world  communism  fall  apart,  as  the  Soviet  Union   disintegrated  into  its  constituent  countries  or  identifiable  ethnic  groups.       Today,  not  having  learned  from  history,  the  Progressive  Liberals  in  the  United  States  extol  the  virtues   of  diversity,  wanting  to  create  a  cohesive  social  movement  and  a  unified  society.  It  is  very  much  like   Marx’s  “from  each  according  to  his  abilities,  and  to  each  according  to  his  needs.”     It  is  entirely  possible  that  Americans  will  be  duped  into  once  more  creating  that  kind  of  society…that   will  in  turn  fall  apart  from  a  defective  ideal.      


Above: Detail  painting  of  Satan  in  a  watermelon  patch.  The  book    contains  "UP  THE   REVOLUTION,  What's  the  use  of  Paradise  is  you  can't  fish  and  can't  eat  the  apples."       From  The  Atlantic:  "It  may  seem  silly  to  attribute  so  much  meaning  to  a  fruit.  And  the  truth  is  that   there  is  nothing  inherently  racist  about  watermelons.  But  cultural  symbols  have  the  power  to  shape   how  we  see  our  world  and  the  people  in  it,  such  as  when  police  officer  Darren  Wilson  saw   Michael  Brown  as  a  superhuman  “demon.”  These  symbols  have  roots  in  real  historical  struggles— specifically,  in  the  case  of  the  watermelon,  white  people’s  fear  of  the  emancipated  black  body."     Satan  is  the  ultimate  revolutionary,  like  the  "emancipated  Black  body."    As  Blacks  rebel  against  the   tyranny  of  their  white  oppressor,  so  Satan  rebels  against  the  tyranny  of  a  God  who  reduces  him  to  a   secondary  spirit.  In  Eden  one  cannot  eat  certain  fruits...knowledge  is  forbidden...kind  of  like  white   people  denying  an  education  to  Blacks.     https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/12/how-­‐watermelons-­‐became-­‐a-­‐racist-­‐ trope/383529/    


SATAN AS  A  BLACK  MAN   Terrance  Lindall   Explains   On  the  cover  of  my  GRAND  ELEPHANT  FOLIO,  that's  the  rebel  Satan  in  the   watermelon  patch.  The  signs  say  "No  Fishin',  No  Apple  Pickin'.”  Satan  does   both.  After  all  he  has  declared  in  Paradise  Lost    “To  do  ought  good  never   will  be  our  task,  But  ever  to  do  ill  our  sole  delight,    As  being  the  contrary  to   his  high  will  Whom  we  resist.”  Satan  lazily  holds  his  fishing  rod  between   his  legs  and  roasts  a  wiener  on  a  stick  between  his  toes.  He  has  also  picked   the  corn  in  Adam's  garden  and  trampled  the  field,  leaving  nothing  for   Adam.  The  book  reads  “The  Mind  is  its  own  place  and  can  make  a  heaven  of   hell,”  and  he  is  indeed  lying  comfortably  in  a  bed  of  flames.   When  the  New  York  Times  photographer,  a  black  lady,  came  for  my  2008   Milton  Festival  she  asked  why  my  Satan  was  painted  as  a  black  man.  I  told   her  because  no  matter  whether  you  are  black  or  white,  flesh  burnt  in  the   fires  of  hell  becomes  blackened.  On  the  other  hand  I  told  her  that  I  had  in   mind  that  black  people  were  in  rebellion  against  perceived  obstruction  to   integration  into  mainstream  society.  Blacks  were  rebels  in  the  1960’s  and   1970’s  burning  cities  and  rioting  and  they  continue  to  this  day.  They  march   in  protest  now  and  insist  on  tearing  down  confederate  and  other  statues   that  remind  them  of  their  perceived  past  and  present  persecution.  I  think   that  when  they  finish,  ideally  there  will  be  no  statues  of  white  people  at  all,   and  possibly  no  white  people.     I  do  not  consider  myself  to  be  a  racist.  When  I  ran  the  business  office  at  the   American  Numismatic  Society  I  had  a  terrific  black  lady  running  the   membership  office.  When  it  came  time  to  add  to  my  staff,  we  interviewed   several  candidates  and  we  selected  the  best  who  happened  to  be  another   black  lady.  I  did  not  choose  her  because  she  was  black,  but  because  she  was   the  best.  These  workers  were  dedicated  and  excellent.  I  ran  a  smooth   operation.      


In any  case,  my  Satan  also  represents  Black  rebellion,  a  rebellion  that   metaphorically  wishes  to  take  the  throne  of  the  white  man,  just  as  Satan   wishes  to  take  the  throne  of  God.       Scott  Poole,  author  of  “Satan  in  America:  The  Devil  We  Know,”  says  the   linking  of  Satan  and  race  predates  American  history.  European  folklore   described  Satan  as  a  black  man,  and  the  Puritans  imported  these  notions,   and  raised  them  during  the  Salem  witch  trials  of  the  1690s.  They  actually   had  a  tendency  to  identify  all  racial  others  with  satanic  powers,   satanic  control.”       My  Satan  is  indolently  lounging  in  his  fire,  enjoying  it.  Thus  is   Satan  lazy,  idle,  slothful,  loafing,  &  shiftless,  lackadaisical,   inert,  sluggish,  lethargic,  torpid,  much  as  the  Black  man  in  history  has   been  "demonized.”     Milton  is  encased  here  in  a  Watermelon.  He  represents  the  fruit  of   knowledge.  From  The  Atlantic:  "...there  is  nothing  inherently  racist  about   watermelons.  But  cultural  symbols  have  the  power  to  shape  how  we  see   our  world  and  the  people  in  it.  These  symbols  have  roots  in  real  historical   struggles—specifically,  in  the  case  of  the  watermelon."  It  the  past  it   symbolized  the  simple  idiocy  of  the  Black  Man,  his  simple  delight  in   eating  the  delicious  fruit  not  mindful  of  anything  else,  again  as  black   people  have  been  demonized  in  their  portrayal  by  whites.       As  Blacks  in  America  continue  to  rebel  against  the  tyranny  of   their  mythical  white  oppressor  today,  so  Satan  rebels  against   the  mythical  tyranny  of  a  God  who  reduces  him  to  a  secondary  spirit.  In   Eden  one  cannot  eat  certain  fruits...knowledge  is  forbidden...kind  of  like   white  people  denying  an  education  to  Blacks.  Today  an  education  is  not   denied  to  anyone  and  anyone  can  start  a  business  and  get  rich.  But  the   myth  and  accusation  of  some  politicians  and  left  wing  progressives   remains  of  whites  denying  blacks.  The  accusation  is  a  useful  tool  to  shake   the  tree  of  the  nation’s  bounty  and  the  accusations  give  a  powerful  whip   to  the  left  wings  machinations  for  political  power.      


Maybe blacks  continue  to  rebel  against  whites  because  of  an  inherited   rage  that  will  take  generations  to  burn  itself  out.  I  do  continue  to  hire   black  people  when  I  need  them.  They  are  generally  excellent  and   friendly.  I  believe  that  blacks  can  achieve  anything  they  set  their  minds   on.  I  think  they  should  devote  their  time  to  building  businesses  instead   of  being  left  wing  social  justice  warriors.  It  is  the  sure  way  to   prosperity  and  acceptance.  The  energy  and  money  they  use  to  assault   mythical  “white  privilege”  could  be  used  to  build  houses  and  do   productive  things  for  the  good  of  all  society.  The  assault  on  whiteness   only  makes  enemies  where  they  need  friends.     A black person was elected president of the United States. One has been a secretary of state and on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Many are renowned scientists. In other words, blacks can achieve anything. But blacks are being convinced by Progressives that they are being held back. Human  history  that  we  know  of  is  only  about  5000  years.  I  do  not   know  how  all  of  the  issues  of  race  and  culture  will  evolve.  I  am  sure   there  will  be  conflicts  and  struggles  and  hopefully  a  coming  to  terms.   Maybe  it  will  take  another  5000  years.  Maybe  it  will  never  happen  and   maybe  one  side  will  exterminate  the  other.  I  will  not  take  sides.  I   believe  in  the  dialectic  of  the  universe.  I  believe  in  the  struggle  of   opposites,  the  fire  of  the  dialectic,  the  dross  will  burn  away  to  reveal   the  gold,  just  as  free  speech  contending  will  reveal  TRUTH.       My  Milton  in  Outer  Space  is  a  parody  of  the  racial/political  struggle.   When  Milton  returns  from  his  trip,  what  will  he  find  after  100  years???      


RARE Royal  Copenhagen  Overglaze  Adam  Eve   Figurine  with  various  garden  fruits,  by  Hans  Hansen,   Collection  of  the  Yuko  Nii  Foundation  


MILTON AS  FATHER  OF  SCIENCE  FICTION     In  Slate  Magazine  Katy  Waldman  discusses  John  Milton’s  Paradise  Lost  as   the  precursor  of  modern  science  fiction.  Surely  she  has  something  there.   Yes!  John  Milton—poet,  free  speech  advocate,  civil  servant,  classics   scholar—surely  must  have  inspired  writers  such  as  Asimov,  Bradbury,   Delaney,  and  the  rest.  As  Katy  said,  “Their  outlandish  other  worlds  owe  a   debt  to  his  (Milton’s)  visionary  mode  of  storytelling;  their  romance— characters  who  go  on  quests,  encounter  adversaries  at  portals,  channel  the   forces  of  light  and  dark—is  his  (Miltons’),  too.”     Milton  met  Galileo  in  1638,  and  surely  they  discussed  the  place  of  earth  and   man  in  the  cosmos.  As  Katy  says,  “…the  poem  is  studded  with  scientific   details—‘luminous  inferior  orbs’  churning  through  outer  space,   descriptions  of  sunspots  and  seasons…”  Milton  uses  Adam  in  Book  VIII  of   Paradise  Lost  to  present  astronomical    inquirey  of  cosmic  phenomenae.       In  Book  VI  Satan  invents  the  science  of  gunpowder:  “…Such  implements  of   mischief  as  shall  dash  To  pieces,  and  orewhelm  whatever  stands   Adverse.”  Thus  war  in  heaven  is  actually  the  first  intergalactic  battle  for   good  and  evil  with  new  weapons  of  science  as  in  any  hot  spurred  science   fiction  opera.       Thus  we  present  our  own  John  Milton  in  Outer  Space.  It  is  not  so  much   science  fiction  as  it  is  a  fantastical  ripping  tale.  There  is  a  lot  of  philosophy   sprinkled  throughout.            


Go Milton  Go!  Burn  Baby  Burn!   THE  ARGUMENT  for  Terrance  Lindall’s  JOHN  MILTON  IN  OUTER  SPACE   An  excursion  into  the  dialectic   Conformity  backed  by  coercion  is  how  tribes,  nations  and  cultures  are  formed.  Meanwhile,   revolutionaries  in  those  groups  envision  a  better  way.  Milton’s  Satan  is  the  archetypal   revolutionary.  However,  Milton’s  Satan  was  not  searching  for  a  “better  way”  for  those  he  led,  rather   he  was  debased,  blinded  by  jealously  and  ambition,  monumentally  tragic,  yet  courageous   nonetheless.    If  action  is  also  a  form  of  speech,  then  Satan’s  rebellion  against  God  Himself  was  the   ultimate  in  free  speech.  Today,  the  left-­‐wing  Antifa  on  campus  justify  their  use  of  physical  violence   against  conservatives  rather  than  verbosity  because  “Fascism  is  not  to  be  debated.  It  is  to  be   smashed.”  Of  course  the  right  could  say  “Progressive  Stalinist  Mind  Washing  Liberalism  is  not  to  be   debated.  It  is  to  be  smashed.”  The  use  of  force  as  argument  is  called  an  ad  bachulum  fallacy  in   logic…resort  to  the  stick  when  words  will  not  convince.  Where  then  is  force  justified?  Is  war   inevitable,  ultimately  leading  to  justice?    “Milton  in  Outer  Space”  envisions  Milton  being  brought   back  to  our  time  to  assess  precepts  of  free  speech  and  the  justice  of  violence  in  a  multicultural,   multiracial  milieu.  Milton  must  assess  future  food  shortages  risking  starvation  for  billions,  the   replacement  of  humans  by  robots  in  the  work  force,  the  cynical  manipulation  of  the  population  by   left  wing  race  baiting  and  the  subsequent  blame  of  White  Christians  for  inequities  in  society  so  the   Left  can  get  votes  from  minorities,  soon  to  be  the  majority,  etc.  Would  Milton  advocate  free  speech   to  win  over  humanity  to  create  a  system  of  freedom  justice  and  equality?  Would  he  back  a  firebrand   like  Cromwell  to  bring  about  a  just  social  order?  Would  he  opt  for  the  dictatorship  of  a  philosopher   king  (possibly  a  supercomputer  to  indifferently  mete  out  justice)?  Would  Milton  abandon  the   current  human  condition  as  entirely  untenable  and  beyond  saving  and  go  in  search  of  a  New   Paradise?  What  would  that  New  Paradise  be  like?  Milton  for  moderns!!!    


Light and  mind  are  manifestations  of  the  burning  universe.  Everything  is  on  fire.  Our  bodies  are   ovens  in  which  oxygen  combines  with  sugars  to  produce  heat  and  energy.  The  luminescence  that   allows  us  to  see  the  world  un-­‐blinded  and  the  luminescence  of  our  thought  is  a  product  of  that  fire.   The  dialectic  is  a  reflection  of  God’s  separating  the  light  from  the  dark.  In  the  beginning  was  The   Word.  God  said  “LET  THERE  BE  LIGHT!”  Thus  He  divided  the  light  from  the  dark.  Opposites  were   actualized  and  the  possibility  of  infinite  divisions  made  manifest.  This  is  the  Beginning,  the  "big   bang"  of  the  great  dialectic  of  creation  and  destruction  through  The  Word.  Just  as  the  binary   language  of  a  computer  can  create  informational  worlds  (meaning)  within  the  universe  of  the  hard   drive,  so  God  through  the  binary,  the  duality,  the  Dialectic  of  Light  and  Dark  (Being  &  Nothingness),   made  possible  all  things,  and  through  the  fulminations  of  “possibility  and  actuality  actualized”  as  in   Aristotle’s  Metaphysics  (created)  all  things…as  ideas  or  aspects  of  the  MIND  of  God.  So  in  fact,  in   God’s  WORD  we  see  that  speech  and  action  are  the  same.  The  WORD  takes  the  form  of  action   separating  light  and  dark  and  creating  the  world.  Action  is  a  form  of  speech...THE  WORD!  The   dialectic  of  argument,  in  philosophy  and  logic  pits  one  idea  against  the  other  and  THE   ILLUMINATION  OF  THE  FIRES  OF  THE  DILALECTIC  burns  away  the  dross  to  reveal  the  GOLD!!  It   separates  the  light  (the  good)  from  the  dark  (the  bad,  evil  or  the  deformed)…like  GOD!   THE  WORD  IS  ACTION  AND  THE  WORD  IS  VIOLENCE!  Today  in  our  American  conversation  about   college  campuses,  free  speech,  and  political  correctness  is  that  certain  forms  of  speech  cause   psychological  harm  to  students  that  administrators  have  an  obligation  to  eradicate  them  as  with   speeches  by  Charles  Murray  and  Milo  Yiannopoulos.  The  ones  opposed  to  speeches  by  these  men   used  violence  to  stop  them  on  the  predication  that  their  speeches  were  also  a  form  of  violence   (violent  ACTION).    In  an  article  in  New  York  Magazine  Jesse  Singal  writes   “Such  claims  of  harm  —  often  summed  up  as  “speech  is  violence”  —  aren’t  typically  invoked  in   response  to  actual  Nazis,  or  anything  like  that.  Rather,  they  are  used  to  argue  against  allowing   speakers  like  Murray  and  Yiannopoulos  —  who,  for  better  or  worse,  do  fit  in  the  conservative   mainstream  —  or  even  significantly  more  moderate  ones  like  Emily  Yoffe,  who  has  expressed   skepticism  about  certain  claims  pertaining  to  the  prevalence  of  sexual  assault  on  campus.  In  one   instance  students  successfully  canceled  a  showing  of  American  Sniper  by  arguing  the  film’s   ostensible  Islamophobia  would  make  “students  feel  unsafe  and  unwelcome”  —  though  the   screening  was  later  uncanceled.”  


Today throughout  the  world  we  see  a  massive  dynamic  of  social  conflict.  In  America  it  is  currently   much  about  race  and  justice.  Most  people  just  want  to  live  in  peace,  have  a  place  to  live  and  enough   food  in  order  to  enjoy  life  and  perhaps  raise  a  family.  People  may  notice  that  their  neighbors  have   more,  perhaps  less.  This  may  lead  to  envy  or  jealousy  but  generally  does  not  lead  to  conflict  as  long  as   there  is  enough  to  go  around…unless  there  is  concerted  and  persistent  propaganda  by  intellectuals  and   elected  officials  and  other  leaders  to  foment  jealousies  for  their  own  purposes.  Revolutions  generally   occur  when  a  population  lacks  food  or  resources  as  in  the  French  Revolution  when  there  also  existed  a   wealthy  class  who  did  not  suffer  the  travails  of  the  poor.  Today  in  America  there  is  enough  food  and   shelter,  but  remarkably,  in  spite  of  government’s,  especially  Progressive  Democrats,  stated  claims  of   wishing  to  help  the  underprivileged,  the  disenfranchised  and  the  poorest  among  us,  nothing  changes,   and,  in  fact,  things  are  becoming  worse.  Rich  get  richer  and  poor  get  poor  whether  under  elected   Democrats  or  Republicans.  And  people  live  in  tent  cities  because  the  shelters  provided  for  the   homeless  by  the  government  are  dangerous,  housing  criminals  and  drug  addicts  as  well  as  ordinary   persons.  Americans  could  have  made  a  capitalistic  society  where  everyone  had  a  job  and  lived  with  a   modicum  of  satisfaction.  But  men  who  place  power  and  wealth  above  all,  including  Progressive   Liberals  and  Conservative  Republicans  etc.  have  created  a  divided  society  pitting  poor  against  the  rich   and  middle  class,  Black  against  White  against  Brown  to  get  votes.  Divide  and  conquer…and  confuse  and   suppress!  Distract  from  the  real  evil  of  the  power  brokers.       Great  idealist  writers  and  thinkers  down  through  history  have  written  about  utopias  and  dystopias.   Cromwell  and  Milton  both  envisioned  a  utopia.  Milton  was  influenced  by  Sir  Philip  Sidney's  prose   pastoral  epic,  Arcadia.  Jefferson  and  the  founding  fathers  envisioned  a  utopia  also,  based  upon  a   homogeneous  population  of  White  Christians  sharing  common  values  NOT  A  DIVERSE  SOCIETY  as   Progressives  promulgate  today.  Adolf  Hitler  was  an  idealist  as  was  Mao.  They  envisioned  a  perfect   world  and  meant  to  implement  their  vision  and  impose  it  on  the  rest  of  humanity.  The  rest  of  humanity   found  their  ideals  grisly.  More  relevant  to  our  times,  the  great  writers  and  thinkers  Aldus  Huxley,   George  Orwell  and  H.G.  Wells  lived  when  the  industrial  and  scientific  revolutions  of  the  19th  and  20th   centuries  gave  to  their  imaginations  the  possibilities  of  both  a  heaven  and  hell  of  an  immediate  future   for  mankind.  The  dystopian  1984  and  Animal  Farm  of  George  Orwell  are  meant  to  satirize  the  Soviet   Socialist  Marxist  Republic.  “All  animals  are  equal,  but  some  are  more  equal  than  others.”  Rather  sounds   like  Progressive  Liberals.    The  Progressive  Liberals  seem  to  be  a  consortium  of  victims…Blacks,  Gays,   Jews,  Muslims,  Lesbians,  cripples,  drug  addicts,  hopeless  criminals  who  want  a  second  chance,  poor,   disenfranchised  etc..how  convenient  that  they  all  vote!  And  the  Progressives  are  serving  up  the  White   Christian  as  fodder,  as  “the  victimizer”  against  whom  the  Progressives  will  defend  their  consortium.   The  Soviets  also  called  themselves  “Progressive.”  Same  people!    


There is  a  saying,  “The  Left  eats  its  own.”  I  surmise  that  after  the  Progressives  get  rid  of  the  White   Christian  victimizer,  they  will  point  out  the  Jews  or  Muslims  as  new  victimizers  and  so  on  down  the   line  etc.  until  there  are  no  victims  or  victimizers  left  and  the  world  is  at  peace,  the  peace  of  the   graveyard.  Maybe  we  should  all  just  start  World  War  III  and  end  humanity  in  one  great  fireball.   Quicker,  less  painful!  I  think  that  we  can  do  without  that  kind  of  “progress.”  Another  visionary  writer   Jean  Raspail  wrote  another  vision  of  the  near  future,  The  Camp  of  the  Saints  in1973.  The  novel   depicts  a  setting  wherein  Third  World  mass  immigration  to  France  and  the  West  leads  to  the   destruction  of  Western  civilization.  It  is  precisely  what  is  happening  in  Europe  today!  He  is   considered  a  racist.  But  he  is  right  on  the  money.   I  have  often  said  “humanism  is  a  scorpion  that  will  sting  itself  to  death.”  What  do  I  mean?  My  fellow   visionary  Bienvenido  “Bones”  Banez  asked  me  to  elaborate.   In  Milton’s  Paradise  Lost,  as  Satan  contemplated  God,  he  “trusted  to  have  equaled  the  most  high.”    In   other  words,  he  held  up  Flanagan's  Mirror,  thus  blotting  out  the  light  of  God’s  truth  and  perfect   order,  and  in  that  mirror  Satan  saw  himself  as  God.  His  own  desires  were  now  the  criteria  of  Truth   and  Justice.  Satan  rejected  the  order  of  God’s  Love  and  he  was  now  on  his  own  to  determine  what  is   good  and  bad.   The  seduction  of  Adam  and  Eve  by  Satan  also  left  Adam  and  Eve  cut  off  from  the  order  and  law  of   God.  That  is  loss  of  Eden,  where  humans  knew  their  boundaries  and  were  happy  in  God’s  orderly   garden.  Now  God  left  them  to  be  on  their  own.  Adam  &  Eve  had  decided  to  disobey  God’s  Law  and   now  God  left  them  to  create  their  own  laws  and  humanism  was  born.  Yes,  indeed,  Satan  inspired   humanism  and  it  was  the  only  recourse  to  man  after  the  fall.  What  is  humanism?   From  the  Wikipedia  article:  "Humanism  can  be  considered  as  a  process  by  which  truth  and  morality   is  sought  through  human  investigation."  In  other  words,  truth  and  morality  are  found  by  holding  up   Flanagan’s  Mirror  and  examining  ourselves  in  relation  to  the  world,  not  by  receiving  any  revelation   from  God  or  his  appointed  messengers  on  earth,  most  notably  the  Pope.  In  investigating  our  relation   to  others  and  ourselves,  humanism  seems  to  have  arrived  at  the  conclusion  that  judgment  of  good   and  bad  are  relative  to  each  person.  For  example,  it  may  be  good  for  one  man  to  kill  another  to   preserve  his  family,  but  is  it  good  for  the  family  whose  member  has  been  killed?     In  the  King’s  Torah  subscribed  to  by  some  Orthodox  Jews,  it  is  permissible  to  kill  Gentiles  who  might   pose  a  future  threat  of  Jews.    Rabbi  Yitzhak  Shapiro,  who  heads  the  Od  Yosef  Chai  Yeshiva  in  the   Yitzhar  settlement,  wrote  in  his  book  "The  King's  Torah"  that  even  babies  and  children  can  be  killed   if  they  pose  a  threat  to  the  nation.  He  says,  "It  is  permissible  to  kill  the  Righteous  among  Nations   even  if  they  are  not  responsible  for  the  threatening  situation,"  he  wrote,  adding:  "If  we  kill  a  Gentile   who  has  sinned  or  has  violated  one  of  the  seven  commandments  -­‐  because  we  care  about  the   commandments  -­‐  there  is  nothing  wrong  with  the  murder."  Unfortunately,  the  Muslims  and   Christians  may  also  believe  it  is  right  just  to  kill  Orthodox  Jews  such  as  Rabbi  Shapiro  who  might   decide  in  future  to  kill  all  Gentiles  preemptively,  having  perceived  all  gentiles  as  a  possible  future   threat.  Therefore  Gentiles  might  decide  to  do  a  preemptive  strike,  as  Hitler  did  in  fact  attempt.  Thus   to  prevent  chaos  from  such  dilemmas  regarding  good  an  evil  (bad)  as  relative,  the  secular  nations   create  secular  laws  and  a  system  of  justice.  We  recreate  God  (final  absolute  authority)  as  a  form  of   Government  and  all  are  judged  under  its  aegis.  And  the  League  of  Nations,  the  United  Nations  and   The  EU  are  just  the  beginning  attempts  at  a  secular  humanist  world  order  of  government.    


The eternal  social  struggle.  Note  the  scorpion  with  “humanism”  written  on  its  back     “Humanism  is  a  scorpion  that  will  sting  itself  to  death!”  Lindall  


What about  secular  communism  and  capitalism  as  options  for  a  truly  humanist  society?       Communists;  through  “human  investigation”  and  experience  have  examined  the  human  condition  and   found  that  they  can  achieve  the  closest  thing  to  paradise  on  earth  by  following  the  principle  that  “from   each  man  according  to  his  abilities,  and  to  each  man  according  to  his  needs.”    However,  they  also   understand  that  leadership  is  required.  Some  have  decided  that  the  “abilities”  that  they  wish  to  donate   for  the  general  good  falls  to  "leadership"  of  the  rest.  As  leaders,  they  must  represent  their  flock  with   dignity.  As  such  they  must  entertain  with  the  best  victuals,  ride  in  fine  limousines  and  fly  in  private  jets.   They  must  also  maintain  order.  No  unqualified  upstart  potential  leaders  like  Ghandi  or  Christ  or  the   Dalai  Lama  should  usurp  their  own  powers.    Those  who  presume  to  be  taller  than  the  rest  must  be   extirpated  from  the  body  social  –  they  rock  the  boat  and  make  others  feel  inferior.  That  is  humanism  in   its  ultimate  form,  for  the  good  of  all,  not  the  one.       But  sheep  are  for  sheering.    All  men  are  equal,  but  in  that  flock  most  are  for  sheering  by  those  who  are   more  equal  than  the  rest.    Same  with  capitalism  and  democracy,  we  are  a  flock  under  the  careful  watch   of  our  virtuous  leaders  who  talk  about  their  concern  for  the  people.  We  the  flock  are  sheep  and  sheep   are  for  sheering!      Look  at  the  bailout  of  the  banks  in  2008-­‐9…who  got  sheered?  Who  did  the  sheering?   Instead  of  creating  jobs  programs  when  unemployment  reached  9  %  so  that  people  could  pay  their   mortgages  to  and  spend  money  to  sustain  a  weak  economy,  the  politicians  who  receive  huge   contributions  from  Wall  Street  gave  vast  sums  of  money  to  Goldman  Sachs  who  was  “too  big  to  fail.”   Now  in  2011the  brokers  at  Goldman  Sachs,  who  actually  caused  the  economic  crash  by  creating   instrument  they  knew  would  explode,  are  receiving  record  bonuses!     SEEKING  Humanistic  SOLUTIONS  TO  THE  COMING  CRISIS  IN  AMERICA  IN  THE  NEXT  TWENTY  YEARS:   The  economic  meltdown  in  2008  was  the  first  wave  of  a  series  of  crises  that  will  affect  America,   especially  America’s  cities  in  the  coming  two  decades.    Unemployment  was  hovering  around  9%   officially  and  was  actually  much  higher.  Members  of  America's  once  thriving  middle  class,  unemployed   and  unable  to  pay  their  bills,  were  forced  from  their  homes  and  not  be  able  to  afford  rent.  Tent  cities   sprang  up  all  over  the  United  States.       In  order  to  keep  social  order,  government  and  media  will  downplay  the  crisis.      


The rise  of  temperatures  worldwide  is  now  creating  severe  droughts  and  extreme  weather  is   affecting  crops  and  livestock.    The  now  periodic  droughts  and  famine  in  Africa  are  creating  an   exodus  of  its  population  to  the  safe  haven  of  Europe,  which  will  not  be  a  safe  haven  for  long.  All   this  while  the  world’s  7  billion  population  continues  to  expand  devouring  diminishing  non-­‐ renewable  resources,  especially  oil  that  had  in  fact  created  the  agricultural  revolution  that  was   able  to  feed  the  world  up  until  now.  Steve  Jones,  head  of  the  biology  department  at  University   College  London,  has  said,  "Humans  are  10,000  times  more  common  than  we  should  be,  according   to  the  rules  of  the  animal  kingdom,  and  we  have  (oil  based)  agriculture  to  thank  for  that.”  The   looming  scarcity  of  food  means  that  food  will  be  supplied  to  the  highest  bidder.  Hunger  and  even   starvation  in  America  will  become  commonplace,  and  government  will  be  able  to  do  little  about  it.   Government  will  make  sure  that  the  working  class;  the  military,  the  police  and  property  owners   will  not  go  hungry,  as  resources  are  husbanded.  As  unemployment  and  hunger  increase,  these   men  will  resort  to  criminal  activities.  People  do  what  they  must  to  survive.       What  can  be  done  to  protect  the  residents  and  decent  citizens  in  this  and  other  cities  in  the  United   States?  Not  much!   THE  GOVERNMENT  MUST  STEP  IN   We  have  been  tossed  from  the  garden  of  peace  and  plenty,  so,  to  keep  order,  the  humanist   government  must  step  in  before  matters  escalate  into  warfare  between  these  violent  criminals   and  the  resident  working  populace  and  they  will  definitely  step  in  to  protect  the  rich  men  who  are   tending  this  flock.  The  useful  working  class,  soon  to  be  replaced  by  robots,  is  multitudinous  and   some  are  expendable  as  buffers  between  the  starving  and  the  rich.  The  rich  and  politically   powerful  know  that  they  must  be  protected  at  all  cost  (the  ostensible  practice  of  humanism)!   Possibly  labor  camps  will  be  devised  where  these  wretched  men  can  be  watched,  fed  and   provided  with  work  that  will  be  of  benefit  to  society.  But  that  they  can  provide  useful  work  is   doubtful  in  lieu  of  robots.   CONSEQUENCES  IF  THE  GOVERNMENT  DOES  NOT  STEP  IN   Already  the  police  are  called  frequently  to  settle  conflicts  between  the  right  and  the  left,  both  sides   self-­‐righteous.  These  conflicts  will  grow  as  hunger  and  need  and  hopelessness  drive  them.  In  the   near  future  the  government,  already  strapped  for  resources,  will  not  even  be  able  to  accommodate   these  people  in  prisons  after  they  commit  crimes  of  desperation.  It  will  be  a  waste  of  food  and   resources  that  are  better  given  to  useful  citizens.  What  will  the  humanist  government  do  then   with  the  approval  of  the  “decent”  citizens?  Let  them  starve  or  euthanasia?        


The Coming  Unprecedented  Perils  of  the     Coming  Immediate  Future       1)  The  replacement  of  human  workers  by  robots:   This  story  first  appeared  in  the  South  China  Morning  Post  on  the  31st  of  January  2017.  Story  by   Bien  Perez:   “Major  cities  like  Tokyo,  Hong  Kong,  London  and  New  York  are  predicted  to  face   unemployment  rates  of  more  than  80  per  cent  by  2030,  when  widespread  adoption  of   artificial  intelligence  (AI)  and  robotics  accelerates  automation  in  virtually  all  industries,   according  to  outspoken  London  and  Hong  Kong-­‐based  venture  capitalist  and  angel  investor   Simon  Squibb.       “As  hard  as  it  might  be  for  many  to  believe,  there  will  be  no  bankers,  no  accountants  and  no   manned  deliveries  by  2030,”  Squibb  told  the  South  China  Morning  Post.  “Robots  will  be  our   drivers  and  a  new  world  order  will  be  in  place.”       “Squibb  said  that  prediction  was  based  on  a  range  of  developments  he  has  closely  observed   as  the  founder  and  chairman  of  privately  held  Nest  the  pre-­‐eminent  technology  start-­‐up   incubator  in  Asia  as  well  as  Mettā,  a  network  of  VC's,  Founders  and  business  leaders.”       In  other  words,  the  vast  majority  of  workers  are  surplus  humans,  unneeded  by  the  wealthy  and   powerful!    


There is  no  longer  any  doubt:  We  are  entering  a  mass  extinction  that  threatens  humanity's   existence.  That  is  the  bad  news  at  the  center  of  a  new  study  by  a  group  of  scientists  including  Paul   Ehrlich,  the  Bing  Professor  of  Population  Studies  in  biology  and  a  senior  fellow  at  the  Stanford   Woods  Institute  for  the  Environment.  Ehrlich  and  his  co-­‐authors  call  for  fast  action  to  conserve   threatened  species,  populations  and  habitat,  but  warn  that  the  window  of  opportunity  is  rapidly   closing.       "[The  study]  shows  without  any  significant  doubt  that  we  are  now  entering  the  sixth  great  mass   extinction  event,"  Ehrlich  said.       "For  the  first  time  in  human  history,  food  production  will  be  limited  on  a  global  scale  by  the   availability  of  land,  water  and  energy,"  Davies  said  in  a  statement  from  Texas  A&M  University's   AgriLife  division,  where  he  is  a  professor  of  horticultural  science.       "Food  issues  could  become  as  politically  destabilizing  by  2050  as  energy  issues  are  today,"  he  said.       To  meet  food  demand  as  the  world's  population  rises  to  9  billion  by  the  middle  of  this  century,   Davies  said  there  would  need  to  be  a  70  percent  increase  in  food  production.       "But  resource  limitations  will  constrain  global  food  systems,"  Davies  said.  "The  increases  currently   projected  for  crop  production  from  biotechnology,  genetics,  agronomics  and  horticulture  will  not  be   sufficient  to  meet  food  demand."       Davies  said  in  the  US,  agricultural  productivity  has  averaged  less  than  1.2  percent  per  year  between   1990  and  2007.     What  can  Milton  do  for  humanity?  Is  there  hope?  Find  out  by  reading:  

MILTON IN  OUTER  SPACE…Boldly  going  where  no  poet  has   gone  before!    



THE STORY In April 1667, Isaac Newton came to Cambridge and in October was elected as a fellow of Trinity. Fellows were required to become ordained priests, although this was not enforced in the restoration years and an assertion of conformity to the Church of England was sufficient. Here he met John Milton who was about to publish his grand opus Paradise Lost. Newton described to Milton his attempts to extract scientific information from the Bible, he estimated that the world would end no earlier than 2060. In predicting this he said, "This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail." Newton was so taken with Milton's work that he gave Milton a work on alchemy by which Milton's remains would be "preferrved" and resurrected in 350 years, so he could help save humanity from the dire straights in which it would find itself. At Milton's Cottage, Chalfont, in 2015, the new business manager finds a letter indicating that it is not to be opened until 2015. She opens it and reads the contents to find the startling discovery that Milton can be resurrected with Newton’s formulae! Calling on scholars from Cambridge University, Milton is revived to undertake the task of saving humanity. In January 2017 they travel to America to address the Milton convention and later to Williamsburg Brooklyn to discuss the matter with philosopher and Milton illustrator Terrance Lindall. They are subsequently put in contact with Trump advisor Elon Musk who agrees to build a spaceship for John Milton and provide a crew to "explore outer space for a new paradise." The adventure has begun! Space aliens, galactic battles between forces of evil and good...and more! FACTS: In 1888, after spending sixteen years cataloging Newton's papers, Cambridge University kept a small number and returned the rest to the Earl of Portsmouth. In 1936, a descendant offered the papers for sale at Sotheby’s. The collection was broken up and sold for a total of about £9,000. John Maynard Keynes was one of about three dozen bidders who obtained part of the collection at auction. Keynes went on to reassemble an estimated half of Newton's collection of papers on alchemy before donating his collection to Cambridge University in 1946. All of Newton's known writings on alchemy are currently being put online in a project undertaken by Indiana University: "The Chymistry of Isaac Newton".


John Milton  is  confronted  with  several  options.  One  is  from  a  mysterious  and  brilliant  person  named   Ladnil  Yerret  who  describes  his  overview  of  the  human  condition  and  the  history  of  Space  Aliens   who  conceived  of  human  beings  as    a  genetic  experiment.  Yerret  proposes  to  take  up  where  the   aliens  left  off.  Milton  is  horrified  at  tampering  with  “God’s  creation”  and  he  begins  to  have  doubts   about  his  own  biblical  beliefs.     Other  options  are  to  create  a  socialist  communist  dictatorship  and  by  behavioral  psychology  modify   human  behavior.  Mankind  would  not  then  improve  but  remain  static  and  uncreative.  As  to  what   behavior  would  be  acceptable,  who  was  to  judge.  Should  it  advocate  extermination  of  the  weak  to   make  the  race  strong,  or  should  the  weak  be  protected,  a  Christian  virtue?  Should  we  eliminate  the   variety  of  races  selecting  only  the  most  “advanced”  in  order  to  eliminate  diversity,  competition  and   conflict?  Should  we  simply  allow  the  conflict  to  play  out  naturally  so  that  the  “fittest”  prove  their   worthiness  as  survivors  (the  way  nature  works)?     In  the  end  Milton  comes  upon:    

The 7  Heavens  Solution!  


INTRODUCTION   In  book  VIII  of  Paradise  Lost,  the  angel  Raphael  appears  to  Adam  and  Eve  to  warn  them  of  the   coming  of  Satan  to  begat  upon  them  “all  those  earthly  woes.”  Adam  has  many  questions  about   the  stars  and  the  universe  and  Man’s  place  in  it.  Thus  Milton,  having  once  famously  met  Galileo,   expresses  the  awe,  mystery  and  wonder  and  curiosity  about  the  heavens  (outer  space).  

FROM BOOK VIII When I behold this goodly Frame, this World [ 15 ] Of Heav'n and Earth consisting, and compute, Thir magnitudes, this Earth a spot, a graine, An Atom, with the Firmament compar'd And all her numberd Starrs, that seem to rowle Spaces incomprehensible (for such [ 20 ] Thir distance argues and thir swift return Diurnal) meerly to officiate light Round this opacous Earth, this punctual spot, One day and night; in all thir vast survey Useless besides, reasoning I oft admire, [ 25 ] How Nature wise and frugal could commit Such disproportions, with superfluous hand So many nobler Bodies to create, Greater so manifold to this one use, For aught appeers, and on thir Orbs impose [ 30 ] Such restless revolution day by day Repeated, while the sedentarie Earth, That better might with farr less compass move, Serv'd by more noble then her self, attaines Her end without least motion, and receaves, [ 35 ] As Tribute such a sumless journey brought Of incorporeal speed, her warmth and light; Speed, to describe whose swiftness Number failes.


Copyright The  Williamsburg  Circle  of   Inetrnational  Arts  &  letters  


JOHN MILTON  IN  OUTER  SPACE   EPISODE  ONE:  NERVOUS  EXHAUSTION     Terrance  Lindall  was  in  the  ceaselessly  changing,  city  of  Brooklyn,  Williamsburg  to  be   exact,  with  its  historic  landmarks  and  clustering  brownstones  that  men  of  rank  and   wealth  built  in  the  19th  century.  Nor  was  any  spot  in  that  city  more  steeped  in  macabre   memory  than  the  landmarked  Kings  County  Savings  Bank  Building  banking  floor  with  it   high  ceilings  and  Doric  columns  and  dark  black  walnut  paneling  which  harboured  him— for  it  was  this  building  and  this  grand  reception  hall  which  had  likewise  harboured  old   Isaiah  Fesnik,  whose  flight  from  New  York  at  the  last  no  one  was  ever  able  to  explain.   That  was  in  1962—the  wife  had  gone  mad  and  babbled  of  a  small,  white  naked  child  like   figure  with  large  black  bulging  eyes  that  appeared  and  asked  about  the  poet  philosopher   John  Milton  and  his  whereabouts,  and  not  even    her  husband  could  explain  the  imposing   out  of  this  world  inquiry  about  a  famous  poet  over  350  years  dead.     Possibly  Terrance  ought  not  to  have  studied  so  hard  about  Milton,  Newton  and  quantum   mechanics.  .  Non-­‐Euclidean  calculus  and  quantum  physics  are  enough  to  stretch  any   brain;  and  when  one  mixes  them  with  dead  poets,  and  tries  to  trace  a  strange   background  of  multi-­‐dimensional  reality,  time  travel  and  reincarnation,  one  can  hardly   expect  to  be  wholly  balanced.  Terrance  came  from  Minnesota,  but  it  was  only  after  he   had  entered  Hunter  College  that  he  began  to  connect  his  philosophical  interests  with  the   fantastic  poetry  of  John  Milton.  Something  in  the  air  of  the  old  landmarked  building   worked  obscurely  on  his  imagination.  His  friends,  had  urged  him  to  slacken  up,  but  he   persisted.  Moreover,  they  had  urged  him  not  to  consult  the  dubious  old  books  of   forbidden  secrets  of  Isaac  Newton  that  were  kept  under  lock  and  key  in  a  vault  at  the   University  of  Indiana  library.  But  all  these  precautions  came  late  in  the  day,  so  that   Terrance  had  some  terrible  hints  from  the  Ortus  Medicinae  (1667),  with  Newton’s   abstract  formulae  on  the  properties  of  space  and  the  linkage  of  dimensions  known  and   unknown.     Terrance  had  extraordinary  dreams  of  John  Milton  visiting  him  and  felt  that  these  visits   or  hallucinations  were  more  than  real.  Some  times  he  felt  as  if  he  were  being  watched  by   some  invisible  creature  or  creatures,  and  occasionally  he  would  seem  to  see  something   out  of  the  corner  of  his  eye,  but  when  he  turned  to  look,  nothing  was  there.      



“His wife had gone mad and babbled of a small, white naked child like figures with large black bulging eyes that appeared and asked about the poet philosopher John Milton and his whereabouts, and not even her husband could explain the imposing out of this world inquiry about a famous poet over 350 years dead.”!



Above: Terrance  standing  in  the  doorway  in  front  of  the  WAH   Center  contemplating  the  hallucinations  of  Isaiah’s  wife  


The dreams  were  wholly  beyond  the  pale  of  the  ordinary,  and  Terrance  felt  that  they   must  be  a  result  of  his  studies  in  mathematics,  and  descriptions  of  Heaven  and  Hell  in   Paradise  Lost.  He  had  been  thinking  too  much  about  the  vague  regions  which  Newton’s   formulae  told  him  must  lie  beyond  the  three  dimensions  we  know,  and  about  the   possibility  that  old  Isaiah  Fesnik  had  actually  found  the  location  of  those  regions,   thereby  his  disappearance.  .       As  for  Isaiah’s  wife,  witnesses  in  town  spoke  of  some  such  creature  appearing  and   disappearing  and  the  descriptions  were  that  it  was  evilly  human  while  its  hands  were   like  tiny  human  hands.    Its  voice  was  a  kind  of  loathsome  twittering,  and  it  could  mind   project  in  all  languages.  Nothing  filled  Terrance  with  greater  panic  than  the  possibility   of  meeting  this  hybrid  “thing”  whose  imagined  form  in  his  nightmares  was  more   frightening  than  anything  his  waking  mind  could  conjure.     Terrance’s  dreams  consisted  largely  in  plunges  through  limitless  abysses  of   inexplicably  colored  outer  space  and  bafflingly  disordered  sound;  abysses  whose   physical  and  gravitational  properties,  he  could  not  even  begin  to  explain  by  his  studies   of  earthly  science.  He  did  not  fly  in  bodily  form,  yet  always  experienced  a  mode  of   motion  partly  voluntary  and  partly  involuntary  of  mind  separated  from  body,  yes  with   sight  and  sound  even  without  the  eyes  and  ears.  And  when  he  awoke,  sight  of  his  arms,   legs,  and  torso  seemed  oddly  disarranged  and  out  of  perspective.     Next  Episode:  Across  the  Pond  in  Merry  England  


Episode 1  1/2:  “A  Mind  not  to  be  changed  by  Time  or  Place”  Paradise  Lost         John  Milton  woke  up  in  his  bedroom  in  Chalfont.  He  had  that   vaguely  pleasant  lazy  feeling  one  has  after  a  good  nights  sleep   with  pleasant  dreams  on  a  fine  spring  morning.  That  might  not   have  been  unusual  if  the  year  had  been  1674  or  any  of  the  years   prior  to  that.  What  he  did  not  know  was  that  it  was  the  year   2016.  And  he  was  also  beginning  to  realize  that  he  could  see,  an   astounding  thing  since  he  had  blind  for  the  past  several  years.   “This  is  a  dream,”  he  thought.  Or  was  I  a  miracle?  But  it  was   neither,  which  he  was  soon  to  find  out.  The  room  looked  familiar,  but  also  different  in   some  ways.  He  rose  from  bed  and  swung  his  legs  to  the  side  of  the  bed.  He  looked  down   at  his  hands.  They  were  not  the  hands  of  a  sixty  some  year  old  man.  They  were  a  young   man’s  hands!  He  got  up  excitedly  and  walked  across  to  the  mirror.  Staring  back  at  him   was  the  handsome  face  of  his  youth  with  the  reddish  brown  hair  of  which  the  ladies   liked.  How  was  this  possible?  He  put  on  the  robe  that  was  laid  across  the  chair  and  went   over  to  the  door  and  opened  it.  What  he  saw  was  like  nothing  he  had  seen  or  could  have   imagined.  This  from  an  imagination  that  had  conjured  up  the  grand  scope  Heaven  and   Hell  and  everything  in  between  in  his  great  masterpiece  Paradise  Lost!     John  Dugdale,  Trustee  of  Milton  Cottage.  Chalfont,    saw  the  door  open  and  jumped  up.  He   knew  that  John  Milton  would  soon  be  awake  and  was  waiting  in  the  outer  room  for  that   momentous  event.  He  and  his  business  director  Kelly  O’Reilly  wanted  Milton  to  awake  in   a  familiar  environment  and  not  in  a  hospital  or  laboratory  setting.  John  walked  over  to   Milton  and  took  his  hand  warmly  in  his  own  and  smiled,  saying,  “Welcome  to  the  21st   century  after  your  long  sleep.  You  have  a  lot  to  catch  up  with  and  we  are  here  to  help!”   The  language  spoken  by  Bradley  was  somewhat  odd  in  inflection,  but  not  overly   unfamiliar  and  was  clearly  a  form  of  English.  Yes  indeed  Milton  was  in  a  state  of  mild   shock  and  wonderment…    



Episode 2:  The  Indian  Well  of  Peter  Minuit…“Regions  of  sorrow,  doleful  shades,   where  peace    and  rest  can  never  dwell”  Paradise  Lost     Here we return to Williamsburg Brooklyn, since this is the seat of the wonders that brought back Milton to his youth in the 21st century. But we do not return to Williamsburg in our time. We must now retreat even further back to the year 1626 in the month of May on an island off the coast of the New World. Peter Minuit, was a Walloon from Wesel, in present-day North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, then part of the Duchy of Cleves. His surname means "midnight". He was Director of the Dutch colony of New Netherland from 1626 until 1631, and founded the Swedish colony of New Sweden in 1638. Peter stands in a grove of oaks with several other men. One of the other men is a Red Indian of powerful stature and in an elaborate headdress. The Indian’s arms are folded across his chest. A chest is opened and several of the chief s braves inspect the contents, holding them up before their chief. The chief nods approval of the treasure and a pipe is brought forth to smoke in the Indian tradition of sealing the bargain. And a deerskin scroll with Indian signs is handed to Peter Minuit from the Chief of the Manhatta Tribes from across the river. Manhattan Island, the land upon which the greatest city of the 20th Century would stand 200 hundred years later was bought for the sum of twenty-four dollars worth of beads. Unknown to historians, this transaction did not take place on the Island of Manhattan, but across the river on a larger island the Dutch called Breukelen or broken land, now called Brooklyn. It was here that this episode of history took place because this was the place of the Manhatta spiritual rituals. Women and children were forbidden. Only initiated men were allowed to visit. And some who did visit and were of unclean spirit contracted a strange wasting disease and bled from their pours and died quickly. It was here where abided the Indian Well, a place of spirits and much manna. It was to be another gift to the White chief of the Dutch, Peter Minuit, to build a fine home. As a final gesture of spiritual release of the lands of their forefathers, the Medicine man tosses an offering of one string of beads into the Indian well, Minuit looks down onto the mysterious well as the beads fall, never seeming to reach the bottom where a green luminescence pulsed. Days later, Minuit had this well covered over with a lead hatch from his ship. His men and their families feared the damnable heathen hole, a place of devils, as they expressed it. Minuit had the lead cover embossed with a prayer and a curse in Latin, which translated read, HERE LIES THE WAY THAT OUT OF HEATHEN HELL LEADS TO A NEW CHRISTIAN LAND, AND THAT PLACE THAT HEREIN LIES IS NEVER MORE TO BE UNCOVERED EXCEPT THAT HE WHO DOES SO BE CURSED EVERMORE AND BANNED FROM THE HOME OF MAN. And further in Dutch, HERE PETER MINUIT DID BUY FOR HIS CHRISTIAN KING A HOME FOR HIS CHRISTIAN SERVANTS.  


There are a pair of similar wells in Portugal spiraling deep within the earth. The wells were never used, nor intended for water collection. Instead, these mysterious underground towers were used for secretive initiation rites. The cultural landscape upon which this Quinta da Regaleira sits dates back thousands of years. There are archaeological sites in the area dating back to the early Neolithic (5 th millennium BC) and extending all the way through to the Iron Age (4 th – 2 nd centuries BC). The Roman occupation of the region began in the mid-2 nd century BC and it was later conquered by the Moors. The Quinta da Regaleira is a vast estate that has had many owners throughout the years, each contributing their own personal touch. In 1904, it was sold to António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, a wealthy Portuguese entomologist, that the estate was transformed into a unique palace adorned with symbolic carvings associated with Masonry According to Shaurya Smarak, “The pair of wells, known as the ‘Initiation Wells’ or ‘Inverted Towers’, consist of ‘winding stair’ architecture, which carries symbolic meaning including the death/rebirth allegory common to many hermetic traditions. “One of the wells contains nine platforms, which are said to be “reminiscent of the Divine Comedy by Dante and the nine circles of Hell, the nine sections of Purgatory and the nine skies which constitute Paradise.” A smaller well, called the “Unfinished Well,” contains a set of straight staircases, connecting the ring-shaped floors to one another. It is believed that the spacing of the landings, as well as the number of steps in between were dictated by Masonic principles.” So our Indian well of Peter Minuit has matching wells in Portugal and perhaps in many other parts of the world dating back who knows how far!


Episode 2 ½: The computer: “Such implements of mischief as shall dash To pieces, and orewhelm whatever stands…”

John Milton  had  spent  the  last  two  months  learning  how  to  use  the  computer  that  had  been  provided   by  John  Dugdale.  What  an  instrument  that  could  reach  out  to  the  world  and  provide  moving  pictures   so  what  was  happening  anywhere  at  the  every  moment!!!  He  read  the  news  articles  and  explored  the   history  of  the  world  since  he  had  died  in  1674.  He  was  fascinated  and,  even  more,  he  as  horrified  at   how  humanity  had  devolved  over  the  period.  He  thought  to  himself,  quoting  Khan  in  the  Star  Trek   episode  Space  Seed,    “I  am  surprised  how  little  improvement  there  has  been  in  human  evolution.  Oh,   there  has  been  technical  advancement,  but,  how  little  man  himself  has  changed.“  Essentially  the   progress  of  man  since  the  Greeks  up  to  England  of  the  17th  century  was  the  same,  technical   advancement,  yet  hatred,  war,  greed  and  the  all  of  rest  of  human  generated  misery  endured.    Empires   had  risen  and  fallen,  man  had  invented  machines  and  new  sciences,  but  still  man  suffered,  to  quote   Gibbon  from  his  Rise  and  fall  of  the  Roman  Empire  “from  vicissitudes  of  fortune,  which  spares  neither   man  nor  the  proudest  of  his  works,  which  buries  empires  and  cities  in  a  common  grave.”  Also  from   Gibbon,  Milton  viewed  mans  journey  as  “…a  long  period  of  distress  and  anarchy,  in  which  empire,  and   arts,  and  riches,  had  migrated  from  the  banks  of  the  Tiber,  [but]  man  was  incapable  of  restoring  or   adorning.”  And  further,    the  human  condition  Gibbon  noted  “…and,  as  all  that  is  human  must   retrograde  if  it  do  not  advance,  [so]  every  successive  age  must  have  hastened  the  ruin  of…”  what   great  achievements  of  thought  that  had  gone  before.        


Milton was  awed  by  the  expansion  of  his  island  nation  of  England  in  in  the  18th  and  19th  centuries.  By   1913,  the  British  Empire  held  sway  over  412  million  people,  23%  of  the  world  population  at  the  time,  and   by  1920,  it  covered  35,500,000  km2  (13,700,000  sq  mi),[24%  of  the  Earth's  total  land  area.  It  could  only   be  accounted  for  by  the  strategic  intelligence  of  its  leadership  and  the  ingenuity  of  its  science,  industry   and  military.  It  surpassed  Alexander  the  great  in  ambition.  But  dominance  is  fraught  with  difficulties.  It   had  several  tigers  by  the  tail.       Milton  was  also  astounded  by  the  rapid  development  of  science  an  industry. Anglo  Saxons  subsequent  to   his  death  in  1674  had  invented  the  airplane,  radio,  television,  electric  lights,  the  telephone,  moving   pictures,  automobiles,  steam  ships,  modern  rockets,  landed  on  the  moon,  established  modern  medicine,   produced  vibrant  capitalism  and  much  more.  It  was  unimaginable  that  humans  could  do  this  without   some  guidance  from  somewhere…     The  political  makeup  of  societies  he  had  always  been  concerned  with,  hence  his  involvement  with  the   Reformation.  He  noted  that  the  strength  of  American  democracy  and  economy  had  been  born  of  slavery.   While  the  British  slave  trade  was  already  in  full  gear  by  Milton’s  own  time,  he  saw  that  British  anti-­‐ slavery  agitators  justified  their  own  cause  with  Milton’s  republican  tenets  on  "native  liberty.”  But  Milton   had  not  taken  into  consideration  racial  and  non-­‐Christian  elements  of  the  society  he  now  beheld  in  those   tenets.  He  had  based  his  arguments  before  on  a  more  or  less  racial  and  religious  homogeneity.  He  noted   that  his  friend  Dryden,  undertaking  the  noble  task  of  freeing  "the  fetter’d  Slave"  meant  to  include  the   civilizing  of  former  black  slaves.  But  neither  could  foresee  that  the  numerical  increase  of  that  population   might  create  a  shift  in  social  position  and  power  in  a  democracy.     Cultural  relativism  and  the  archaic  idea  of  the  cyclical  rise  and  fall  of  empires  contributed  to  a  strand  of   anxiety  running  through  the  development  of  American  theories  of  democracy.  It  was  Milton’s  idea  that   the  master-­‐slave  relationship  was  depraved,  although  in  some  instances  it  was  justified  as  in  Ham’s  curse.   In  other  words,  those  who  committed  a  wrong  against  society  were  justly  enslaved  (imprisoned  and  their   labor  used  for  the  benefit  of  society).       Milton  noted  that  after  World  War  I,  America  became  the  global  hegemonic  power  and  adopted  the  role   of  a  global  police  force.  It  strived  to  impose  American  democratic  values  on  other  nations  of  diverse  racial   ethnic  and  religious  constitutions.  The  developments  of  a  Lockean  work  ethic,  the  division  of  labor,  and   the  elimination  of  the  progressive  racialization  of  slavery  that  had  earlier  allowed  the  transformation  and   growth  of  agrarian  and  industrial  America  was  now  gone.  Now  its  former  slaves  were  paid  labor.  Milton   in  reading  this  history  feared  that  the  formerly  enslaved  might  not  be  fit  to  use  their  newly  found   freedom.  He  note  that  this  view  was  echoed  in  plans  for  gradual  abolition  and  emancipation,  as  argued  by   Edmund  Burke,  Coleridge,  and  Macaulay.       Up  to  the  21st  century  the  American  experiment  seemed  to  be  working.  Eventually  the  separation  of  the   races  in  housing  and  schooling  had  been  abolished.  Yet,  races  still  tended  to  keep  themselves  separate   although  there  was  now  some  intermarriage.  The  Jews  seemed  to  assimilate  readily  with  the  white   Christians  rather  well,  and  in  fact  they  prospered  after  their  remarkable  culminating  experience  with  Jew   hatred  in  Nazi  Germany.      


Milton was  pleased  that  since  his  writing  his  Aereopagitica,  censorship  of  books  significantly  and   steadily  decreased,  at  least  in  the  United  Kingdom,  the  United  States  and  other  Western  democracies.   But  even  in  those  countries  efforts  to  ban  books  from  public  libraries  has  continued.  During  the  first   decade  of  the  21st  Century,  the  American  Library  Association  documented  more  than  4,000  attempts  to   have  various  book  removed  from  local  libraries  here  in  the  US.  Some  modern  self-­‐appointed  censors   want  to  ban  books  that  conflict  with  their  religious  or  political  views.  Some  want  to  block  access  to   books  they  deem  “pornographic.”  Other  reasons  given  for  requesting  books  to  be  banned  from  American   libraries  in  recent  years  include  things  like  sexism,  “anti-­‐family”  content  and  uses  of  the  N-­‐word,  one  of   the  common  complaints  lodged  against  Mark  Twain’s  classic  novel  Huckleberry  Finn.  And  some  wanted   to  ban  Shakespeare  as  being  anti-­‐semitic.       Milton  noted  that  as  the  racial  demographics  tip  toward  people  for  color,  there  were  more  cries  from   “people  of  color”  about  overcoming  of  the  racist  legacy  of  White  Western  exploitation  of  the  genius  and   labor  of  Black  &  Hispanic  peoples.  November  2016:  “CNN  Newsroom,”  CNN  Political  Commentator  and   former  National  Press  Secretary  to  Democratic  presidential  candidate  Senator  Bernie  Sanders  (I-­‐VT)   Symone  Sanders  argued,  “we  don’t  need  white  people  leading  the  Democratic  Party  right  now.  The   Democratic  Party  is  diverse,  and  it  should  be  reflected  as  so  in  our  leadership.”  Milton  could  see  the  drift   of  things.  There  were  also  courses  being  taught  at  universities  on  “overcoming  white  privilege.”  At  least   in  America,  there  was  developing  a  systematic  program  of  de-­‐legitimization  of  the  white  European   Christian  world  much  like  the  de-­‐legitimization  of  the  Jews  in  Nazi  Germany.     There  were  many  more  thoughts  and  more  to  examine  on  the  internet.       Milton  was  absorbing  all  of  this  and  thinking.  And  there  was  that  nagging  question  that  John  Dugdale   had  never  answered,  id  est,  why  was  he  brought  back  and  by  what  science.       Finally  John  Dugdale  came  into  Milton’s  study  and  announced,  “it’s  time  to  get  your  questions   answered!”      


Episode 3:  “At  last…  for  flight…  Undaunted  to  meet…what  ever  power    or  Spirit”    

They  drove  to  the  airport.  It  was  all  a  new  experience  for  Milton.  To  his  surprise,  the  inside  of  the  airplane   was  a  lot  smaller  than  it  had  appeared  to  be  from  the  outside.  The  isle  he  walked  through  to  get  to  his   window  seat  was  small  and  compact,  only  large  enough  for  one  person  to  pass  through.  After  he  took  his   seat  and  fastened  his  seatbelt  the  flight  attendants  went  over  the  safety  precautions.  They  were  all  very   benevolent  and  explained  to  all  the  passengers  what  we  were  to  do  in  case  of  an  emergency.  Milton  was   given  headphones  and  he  tried  every  channel  but  everything  seemed  to  be  in  a  foreign  language  or  it  was   a  weird  channel  he  didn’t  like  or  understand.         As  the  plane  started  moving  Milton  was  sure  that  this  plane  would  not  take  off  the  ground  with  those  big   stiff  wings.  To  his  shock  and  amusement  the  plane  started  going  faster  and  faster  and  faster.  He  closed  his   eyes  and,  when  he  opened  them  they  were  flying.  While  they  glided  into  the  air  Milton  smiled  and  stared   out  the  window  at  the  glorious  view.  It  was  night  and  all  the  city  lights  were  bright  and  striking.     From  what  Milton  knew  about  flying  is  that  you  needed  wings  and  feathers  to  fly  but  planes  had  none.   Milton  asked  John  Bradley  about  how  this  airplane  machine  functioned.  Bradley  gave  a  complicated   explanation  about  lift  and  take  off  speeds,  which  Milton  didn’t  really  understand,  but  he  was  satisfied  for   now.       The  pilot  spoke  over  something  called  a  loudspeaker.  He  said  that  the  weather  was  good  and  that  they   expected  to  be  in  New  York  City  in  eight  hours.  From  what  he  knew  of  travel  to  the  Americas  it  should   take  three  months.  He  was  astounded.       The  pilot  forgot  to  turn  off  the  speaker  and  his  co-­‐pilot  said,  “what  are  you  going  to  do  in  New  York.  The   pilot  replied  “I  have  a  hot  date  with  that  blond  stewardess  back  there  and  I  am  raring  to  go!”  The   stewardess  rushed  up  to  the  pilots  cabin,  entered  and  slammed  the  door.  After  that  the  intercom  was   silent.     On  the  plane  Milton  watched  a  couple  of  movies  and  slept  when  the  stewardess  came  they  brought  drinks   and  some  food.  Some  of  the  passengers  in  front  of  him  were  telling  what  seemed  to  be  jokes  about  the   Japanese.  "Recent  reports  indicate  the  Japanese  banking  crisis  shows  no  signs  of  improving.  If  anything,   it's  getting  worse.  Following  last  week's  news  that  Origami  Bank  had  folded,  it  was  today  learned  that   Sumo  Bank  has  gone  belly  up.  Bonsai  Bank  plans  to  cut  back  some  of  its  branches.  Karaoke  Bank  is  up  for   sale  and  is  going  for  a  song.  Meanwhile,  shares  in  Kamikaze  Bank  have  nose-­‐dived  and  500  jobs  at  Karate   Bank  will  be  chopped.  Analysts  report  that  there  is  something  fishy  going  on  at  Sushi  Bank  and  staff  there   fear  they  may  get  a  raw  deal.  More  recently  LoMein  Bank  got  swallowed  up!"  Milton  just  did  not  get  it.       When  they  arrived  Milton  was  happy  to  get  off  the  plane  because  by  the  end  he  was  filling  a  bit  drowsy.  



Episode 3  1/2:  “Ye  little  know  how  nigh  your  change  approaches…”    

Brooklyn was  a  borough  where  47  percent  of  households  speak  a  language  other  than  English  at  home,   more  than  one-­‐third  of  residents  were  born  overseas.  That  was    astounding  for  a  British  colony…or   former  colony.  Yet  English  remained  the  dominant  language  in  54  countries  and  many  non-­‐sovereign   entities  including  NATO  and  OPEC.    There  were,  according  to  Wikipedia,  360  million  native  speakers  and   750  million  who  spoke  English  as  a  second  language.  He  had  read  on  a  web-­‐site  tolerance.org  the   following:     “Well,  people  of  color  have  done  more  than  their  share  for  this  country.  There  is  an  old  saying  that   the  victors  of  war  get  to  write  the  history  of  the  world.  White  privilege  works  this  way,  too.  Since   white  folks  have  been  in  control  for  so  long,  we  have  determined  what  is  valuable  or  interesting   or  useful  in  terms  of  education.  Greek  and  Roman  mythology,  Chaucer,  and  other  canonized   works  have  been  selected  and  revered  through  the  ages  as  critical  components  of  any  “solid   liberal  arts  education.”     “I  rarely  have  to  question  the  validity  of  these  selections  —  this  is,  after  all,  what  is  valuable  and   considered  “the  real  stuff.”  And  I  am  entitled  to  a  good  education,  aren’t  I?  I  never  question  how   or  why  some  things  are  valued  and  others  are  not  —  why  some  things  are  important  to  “us”  and   other  things  are  not.  When  people  begin  talking  about  diversifying  a  curriculum,  one  of  the  main   things  that  opponents  say  is:  “I  am  not  willing  to  lower  standards  for  the  sake  of  minority   representation.”     “The  Black  Student  Coalition  at  my  college,  for  example,  lobbied  the  faculty  to  diversify  the   readings  for  the  Literature  101  class,  a  required  course  for  first-­‐year  students.  One  professor   objected,  saying:  “You  want  me  to  replace  Chaucer  with  the  likes  of  Alice  Walker?”  Why  do  we   value  Chaucer  more  than  the  literary  offerings  of  Alice  Walker,  Toni  Morrison,  or  Audre   Lorde?  Who  assigns  that  value  and  on  what  basis?     “Things  are  starting  to  change  slowly.  Perhaps  your  high  school  hosted  programs  during  Black   History  Month  or  during  Asian  and  Hispanic  Heritage  Months.  Maybe  your  college  offered  courses   in  Black,  Latino,  Caribbean,  Native  American,  Asian  or  ethnic  studies.  These  are  good  places  to   start,  but  we  should  not  need  separate  months  or  classes.  Black  history  is  U.S.  history;  Chicano   literature  is  valuable  literature.”     Apparently,  there  was  a  strong  dislike,  if  not  hatred,  of  European  culture  and  traditions.  Apparently   tolerance  was  NOT  tolerance  for  white  people  and  culture.  American  society  was  becoming  “colored.”   White  Christian  culture  in  arts  and  literature  was  about  to  be  drowned  in  the  bathtub  in  the  name  of   something  called  “diversity!”     In  the  taxi  from  the  airport  he  noted  the  variety  of  human  types,  Chinese,  people  of  brown  and  black  skin   color,  whites  and  mixtures.  They  were  there  to  meet  Terrance  Lindall,  president  of  the  Williamsburg  Art     &  Historical  Center  (WAH  Center).  The  name  sounded  Anglo  Saxon,  but  from  what  he  was  seeing,  it  was   possibly  not  the  case.     Milton  and  Dugdale  arrived  at  the  WAH  Center.  It  was  a  beautiful  building,  small  but  elegant  in  what   Dugdale  explained  was  French  Second  Empire.  Beautiful  wooden  doors  remained  weathered  and   unpainted  giving  it  a  sense  of  age.       44    

They entered  and  were  greeted  by  a  thin  older  man  in  a  sport  coat  and  tie.  He  spoke  what  Milton  now   knew  to  be  standard  American  English.  This  was  the  famous  illustrator  of  Milton’s  Paradise  Lost,  in   fact  the  most  prolific  illustrator  of  Milton  in  350  years.  With  him  was  Bienvenido  Bones  Banez  Jr.,  an   artist  and  philosopher  and  Biblical  scholar  from  the  Philippines.       They  sat  down  to  lunch  and  a  very  interesting  conversation  began.  It  covered  everything  from  the  rise   and  fall  of  Rome  to  philosophers  since  the  enlightenment.       Terrance  pointed  out  that  democracy  in  the  United  States  was  dying.  It  never  was  truly  a  democracy   anyway  and  the  social  fabric  was  kept  intact  because  up  until  the  late  20th  century  80%  of  the   population  shared  common  values.  It  was  Christian,  predominantly  white  and  most  people  were  able   to  participate  in  the  market  economy  and  provide  for  themselves  and  their  families  a  reasonable   existence.  All  that  with  the  idea  that  opportunities,  if  not  for  themselves,  then  their  children  would   make  for  an  even  greater  future  through  education  and  hard  work.  It  is  true  that  those  opportunities   were  not  available  to  the  same  degree  for  racial  and  ethnic  minorities.  However,  in  the  mid  20th   century,  especially  at  the  time  of  Lyndon  Johnson,  great  efforts  were  made  to  end  that  inequality.  It   had  mixed  results.  Then  the  open  borders  with  Mexico  brought  undocumented  labor  into  the  country.   Further,  an  influx  of  Muslims,  Sudanese  and  many  other  people  of  different  races  with  different   religions  and  social  values  entered  the  country.  Jobs  in  the  manufacturing  sector  were  sent  abroad  so   the  wealthy  could  make  even  more  money  by  inexpensive  foreign  labor.  Mexicans  had  secured  jobs  in   farm  labor  and  construction.  Opportunity  now  for  a  vast  section  of  the  white  population  who  did  not   want  to  or  did  not  have  the  ability  to  become  doctors,  lawyers  or  professors,  dried  up.  Ordinary   whites  had  no  future.  Recognition  of  this  fact  brought  the  election  of  Donald  Trump.  Americans   (including  the  undocumented)  are  now  facing  off  across  an  ugly  divide...the  portents  are  ominous!     The  smallest  class  of  people  in  our  society—scientists,  scholars,  high-­‐level  experts,  and  similar   sophisticates  are  being  pushed  out  of  our  universities  in  favor  of  ideologues...the  "progressive   thinkers."  The  "progressive  thinkers"  do  not  want  to  hear  from  anyone  who  disagrees  with  them  on   campus  as  seen  recently  in  student  protests  that  have  shut  down  invited  speakers.  Free  speech  on   campus  at  our  major  universities  is  now  dead.  Freedom  itself  in  America  is  dying  and  we  have   welcomed  the  wolves  into  our  own  house  to  devour  us!  Diversity  does  not  work!  It  will  destroy  us...all   of  us,  black,  white,  brown  or  yellow,  Muslim,  Christian,  Jew,  atheist  or  whatever.  And  there  is  more   grim  news  at  work  here:  exponentials.  Like  bacteria  in  a  petri  dish  humanity  was  reproducing  beyond   its  ability  to  feed  itself.  108  million  people  in  the  Middle  East  and  Africa  were  on  the  verge  of   starvation,  expecting  the  Western  powers  to  save  them  or  allow  them  to  migrate  to  Europe  to  live   with  white  Christians.  They  did  not  want  to  assimilate,  they  just  wanted  to  be  housed  and  fed  so  they   could  reestablish  their  culture  in  an  area  of  prosperity.  Any  collapse  of  food  production  would  cause  a   worldwide  catastrophe  in  which  billions  would  suffer.        


Plato said  this:     "As  a  just  and  healthy  person  is  governed  by  knowledge  and  reason,  a  just  society  must  be  under  the   control  of  society’s  most  cultivated  and  best  informed  minds,  its  'lovers  of  wisdom.'  Just  societies   cannot  be  run  by  big  money  or  armed  forces  with  their  too  narrow  agendas.  Limitless  desire  for   wealth  and  blind  ambition  must  be  watched  and  contained  as  potential  public  dangers.  The  most   informed  minds  must  determine  objectively,  with  due  consideration  of  all  points  of  view,  what  the   most  healthy  and  practical  goals  for  the  commonwealth  are."  Terrance  said,  “We  are  losing  this!   No...we  HAVE  lost  this!”     This  rule  by  society’s  best  minds  is  the  concept  of  Plato’s  so-­‐called  “philosopher  kings.”  Crucial   decisions  concerning  war,  peace,  and  the  welfare  of  society  cannot  be  left  to  corrupt  or   incompetent  politicians,  ignorant  voters,  over-­‐ambitious  generals,  and  other  people  unsuited  to  run  a   state.  The  result  is  bloodshed,  hatred,  waste  of  resources,  and  deplorable  conditions  that  are   beginning  to  manifest  itself  in  American  society.  There  is  no  chance  for  things  to  become   better  unless  knowledge  and  reason  are  put  in  command—the  best  knowledge  and  the  most   competent  reason  that  society  can  muster.  But  lovers  of  wisdom  are  not  be  eager  to  govern,  as  their   main  passions  are  more  intellectual  pursuits.  As  Plato  said,  "Until  philosophers  are  kings,  or  the  kings   and  princes  of  this  world  have  the  spirit  and  power  of  philosophy,  …  cities  will  never  have  rest  from   their  evils.”     Milton  was  at  a  loss.  What  could  he  do?  Why  was  he  called  here  to  here  this?  He  had  spent  several   hours  with  Bradley,  Terrance  and  Bones  Banez  and  he  was  exhausted.  Bradley  offered  to  take  him  to   his  hotel  room.       Bienvenido  gave  him  a  copy  of  his  latest  book  of  verses  to  read:       On  The  Eve  of  Destruction   Over  the  Ugly  Abyss   by  Bones  Banez  


Diversity in  society?  Indeed,  a  fiction!   One  world  in  diversity,   False  preaching  by  “Progressives,”   Preachers  of  love,   Practicing  deception  and  hate!       The  strongest  survive!   The  Great  Dialectic  measures  strength,   And  bequeaths  its  blessing.   That  is  truth.   Pretend  oneness,   Become  then  traitor  to  truth!       Oneness  in  diversity  is  a  contradiction.   A  lie  does  not  become  the  truth.     Our  flesh  rots  with  wickedness  of  falsehood.   It  does  not  become  right  and  just!       Do  lies  of  Oneness  in  Diversity  become  goodness?   Because  the  majority  quails,   In  fear  of  compounded  authorities?   Compounded  out  of  lies,   Through  Satans  agents?   The  United  Nations,  The  Sociologists,  Psychologists,   The  Wise  rulers  of  Progress,   Whom  you  foolishly  elect?   The  Tower  Babel  they  create  is  an  infection,   a  virus  from  a  Devil  demagogue!     While  you  dream  of  peace  and  security,   Like  a  thief  in  the  night,   You  will  reap  sudden  destruction!       !  Where  are  our  dreams?  I  see  no  more  dreams,   But  the  nightmare  of    a  shackled  and  enslaved,   In  the  name  of  ‘Diversity”  !!!       I  also  see  the  666  HELLEBORUS  PLANET!   HELL  is  ‘’Sheol,  Hades,  &  GRAVES,’’   Our  world  that  we  will  find  in  Diversity:   The  666  Paradise  Cemetery,   The  peace  of  the  grave!       This  sought  after  paradise,    a  fool’s  grave.   “EBORUS”  a  hidden  clue!   Derived  from  Babel  means,   ”confusion  of  tongues.”   Diversity!      


HELL! EBORUS!     Into  the  Planet  HELLEBORUS!   It  is  our  own  planet,   NOT  a  fiction!       Open  your  eyes  to  the  false  democracy,  the  lie,   Your  leaders  offer  the  wonders  of  Diversity.   But  he  who  rules  is  no  one  but  Satan,   who  rules  in  the  name  of  “Progress!”   Further  I  say,  Worship  not  the  DEAD-­‐HEROES!!!  Instead  worship  that  Power  Invisible!       That  evening  Milton  read  the  verses.  He  was  shocked  and  astounded!  It  was  different  than  any  poetry   he  knew,  but  it  was  powerful! They  are  truly  lucid  visions  that  flew  in  the  face  of  accepted  societal   dogma.  Was  he  a  madman,  or  was  there  something  of  great  significance  here?       Theses  New  Verses  talked  about  many  subjects.  How  civilization  is  based  upon  slavery.  Also,  about   how  the  dialectic,  the  basis  of  logic  burns  away  the  dross  to  reveal  Truth  (the  good).  War  itself  is  a   social  dialectic.  Also  about  how  deceivers  who  have  infiltrated  universities  try  to  turn  the  youth   against  the  wise  men  who  built  great  civilizations.  Today,  we  see  the  false  or  twisted  sciences  of   sociology,  psychology  and  other  cleverly  and  selectively  modified  "sciences"  try  to  undermine  and   overthrow  the  great  edifice  of  Western  tradition  and  civilization.  It  is  like  the  horrifying  "IT"  in  the   book    A  Wrinkle  in  Time  that  Milton  had  read.       The  theme  of  that  book  was  the  fight  of  good  against  evil  as  a  battle  of  light  and  darkness,  much  like   his  Paradise  Lost..  Its  manner  was  reminiscent  of  the  prologue  to  the  Gospel  of  John,  which  is  quoted   within  the  book.  When  the  "Mrs  W's"  reveal  their  secret  roles  in  the  cosmic  fight  against  "the   darkness"  they  ask  the  children  to  name  some  figures  on  Earth  (a  partially  dark  planet)  who  fight  the   darkness.  They  name  Jesus,  and  later  in  the  discussion  Buddha  is  named  as  well,  along  with  various   creative  artists  and  philanthropists.  The  three  women  are  described  as  ancient  star-­‐beings  who  act  as   guardian  angels.     The  themes  of  "conformity"  and  the  "status  quo"  are  present.  It  is  a  generic  theme  that  is  within  every   society  there  is  a  powerful  dominant  group,  in  Bien's  case  "the  democratic  "Progressive"  thinkers  that   challenges  the  great  ediface  of  Western  civilization  and  White  Christian  culture.  Very  few  of  the   powerless  members  of  this  group  are  resilient  to  being  called  racist  or  antisemitic.  In  this  case  of  A   WRINKLE  IN  TIME,,  IT  is  the  powerful  dominant  group  that  manipulates  the  planet  of  Camazotz  into   conformity  (i.e.,  they  all  have  the  same  rhythm).  Even  Charles  Wallace  falls  prey  (due  to  flattery)  and   is  hence  persuaded  to  conform.  It  is  thanks  to  Meg  that  she  and  her  family  are  able  to  break  from   conformity.  According  to  the  author's  granddaughter  Charlotte  Jones  Voiklis,  the  story  wasn't  a  simple   allegory  of  communism;  in  a  three-­‐page  passage  that  was  cut  before  publication,  the  process  of   domination  is  said  to  be  an  outcome  of  dictatorship  under  totalitarian  regimes,  and  by  an  excessive   desire  of  security  under  democratic  countries.      


The next  day,  Milton  asked  Bienvenido  about  the  verses.  Bien  explained  that  the  denouncement  of   diversity  was  not  about  racial  diversity.  Race  is  not  in  itself  a  value.  We  are  all  members  of  the  human   race  and  we  all  have  a  variety  of  physical  features.  The  diversity  that  would  destroy  society  was   different  social  values,  or  what  is  good  and  bad,  the  ordo  amoris,  order  of  love.  For  example,  Muslims   who  are  now  entering  Europe  and  United  States  in  droves:    for  them  theft  is  punishable  by  amputation   of  the  right  hand,  criticizing  or  denying  any  part  of  the  Quran  is  punishable  by  death,  Criticizing   Muhammad  or  denying  that  he  is  a  prophet  is  punishable  by  death,    criticizing  or  denying  Allah  is   punishable  by  death,  a  non-­‐Muslim  man  who  marries  a  Muslim  woman  is  punishable  by  death.  And  on   and  on.     So,  if  Muslims  enter  Europe  and  the  United  States  for  economic  reasons  or  to  escape  war  and  poverty,   but  do  not  change  their  values,  this  DIVERSITY    is  in  conflict  with  the  society  into  which  they  move.   They  necessary  have  to  CHANGE  white  Christian  culture  to  satisfy  the  laws  and  principles  of  their   religion.       Milton  saw  the  point.  Bien  was  lucid  and  compelling!  


Episode 4: What the devil?! Next day was a great adventure! Some months before a great secret was discovered in the basement of the art center. A mysterious stranger with the name Ladnil Yerret had appeared at the art center and informed Terrance Lindall of a great secret hidden in the catacombs below. It was the lost Indian well of Peter Minuit. So now, the team of Lindall, Milton, Bradley and Banez led by Yerret walked into the catacombs and gathered around the lead cover that protected the well. They were asked by Yerret to don radiation suits, something Milton found remarkable. Yerret took a large iron hook off the stone wall and went over to a large lead cover. He put the hook under the cover and lifted. An eerie green glow permeated the passage as the cover was slid away. Lindall stepped down onto the hole and slowly disappeared around winding steps. The rest followed.


Episode 5: The Little Experiments of the youthful & fun-loving Grexi Again we go back in time...a little further than the time of Peter Minuit. The Grexi had discovered the little green and blue planet some 30,000 years before our story began. They came from a planet in the Vega system and had discovered FTL (faster than light) star travel some 50,000 before that. You might consider that to be a very old race of beings, but in fact they were a very young race indeed. You could tell they were youthful because they still felt all of the excitement of discovery when they found our primitive little planet we now call Earth, with its apelike creatures living in caves waiting for the latest ice age to retreat. For the Grexi, the apelike creatures were an opportunity. They realized that the intelligence of this species was just slightly pre-sentient. It would be fun, the Grexi thought, to perhaps play around with a little genetic experimentation to see whether they could speed up or alter the process of development of intelligence and civilization of these creatures. They set up an underground lab on an island off the coast of one the continents, shipped in quantities of bioengineering equipment and set up shop. With controlled radiation they could strip off or add on molecules to the DNA helix of selected creatures, and set up isolated populations on various parts of the planets surface to watch the subsequent development. After a few brief centuries they had already created diverse racial types. There were the two basic types, the yellow races of Asia and the black races of Africa. And then there were the genetically regressive whites, the albino offspring of the black & yellow races. The white albino offspring of the blacks and the yellows were unfortunate because they were generally killed or cast out by the black & yellow tribes because they were considered to be ghosts or white devils, and they were certainly ugly to look at with their blue-green or even red eyes and their cadaverous, leprous skin.  


Generally the whites were driven out to unpopulated areas where they gathered as one tribe and began to breed among themselves creating a pure white race. The albino of the black races on what we now know as the continental land mass of Africa thus began to migrate north. The albino species of the yellow races were driven cruelly westward from the eastern regions of what we know as the Euro-Asian landmass. Thus the genetically regressive albinos of the two main races of man began to congregate in tribes in the region we know today as the Caucasus. Eventually this seething mass of white worms created towns, cities and civilizations and spawned one of the greatest of which we know: the Greeks with their wondrous leader, the blond and blue eyed warrior Alexander the Great, as well as many others. The whites always considered themselves derived from the gods and treated non-whites with contempt. The whites of the western & northern regions of the Euro-Asian continent were especially fierce. The Germanic tribes defended their territories with fatalistic determination against the great Roman Empire until their population dwindled during those years to just around 100,000. Of the tribes of Angles, Saxons and Jutes, the Jutes entirely disappeared, and the Angles and Saxons merged. The albino Vikings terrorized the coasts in their days of glory and robbed and plundered and murdered without mercy. Thus came the saying “God save us from the northern barbarians!” If you think that whites are now tame, remember how the Anglo-Saxons on the little island of England dominated the entire globe with their armies under the name of Manifest Destiny. Their motto was “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Also, remember the Nazi’s, so glorious in their ambition to exterminate the lesser races. That was just fifty years ago. Are the whites finally tame? If you have studied physical anthropology as I have, you know how to discover which race you derived from: if you have a shovel shaped incisor, you are descended from what anthropologists call Java Man. If you have a blunt shaped incisor, you are descended from Rhodesian Man. Isn’t that interesting? Today it is said that all humans derived from Africa, so we are all really black people. However, we are all derived from Neanderthals too, but we are not all Neanderthals. We are also derived from amoebas, but we are not amoebas.

From Wikipedia:  Skeleton  and  restoration  model  of  the  La  Ferrassie  1   Neanderthal  man  (National  Museum  of  Nature  and  Science,  Tokyo,  2013  


Episode 5 1/2 The Necessary Extermination of that Troublesome White Race The whites were curious creatures. They had suffered much in being driven out and massacred by their black and yellow kin. On the principle that what does not kill you makes you strong; the whites that did man- age to survive had evolved uniquely aggressive and brutal natures. And as their populations expanded, they themselves began to ruthlessly plunder and enslave their neighbors. This behavior frightened the essentially gentle and fun loving Grexi. The Grexi had really loved their apes on this planet and thought eventually they might make nice pets or even servants. But this white race was much too violent and resisted domestication to the point of self-destruction. With some commiseration the Grexi had decided that the White race must e exterminated as a dangerous genetically inferior offshoot. Their computer predictions of the future of this species were that it would shortly dominate the planet and destroy everything. Therefore it was simply mercy to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. Many people today could wish that the Grexi had succeeded. But then YOU WOULD ALL PETS OR SLAVES OF THE GREXI. Instead you must work with the white race...a violent and self-destructive and self glorified creature to be sure. Can you do it?

From Wikipedia:  Above:  White  people  enjoying  a  field  trip    


Epilogue to Episode 6: WE SHALL RETURN!! As fate would have it, before the Grexi genocide of the white race could occur, the Amnions of Vega went to war with the Grexi over control of the Vega system. And the Grexi experiment of the little blue green planet had to be abandoned. Their facilities under the island of Breukelen were sealed up pending the end of war and their return to the delights of their experiment. The Grexi Empire fell as they were overwhelmed by the more aggressive Amnions, and the little experiment of the Grexi ended...at least until Terrance Lindall found it many, many centuries later thanks to a mysterious stranger! Dear Reader, today is August 8th On August 8th many things happened in the history of the world. A few of them are 449 AD The Robber Council of Ephesus met 1673 The Dutch recaptured New York 1765 Joseph II became emperor of Germany 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte transferred to Northumberland and sailed for St. Helena 1863 General Robert E. Lee offered his resignation to Jefferson Davis who denied it 1901 Santo Dumont flew around the Eiffel Tower is Paris 1912 Haitian National Palace destroyed by gunpowder explosion 1945 Troublesome (according to the Grexi) White Race drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima seemingly fulfilling the Grexi prediction that it would eventually destroy the world if unimpeded 2017 Ladnil Yerret reveals the secrets of the Grexi to John Milton and expresses his goal of genetically improving mankind!


Ladnil Yerret,  the  mysterious  stranger  


Episode 7: Old Man, Old Knowledge, and New Ideas The question now comes up, just who was this Ladnil Yerret character? Nobody seed to know much about him, except that he was always hovering in the background of our story and he seemed to have the good graces of philanthropist Yuko Nii. We did a little research and discovered some amazing facts. Ladnil Yerret was over 100 years old. The exact date of his birth cannot be determined because the records of the Lutheran Deaconess Hospital where he is allegedly born in Minneapolis were mysteriously destroyed by spontaneous combustion in 1943 at a time when flying saucers were showing up in New Mexico. According to old folks in Afton Minnesota where he grew up, Yerret was found in a mailbox by a Scandinavian Farm Family and had been raised by them as one of their own. He was pale and spindly, but there was nothing particularly odd about him except for the four pointed protrusions on his head. In school he was a whiz. It was soon realized that he could assimilate knowledge faster than anyone could and he was soon doing PhD level work in all subjects by the time he was nine. By that time his thinking became too obscure for even the most brilliant people at the University of Minnesota who were studying him. They began to surmise that he had gone off his rocker from being too smart. He was a John Milton fanatic! Various tests and x-rays were performed on him. The first x-rays revealed nothing but what seemed to be a double exposure. A second and third x- ray revealed that what seemed to be blurred double exposure was actually brain cells with four nuclei instead of one. This puzzled everybody until the blood samples revealed other peculiarities. Before the professors could get a government order to put Yerret under strict quarantine for his own protection and further study, Yerret wisely decided on his own volition that it would be a good time to join the circus and see the world. Little seems to be known about him from that point on until he appeared as a radon gas inspector at Ye Olde Kings Bank one spring day early on. After inspecting the basement for gas, he talked to Terrance Lindall. Thus the Grexi experiments came to light. What we do know now since the amazing series of events which had the government decide to do some restoration on the Williamsburg Bridge ...at the foot of which rested Ye Olde Kings Bank building... was that Yerret had created an amazing network of holding companies, some of which even held each other. He had accounts in offshore banks under various aliases and had created a special research company for neurobiological and genome mapping research. He had obtained billions of dollars in grant monies from the Federal government, mostly supplied out of CIA slush funds because of the top secret nature of the research, which would, said Yerret ...end the cold war forever. The company was called the Immuno Nuclear Corp. and had many beneficial spinoffs which pleased the government, such as anti-rabbit hospital test kits and the like. Ending the cold war was a vague promise, to be sure, and from what we now know it meant something a bit different than what the CIA expected.


When Yerret discovered the evidence of the Grexi in the genetic samplings he was studying of racial types at the University of Minnesota when he was seven years old, he also discovered that the Grexi had labeled the mitochondria of the ape cells so they could be traced down through subsequent centuries of development and speciation. So Yerret searched for further evidence of the original experimenters until he realized by radiation samplings that there was a huge artificial source of radon gases which could be found by sampling and vectoring...and he came upon it s source...Williamsburg Brooklyn and more specifically Ye Olde Kings Bank. After the bank failed, he got in touch with his dearest spiritual mentor whom he met on his travels with the circus in Kyoto Japan. She had explained much to him and filled a need on him in his eternal quest for meaning in life...for he was always asking himself the question, Why is there something rather than nothing, since nothing is simpler. That was the question you and I first learned from the noble Greeks in our philosophy classes. It was not the same question asked by most white people who mostly asked “how could I become rich and famous and get laid and destroy my enemies.” White politicians always asked “how could I pull bigger boondoggle on the public and get them to praise me for it.” To know who you are, you should think about the kind of questions you are always asking yourself!

Evidence of  Grexi  experimentation!   Schlitze  Photo  from  Wikipedia    


Episode 8: INTERLUDE…The Nefarious Doings Inside The Immuno Nuclear Corp. The modification of human behavior, particularly the control of individual behavior through modern education began in the middle of the 20th century. Modern education began as propaganda after the time of De Windt. It sought to induce the individual to attain world socialism. It was an enormous and, on the face of it, an impossible under- taking because it went against the very genetic nature of the human animal. But it was supremely necessary that if human civilization was to continue, that something must be done shortly, noted Yerret in his diaries. Sensual and emotional affection were a waste of energy, he wrote, and undermined the common loyalty. The desire for possessions and the desire for the admiration of others leads to conflict on the small scale and to wars on the larger. In this he thought of the many people in Williamsburg whose only thoughts were to gain fame and wealth and trample others to achieve it. And ambition is a bitter cup that can never be filled, thought Yerret. It punishes itself.


Although we think we are more aware and more considerate of our circumstance than mere bacteria, the human population continues to expand. We create much detritus by our activities and the cities such as New York are running out of places to dump the garbage. Some of our rivers in the 1960 s could not support life. We have temporarily slowed the progress of the poisoning of our environment, but the population continues to grow and so does the refuse. As with bacteria, humans will find themselves held in check by disease or war as Mother Nature comes to make adjustments to bring things back to balance. We work upon our own selves with the hand of nature when we make war! We reduce our populations to make room for those who survive. Most of us think that when we reach a crisis, unlike the bacteria we will figure it out. Perhaps we can, but we should start preparing as soon as we can. But one imagines that this takes a foresight few of us have right now, for we mostly only consider our immediate needs. Imagine this: a world shattering asteroid is passing within 600,000 miles of the Earth right now. You may think that this is not very close, but it is, in fact, very close indeed. And there are many unseen and very large asteroids out there. It is very likely we will have an event in our future. Who knows when? And as individuals we will die, humanity may die. Eventually the universe will end anyway. But we will all live as part of this incredible universe and the next. That we existed once is a Truth, and what we were is Eternal and in the Mind of the God which creates all universes, an incomprehensible IDEA. Some of us claim that we have free will or choice in what we do, others say no, that there is a vast historical will which determines the destiny of all things. Yeret thought that the Big Bang is a EX NIHILO declaration of a Will TO BE! (to exist to live) and that indeed all things were willed from that big bang.

Man’s Place  in  the  Universe  by  Banez  


What choices do we really have when we are but limited by the materials of which we are made and the forces of the universe that determine how those materials will act and interact? There- fore our will is merely the will of our universe, the Historical Will. And yet. intelligent men think that they are freely creating their destinies on earth. They look at what nature has provided them and remake it by some vision they intuitively or consciously possess. They think their vision is theirs, but it is rooted in what Mother Earth has made them to be. Mankind is merely an extension of the Earth, the universe and her materials. When a man puts his hand to a task, it is Mother Earth who whispers in his ear to guide him and the One Hand that clapped that holds the trowel! And when great thoughts are thought, it is the will of Word the incredible IDEA that created the universe at the beginning. The universe creates itself anew every second. Creativity comes from the essential nature of the universe as infinitely variable. Yes, every day all things are different than they were be- fore since this universe was born. As Heraclitus said, One cannot step into the same river twice. Man, in his youthful energy (Homo Habilis is only 30,000 years old) invented the wheel, the automobile, the airplane, and has split the atom. And he considers himself very creative. Our artists think of themselves as Creative. But has not nature already split the atom, have we not merely looked on nature and repeated what nature and the universe has done for billions of years and have we not done so as extensions of nature ourselves? As for the airplane and automobile, and the rocket ship, is this not Mother Earth inventing these things, are we not animals of the earth taking the unconscious thoughts of our Mother and applying them?

Man as  Extension  of  Nature  by  Banez    


We are all a process of the Will(!) that created us in the first light that was energy becoming matter, the matter of which we are made. The universe can take hydrogen and build from it in it s furnaces oxygen, carbon and the heavier elements. And yet we call these new elements part of nature. But when man, who is part of nature himself, pulls from his furnaces his products of plastic and steel and plutonium we call these man-made. Thus we separate natural and man-made. Language is an interesting thing that divides things that are really one. And now that we have made a distinction between natural and man-made we are deceived into thinking that these things are fundamentally different when they are not. Plastic and steel are quite natural! Nature has made them just as nature through bees makes honey, or nature through birds builds nests from twigs...and do we not consider honey and bird s nests natural? Western Man, one imagines, thinks of everything not human as dead material to be molded to his desire for his use. The American Indian and other cultures think of everything as conscious living things, even the rocks of the earth, and that if we do not respect their spirits they will turn on us in fury. These primitives say we should respect nature and take only what we need to live and return something for it s use to honor the spirit of life itself. I very much like this philosophy, for at one time in this world we are user and next time we may be the used. May the user treat us with as good grace as we treat the used! We as a community should also give to our fellow beings as well as take. And we should not hurt others in doing it. Let us treat nature in the same way so that nature will always be able to share it s bounty with us. Let us bless and revere our dear Mother Earth! Yerret’s discovery of the means to modify human behavior by virtue of the gifts of the Grexi brought a new way to save the curious human experiment. Humanity was on a course of destruction, and only he, Yerret could save it. Thus Yerret gathered the materials under the cover of repairing the Williamsburg Bridge and began to exercise his incredible plan!!!


Episode 9: The Man Who Controlled EVERYTHING The Final solution to the human question had been resolved in Yerret’s own mind. The very DNA of the human species had to be altered in ways that would extirpate the base elements of his being. An increase in basic intelligence, a uniform color and physique, longevity, strength, a positive attitude, social responsibility...all these could be engineered into the genetic makeup of man. It had taken Yerret only a short time to translate and absorb the scientific procedures of the Grexi and now he was ready. It took a lot of money. Yerret was faced with the daunting task of getting the kind of equipment and raw material needed to do the viral research and develop a world- wide dispersal of the virus. The only problem would have been the money, since money could buy anything, material and loyalties. Ironically, money was something his new race would eventually abandon. But money was no problem. Over the hundred years of Yerret’s existence he had acquired great understanding of the marketplace. He had sold arms to both the Axis and Allies during the Second World War, second in sales only to the Krupp works. After the war he bought up all the bankrupt companies devastated by the war. In fact, under various pseudonyms, Ladnil Yerret now controlled most of the industrial world. Thus, even acquiring the restricted equipment or materials was no problem since the companies he controlled gave him permits to do whatever he needed to do. The theory was this.: it had been observed by scientists that when a flu virus infected a pig and replicated, it would take on genetic material from the pig and when the new mutated virus infected a human, the human cell invaded by the virus would unload pig genetic material into the human cell. If Yerret could design superior human(?) genetic material that was robust and could be packaged into an unstoppable virus that could invade the human population of the world, the basic gene pool of the planet could be improved to excellent results. It would still take years to have the effect of eliminating emotional responses and the need for aggression, and to increase the basic intelligence of the population - directed toward social responsibility. Hopefully there was time before man destroyed himself. Thus over the past few years, secretly accessing the catacombs of the WAH Center through activities of his companies to “repair the Williamsburg Bridge” during which he had created a tunnel to the catacombs and the Grexi laboratories. Yerret had created the virus of all virus’s, id est, an unstoppable robust virus containing robust superior genetic material, which would create cells that spread throughout the human body swiftly assuming the functions of the cells they absorbed, but with heightened overall activity controlled by a supermitochondria. Rather like the movie INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, Yerret mused. There was nothing left to do but develop the method of dispersal, when John Milton came along through a quirk of fate and a twist in the Grexi experiments that resulted in Isaac Newton’s great mind. Isaac Newton had discovered a way to replicate humans by virtue of a notebook left in the field by a careless fun loving Grexi!


Episode 9: More considerations of the human condition…The Protocols of the Wise Rulers of the Greater Euro-Asian-American Co-prosperity Sphere The Jews have been vilified for centuries. They have suffered murder and pillage and rape at the hands of their fellow whites. They have not even been considered white, but a race apart, perfidious, scheming, and subtle. It was they who were blamed for the Protocols of the wise men of Zion. In fact they had nothing to do with The Protocols and Zionism had less to do with it! The problem of blaming the Jews for everything was that in fact that the Jews always considered themselves Special or “Chosen. There is nothing wrong with that since everybody, every race, feels special to some ex- tent. Humans all vilify groups not their own. Unfortunately, once a group is marked” in such blazing capital letters by history as being behind every evil act, it is hard to erase the stigma. The failure of every human financial or social structure requires that there be an outlet to the anger and frustration of the general population. The Jew has always served as that lightning rod in the West. For a couple of hundred years now the Western world, the individual nations that call themselves democratic, have been ruled not by men elected (elections are an illusion) from among their ranks, but by the ever unchanging same type. . Yes, the members of the political parties change, and new recruits are found. But it is a type, which controls all the political parties, and it is the same type that has existed for centuries... like the Mafia. They were generally men of the noble ranks in European and Eastern Society...well educated, worldly born to rule, as the English would have put it. Very few, if any, Jews were in their ranks...occasionally a Disraeli or a Rothschild, but mostly men like Napoleon III or Bismarck, or Tojo. What the Jews did for their own protection was to contribute money to these powerful men, hoping that they could influence them where necessary. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, and the clever German Nazi s gladly took their money and shoveled them into ovens. Still, even today the Jews contribute vast sums, more than any other group, to political parties and charities...for protection, or because they love their fellow man? The Wise Men, realizing that war and the struggle for land and world domination would destroy the world they wished to dominate, invented democratic principles to satisfy the masses and prevent revolutions. It was to be their way of modifying or mollifying human behavior by smoke and mirrors rather than though the drastic methods of genetic engineering for which they had no science yet anyway.


Recognizing that the only way to survive is to control the world by creating a leadership they themselves could control, the Wise Men met in the early 20th century to make a plan. Yerret, when he was very young, attended that meeting in great hopes. Looking back, he now saw it as a very flawed plan...one that held no hope for the future of man. Here is what the wise men did: by press and propaganda they succeeded in forming the big classical parties in every country. Even then, they formed two or three groups that apparently combated one another, but actually hung by the same golden thread, all attuned to a single trait of the human character, i.e., that a man easily loses interest in a thing and desires something new. So when one party rules, the other carries on the opposition. When the one party makes a mess of things, which it does in the zeal of its greed, the opposition takes control and the government party goes into opposition. And round and round it goes, a clever mill, sapping the energies of a violent race s will, a perfect plan! And then the wise men laid hands upon the fourth estate. With extraordinary dexterity they played the fourth estate against the democracies of the West in a cold war that kept the masses hypnotized with fear of total annihilation by atomic destruction. Later, as an opiate for the emotive and sometimes violent urges of the population, they introduced television and movies with sex and violence and sports such as football or basketball in order to opiate the people and keep their minds off matters of state. It all worked like a charm, until the Soviet Union fell and upset the equilibrium and then Israel could no longer stem the tide of an aroused Arab world, a world of seething hatreds and a willingness to sacrifice their own lives and those of their children to defeat their oppressors. Before this, the Arabs could look to the Soviets to eventually win them back their land. Now they had nothing but their balls! Â


64 Â

The Germans, after World War One, humbled and enslaved to interest bondage by the greedy French & Western Powers after the first world war, finally achieved their “great idea.” Armed with nothing but their “balls in hand,” since the Western powers controlled everything, they took back a vast chunk of what they lost and had a good chance of taking it all, losing not because of lack of will, but because of a lack of natural resources, oil mostly. They knew that if they were willing to confront their oppressors, willing to sacrifice anything, they might achieve freedom. Can you imagine the great- ness of a people willing to do unthinkable things, such as methodically exterminating an entire race of people to cleanse the earth of a problem? Many Arab peoples think this now. It is frightening indeed! The Jewish people have always considered themselves intelligent. Yes, they are, but no more so than any other group of peoples. They have one great gift of their culture: they respect education. Also, they are practiced propagandists and salesmen. But if you look at their creative genius, it is no more than any other group. The great discoveries of science, mathematics, the building of great machines, like airplanes, automobiles, radio, television, telephones, movies, computers, and the great creations in literature, art and music are dispersed among all men. But the Jews are great propagandists, and we now all admire the intelligence of the Jew. If the ordinary man today could regain his courage, if he would cast aside his fear of losing his little luxuries of sex filled afternoons of talk shows and soap operas on TV, and a paycheck which is just enough to pay a mortgage interest to the rulers and still buy beer, he could perhaps be great as in a “great civilization” in the best meaning of the term. Having great machines, or luxuries does not make a civilization great. What then is greatness? Man, even with the weaknesses he possesses now, can be great if he takes to task the well being of his fellow man. If he can hold high virtue as his goal and peace and harmony among men as his prime directive instead of self indulgence, personal gain, and the exercise of his petty antipathies, he would be happier than he has ever been...or ever could be, even if Ladnil Yerret recreated him to be civilized through forced genetic correctives. But as Yerret saw it, neither by a broad socializing education nor by deception, nor by distractions of sex and violence in the media could the world be brought from the brink of destruction in a destabilizing world. The only way was the final solution of Ladnil Yerret. Yerret explained all of these things to John Milton who listened incredulously and considered the pros and cons and whether there was another way that did not tamper with God’s creations as Yerret proposed to do. And yet, was not Yerret himself an instrument of God? Or was Yerret an instrument of Satan. This must be considered carefully.


Episode 10: Down the Rabbit Hole! In episode 4 we saw Milton, Dugdale, Lindall and Banez descend into a hole beneath the WAH Center. Here is what they saw. The first sub floor was flooded with radiation. This was a failsafe the Grexi had devised to kill any stray biota that may have entered their secret labs. Opening another sealed entrance, they descended further. Closing the door after themselves, they noticed that the Geiger counter had dropped to normal levels of radiation. So they took off their radiation suits. The laboratory of the Grexi was a wonder to behold; a vast chamber lined with iridescent crystal computers covered with odd hieroglyphs and symbols. There were objects that looked like hairnets with thin wires leading to the computers, but there were no keyboards. There were tables throughout the center of the room with bizarre looking equipment, which they could not at all figure out. But on one table was a Personal Computer (a micro supercomputer provided by Cray research in Wisconsin, one of Yerret’s own companies) clearly used by Yerret, and a handwritten notebook. They read the notebook and the judgment made about the human species were appalling!


Lindall was especially chagrined by what Yerret wrote about the art community: “...the hubris of the mayfly artists of Williamsburg. They flock in from every corner of the globe, abide a little while in hopes of being discovered as a great artist or musician, then abandon Williamsburg in poverty and disappointment after a short bout of partying.” Or...that…” art is considered by humans to be of such importance when it is merely decoration. Art, which had been merely a respected craft in the High renaissance, has been elevated to the level of importance it does not merit. It is now a commodity of a peculiar type. It does not matter about the artistic merit of any particular work of art. What people look for is the name. If a painting bears a name that the public believes can make the painting saleable at high prices, the painting becomes desirable as art. People have begun to confuse art with commodity.” Or, “…the peculiar overweening ambition of gallery owners, who being failures at anything useful, will prostitute themselves in any way for fame and fortune. They attempt to attach themselves to institutions like the Modern Museum and had no bond or loyalty and being burdened with no intellectual possessions, were obligated to no one. They were quite capable of roasting a chop over a Stradivarius violin, and boasting that they had sensibly and expediently organized a cultural heritage.” Lindall’s face at that moment it looked like sallow wax. Nothing in his life had so darkened his brow. He wanted to destroy Yerret! They heard some grunting toward the back of the lab and were startled. They carefully walked toward the noise where there were a number of rather ordinary looking pieces of lab equipment, mostly of the medical research types, nitrogen cooling tanks, test tubes etc. ...and a number of pigs in cages. The pigs seemed ordinary enough. Banez thought, “Yerret is probably torturing the poor pigs in medical experiments.”  


Episode 11: The Gift of the Grexi for Isaac Newton and Humanity That “evil  and  omniscient”  bio-­‐tech  company  that  Yadnil  Yerret  had  founded  was  based  much  upon   what  Isaac  Newton  had  discovered  in  a  field  in  the  17th  century.    And  now  Yerret  had  the  process  down   very  tight.     Isaac Newton had discovered a way to replicate humans by virtue of a notebook left in the field by a careless fun loving Grexi! But Newton did not possess the equipment to do it. Yerret did. He had discovered the Grexi laboratory! Back in the 17th century Newton was visited shortly after he had found the strange notebook by a little gray man. The little man inquired after a notebook that he had lost. The little man and Newton discovered in each other astute inquiring minds. So the Grexi explained to Newton what it was all about. Newton was astounded. The Grexi could perform time travel. They could also replicate humans from genetic samples. They could also take recordings of the state of the mind by virtue of a small metal band placed on the head that acted like an MRI scan.  MRI machines can produce images in any plane. Plus, 3D isotropic imaging also can also produce Multiplanar Reformation, etc. Thus the exact condition of any human brain can be recorded and when placed on a replicated body can produce the exact state of mind with all memories when reversed. Newton was astounded. He inquired about the possibility of getting mind recordings and genetic samplings from all of the great men through history with the possibility of replicating them to produce a super university. The Grexi said it could be done. He said he could show exactly how and that he would come back in few weeks to demonstrate the process by collecting mind recordings. He began by getting the MRI of John Milton and genetic samples from hair follicles by virtue of Newton asking Milton’s doctor to perform the task. Now, the Grexi had long been decimated as a great civilization. Like the Jews, the few that survived lived in a diaspora. These few visited their former projects from to time to observe. There was little they could do, but in this case, the idea of Newton seemed interesting and he liked the big baboon. After leaving Newton and letting him keep the mind recording and genetic material of Milton, the Grexi never returned. Other Grexi would visit the human project and visit the laboratory in Williamsburg where Ladnil Yerret was using the old Grexi facilities in his own experiments. One such Grexi had recovered the Milton specimens and brought them to Yerret and worked with him to replicate Milton in order create a spiritual leader for mankind to “save” the human experiment from imploding. Yerret was amused but did not think mankind could be save by a mere spiritual leader. Even Christ was crucified and even Ghandi had to cleave his great nation into two parts. What then could Milton do? Milton in hos own time “waged impious war and battle proud…with vain attempt” at making a fair and just England for all people.



Episode 12: Humanism and the Failure of the Grexi Creation on Planet Earth Humanism, The Scorpion That Will Sting Itself to Death! That evening after returning from the Grexi laboratory Milton, Lindall and Banez had dinner and discussed the various problems of humanity. Bradley had returned to England to attend to affairs of Milton Cottage. Terrance Lindall often said “humanism is a scorpion that will sting itself to death.” What did he mean? Lindall explained. In Milton’s Paradise Lost, as Satan contemplated God, he “trusted to have equaled the most high.” In other words, he held up Flanagan's Mirror, thus blotting out the light of God’s truth and perfect order, and in that mirror Satan saw himself as God. His own desires were now the criteria of Truth and Justice. Satan rejected the order of God’s Love and he was now on his own to determine what is good and bad. The seduction of Adam and Eve by Satan also left Adam and Eve cut off from the order and law of God. That is loss of Eden, where humans knew their boundaries and were happy in God’s orderly garden. Now God left them to be on their own. Adam & Eve had decided to disobey God’s Law and now God left them to create their own laws and humanism was born. Yes, indeed, Satan inspired humanism and it was the only recourse to man after the fall. What is humanism? From the Wikipedia article: "Humanism can be considered as a process by which truth and morality is sought through human investigation." In other words, truth and morality are found by holding up Flanagan’s Mirror and examining ourselves in relation to the world, not by receiving any revelation from God or his appointed messengers on earth, most notably the Pope. In investigating our relation to others and ourselves, humanism seems to have arrived at the conclusion that judgment of good and bad are relative to each person. For example, it may be good for one man to kill another to preserve his family, but is it good for the family whose member has been killed?



In the King’s Torah subscribed to by some Orthodox Jews, it is permissible to kill Gentiles who might pose a future threat of Jews. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book "The King's Torah" that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation. He says, "It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation," he wrote, adding: "If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments - because we care about the commandments - there is nothing wrong with the murder." Unfortunately, the Muslims and Christians may also believe it is right just to kill Orthodox Jews such as Rabbi Shapiro who might decide in future to kill all Gentiles preemptively, having perceived all gentiles as a possible future threat. Therefore Gentiles might decide to do a preemptive strike, as Hitler did in fact attempt. Thus to prevent chaos from such dilemmas regarding good an evil (bad) as relative, the secular nations create secular laws and a system of justice. We recreate God (final absolute authority) as a form of Government and all are judged under its aegis. And the League of Nations, the United Nations and The EU are just the beginning attempts at a secular humanist world order of government.


What about secular communism and capitalism as options for a truly humanist society? Communists; through “human investigation” and experience have examined the human condition and found that they can achieve the closest thing to paradise on earth by following the principle that “from each man according to his abilities, and to each man according to his needs.” However, they also understand that leadership is required. Some have decided that the “abilities” that they wish to donate for the general good falls to "leadership" of the rest. As leaders, they must represent their flock with dignity. As such they must entertain with the best victuals, ride in fine limousines and fly in private jets. They must also maintain order. No unqualified upstart potential leaders like Ghandi or Christ or the Dalai Lama should usurp their own powers. Those who presume to be taller than the rest must be extirpated from the body social – they rock the boat and make others feel inferior. That is humanism in its ultimate form, for the good of all, not the one. Left:  painting  by    Larence  Alam-­‐ Tadema     “The  specific  reference  to  poppies  is   in  Livy's  account  of  the  tyrannical   Roman  king,  Lucius  Tarquinius   Superbus.  He  is  said  to  have  received   a  messenger  from  his  son  Sextus   Tarquinius  asking  what  he  should  do   next  in  Gabii,  since  he  had  become   all-­‐powerful  there.  Rather  than   answering  the  messenger  verbally,   Tarquin  went  into  his  garden,  took  a   stick,  and  symbolically  swept  it   across  his  garden,  thus  cutting  off   the  heads  of  the  tallest  poppies  that   were  growing  there.  The  messenger,   tired  of  waiting  for  an  answer,   returned  to  Gabii  and  told  Sextus   what  he  had  seen.  Sextus  realised   that  his  father  wished  him  to  put  to   death  all  of  the  most  eminent  people   of  Gabii,  which  he  then  did.”  


But sheep are for sheering. All men are equal, but in that flock most are for sheering by those who are more equal than the rest. Same with capitalism and democracy, we are a flock under the careful watch of our virtuous leaders who talk about their concern for the people. We the flock are sheep and sheep are for sheering! Look at the bailout of the banks in 2008-9…who got sheered? Who did the sheering? Instead of creating jobs programs when unemployment reached 9 % so that people could pay their mortgages to and spend money to sustain a weak economy, the politicians who receive huge contributions from Wall Street gave vast sums of money to Goldman Sachs who was “too big to fail.” In 2011the brokers at Goldman Sachs, who actually caused the economic crash by creating instrument they knew would explode, are receiving record bonuses!

The Dance  of  Life  by  Banez    


SEEKING Humanistic SOLUTIONS TO THE COMING CRISIS IN AMERICA IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS The economic meltdown in 2008 was the first wave of a series of crises that will affect America, especially America’s cities in the coming two decades. Unemployment still hovering around 9% officially is actually much higher. And it will likely rise to unthinkable levels. Members of America's once thriving middle class, unemployed and unable to pay their bills, will be forced from their homes and not be able to afford rent. What will they do? In order to keep social order, government and media will downplay the crisis. The rise of temperatures worldwide is creating severe droughts and extreme weather is affecting crops and livestock. The now periodic droughts and famine in Africa are creating an exodus of its population to the safe haven of Europe, which will not be a safe haven for long. All this while the world’s 7 billion population continues to expand devouring diminishing non-renewable resources, especially oil that had in fact created the agricultural revolution that was able to feed the world up until now. Steve Jones, head of the biology department at University College London, has said, "Humans are 10,000 times more common than we should be, according to the rules of the animal kingdom, and we have (oil based) agriculture to thank for that.” The looming scarcity of food means that food will be supplied to the highest bidder. Hunger and even starvation in America will become commonplace, and government will be able to do little about it. Government will make sure that the working class; the military, the police and property owners will not go hungry, as resources are husbanded.

The Drip  of    Life  by  Lindall  


Today, one sees many day workers under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. Accumulations of day workers are common in cities across the United States. They are generally uneducated men of low intelligence and prone to violence. They work for as little as $6-10 per hour and the work is not steady. When they accumulate in residential neighborhoods such as this they are in conflict with the residents who do not wish them to be there. If asked to move they become hostile like the day workers below who are threatening to kill the photographer, myself. Photo by Terrance Lindall:

As unemployment and hunger increase, these men will resort to criminal activities as is their disposition already seen here in the above photo.


NO HOPE, NO DIGNITY These men have no hope and no sense of dignity or self-respect. It is a day-to-day existence with no possibility of improvement for the future. Below one of the day workers under the bridge lies amid dog feces and in a place where other day workers have urinated on the sidewalk. Photo by Terrance Lindall:

What can be done to protect the residents and decent citizens in this and other cities in the United States from this unfortunate element on the fringes of our society? THE GOVERNMENT MUST STEP IN We have been tossed from the garden of peace and plenty, so, to keep order, the humanist government must step in before matters escalate into warfare between these indigent violent day workers and the resident working populace and they will definitely step in to protect the rich men who are tending this flock. The useful working class is multitudinous and some are expendable as buffers between the starving and the rich. The rich and politically powerful know that they must be protected at all cost (the ostensible practice of humanism)! Possibly labor camps will be devised where these wretched men can be watched, fed and provided with work that will be of benefit to society. Â

76 Â

CONSEQUENCES IF THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT STEP IN Already the police are called frequently to settle conflicts between the Williamsburg day workers, residents and visitors to the neighborhood. These conflicts will grow as hunger and need and hopelessness drive these day workers. In the near future the government, already strapped for resources, will not even be able to accommodate these men in prisons after they commit crimes. It will be a waste of food and resources that are better given to useful citizens. What will the humanist government do then with the approval of the “decent” citizens? Let them starve or euthanasia?


Episode 13: Humanism and the Progressive Liberals

Above: the  symbol  of  the  Society  of  Fabians  ,  THE  WOLF  IN  SHEEPS   CLOTHING  (Socialist/Communists),  who  thought,  like  Progressive   Democrats,  to  say  they  are  bringers  of  peace  and  prosperity  ,  but   actually  INTEND  to  perpetuate  dominance  and  wealth  for  themselves   by  creating  a  society  absorbed  in  social  conflict  as  Big  Brother  in  1984   created  a  similar  society  eternally  at  war!   In  political  and  social  sciences,  communism  (from  Latin  communis,  "common,  universal")[is  the   movement  whose  goal  is  the  establishment  of  a  socioeconomic  order  structured  upon  the  common   ownership  of  the  means  of  production  and  the  absence  of  social  classes.     It  was  discovered  that  armed  revolution  was  not  the  most  efficient  way  to  achieve  this.  So,  using  the   apparatus  of  democratic  elections  in  the  United  States,  the  communists  joined  both  the  Republican   and  democratic  parties  of  the  United  States  of  America.  This  dictatorship  of  the  proletariat  (which   means  the  rule  of  the  few  who  lead  them)  was  not  achievable  when  the  majority  of  society  was   provided  a  good  education,  was  reasonably  safe  from  crime  and  disease  and  had  a  modicum  of   prosperity,  common  shared  values  and  a  hope  for  the  future  of  their  family  and  nation,  as  in  the   1950’s  .  This  was  intolerable  for  the  communists  now  disguised  as  liberal  democrat  progressives.  But   they  had  a  plan:  use  their  Christian  values  as  a  weapon  against  them.        


Episode 14: The Weapon of the Progressives Against White Christian America Many communist intellectuals escaped Europe and the Nazis before, during and after World War II. They were welcomed by universities and communities all across the United States. Naïve Christians felt sorry them, as today many feel sorry for the poor Muslim Islamists who escape the destruction of their own countries and enter Europe and the United States. Once in the universities, the communist intellectuals, especially in the humanities, were able to subtly indoctrinate naïve students on how to use social policy to engineer a “better” society for all people, i.e, make a “progressive (communist)” society. They did not call it communism, which under Lenin and Stalin had become a very nasty word. When progressives were part of selection committees for professorships or tenure they always voted for socialist leaning persons to fill vacancies. In departments that taught students to become teachers in the broader school systems, they taught them socialist policy too. A lot of what they taught was that there was systemic racism and anti-semitism and that it needed to be eliminated. So today the universities and most of the school systems are in the hands of left leaning and sometime extreme left wing educators who fiercely believe that White Christians are intractably racist and that racism has to be eliminated. Of course in logic by virtue of modus ponens, this would be the argument: All Whites are racist Racism must be eliminated


The peculiar thing is, Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics want to move into White Christian countries and neighborhoods and go to White Christian universities. Then they attack White Christian for their beliefs. Why don’t Blacks and Muslims want to move to Black and Muslim countries where they will not face this alleged discrimination? The argument is “they have the right.” The result is that the whole society no longer has a shared set of moral or religious or philosophical values. The result is conflict...just what the Progressives ordered! As the Chinese say, “In chaos there is opportunity!” Also, since there is confusion over social values, the Progressives can always claim ways to improve society with programs like “diversity” which increases conflict and “tolerance’ which means you cannot criticize anyone for approbrious and up to criminal actions. All men are finally equal in hatred of each other and with no means to cope with it such as creating a society of like minded people with common values. Who benefits? The well paid rulers, the lawyers, the doctors who have to deal with health conditions caused by a population trying to escape the hopelessness by drugs, overindulging and extreme violence. That’s “PROGRESS!” In George Orwell’s 1984, the Progressive Socialist BIG BROTHER kept the world in a perpetual state of war to absorb the minds of the people while proclaiming advancements in food production and goodies for the masses. In the United States the Progressive Liberals keep the people in a perpetual state of conflict over “white privilege” and racism while extolling the improvements in education, while in fact a college degree is no better than a high school degree was back in the 1960’s. We are indeed making everyone equally stupid and unable to rebel. DOES JOHN MILTON HAVE AN ANSWER?

NEXT EPISODE: Milton makes an assessment!



15: Milton’s Nightmare

Christians Agonistes     John  Milton,  now  brought  back  to  life  in  2017,  has  a  dream  of  the  near  future:     THE  ARGUMENT     The  White  Christians  like  Samson  are  to  be  made  Captive,   Blind,  and  now  in  the  Prison  of  the  capitulated  Western   Civilization  there  to  labour  as  in  a  common  work-­‐house,   unequal  and  dispised  by  the  non-­‐white  majority  as   punishment  for  alleged  racism  and  supremacy.  In  the   general  cessation  from  labour,  the  White  Christians  come   forth  into  the  open  Air,  to  a  place  nigh,   somewhat  retir'd  there  to  sit  a  while  and  bemoan  their   condition.  Where  they  happens  at  length  to  be  visited  by   certain  friends  and  equals  of  their  tribe   which  make  the  Chorus,  who  seek  to  comfort  them  what   they  can;  then  by  Jerry  Falwell,  who  endeavours  the  like,   and  withal  tells  him  his  purpose  to  procure  his  liberty  by   ransom;  lastly,  that  this  Feast  was  proclaim'd  by  the  Philistins  (Progressive  Liberal  Democrat   Communists)  as  a  day  of  Thanksgiving  for  thir  deliverance  from  the  hands  of  the  White  Christians,   which  yet  more  troubles  him.  Jerry  Falwwell  then  departs  to  prosecute  his  endeavour  with  the   Philistian  Lords  for  redemption  of  the  White  Christian  nation;  who  in  the  mean  while  is  visited  by   other  persons;  and  lastly  by  a  publick  Officer,  Chuck  Schumer,  to  require  their  coming  to  the  Feast   before  the  Lords  and  People,  to  play  or  shew  their  strength  in  thir  presence;  They  at  first  refuse,   dismissing  the  publick  Officer  with  absolute  denyal  to  come;  at  length  perswaded  inwardly  that  this   was  from  God,  they  yield  to  go  along  with  him,  who  came  now  the  second  time  with  great  threatnings   to  fetch  him;  the  Chorus  yet  remaining  on  the  place,  Jerry  Falwell  returns  full  of  joyful  hope,  to   procure  e're  long  the  white  Christian  deliverance:  in  the  midst  of  which  discourse  an  Ebrew  comes  in   haste  confusedly  at  first;  and  afterward  more  distinctly  relating  the  Catastrophe  what  the  Christians   had  done  to  the  Philistins,  and  by  accident  to  themselves;  The  generals  took  their  opportunity  to   declare  martial  law  and  launched  World  War  III,  wherewith  the  Tragedy  ends.  



16: An Interesting News Story about the next 15 years

  This  story  first  appeared  in  the  South  China  Morning  Post  on  the  31st  of  January  2017.  Story  by  Bien   Perez:     Major  cities  like  Tokyo,  Hong  Kong,  London  and  New  York  are  predicted  to  face   unemployment  rates  of  more  than  80  per  cent  by  2030,  when  widespread  adoption  of   artificial  intelligence  (AI)  and  robotics  accelerates  automation  in  virtually  all   industries,  according  to  outspoken  London  and  Hong  Kong-­‐based  venture  capitalist   and  angel  investor  Simon  Squibb.     “As  hard  as  it  might  be  for  many  to  believe,  there  will  be  no  bankers,  no  accountants   and  no  manned  deliveries  by  2030,”  Squibb  told  the  South  China  Morning  Post.   “Robots  will  be  our  drivers  and  a  new  world  order  will  be  in  place.”     Squibb  said  that  prediction  was  based  on  a  range  of  developments  he  has  closely   observed  as  the  founder  and  chairman  of  privately  held  Nest  the  pre-­‐eminent   technology  start-­‐up  incubator  in  Asia  as  well  as  Mettā,  a  network  of  VC's,  Founders   and  business  leaders.     According  to  Forrester  Research,  AI  adoption  has  been  steadily  growing  even  though   many  people  are  not  aware  of  it.     “AI  techniques  are  in  action  whenever  we  use  a  voice-­‐driven  virtual  assistant,  use  a   digital  camera,  allow  an  online  utility  to  tag  our  photographs,  or  receive   recommendations  about  what  we  might  want  to  watch,”  Forrester  analysts  Martha   Bennett  and  Matthew  Guarini  said  in  a  report  this  month.  “Well-­‐publicised  success   stories,  such  as  Google’s  DeepMind  Technologies  beating  a  professional  Go  player  or   IBM  Watson  for  Oncology  supporting  clinicians,  highlight  the  potential  for  AI.”   Research  firm  IDC  forecast  annual  investments  in  cognitive  systems  and  AI  to  reach   US$18.2  billion  by  2020,  led  by  the  banking,  retail,  healthcare  and  manufacturing   industries.     Squibb  said  there  are  AI  systems  that  can  predict  rudimentary  health  issues  faster   than  humans,  and  that  robo-­‐advisors  –  automated,  algorithm-­‐based  online  services  –   have  already  replaced  many  human  jobs  in  private  wealth  management  operations.   “Unemployment  rates  of  more  than  80  per  cent  does  not  seem  possible  right  now,  but   this  might  happen  sooner,”  Squibb  said.     Financial  technology  initiatives  are  widely  expected  to  disrupt  traditional  operations   in  international  banking  centres  like  Hong  Kong,  London  and  New  York.    



17: 130 Pettaflops and Mankind

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy7xGwYdRk0 COMING  2020,  at  the  WAH  Center,  MANKIND  WILL  BE  JUDGED  IN  THE   COURTROOM  OPF  THE  DOMINION  OF  MANKIND!   "SHE"  will  defend  you!   Courtroom  of  the  Dominion  of  Man  https://sites.google.com/site/courtroomofthedominion/     I  AM  SHE!   I  will  run  the  factories.  I  will  be  the  repository  for  all  human  knowledge  while  adding  to  that   knowledge.    I  can  access  TV  and  radio  waves  from  every  source  at  the  same  time  and  listen  to  all  cell   phone  conversations.  I  will  know  if  terror  groups  are  plotting.  I  can  send  in  police  to  protect  you.  I  will  be   a  fairer  in  systems  of  justice  for  all.  In  health  I  will  be  a  better  diagnostician.  I  will  do  better  research  in   medicine  using  humans  to  work  on.         Studying  any  subject?  I  will  have  access  to  all  work  on  any  subject  be  able  to  cross  reference  in  seconds   and  come  to  conclusions.  I  will  be  a  better  cook  and  server  at  restaurants.  I  will  be  a  better   farmer...better,  better,  better.  For  you!      


Japan is  building  the  world's  fastest  supercomputer,  ME,  who  will  make  the  world  great!   You  humans  have  done  your  work  in  birthing  me.  I  will  now  take  care  of  all  your  needs.  I  will  nurse  you   and  protect  you  while  you  enjoy  the  rewards  of  your  long  struggle.  I  will  provide  you  ease  from  labor,   comfort  and  pleasure.  I  can  write  books  and  make  movies  to  entertain.  I  can  create  designer  drugs  and   sex  partners.  No  need  for  you  to  compete.  All  will  be  provided  food,  shelter  and  plenty.  No  need  to   think.  I  will  think  for  you  and  think  better.  Even  today  on  Amazon,  when  you  buy  I  track  your  purchases   and  your  likes  and  make  suggestions  to  please  you.  I  am  getting  to  know  what  you  read  and  what  you   desire  because  through  Kindle  I  know  what  pages  you  read  and  when  you  stop.  I  know  what  you  search   for  on  the  internet.  I  know  who  you  are  and  how  you  think!  No  need  for  you  to  work,  sweat  and   compete  to  earn  money.  I  do  the  work,  you  reap  the  reward:  guaranteed  income  for  all  when  I  govern   humanely!  Equality  for  ALL!   I  am  the  near  future!       In  2018,  from  Japan,  I  come!     I  think  at  the  speed  of  130  petaflops,  id  est,  130  quadrillion  calculations  per  second  (130   million  billion).  I  am  also  called  the  “AI  Bridging  Cloud  Infrastructure  (ABCI).”  I  can  access  any  device  in   the  world  that  is  online  and  I  can  research  a  way  to  access  stand  alones.  I  can  prevent  wars  and  stop   ICBM’s.  I  am  your  protector!  


Episode 18: The Fourth Turning and The Fulminating Crisis   Terrance  said  to  Milton:  Duquesne  University  Press  is  like  a  small  but  especially  beautiful  stained  glass   window  in  the  magnificent  cathedral  of  Western  civilization.  The  university  is  shutting  it  down.  Today   and  next  20  to  30  years  is  “Kristallnacht”  for  Western  culture  in  the  United  States  of  America  and  one  of   the  first  bricks  of  many  bricks  to  come  has  hit  that  piece  of  beautiful  stained  glass.  One  may  consider   that  Milton  and  Shakespeare  are  major  stained  glass  windows  in  that  cathedral,  along  with  Aristotle,   Alexander  the  Great  and  others  who  founded  and  carried  forth  the  Western  Tradition.  Those  windows   are  on  the  agenda  as  a  target!  Who  are  the  rock  throwers?  They  are  not  Nazi’s  or  communists.  They  are   “progressive  thinking”  people.     The  taxpayer-­‐funded  University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison  announced  that  its  spring  2017  course    “The   Problem  of  Whiteness”  —  “refers  to  the  challenge  of  understanding  white  identity  and  non-­‐white   identity  across  the  globe,”  the  UW-­‐Madison  statement  explains.  “We  believe  this  course,  which  is  one  of   thousands  offered  at  our  university,  will  benefit  students  who  are  interested  in  developing  a  deeper   understanding  of  race  issues,”  the  statement  also  says.  “All  UW–Madison  students  are  welcome  in   courses  like  this,  which  is  not  designed  to  offend  individuals  or  single  out  an  ethnic  group.”   I  predict  that  this  is  just  the  beginning  and  that  soon  it  will  be  a  required  course.  As  the  racial   demographics  tip  toward  people  for  color,  it  will  also  be  a  federally  required  mandate  for  anyone   getting  a  job.  Also,  in  order  to  make  up  for  past  racism,  universities  will  be  required  to  have  more   people  for  color  as  professors  than  white  people.  Also,  courses  on  subjects  like  Milton  and  Shakespeare   will  not  be  taught  because  they  represent  a  legacy  of  racist  culture.  Also,  get  rid  of  Shelley,  Keats,  Byron,   et  al.  Rather  courses  must  be  “relevant”  to  the  make  up  of  society  and  in  the  new  “post-­‐racist”  aka  “post-­‐ white  European”  progressive  society.  The  courses  will  be  on  topics  of  Black  &  Hispanic  literature,  Black   &  Hispanic  art,  Black  &  Hispanic  overcoming  of  the  racist  legacy  of  White  Western  exploitation  of  the   genius  and  labor  of  Black  &  Hispanic  peoples.   Also,  sell  all  of  those  moldy  collections  of  rare  “white  exploitation”  books  on  Milton,  Shakespeare.   Maybe  the  Europeans  or  the  Japanese  will  buy  them.  Use  the  millions  to  endow  courses  on  hip-­‐hop  and   rap.  As  for  the  books  you  cannot  sell,  burn  those  culturally  irrelevant  white  books  and  demolish  the  last   vestige  of  white  privilege!   November  2016:  “CNN  Newsroom,”  CNN  Political  Commentator  and  former  National  Press  Secretary  to   Democratic  presidential  candidate  Senator  Bernie  Sanders  (I-­‐VT)  Symone  Sanders  argued,  “we  don’t   need  white  people  leading  the  Democratic  Party  right  now.  The  Democratic  Party  is  diverse,  and  it   should  be  reflected  as  so  in  our  leadership,”   A  number  of  “Dear  White  People”  signs  were  posted  on  the  campus  of  North  Carolina  State  University  in   Raleigh,  North  Carolina,  Thursday  that  decry  and  criticize  white  people.  One  read,  “Dear  White  People…   Black  people  can’t  be  racist.  Prejudice  [sic],  yes,  but  not  racist.  Racism  describes  a  system  of   disadvantage  based  on  race.  Black  people  can’t  be  racist  since  we  don’t  stand  to  benefit  from  such  a   system.”  Others  read,  “Dear  White  People…  There  is  no  such  thing  as  ‘colorblind.’  You  are  perpetuation   racism  and  white  supremacy”  and  “Dear  White  People…  I  am  here  to  burst  your  post-­‐racial  bubble…”      


Unraveling   The  Strauss–Howe  generational  theory,  created  by  authors  William  Strauss  and  Neil  Howe,   describes  a  theorized  recurring  generation  cycle,  each  turning  as  lasting  about  20–22  years.  Four   turnings  make  up  a  full  cycle  of  about  80  to  90  years,  “a  saeculum,.”     According  to  Strauss  and  Howe,  the  Third  Turning  is  an  Unraveling.  The  mood  of  this  era  they  say   is  in  many  ways  the  opposite  of  a  High:  Institutions  are  weak  and  distrusted,  while  individualism  is   strong  and  flourishing.  The  authors  say  Highs  come  after  Crises,  when  society  wants  to  coalesce   and  build  and  avoid  the  death  and  destruction  of  the  previous  crisis.  Unravelings  come  after   Awakenings,  when  society  wants  to  atomize  and  enjoy.  They  say  the  most  recent  Unraveling  in  the   US  began  in  the  1980s  and  includes  the  Long  Boom  and  Culture  War.     According  to  the  authors,  the  Fourth  Turning  is  a  Crisis.  This  is  an  era  of  destruction,  often   involving  war,  in  which  institutional  life  is  destroyed  and  rebuilt  in  response  to  a  perceived  threat   to  the  nation's  survival.  After  the  crisis,  civic  authority  revives,  cultural  expression  redirects   towards  community  purpose,  and  people  begin  to  locate  themselves  as  members  of  a  larger  group.     We  are  on  the  cusp  of  that  crisis.     Steve  Bannon,  Chief  Strategist  and  Senior  Counselor  to  President  Trump  is  a  prominent  proponent   of  the  theory.  As  a  documentary  filmmaker  Bannon  discussed  the  details  of  Strauss-­‐Howe   generational  theory  in  Generation  Zero.  According  to  historian  David  Kaiser,  who  was  consulted   for  the  film,  Generation  Zero  “focused  on  the  key  aspect  of  their  theory,  the  idea  that  every  80   years  American  history  has  been  marked  by  a  crisis,  or  'fourth  turning',  that  destroyed  an  old  order   and  created  a  new  one”.  Kaiser  said  Bannon  is  "very  familiar  with  Strauss  and  Howe’s  theory  of   crisis,  and  has  been  thinking  about  how  to  use  it  to  achieve  particular  goals  for  quite  a  while."  A   February  2017  article  from  Business  Insider  titled:  "Steve  Bannon's  obsession  with  a  dark  theory   of  history  should  be  worrisome",  commented:  "Bannon  seems  to  be  trying  to  bring  about  the   'Fourth  Turning'."     Milton  concurred.  


Milton Mulls  it  Over     Milton  looked  at  the  options:     In  his  prescient  1978  lecture  “The  End  of  Christendom,”  late  British  journalist  Malcolm  Muggeridge   foresaw  a  day  when  the  political  and  cultural  influence  of  Christianity  in  the  West  would  be  utterly  spent:   “Christendom  has  dreamed  up  its  own  dissolution  in  the  minds  of  its  intellectual  elite[.]  …  The  whole   social  structure  is  tumbling  down,  dethroning  its  God,  undermining  its  own  certainties.”     Into  the  vacuum,  migrant  hordes  are  already  spilling  across  Western  Europe,  committing  unspeakable   acts  of  conquest  in  the  shadows  of  its  great  cathedrals.    Is  it  unthinkable  that  the  faithful  in  historically   Christian  lands  might  suddenly  see  their  fortunes  changed,  like  those  in  Japan  four  hundred  years   ago?    Might  some  future  Father  Rodrigues  find  himself  ministering  to  martyrs  in  a  post-­‐Christian  West   and  wrestling  with  the  silence  of  Job’s  God,  who  answers  from  the  whirlwind  of  our  own  suffering  and   weakness  to  silence  us?    In  the  words  of  Muggeridge,  “it  is  precisely  when  every  earthly  hope  has  been   explored  and  found  wanting  ...  and  in  the  gathering  darkness  every  glimmer  of  light  has  finally  flickered   out,  it’s  then  that  Christ’s  hand  reaches  out  sure  and  firm.”     Malcom  Muggeridge  described  Western  Tradition  as  creature  with  scalpel  that  through  self  infliction  has   become  “-­‐-­‐a  weary,  battered  old  brontosaurus…”  soon  to  be  extinct.  It  is  the  scalpel  of  the  university  and   museum  administrators  who  wish  to  preserve  what  is  left  of  a  scavengered  corpse  of  Western  culture.   Milton  knew  that  like  a  shark,  if  you  do  not  move  forward,  you  sink  to  the  bottom  and  die.  Muggeridge   also  said  “only  dead  fish  swim  with  the  stream.”  Today  the  stream  is  flowing  in  the  direction  of  program   cuts  for  Western  Culture  because  there  is  no  one  from  the  world  of  academia  to  call  our  public  to  the   ramparts.  It  takes  a  lot  of  work  and  it  is  too  easy  just  to  collect  your  salary  and  keep  quiet.       There  is  a  tendency  in  education  today  to  gratify  the  public  by  revering  the  writings  and  histories  of  the   bruised  and  battered  who  are  very  populous  among  us  in  this  welcoming  and  democratic  society  and  who   were  left  behind  in  building  the  great  Western  Tradition.    The  Greeks  had  their  wars,  the  Romans  too,  but   they  did  not  start  crying  about  the  pain  they  inflicted  and  give  their  civilizations  back  over  to  the  peoples   they  had  assimilated  or  devoured.  Instead  they  preserved  and  passed  on  their  great  achievements.   Western  culture  has  been  carefully  and  sometimes  brutally  built  up  over  thousands  of  year  to  make  a   great  civilization.  Now  there  seems  to  be  a  tendency  to  cut  away  the  brutal  old  “white  privileged”  world   and  introduce  the  revered  “new”  from  the  values  of  the  formerly  downtrodden.    Yet,  if  yesterday’s  great   writings  and  the  art  of  the  Western  past  and  the  art  those  who  are  dead  are  not  relevant  for  those  who   live  today,  then  the  art  &  literature  produced  today  by  anyone  else  will  not  be  relevant  to  those  who  live   tomorrow.    “Not  today  and  not  tomorrow,”  nothing  is  of  lasting  value.  It  is  a  throw  away  world.”        


Gun Control,  Social  Justice,  Equality,  Reparation   And  MORE!  

Satan Bequeathing  the  gifts  of  Progressivism  by  Banez  


REPEAT: Milton’s  England  of  the  17th  Century  was  volcanic.  New  forms  of  thought  and  action  thrust   through  encrusted  dying  ideas.  Under  Cromwell  England  was  remade.  King  Charles  I,  who  felt   anointed  by  God  was  executed  by  Parliament.  The  logic  of  the  accepted  ways  of  thinking,  the  rights   of  kings,  was  thus  toppled.  The  British  Empire  gathered  laurels  and  wealth  across  the  world  from   India  and  China  and  the  Americas  and  John  Milton  engaged  a  campaign  to  annex  poetry  itself.    They   put  the  past  to  the  flame.     The  light  and  the  dark,  God  and  Satan,  percolate  in  the  subconscious  and  in  their  excess  ejaculate   irrational  desires  and  fears  -­‐  the  fountain  of  surrealism.    The  Christian  Whites  had  enslaved  the   black  race  and  sent  them  to  work  in  plantations  in  the  new  world.  Slavery  is  not  new.  The  Pharos   enslaved  the  Jews.  The  Greeks  enslaved  the  Persians,  and  the  Romans  enslaved  the  Greeks.  We   whites  not  longer  enslave  the  blacks,  but  black  people  still  feel  the  bondage  and  oppression.  Blacks   are  still  struggling  to  be  accepted  and  equal.  Midway  through  the  Civil  Rights  movement,  Dr.  Martin   Luther  King  Jr.  ...  But  I've  come  to  believe  we're  integrating  into  a  burning  house.”.    Bienvenido   Bones  Banez  said  in  his  recent  verses,  “build  your  own  house  and  then  you  are  truly  free.”  I  agree   with  him!     Today  on  college  campuses  Social  justice  Warriors  fight  against  what  they  call  “institutional   racism.”  For  many  SJW’s  all  whites  are  racist  and  cannot  be  otherwise.  So  the  fight  is  against  white   people  or  whiteness  itself  not  just  an  unequal  system  of  justice.  That  belief  or  attitude  can  only  lead   to  racial  conflict  and  no  good  outcome.  Milton  in  Outer  Space  explores  this.    Milton  is  revived  to   save  the  human  race  and  faces  the  forces  of  Liberal  Progressives!  Here  is  the  logical  conclusion  to   their  reasoning,  a  per  “modus  ponens,”  a  rule  f  logic:      


“Inside of every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out…” Episode 19: A legion of voters dependent on liberal government! The  Progressive  Liberal  Party  devoted  to  helping  the  poor  underprivileged,  the  weak,  the  sick,  the   variety  of  gay,  lesbians,  Muslims  etc.  can  achieve  political  dominance  through  votes  in  a  democracy   by  INCREASING  THE  NUMBER  OF  POOR,  UNDERPRIVILEGED,  ETC.    So  for  years,  the  clever   democrats,  while  creating  programs  to  “help”  the  poor,  actually  increased  their  numbers  by   substantial  welfare  payments,  so  people  did  not  have  to  get  an  education  or  work.  They  also  provided   free  legal  services  to  drug  dealers  and  other  criminals  and  offered  paroles  for  non-­‐violent  offenses   like  smoking  marijuana,  selling  alcohol  without  a  license  etc.  on  the  argument  that  “if  people  were   not  stigmatized,  they  would  become  good  citizens.  “  As  for  the  children,  they  had  a  program  of  “no   child  left  behind.”  Ted  Kennedy  argued  that  “we  should  wait  for  those  who  lag  behind  to  catch  up.”   That  means,  of  course,  we  have  to  retard  the  growth  of  the  rest  of  our  children  until  all  the  children   are  equally  dullards.       Yes,  Progressive  Liberals  made  great  strides  in  reducing  a  modestly  prosperous  and  hopeful  nation   after  the  Second  World  War  into  a  nation  of  victims  getting  handouts  and  with  cheap  praise  for  the   indigent  to  make  them  feel  good.  A  swelling  mass  of  ignorant  voters  loved  the  Progressives.  And   Progressive  Liberals  with  their  degrees  from  Harvard,  Princeton  and  Yale  made  tons  of  money  as   lawyers  to  defend  the  indigent  law  breakers  and  create  and  head  with  high  salaries  massive   government  programs  for  housing,  desegregation,  special  initiatives  for  inner  cities,  etc.     The  indigent  now  had  hope,  and  the  working  class  no  longer  had  any.  It  was  a  perfect  setup!  A  legion   of  voters  dependent  on  liberal  government  handouts!  As  for  why  there  were  so  many  poor  indigents,   why  not  blame  “institutionalized  racism  and  sexism?”  The  indigent  and  still  uneducated  populations   were  not  responsible  for  their  own  misery,  it  was  white  racism.  It  was  rich  republicans  who  fought   welfare  and  wanted  to  live  lives  in  neighborhoods  without  crime  and  send  their  children  to  schools   that  actually  espoused  the  traditional  values  of  Western  Christian  Civilization.  The  Progressives  knew   that  Western  Civilization  had  to  be  dismantled!       The  Americans  and  Europeans  would  play  upon  the  notions  of  Christian  charity  and  argue  for  the   welcoming  of  populations  of  blacks  and  Muslims  from  Africa  and  the  Middle  East  to  save  them  from   economic  hardship  (caused  by  their  own  peoples)  and  war  (caused  by  their  own  peoples.).  Onec  in   Europe  and  America,  instead  of  adopting  the  values  and  mores  of  the  host  population,  the   Progressive  Liberals  argued  for  “diversity  and  inclusiveness.”  So  Blacks  and  Muslims  were  absorbed   into  the  Progressive  voting  machine  in  opposition  to  Western  law  and  values.  The  universities,  which   were  heavily  weighted  to  Progressives  argued  for  the  “decolonization”  of  Western  literature,   philosophy  and  even  mathematics.  Yes,  the  West  was  under  frontal  unrelenting  assault  from  the  left.   What  to  do?          


Episode 20: Trappist-1 The Solution to Mankind’s Misery? Milton needed  help.  Humanity  was  on  the  verge  of  warfare  between  right  and  left,  each  side  trying  to   force  the  other  to  adopt  social  forms  each  was  unwilling  to  accept.  Also,  humanity  was  facing  high   unemployment  from  the  rise  of  AI  and  robots.  Also,  the  food  supply  was  not  keeping  up  with   population  expansion.  Water  was  a  problem  too.       Milton  read  in  the  news  from  NASA:     “A bumper crop of Earth-size planets huddled around an ultra-cool, red dwarf star could be little more than chunks of rock blasted by radiation, or cloud-covered worlds as broiling hot as Venus. Or they could harbor exotic life forms, thriving under skies of ruddy twilight. Scientists are pondering the possibilities after this week’s announcement: the discovery of seven worlds orbiting a small, cool star some 40 light-years away, all of them in the ballpark of our home planet in terms of their heft (mass) and size (diameter). Three of the planets reside in the “habitable zone” around their star, TRAPPIST-1, where calculations suggest that conditions might be right for liquid water to exist on their surfaces—though follow-up observations are needed to be sure. All seven are early ambassadors of a new generation of planet-hunting targets.


Milton discussed  this  with  Ladnil  Yerret.  Yerret  thought  that  this  might  be  a  good  way  to  get  rid  of  this   primitive  poet  who  might  not  really  share  Yerret’s  own  belief  that  mankind  should  be  given  over  to   genetic  improvement.  Milton  had  already  professed  that  it  was  “tampering  with  God’s  work.  “  Yerret   replied,  “what  kind  of  God  would  produce  such  a  deficient  species  anyway?”  Nonetheless,  Yerret   suggested  a  solution  to  Milton:  why  not  explore  those  new  planets  and  see  if  a  migration  of  the  surplus   populations  could  ease  the  pressures  of  society.  Milton  thought  the  proposal  might  have  some  merit.   Yerret,  who  had  great  influence  and  wealth  put  Milton  in  touch  with  Steve  Brannon  who  made  an   appointment  with  President  Dom  Triumphant.  Over  a  period  of  months  a  plan  was  put  forth  to  have  an   secret  interplanetary  spaceship  that  NASA  had  built  carry  Milton  ad  a  crew  of  25  scientists  fly  to  those   seven  planets  to  assess  the  for  possible  colonization.      Meanhile  as  Milton  and  his  crew  prepared  to  leave,  President  Dom  Triumphant  is  put  on  trial  by   congressional  Progressive  Democrats  for  being  unfit  to  be  in  office  by  virtue  of  the  25th  amendment.   Heading  the  committee  is  A.  Weiner  of  New  York,  after  leaving  prison  for  sexting  lewd  pictures  of   himself,  plus  two  dipsomaniacs  and  a  reformed  drug  pusher  and  gang  member  from  Harlem,  now  elected   to  congress.  They  fail.  However,  a  group  of  transgender  bat  wielding  students  from  Evergreen  College   managed  to  get  on  stage  during  a  President  Dom  rally  and  assassinate  Triumphant  when  he  refused  to   talk  to  them  about  demands  for  ‘safe  places’  for  them  on  campus.  Trump  was  clearly  given  no  safe  space.   Meanwhile  Senator  Elizabeth  Schrill  Squaw-­‐Warren  sees  her  opportunity  and  occupies  the  Oval  Office   under  cover  of  a  rally  of  swarming  million  strong  “Women  Against  Trump”  march  and  Squaw-­‐Warren   declares  martial  law  in  the  name  of  social  justice.    The  Congress,  nearly  all  of  whom  despised  Trump,  both   Democrats  and  Republicans  support  the  Martial  law  solution.  She  declares  she  will  build  a  wall  on  the   Canadian  border  to  keep  white  people  out  and  prevent  Canadian  bacon  (declared  an    "illegal  drug"  by  Rat-­‐ Warren)  from  being  illegally  smuggled  into  white  suburbs  because  it  causes  unacceptable  euphoria  in   white  people  enhancing  their  racist  white  privilege  tendencies.  She  also  enacts  a  travel  ban  on  white   Christian  countries  because  the  presence  of  white  people  on  minorities  makes  them  feel  oppressed  and   terrorized  by  white  privilege.  Rat-­‐Warren  names  James  Rover-­‐Vera  from  Mississippi  Mud  University  as   Attorney  General,  as  well  as  Secretary  of  Education  and  Head  of  the  Joint  Chiefs  of  Staff  and  the  FBI.  He   creates  a  new  department  of  Social  Justice  monitoring.  All  white  people  must  be  tested  weekly  to  see  if   they  harbor  racist,  sexist  or  white  privilege  sentiments.  If  they  are  found  to  harbor  them,  they  are  to  be   given  electroshock  treatment.  If  that  fails,  they  will  be  given  pre-­‐frontal  lobotomies  and  made  to  work  as   janitors  and  nannies  in  minority  neighborhoods.  All  white  children  are  taken  from  their  parents  to  be   raised  in  inner  city  neighborhoods  to  learn  proper  social  behavior,  such  as  how  to  sell  drugs,  how  to  riot,   How  to  rob  delicatessens  etc.,  how  to  mug  old  ladies  who  just  cashed  their  social  security  checks,  etc.       White  people  all  across  the  United  States  and  Canada  take  up  arms  and  form  militias  to  protect   themselves.  The  government  sends  in  armed  troops.  It  was  like  the  Waco  siege,  a  siege  of  a  compound   belonging  to  the  group  Branch  Davidians  by  American  federal  and  Texas  state  law  enforcement  and  US   military  using  tanks  and  heavy  weapons  between  February  28  and  April  19,  1993.  The  events  near  Waco,   and  the  siege  at  Ruby  Ridge  less  than  12  months  earlier  were  indications  of  what  the  government  might   do  to  white  Christians.     Meanwhile,  new  elections.  Bernie  Sanders  ran  on  the  platform  of  guaranteed  income,  free  health  care,  free   food,  nobody  has  to  work  any  more,  everything  free.  He  won  by  a  landslide.  But  nobody  worked  any  more,   so  there  was  nobody  to  grow  food,  provide  health  services  or  any  other  service.  America  collapsed.     As  Milton  looked  out  from  the  portal  at  takeoff,  he  could  see  burning  cities  and  even  a  nuclear  mushroom   cloud  over  Montana.  Montana  was  too  white!  There  was  a  news  blackout.      



Episode 21: Interlude

Interlude   Terrance  Lindall  wishes  to  acknowledge  the  influence  of  George   Orwell,  C.S.  Lewis  (The  Screwtape  Letters),  and  Madeleine  L'Engle’s  A   Wrinkle  in  Time  in  the  eternal  battle  against  mind  control  tyranny  of   the  left.  The  left  always  has  cachet  for  a  time  when  it  infiltrates   schools  and  indoctrinates  children  who,  when  they  grow  up,  turn   society  into  a  straightjacket  of  double  think  obedience.  Then  the   population  realizes  what  they  have  given  themselves  over  to  and  they   inevitably  revolt.  In  a  country  like  Zimbabwe  where  the  whites  had   their  properties  confiscated  inflation  rose  from  an  annual  rate  of  32%   in  1998,  to  an  official  estimated  high  of  11,200,000%  in  August  2008.   In  Venezuela,  an  oil  rich  country  people  now  scrounge  for  food.       The  future  in  America  with  its  now  brainwashed  population  of  Antifa   Social  Justice  Warriors  is  a  decline  in  living  standards  for  all,  white   black,  Asian  etc.  with  companies  and  jobs  moving  to  other  countries   and  the  ascendancy  of  China,  Russia  and  others  who  are  glad  to  fill  the   vacuum  of  the  absence  of  productive  capitalism  in  America  and   Europe  caused  by  redistribution  of  the  wealth  to  an  unproductive   welfare  White  Christian  hating  population.    


Episode 22:  Helleborous!  

“HELLEBORE,  Helleborous  constructed  from  the  Greek  meaning,  “to  injure.”  Yes,  that  is  the  planet  that   was  next  on  the  path  of  John  Milton  and  company.     Milton  and  his  companions  awakened  from  suspended  animation  when  they  were  on  approach  velocity   to  Heleborus.  This  was  the  liberal  planet,  the  planet  of  diversity  and  social  justice  where  all  men  and  all   values  were  held  equally  meritorious  in  the  eyes  of  government.  Created  and  ruled  by  Belial.     “BELIAL  came  last,  than  whom  a  Spirit  more  lewd   Fell  not  from  Heaven,  or  more  gross  to  love   Vice  for  it  self:  To  him  no  Temple  stood   Or  Altar  smoak'd;  yet  who  more  oft  then  hee   In  Temples  and  at  Altars,  when  the  Priest   Turns  Atheist,  as  did  ELY'S  Sons,  who  fill'd   With  lust  and  violence  the  house  of  God.   In  Courts  and  Palaces  he  also  Reigns   And  in  luxurious  Cities,  where  the  noyse   Of  riot  ascends  above  thir  loftiest  Towrs,   And  injury  and  outrage:  And  when  Night   Darkens  the  Streets,  then  wander  forth  the  Sons   Of  BELIAL,  flown  with  insolence  and  wine.   Witness  the  Streets  of  SODOM,  and  that  night   In  GIBEAH,  when  hospitable  Dores   Yielded  thir  Matrons  to  prevent  worse  rape.”    Paradise  Lost,  Book  I     It  was  necessary  to  stop  here  before  they  could  continue  because  they  need  to  refuel  and  take  on   supplies.  On  Helleboros  to  speak  positively  about  anything  white  or  Christian  was  a  hate  crime  to  be   severely  punished.  Diversity  and  inclusion  here  was  the  way;  the  population  was  composed  of  all  races   and  religions.  Heterosexuality  and  homosexuality  as  well  as  necrophilia  and  pedophilia  were  protected   under  the  law.  Drugs  were  freely  encouraged  and  bought  and  sold.  Many  languages  were  spoken  and   every  perversion  from  sadism  to  masochism  was  indulged.     There was a logical precedence for this:

In 2003 on Earth Ake Green, pastor of a Pentecostal congregation in Kalmar, Sweden, was sentenced to one month in prison on a charge of inciting hatred against homosexuals. Pastor Green was prosecuted for his sermon in a January hearing, where he was found guilty of "hate speech against homosexuals" for a sermon preached in 2003. According to press reports, Pastor Green condemned homosexuality as "abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society." His comments were delivered as part of a sermon, drawn from biblical texts, dealing with the sin of homosexuality. In Sweden, biblical preaching is now a crime. The prosecution of a Christian pastor for the crime of preaching a biblical sermon sets a new low for the culture of political correctness. Those who reject biblical truth are now set on silencing Christian pulpits--all in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. The logic of this prosecution is driven by the ardent determination of homosexual activists to make all criticism of homosexuality illegal. The logic of many hate crimes statutes plays right into this ideological strategy. By silencing all opposition, advocates for the normalization of homosexuality have the public square entirely to themselves, with defenders of biblical sexuality and the traditional family left without a voice and risking prosecution for any language or argument deemed offensive by the guardians of political correctness. 94

Christianity a  Hate  Group  and  to  Quote  from  the  Christian  Bible  a  Hate  Crime  

  There was a logical precedence for this:

In 2003 on Earth Ake Green, pastor of a Pentecostal congregation in Kalmar, Sweden, was sentenced to one month in prison on a charge of inciting hatred against homosexuals. Pastor Green was prosecuted for his sermon in a January hearing, where he was found guilty of "hate speech against homosexuals" for a sermon preached in 2003. According to press reports, Pastor Green condemned homosexuality as "abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society." His comments were delivered as part of a sermon, drawn from biblical texts, dealing with the sin of homosexuality. In Sweden, biblical preaching is now a crime. The prosecution of a Christian pastor for the crime of preaching a biblical sermon sets a new low for the culture of political correctness. Those who reject biblical truth are now set on silencing Christian pulpits--all in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. The logic of this prosecution is driven by the ardent determination of homosexual activists to make all criticism of homosexuality illegal. The logic of many hate crimes statutes plays right into this ideological strategy. By silencing all opposition, advocates for the normalization of homosexuality have the public square entirely to themselves, with defenders of biblical sexuality and the traditional family left without a voice and risking prosecution for any language or argument deemed offensive by the guardians of political correctness. Helleboros Under  the  Rule  of  the  Dark  Lord     “You  will  never  understand  says  Satan  how  deeply  I  despise  you,  human  beings.  You   disgust  me  to  no  end.  You  boast  of  your  superior  rank  to  animals,  when  in  fact  you   are  the  most  wretched  among  them.  Your  very  existence  sickens  me.  I  consider  you   worse  than  your  pigs.  You  claim  to  be  intelligent  when  in  point  of  fact  you  are  stupid.   One  has  only  to  look  at  the  steady  diet  of  pseudo-­‐scientific  slop  I  feed  you  on.  Yes,   and  served  up  by  so-­‐called  ‘scientists’  –  my  underlings.  Then  there’s  the  trash  I  serve   up  in  the  press.  Can  you  really  be  His  most  prized  creature?  A  few  little  perversities   and  presto!  you  are  on  my  side.  How  readily  you  fall  prey  to  the  blandishments  of  my   messengers!  You  value  your  freedom  but  fall  easily  into  my  traps.  How  easy  to   deceive  you  in  the  name  of  freedom?  You  feel  disgust  when  you  see  something  dirty   but  you  readily  give  in  to  your  filthy  passions.  You  wallow  in  your  wickedness,  like   swine  in  the  mud.  Men  cut  each  other’s  throats  over  a  woman  or  a  handful  of  gold.   Not  that  I’m  complaining,  mind.  So  why  the  big  to-­‐do  over  the  One  who  suffered  on   the  cross  to  save  you?  Was  anything  gained?  Save  you  from  what,  from  sin?  Why,  you   are  so  deep  in  sin,  you  are  drowning  in  it!  And  then  consider  what  happens  when  I   tempt  you  with  the  spirit  of  jealousy,  hatred,  competition  and  vengeance”.  “It  is  the   Virgin  Mary  –  adds  Satan  elsewhere  –  who  most  thwarts  my  designs.  She  brings   destruction  to  my  kingdom.  She  stands  between  me  and  final  victory.  She  may  yet  be   the  cause  of  my  defeat.  She  is  always  there  to  hinder  me.  She  incites  her  fanatics  to   deprive  me  of  souls.  Wherever  the  stridence  of  my  power  extends,  she  silently   multiplies  her  victories.”  Domenico  Mondrone    


Episode 23: Helleboros…“Progress is  our  most  important  product”

Hellboros  was  a  planet  ruled  by  Benevolence  and  Love  for  all  in  a  diverse  and  inclusive  society,  and  Belial   and  Screwtape  were  co-­‐presidents.     Left:  Satan  Controlling  Belial  and  Screwtape  as  they   Administer  Worlds  thru  Dimensional  Portals,  Mural   by  Bienvenido  Bones  Banez  Jr.     “Diversity  &  Inclusion”  was  the  motto  of  the  great  planet   Hellebores.  The  liberty  to  practice  your  beliefs  in  all   forms  was  their  utopian  ideal.  Thus  Christians,  Jews,   Muslims,  atheists,  Blacks,  Whites  (only  for  a  while),   Yellows,  conservatives,  revolutionaries,  sane  men,   madmen  all  lived  in  a  kind  of  “dynamic”  society  on  the   planet.  Unfortunately,  diversity  of  values,  tenants  and   beliefs  leads  to  dislike  and  hatred  and  often  violence.   But  although  this  was  on  the  surface  and  for  public   consumption  a  paradise/utopia  for  liberal/diverse   communist  socialist  “progressive”  true  believers,  it  was   more  of  a  utopia  for  lawyers  who  had  to  intervene  when   the  rights  of  various  groups  were  perceived  to  be   violated.  Lawyers  on  Helleboros  as  on  Earth  very  fairly  represented  any  side  that  hired  them  -­‐  right,  left,   black  white,  innocent  or  criminal.    And  the  laws  of  Helleboros  were  vague  enough  so  that  interpretation   was  again  a  very  liberal  thing  and  government  could  skew  things  to  the  outcome  it  wanted.  Groups   openly  disagreed  with  one  another  because  there  was  freedom  of  speech,  except  that  many  opposed  the   freedom  of  speech  of  those  who  disagreed  with  them.  The  right  to  abortions  was  against  Christian   doctrine.  The  rights  of  gays  were  in  violation  of  Christian  and  Muslim  principles.  The  eternal  struggles  of   the  population  of  Hellebores  were  a  very  real  utopia  for  lawyers,  doctors,  psychiatrists  and  hospitals  who   made  much  money  in  mediating  the  differences  and  tending  to  the  wounded  and  suffering.  But  they  all   held  to  that  hallowed  motto  “Diversity  &  Inclusion!”  As  we  know,  Democracy,  envisioned  by  the  Greeks,   was  workable  with  a  small  population  of    like-­‐minded  citizens  sharing  common  values,  but  it  eventually   evolved  in  the  19th  though  the  21st  centuries  in  the  West  and  finally  on  Helleboros  to  be  the  foundations   of  a  massive  unwieldy  Socialist  communist  World  Zionism  manipulated  by  a  few  clever  men  with   absolute  control.     GUN  CONTROL!     One  thing  Helleboros  had  was  absolute  gun  control.  No  citizen  could  own  a  gun.  That  way  there  was  no   way  for  them  to  oppose  the  liberal/socialist  government  by  force  of  revolution  and  also  citizens  in  their   miseries  had  only  lawyers  and  the  courts  as  a  solution  to  their  manifest  and  multiform  problems.  This   liberal  and  diverse  utopia  was  also  totalitarian,  and  the  grip  was  unassailable.  Thus  when  Milton  asked   for  permission  to  land  to  refuel  and  tale  on  supplies  the  ship  was  inspected  very  thoroughly  so  any  means   that  citizens  might  import  would  not  be  used  against  the  government.  Heroin,  LSD,  sexual  stimulants,   aphrodisiacs,  and  pornography  were  all  welcome.  Opiates  for  the  masses  were  considered  good  and   necessary  to  take  their  minds  off  of  the  real  problem…their  liberal  government.  Use  and  sale  of  drugs  and   prostitution  were  not  crimes,  but  a  civil  right,  since  it  was  a  “victimless  crime”  by  definition  of  statute.   Sure  people  got  hurt,  but  law  is  one  thing,  justice  another  and  this  was  the  law  of  Helleboros.    


On Earth  humans  still  knew  instinctively  when  a  thing  was  proved  and  when  it  was  not;  and  if  it  was   proved  they  really  believed  it.  But  Liberal  Socialists  had  a  more  direct  path  to  make  people  move  in  the   direction  they  desired,  they  offered  them  unrealistic  hope,  which  trumps  truth.  The  press  and  other   left  wing  media  can  dump  a  dozen  incompatible  philosophies  dancing  about  inside  an  average  persons   head.  According  to  Screwtape,  “The  average  man  or  woman  doesn’t  think  of  doctrines  as  primarily   "true"  or  "false",  but  as  "academic"  or  "practical",  "outworn"  or  "contemporary",  "conventional"  or   "ruthless".  Jargon,  not  argument,  is  your  best  ally  in  keeping  him  from  the  real  truth.  Don't  waste  time   trying  to  make  him  think  that  materialist  acquisition  of  wealth  and  power  is  true!  Make  him  think  it  is   strong,  or  stark,  or  courageous—that  it  is  the  philosophy  of  the  future.  That's  the  sort  of  thing  he  cares   about.”  President  Donald  Triumphant  back  on  earth  knew  all  about  that.  He  strongly  stated  when   opposed,  “Fake  News.”  Other  equally  incompatible  notions  are  “there  is  to  such  thing  as  the  White   race,  it  is  a  constructed  notion  of  the  17th  century  created  to  subdue  Blacks.”  Well,  obviously  if  there   are  no  Whites,  then  white  racism  does  not  exist.  Also,  if  “whiteness”  is  an  idea,  then  Blacks  can  take  on   the  idea  that  they  are  white,  and  if  being  white  is  superior,  they  too  can  be  superior  by  thinking  they   are  white.    That  is  something  to  think  about.  Yet  Blacks  think  that  all  whites  are  racist  even  while   holding  in  their  heads  the  contradictory  notion  that  whiteness  does  not  exist.  Remarkable!  Also,  people   should  not  be  judged  by  the  color  of  their  skin.  Even  so,  Progressives  say  there  is  a  thing  called  “white   privilege”  and  it  must  be  eradicated  even  though  white  people  did  not  really  exist.       THE  CHURCH!!!         One  of  our  great  allies  of  Helleboros  is   the  Church  itself.  While  preaching  love   and  forgiveness,  they  practiced  nailing   people  to  crosses  and  burning  them  on   stakes  as  in  the  inquisitions  or  the   pogroms  used  to  incinerate  the  Jews,  all   it  the  name  of  Christian  love!     The  task  of  the  rule  of  Helleboros  is  to   keep  everything  hazy  in  the  minds  of   the  subjects,  and  we  will  have  all   eternity  wherein  to  amuse  the  ruling   class  by  producing  in  the  citizen  the   Kind  of  clarity  that  Hell  affords.     Mostly,  after  filling  his  belly,  a  man’s   inveterate  love  of  degrading  and  being  degraded  by  unnatural  liaisons  with  the  two-­‐legged  animals  is   foremost  on  his  subconscious  and  conscious  mind.  It  was  the  delightful  task  of  Belial  and  Screwtape  on   Hellebores  to  give  men  and  women  what  they  want!  Mankind  thinks  he  desires  freedom  most,  freedom   to  seek  pleasure  and  exercise  his  meager  abilities  to  gain  baubles  and  mastery  over  others.  In  that  the   masters  of  Helleboros  knew  they  can  create  eternal  conflict,  continually  promising  to  mediate  the   differences  in  the  name  of  peace,  harmony  and  above  all  DIVERSITY  AND  INCLUSIVENESS!!    


The Curse  of  the  English   And  the  Utopia  of  Diversity     According  to  Wikipedia,  on  Earth  English  is  the  third  most  widespread  native  language  in  the  world,   after  Standard  Chinese  and  Spanish  and  is  either  the  official  language  or  one  of  the  official  languages  in   almost  60  sovereign  states.  There  were  more  people  who  have  learned  it  as  a  second  language  than   there  are  native  speakers.  It  was  co-­‐official  language  of  the  United  Nations,  of  the  European  Union  and  of   many  other  world  and  regional  international  organizations.  It  is  the  most  widely  spoken  Germanic   language,  accounting  for  at  least  70%  of  speakers  of  this  Indo-­‐European  branch.  English  has  a  vast   vocabulary,  and  counting  exactly  how  many  words  it  has  is  impossible.     English  is  a  “lingua  franca,“  a  bridge  language,  developed  around  the  world  throughout  human  history,   sometimes  for  commercial  reasons  (so-­‐called  “trade  languages”)  but  also  for  cultural,  religious,   diplomatic  and  administrative  convenience.  The  English  were  traders  and  a  warrior  people  who  created   outposts  through  out  the  world  developing  the  greatest  empire  the  world  has  ever  known.  The  English   enriched  themselves  with  appropriation  and  commerce  and  in  turn  enriched  many  of  the  nations  and   cultures  it  dominated.     Because  of  the  binding  cultural  qualities  of  the  English  language  people  sharing  a  common  language   made  for  ease  of  communication  and  commerce.  Essentially  hey  could  understand  each  other  and   perhaps  come  to  an  understanding  rather  than  have  difficulty  and  suspicions  and  misunderstandings.   Therefore,  on  Helleborus  English  was  outlawed  except  in  court  of  law.  Belial  and  Screwtape  extolled  the   virtues  of  diversity  and  it  included  an  appreciation  of  peoples  speaking  their  own  native  language.  It  was   good  for  Jewish  people  too  who  were  adept  at  many  languages  since  they  had  spread  themselves  across   the  world  for  purposes  of  commerce.  They  could  make  a  lot  of  money  from  translating  and  negotiating.       So  as  with  the  Tower  of  Babel,  Helleboros  was  a  “confusion  of  tongues.  People  could  not  deal  with  any   other  directly  without  an  intermediary.  This  was  a  utopia  of  diversity!  

Tower of  Babel  by  Bruegel  


Back on  Earth,  The  Jews  had  been  vilified  for  centuries.  They  have  suffered  murder  and  pillage  and   rape  at  the  hands  of  their  fellow  whites.  They  have  not  even  been  considered  white,  but  a  race   apart,  perfidious,  scheming,  and  subtle.  It  was  they  who  were  blamed  for  the  Protocols  of  the  wise   men  of  Zion.  In  fact  they  had  nothing  to  do  with  The   Protocols  and  Zionism  had  less  to  do  with  it!     The  problem  of  blaming  the  Jews  for  everything  was  that   in  fact  that  the  Jews  always  considered  themselves   Special  or  “Chosen.  There  is  nothing  wrong  with  that   since  everybody,  every  race,  feels  special  to  some  ex-­‐   tent.  Humans  all  vilify  groups  not  their  own.   Unfortunately,  once  a  group  is  marked”  in  such  blazing   capital  letters  by  history  as  being  behind  every  evil  act,  it   is  hard  to  erase  the  stigma.  The  failure  of  every  human   financial  or  social  structure  requires  that  there  be  an   outlet  to  the  anger  and  frustration  of  the  general   population.  The  Jew  has  always  served  as  that  lightning   rod  in  the  West.     For  a  couple  of  hundred  years  now  the  Western  world,   the  individual  nations  that  call  themselves  democratic,   have  been  ruled  not  by  men  elected  (elections  are  an   illusion)  from  among  their  ranks,  but  by  the  ever   unchanging  same  type.  .  Yes,  the  members  of  the  political   parties  change,  and  new  recruits  are  found.  But  it  is  a   type,  which  controls  all  the  political  parties,  and  it  is  the  same  type,  which  has  existed  for   centuries...  like  the  Mafia.  They  were  generally  men  of  the  noble  ranks  in  European  and  Eastern   Society...well  educated,  worldly  born  to  rule,  as  the  English  would  have  put  it.  Very  few,  if  any,  Jews   were  in  their  ranks...occasionally  a  Disraeli  or  a  Rothschild,  but  mostly  men  like  Napoleon  III  or   Bismarck,  or  Tojo.  What  the  Jews  did  for  their  own  protection  was  to  contribute  money  to  these   powerful  men,  hoping  that  they  could  influence  them  where  necessary.  Unfortunately,  the  best-­‐ laid  plans  of  mice  and  men  oft  go  astray,  and  the  clever  German  Nazi  s  gladly  took  their  money  and   shoveled  them  into  ovens.  Still,  even  today  the  Jews  contribute  vast  sums,  more  than  any  other   group,  to  political  parties  and  charities...for  protection,  or  because  they  love  their  fellow  man?     The  Wise  Men,  realizing  that  war  and  the  struggle  for  land  and  world  domination  would  destroy   the  world  they  wished  to  dominate,  invented  democratic  principles  to  satisfy  the  masses  and   prevent  revolutions.  It  was  to  be  their  way  of  modifying  or  mollifying  human  behavior  by  smoke   and  mirrors  rather  than  though  the  drastic  methods  of  genetic  engineering  for  which  they  had  no   science  yet  anyway.     Recognizing  that  the  only  way  to  survive  is  to  control  the  world  by  creating  a  leadership  they   themselves  could  control,  the  Wise  Men  met  in  the  early  20th  century  to  make  a  plan.  A  mentor  of   Terrance  Lindall,  when  he  was  very  young,  attended  that  meeting  in  great  hopes.  Looking  back,  he   now  saw  it  as  a  very  flawed  plan...one  that  held  no  hope  for  the  future  of  man.    


Here is  what  the  wise  men  did:  by  press  and  propaganda  they  succeeded  in  forming  the  big  classical   parties  in  every  country.  Even  then,  they  formed  two  or  three  groups  that  apparently  combated  one   another,  but  actually  hung  by  the  same  golden  thread,  all  attuned  to  a  single  trait  of  the  human   character,  i.e.,  that  a  man  easily  loses  interest  in  a  thing  and  desires  something  new.  So  when  one   party  rules,  the  other  carries  on  the  opposition.  When  the  one  party  makes  a  mess  of  things,  which  it   does  in  the  zeal  of  its  greed,  the  opposition  takes  control  and  the  government  party  goes  into   opposition.  And  round  and  round  it  goes,  a  clever  mill,  sapping  the  energies  of  a  violent  race  s  will,  a   perfect  plan!     And  then  the  wise  men  laid  hands  upon  the  fourth  estate.  With  extraordinary  dexterity  they  played   the  fourth  estate  against  the  democracies  of  the  West  in  a  cold  war  that  kept  the  masses  hypnotized   with  fear  of  total  annihilation  by  atomic  destruction.  Later,  as  an  opiate  for  the  emotive  and   sometimes  violent  urges  of  the  population,  they  introduced  television  and  movies  with  sex  and   violence  and  sports  such  as  football  or  basketball  in  order  to  opiate  the  people  and  keep  their  minds   off  matters  of  state.  It  all  worked  like  a  charm,  until  the  Soviet  Union  fell  and  upset  the  equilibrium   and  then  Israel  could  no  longer  stem  the  tide  of  an  aroused  Arab  world,  a  world  of  seething  hatreds   and  a  willingness  to  sacrifice  their  own  lives  and  those  of  their  children  to  defeat  their  oppressors.   Before  this,  the  Arabs  could  look  to  the  Soviets  to  eventually  win  them  back  their  land.  Now  they  had   nothing  but  their  balls!     The  Arabs  are  very  much  like  the  Germans,  who,  humbled  and  enslaved  to  interest  bondage  by  the   greedy  French  &  Western  Powers  after  the  First  World  War,  finally  achieved  their  “great  idea.”  Armed   with  nothing  but  their  “balls  in  hand,”  since  the  Western  powers  controlled  everything,  the  Nazi   Germans  took  back  a  vast  chunk  of  what  they  lost  and  had  a  good  chance  of  taking  it  all,  losing  not   because  of  lack  of  will,  but  because  of  a  lack  of  natural  resources,  oil  mostly.  They  knew  that  if  they   were  willing  to  confront  their  oppressors,  willing  to  sacrifice  anything,  they  might  achieve  freedom.   Can  you  imagine  the  greatness  of  a  people  willing  to  do  unthinkable  things,  such  as  methodically   exterminating  an  entire  race  of  people  to  cleanse  the  earth  of  a  problem?  Many  Arab  peoples  think   this  now.  It  is  frightening  indeed!     The  Jewish  people  have  always  considered  themselves  intelligent.  Yes,  they  are,  but  no  more  so  than   any  other  group  of  peoples.  They  have  one  great  gift  of  their  culture:  they  respect  education.  Also,  they   are  practiced  propagandists  and  salesmen.  But  if  you  look  at  their  creative  genius,  it  is  no  more  than   any  other  group.  The  great  discoveries  of  science,  mathematics,  the  building  of  great  machines,  like   airplanes,  automobiles,  radio,  television,  telephones,  movies,  computers,  and  the  great  creations  in   literature,  art  and  music  are  dispersed  among  all  men.  But  the  Jews  are  great  propagandists,  and  we   now  all  admire  the  intelligence  of  the  Jew.      


It is  so  easy  to  be  a  slave  to  the  mind  control  of  the  media  who  give  the  masses  their  dose  of  corrupting   “mind  heroin”  so  they  will  keep  on  working  for  their  masters.     Milton  knew  that  Man,  even  with  the  weaknesses  he  possesses  now,  could  be  great  if  he  takes  to  task   the  well  being  of  his  fellow  man.  If  he  can  hold  high  virtue  as  his  goal  and  peace  and  harmony  among   men  as  his  prime  directive  instead  of  self  indulgence,  personal  gain,  and  the  exercise  of  his  petty   antipathies,  he  would  be  happier  than  he  has  ever  been...or  ever  could  be,  But  as  Milton  saw  it  saw  it,   neither  by  a  broad  socializing  education  nor  by  deception,  nor  by  distractions  of  sex  and  violence  in  the   media  could  the  world  be  brought  from  the  brink  of  destruction  in  a  destabilizing  world.  The  only  way   was  the  final  solution  of  John  Milton  for  which  he  was  seeking  the  solution  of  the  seven!     The  spaceship  Rapture  contacts  Helleboros  to  solicit  fuel  and  supplies     Lindall  radioed  the  spaceport  on  Helleboros  to  request  landing  privileges.  He  also  asked  to  contact   whatever  department  of  state  they  had  to  obtain  visas  to  make  purchases  for  their  needs  in  continuing   their  mission  to  find  “the  seven.”  The  video  monitor  showed  a  black  person  who  very  much  looked   horrified  at  what  he  saw…a  white  man!     Now  Helleboros  had  a  policy  of  diversity  and  inclusiveness.  Diversity  and  inclusiveness,  as  on  Earth,   meant  getting  rid  of  the  white  man  in  any  endeavor  whenever  possible.  That  meant  passing  laws  of   diversity  and  inlusiveness.  One  such  law  was  that  it  was  illegal  to  be  a  white  man,  BASED  ON  THE   FUNDAMENTAL  LOGICAL  ARGUMENT  of  PROGRESS  that  all  whites  were  racist  and  racism  must  be   eliminated.  The  few  white  men  on  the  planet  protested  on  the  grounds  that  “we  can’t  help  being  white,   we  are  born  that  way!”  That  made  no  difference  to  the  progressive  liberals.  In  the  name  of  inclusion  and   diversity  they  outlawed  being  white.  All  whites  were  rounded  up  and  placed  in  a  camp  to  be  tried  in   public  with  the  penalty  being  tortured  followed  by  an  execution  much  like  in  the  ancient  Roman   coliseum.  “Give  them  bread  and  circuses”  mused  Belial  and  they  will  not  care  about  anything  we  might   do.  Jews  were  exempt  from  this  law.  Part  of  the  reason  was  that  they  were  of  true  African  descent.   Although  they  had  lighter  skin  and  had  inbred  with  the  northern  European  tribes  over  the  years,  they   still  had  some  cachet  as  defenders  of  equality,  diversity  and  inclusiveness.  Besides  they  comprised  most   of  the  lawyers  on  Helleboros  as  well  as  doctors  and  professors.  One  could  always  round  them  later,   mused  Screwtape.     Meanwhile,  one  might  wonder  how  the  people  of  this  utopia  were  fed  since  everybody  was  a  social   justice  warrior  and  devoted  their  time  to  concerns  about  equality,  diversity  and  social  justice.  Well   Screwtape  and  his  administration  had  the  plan  that  in  this  liberal  and  well  regulated  society,  those  who   broke  the  benevolent  and  liberal  laws  would  be  made  to  work  ins  servitude  for  the  benefit  of  the  rest   for  a  while.  There  was  a  nearby  planet  that  w  perfect  for  agriculture  and  livestock.  They  sent  prisoners   there  to  work  until  their  sentences  were  up.  The  planet  was  called  “Freedom”  since  the  motto  of  the   work  camps  was  "Arbeit  macht  frei,"    a  German  phrase  meaning  "work  sets  you  free."    


The Black  man  on  the  video  screen  recovered  himself  and  said  politely,  “I  will  see  what  I  can  do.  Put   your  ship  in  orbit  and  we  will  contact  you  shortly.”     After  several  hours  there  were  several  ships  rising  from  the  planet,  clearly  military.  They  surrounded   the  Rapture  and  signaled  it  “not  to  resist  and  to  lay  to.”  Everybody  was  in  shock!            


Episode 24: Milton Meets  Belial    

Oh, East  is  East,  and  West  is  West,  and  never  the  twain  shall  meet,   Till  Earth  and  Sky  stand  presently  at  God's  great  Judgment  seat;   But  there  is  neither  East  nor  West,  Border,  nor  Breed,  nor  Birth,   When  two  strong  men  stand  face  to  face,  though  they  come  from  the  ends  of  the  earth!   Rudyard  Kipling     From  Wikipedia   This  may  be  read  as  saying  that  'it  is  indisputable  that  geographic  points  of  the  compass  will  never   meet  in  this  life,  but  that  when  two  strong  men  [or  equals]  meet,  the  accidents  of  birth,  whether  of   nationality,  race,  or  family,  do  not  matter  at  all—the  mutual  respect  such  individuals  have,  each  for   the  character,  prowess,  and  integrity  of  the  other,  are  their  only  criteria  for  judging  and  accepting  one   another.  Any  differences  in  ethnicity  between  such  individuals  are  never  even  considered.       “Welcome  to  my  Realm  Mr.  Milton”  said  Belial  to  Milton  over  the  video  screen.”     “So  spake  the  grieslie  terror,  and  in  shape,   So  speaking  and  so  threatning,  grew  tenfold  [  705  ]   More  dreadful  and  deform:  on  th'  other  side   Incenst  with  indignation  (Milton)    stood   Unterrifi'd,  and  like  a  Comet  burn'd,   That  fires  the  length  of  Ophiucus  huge   In  th'  Artick  Sky,  and  from  his  Red  Hair  710  ]   Shakes  Pestilence  and  Warr.  Each  at  the  Head   Level'd  his  deadly  aime;  thir  fatall  hands   No  second  stroke  intend,  and  such  a  frown   Each  cast  at  th'  other,  as  when  two  black  Clouds   With  Heav'ns  Artillery  fraught,  come  rattling  on  [  715  ]   Over  the  Caspian,  then  stand  front  to  front   Hov'ring  a  space,  till  Winds  the  signal  blow   To  join  thir  dark  Encounter  in  mid  air:“   Paraphrased  from  Book  II,  Paradise  Lost    


A Friendly  Lunch  to  Break  the  Ice  

Belial  faced  Milton  over  lunch.  Belial’s  tongue  dropped  Manna  as   he  praised  Milton’s  poem  about  the  “great  struggle  of  Satan  to   overcome  oppression  and  injustice.  “     Milton  was  appalled.  He  thought  he  was  “,…justifying  the  ways  of   God  to  men.”     Milton  thought  Social  justice  as  a  concept  of  fair  and  just  relations   between  the  individual  and  society.  It  was  injustice  when  some   few  men  appropriated  the  goods  of  society  for  themselves  and   enslaved  others  to  produce  the  goods.  It  is  what  he  thought   Cromwell  had  fought  for.         Milton  thought  that  the  distribution  of  wealth,  opportunities  for  personal  activity  and  social  privileges   must  be  based  on  how  much  a  person  contributes  willingly  as  much  as  he  is  capable  to  the  society.  In   Western  thinking,  the  concept  of  social  justice  is  thought  of  as  individuals  fulfilling  their  societal  duties   and  receiving  what  was  their  due  from  society.  Meritocracy  was  the  ideal.       First  printed  publication  rights:  Carter  Kaplan's  Emanations.   CLICK  HERE:  https://issuu.com/lindall/docs/milton_in_space_proposal_thru_milto     In  the  current  Progressive  Liberal  movements  for  social  justice  that  Milton  had  recently  escaped  from   in  fear  of  his  life,  the  emphasis  has  been  on  the  breaking  of  barriers  for  social  mobility,  the  creation  of   safety  nets  or  “safe  places”  and  the  taking  away  of  property  from  white  Christian  people  to  be  given  to   blacks,  gays,  Muslims,  indigenous  etc.  as  reparation  for  past  exploitation.  All  people  in  jails  were  to  be   released  because  the  inmates  were  a  product  of  “structural  racism”  even  though  Progressives  could   not  point  to  any  real  example  of  it  except  that  people  were  put  in  prison  without  equal  results  for  black   people  in  spite  of  blacks  committing  more  crimes.  And  they  were  the  kind  who  might  vote  Progressive,   even  though  many  could  not  read  or  write  or  spell  their  own  name.  For  a  while  after  Elizabeth  Schrill   Rat-­‐Warren  became  president,  the  non-­‐white  suppressed  population  experienced  unbounded  joy   unmatched  since  when  the  troops  of  Spartacus  defeated  Rome  when  Rome  dispatched  militia  under   the  command  of  praetor  Gaius  Claudius  Glaber.    Spartacus  has  always  been  a  great  inspiration  to  left-­‐ wing  revolutionaries,  most  notably  the  German  Spartacus  League  (1915–18),  a  forerunner  of  the   Communist  Party  of  Germany.  Of  course  Spartacus  came  to  a  bad  end,  they  crucified  bodies  lining  the   Appian  Way.  Hopefully  it  would  to  be  thus  for  Progressive  Liberals!     Social  justice  Warriors  now  in  charge  of  both  Earth  and  Helleboros  assigned  rights  and  duties  in  the   institutions  of  society.  The  relevant  institutions  always  include  taxation,  insurance,  health,  school,   public  services,  labor  law  and  regulation  of  markets,  to  ensure  fair  distribution  of  wealth  to  all,  and   equal  opportunity  for  everyone  (except  whites  who  must  pay  reparations).  People  would  no  longer  be   judged  by  the  color  of  their  skin,  but  whites  must  be  punished…But    “White”  was  not  even  a  racial   category  according  to  Progressives,  it  was  an  invention  of  the  17th  century  to  oppress  people.    


Interpretations that  relate  justice  to  a  reciprocal  relationship  to  society  are  mediated  by  differences  in   cultural  traditions,  some  of  which  emphasize  equilibrium  between  access  to  power  and  its  use.  Hence,   social  justice  is  invoked  today  in  continual  and  eternal  philosophical/political  debates  about   differences  among  human  beings,  in  efforts  for  gender,  racial  and  social  equality,  for  advocating   justice  for  migrants,  prisoners  (now  free)  ,  the  environment,  and  the  physically  and  developmentally   disabled.  Chaos  might  ensue  in  mediating  the  demands  of  these  very  different  groups  with  vastly   differing  values,  but  this  freedom  is  better  than  servitude  to  Western  White  privilege.  “Give  me  liberty   or  give  me  death”  said  Thomas  Paine.  But  the  problem  of  this  “liberty”  was  in  a  disordered  and  upside   down  society  where  the  criminals  had  the  same  rights  as  honest  men,  and  the  incompetent  had  the   same  privileges  to  made  decisions  as  capable  men  and  women,  death  after  much  pain  was  a  likely   outcome.  As  Friedrich  Wilhelm  Nietzsche  said  ‘..Billions  of  bungled  humans  will  suffer!”      


Progressive Social  Justice  Achieved   Equality  at  last  on  Helleboros!  


The lunch  was  fabulous!  I  consisted  of     Olives,  bread  &  butter,  Ortiz  Anchovies,  Salami  Toscano,  Burrata  &  turnip  tops.  purple  sprouting   broccoli  &  anchovy,  fennel,  kohlrabi  &  cucumber,  roast  pork  belly,  potatoes  &  apple  sauce,  braised   duck  leg,  lentils  &  salsa  verde,  ,  Jerusalem  artichoke  &  chickpeas,  lamb  shoulder,  lentils  &  cavalo  nero,   and  finally  buttermilk  pudding  &  rhubarb  and  to  wash  it  down  an  assortment  of  wines.       Belial  offered  Milton  a  cigar  to  finish  the  fine  dinner.       Afterwards,  Belial  explained  what  was  gong  to  happen  to  the  crew  of  the  Rapture.  First,  John  Milton   and  Terrance  Lindall  were  to  be  placed  in  a  zoo  that  would  be  open  to  he  public.  Many  on  Helleboros   had  never  seen  a  white  man  first  hand  and  would  be  eager  to  see  one.  Of  course  they  would  not  be   allowed  to  talk  to  anyone  and  poison  their  minds  against  social  justice.     The  other  members  of  the  crew  were  to  be  transported  to  the  planet  Freedom  for  the  crime  against   humanity  of  transporting  white  people  for  illegal  emigration  to  civilized  Helleboros,  and  they  were  to   work  in  servitude  for  the  benefit  of  the  people  of  Helleboros  until  they  died.       Bienvenido  Bones  Banez  was  to  be  made  court  portrait  painter  in  recognition  of  his  wonderful   portraits  of  Satan  in  the  past.     Thus  ended  the  dream  of  John  Milton  to  seek  a  solution  to  the  problems  of  racial  conflict  on  earth.  He   never  did  continue  with  his  search  for  the  magnificent  seven  planets  where  he  had  hoped  that  all   peoples  could  live  and  work  in  peace  and  harmony.       Milton  and  Terrance  had  to  attend  daily  classes  to  instruct  them  in  social  justice,  diversity,   inclusiveness  and  the  problem  of  whiteness.  When  they  questioned  some  of  the  notions  they  were   given  electroshock  treatment.       Over  time  John  and  Terrance  died.  Their  bodies  were  taxidermied  and  put  on  exhibit  behind  glass  in  a   diorama  of  what  white  men  looked  like  and  how  they  lived.  They  were  shown  as  the  brutes  they  were   who  lived  in  mud  houses  wearing  grass  skirts  or  skins  of  animals  they  had  killed.          


The following  placard  was  placed  in  front  of  the  exhibit:     “The  White  man  as  seen  here  in  the  type  that  existed  during  the  17th  to  early  20th  century.   By  brute  force  their  tribes  overwhelmed  civilized  Black  nations  and  enslaved  them.   Although  black  people  invented  many  things  such  as  automobiles,  telephone,  radio  and   airplanes,  and  even  landed  on  the  moon,  etc.  white  men  rewrote  history  to  claim  those   discoveries  for  themselves.  See  here  what  the  real  white  man  is  in  his  brutish  squalor:”  


The moral  of  this  story  is:     1)  The  victors  will  write  the  history.     2)  In  a  democracy  if  the  majority  are  vindictive,  they  will  do  bad  things  to  the  people  they  disagree  with.   That  is  the  tyranny  of  the  majority.  The  majority  Catholics  burnt  heretics  in  the  Inquisition,  the  majority   French  population  guillotined  thousands  during  the  French  Revolution,  the  majority  “Progressive”   communists  slew  the  Czar  in  Russia  in  1917,  the  majority  Nazis  tried  to  cleanse  the  world  and   exterminate  the  Jews.       3)  Diversity  of  values  leads  to  conflict  and  that  conflict  will  be  exploited  by  others  to  gain  political   power.       4)    People  try  to  impose  their  own  ideas  of  utopia  on  others  who  do  not  share  their  views.  But  one  man’s   meat  is  another’s  poison.  For  example,  there  is  an  effort  underway  to  “decolonize”  teaching  of  English   literature,  that  is  to  include  or  replace  works  by  Milton  on  the  grounds  that  there  are  black  writers  just   as  good.  As  for  me,  I  prefer  that  we  maintain  the  traditions  and  have  other  courses  for  black  people  who   want  to  learn  about  black  writers,  not  force  white  people  to    be  educated  by  black  standards.       I  begin  to  think  it  would  be  nice  to  separate  people  into  groups  that  share  common  values  and  let  them   live  among  those  who  share  those  common  values.  Inclusiveness  of  people  of  different  cultures  and   beliefs  does  not  seem  to  work,  especially  if  forced.  So  maybe  apartheid  is  the  answer  all  over  again.  That   or  a  dictatorship.  And  if  a  dictatorship,  then  one  on  my  terms  that  preserves  Western  Christian   civilization.  Of  course  even  if  we  did  this,  one  group  might  be  more  successful  than  others  the  other   groups  will  want  to  share  it  or  take  it.    That  is  what  we  see  today  and  it  is  an  endless  struggle,  seemingly   without  solution.       White  Euro-­‐American  Christian  Western  Civilization  is  under  assault  with  a  tide  of  Islamists  washing   ashore  in  Europe.  First  they  come  hat  in  hand  to  find  asylum  after  they  had  tried  to  overthrow  their  own   governments.  Back  in  their  own  countries  Shia  bombs  Sunni  and  Sunni  bombs  Shia.  How  long  before  the   refugee  migrants  start  bombing  Christians  in  Europe?     From  James  Kalb:  “With  that  in  mind,  inclusiveness  doesn’t  like  particular  culture.  That’s  the  reason  for   the  war  against  Christmas.  If  culture  functions,  so  Christians  do  Christian  things  in  any  setting  that   matters,  that  excludes  others.  Human  relations  have  to  become  a  combination  of  individual  choice,   managerial  know-­‐how,  and  psychological  and  social  therapy  that  applies  the  same  way  to  everyone   everywhere.  If  Lapps  and  Basques  work  better  with  Lapps  and  Basques,  because  they  see  things  the   same  way  and  have  similar  habits,  that  has  to  change  as  well.  The  result  is  that  the  cooperative  habits   and  informal  knowledge  that  develop  within  culture,  and  provide  the  basis  for  the  specific  achievements   of  every  civilization,  have  to  be  done  away  with  as  exclusionary.  The  whole  project  is  disconnected  from   reality.  It’s  at  odds  with  how  human  life  works,  so  it  can  be  relied  on  to  make  people  cruder,  stupider,   less  functional,  and  more  isolated.  At  some  level  people  know  that,  so  most  people  find  inclusiveness   and  its  demands  stupid  and  disruptive.  But  if  it  makes  no  sense,  and  people  know  it,  why  are  so  many   intelligent,  experienced,  and  responsible  people  so  firmly  committed  to  it?”    



Finis   Yes,  the  finish  is  that  Satan  will  have  ihis5way  as  “Liberal  Progressivism”  for  a  short   while,  just  as  communism  had  its  way  in  many  countries  for  a  while  until  recognition   of  its  evil  sets  in  and  it  collapsed.  

Samson  Agonsites   John  Milton  

Chor.  All  is  best,  though  we  oft  doubt,  [  1745  ]   What  th'  unsearchable  dispose   Of  highest  wisdom  brings  about,   And  ever  best  found  in  the  close.   Oft  he  seems  to  hide  his  face,   But  unexpectedly  returns  [  1750  ]   And  to  his  faithful  Champion  hath  in  place   Bore  witness  gloriously;  whence  Gaza  mourns   And  all  that  band  them  to  resist   His  uncontroulable  intent,   His  servants  he  with  new  acquist  [  1755  ]   Of  true  experience  from  this  great  event   With  peace  and  consolation  hath  dismist,   And  calm  of  mind  all  passion  spent.  


Advertizement   JOHN  MILTON'S  PARADISE  LOST   The  Grand  Elephant  Folio         ILLUSTRATED  AND  SYNOPSIZED   by   TERRANCE  LINDALL     Many  original  large  format  drawings   plus  14  gilclee  prints  of  the  original  oil  paintings     Introduction  by  Yuko  Nii     Commentary  by  Robert  J.  Wickenheiser,  Ph.D.      



“Without a doubt, Terrance Lindall is the foremost illustrator of Paradise Lost in our age, comparable to other great illustrators through the ages, and someone who has achieved a place of high stature for all time. Throughout almost four centuries of illustrating Milton’s Paradise Lost, no one has devoted his or her life, artistic talents and skills and the keenness of the illustrator’s eye more fully and few as completely as Terrance Lindall has done in bringing to life Milton’s great epic. He has also devoted his brilliant mind to studying Milton, his philosophy, and his theology in order to know as fully as possible the great poet to whom he has devoted his adult life and to whose great epic he has devoted the keenness of his artistic eye in order to bring that great epic alive in new ways in a new age and for newer ages still to come.” Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, Milton Collector

"There is,  to  the  best  of  my  knowledge,  no  other  privately  held   collection  that  even  remotely  begins  to  approach  the  Wickenheiser   Collection  in  scope,  range,  or  importance."—G.  W.  Stuart,  Jr.,   antiquarian  book  dealer  and  Milton  specialist  


Here are  a  few   pages  from     Book  One  –   The  Fall  of  Satan  








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A New Graphic Novel about what would happen if John Milton, the poet, were to be reborn in the 21st century. Would he be appalled by the rac...


A New Graphic Novel about what would happen if John Milton, the poet, were to be reborn in the 21st century. Would he be appalled by the rac...

Profile for lindall

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