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First, sign up for and get your file uploaded. This is a pretty obvious step. Make sure your file is something that people want. I personally write PDF ebook guides (5-6 pages long) but I don't think the type of file actually matters. Upload it and get your Bitly link.

I pretty much do 1 file per niche.

Next, get some accounts if you don't have any. I get them on Fiverr. Don't try and get like 70 accounts for $5....go for the deals that are like 10 Manual Google PVA's for $5.

Now, we are going to do 5 videos per file, and put all of those onto one account. So at the end, you will have 10 accounts, 5 videos each, so 50 videos. That sounds like a lot, but just focus on 1 niche at a time. To make videos, just use Unregistered Hypercam or Camtasia Studio if you have it (you can find a torrent for it if you look).

Make the videos short and sweet, yet enticing. Put your Bitly link in the description, and shove a lot of keywords into the description as well.

Then, for the final secret sauce, order some likes and views off Fiverr for your video. At first (if your budget is tight), just order 1 fiverr gig per video that focuses primarily on video likes. Once you start making profit, start doing two gigs per video: one that focuses on likes, one that focuses on views.

More likes = Higher Percent DownloadMore Views = More Real Traffic = More MONEY $$$ Also, ALWAYS save your videos to a flash drive or something safe. YouTube accounts get banned randomly these days! You don't want to lose your videos.

You can make account to make $$$$ on : OR www.CleanFiles.NET

How to make money with youtube  
How to make money with youtube