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Minnesota CRS Chapter News October 2013


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Message from President Dan Boman………..……..….3 Becoming a Better Real Estate Professional……..…..6

Realtor Holiday Party………………………………….……..8 Pictures from River Boat Cruise…….…….….…......…10 Pillar to Post Article……………………………..……........11

Register for Sell-A-Bration 2014…………......…......…17 Wintrust Mortgage Article…………………….…………….18 New MN CRS Chapter Designees and Members…….15

MN CRS Chapter Board of Directors……….…………..16 Minnesota CRS Chapter Designees and Members 2013……………………………………………….…………...…17 Support Our Sponsors………………………………………..20


President’s Message: We at MN CRS just completed an action packed month taking it on the road with our continued journey to reach out to our membership! Tom Slupske and I went down to Mankato to the RASM association office to attend their trade show and talked with a lot of Realtors about the benefits of being a CRS member. We gave away a CRS online education course as a door prize and Peg Ganey of Century 21 was the winner. Congratulations Peg! We held our “At Home with Diversity” class with Eric Kodner in Hudson as a joint venture with the Wisconsin CRS chapter and WRA on the 25th of September. It is a great class to open up your eyes as to all the different types of diversity we need to consider as a Realtor. That evening we had a membership appreciation event with guests on the St. Croix on a beautiful evening boat cruise. It was a fun event and we all had a great time. We would like to thank all the sponsors who made the boat cruise possible! Then on the 26th we had Mark Porter in to teach us about “Working in the Clouds” and “Outlook e-marketing strategies” in Hudson again. I know all the students picked up a lot of good ideas from both instructors and we at MN CRS want to thank WRA for helping to put together the event, the instructors and the students for their participation. 3

President’s Message (cont.) Then we hit the road again and headed to Rochester on October 2nd with a business social event at the Willows Country Club. There was a short class on the upcoming Radon disclosures changes and how to be better prepared in helping our clients out with the disclosure requirements. On October 3rd we brought Ed Hatch in to teach us a class on “The New Negotiations Edge”, this was a joint venture with SEMAR association. It was a packed house with standing room only! It looks like we are going to bring Ed back in 2014 for his referral class; there was an overwhelming request to bring him back. We need to give a BIG thank you to Melanie Schmidt for all of her efforts in helping to put this event together. Without her help it would have never happened, we are lucky to have her as a MN CRS board member. Last but not least please schedule yourself to attend our Holiday charity event on December 5th 2013. We are taking the event to the southern metro this year at a new location for us. It will be at the Fort Snelling Officers Club from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. I know I will be ready to relax a bit after the busy schedule MN CRS has had this fall and the holiday event is the perfect place for that. As in the past the proceeds from the event will be going to 3 needy charities. If you can help out with a prize for the auction or a cash donation we would really appreciate your support. More information will be provided on this event.


President’s Message (cont.) Many of us will be heading to San Francisco next month for the NAR convention to learn about the upcoming year’s events and the installation of the 2014 officers. It will be fun time and a great event to sharpen up your networking skills. I hope to see many of you at NAR in November. As we finish up MN CRS calendar for 2014 if you would like to see us participate in your company’s expo, trade show or just have a CRS class reach out to me and we will talk about the opportunity. We have developed a lot of new friendships this past year by coming out to visit you! If you would like to be a district representative on the board of directors please let me know we do have a couple of positions that will be open. To your continued success with CRS! Daniel D Boman, 2013 MN CRS President


Becoming a Better Real Estate Professional Being a Certified Residential Specialist has given me the confidence and knowledge to learn how to become a better Real Estate Professional.

Did you know CRS is the only designation you have to Earn in order to achieve the Designation? This in itself is a defining moment for me. Why; because I achieved it, all my hard work and efforts were recognized. Did you know in Minnesota there are only about 3% of Licensed Real Estate Agents who possess the Certified Residential Specialist Designation? It took me several years to fully understand the value it truly brings to our Industry. Once I starting getting referrals from other CRS Designee’s specifically looking for another CRS Specialist; I got it. You get to attend great classes from great instructors who are certified and have all started from the bottom and worked their way up. You get to surround yourself by Successful people and awesome CE instructors. Learning the skills of Negotiating and the power of Referrals, Buyer/seller Strategies. The learning is endless.


Becoming a Better Real Estate Professional Then I was asked to be a District Representative; I was totally unprepared for what was to come. I accepted this position with Honor and Pride. And in returned I have gained Respect and Knowledge from my fellow Board Members. And I found out how truly amazing it is all that CRS really does for our communities. Recently; I had had the privilege and honor of organizing a Wonderful Continuing Education Class for Licensed Real Estate Professionals near and far. We had a Fantastic turn-out at our local Association. I got to work with one of the best educators I know; Mr. Ed Hatch, just one of many Fantastic instructors. I am looking forward to taking on my new role in the CRS-MN Chapter Organization and attending the CRS Celebration 2014. And I look forward to growing with all of you in Success with CRS. Warmly, Melanie Schmidt, CRS Director MN CRS Chapter


Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013


Realtors Holiday Party We need items for the Realtors’ Holiday Auction!

Please drop off your donations at the following locations prior to November 29th! Please consider donated items of at least a $25 value.

Linda Johnson Coldwell Banker Burnet 7550 France Ave. S. Edina, MN 55345 612-834-1444

Sandy Maxwell Counselor Realty 951 Hillwind Rd Fridley, MN 55432 612-791-5677

Peg Anderson MNAR 5750 Lincoln Drive Edina, MN 55436 952-912-2664 Raffle Tickets ($10 each) are being sold by the Board of Directors members.


Pictures from Boat Cruise


Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013

Pillar to Post STAGING YOUR HOME FOR SALE Selling your home? Beyond the basics of completing needed repairs and addressing any issues revealed in your pre-listing home inspection, it’s also important to consider the effect your home’s appearance will have on prospective buyers. “Staging” a home should be thought of as creating an appealing but neutral space that will allow buyers to see the potential of your home. Naturally, it’s difficult to look at your own home objectively; it’s yours, after all. So consider enlisting a friend to help you evaluate your space, or you may wish to hire a professional home stager to make your home the star of the show. Here are some ideas to consider: Staging is more about subtraction than addition. A room stuffed full of furniture will looked smaller, crowded, and difficult to move around in. Ideally, only the basic furniture should remain in order to highlight the size of each room. Get rid of clutter! Pack up your everyday items on table and dresser surfaces, knickknacks, magazines, electronics, etc. You want buyers to focus on your home, not on your “stuff”. Remove personal items from view. While of course you love displaying your family photos and cherished mementos, they are a distraction for potential buyers. A buyer wants to be able to see themselves in the home and not feel as though they’re in someone else’s space.


Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013

Pillar to Post More items to consider when staging your home to sell: Take everything off the kitchen counters and display a few cookbooks and a beautiful glass bowl of lemons instead. A bouquet of flowers – real or made of fabric – on the dining table is a nice touch. In bathrooms, get all of the clutter off the countertops and sink area. A few fluffy towels and attractive soaps can provide that “spa” feeling with minimal cost. Be sure walls and flooring are clean and maintained. Paint any rooms where the walls are in bad shape as well as any that have strong, “polarizing” colors. A potential buyer might find your red dining room and the purple in your teenager’s bedroom a real turnoff. Have the exterior painted if its condition warrants improvement. As with interior paint, neutral colors look best and have the most appeal. A few large, potted houseplants can soften a room and make it feel friendly and fresh. Don’t forget the curb appeal of landscaping. Trim any overgrown shrubs that are blocking windows or walkways and remove any weeds. A few dollars’ worth of bright flowering plants are charming when planted by a walkway, doorway, and mailbox.

Compliments of Pillar to Post 12

Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013

Save the Dates for 2014! Sell-a-bration

Registration is Open! Bring a Buddy and Save! November 11th is the deadline to save $100 by bringing a buddy!


Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013

Wintrust Mortgage Government shutdown’s impact on the mortgage industry. Below is a summary of some of the government services that have been impacted by the government shutdown, and how the shutdown will affect most mortgage companies. FHA Case Numbers: - FHA Connection is operational through the government shutdown, therefore FHA loans will be able to be processed and closed during this time. Flood Insurance: - Flood insurance through FEMA will not be obtainable. Any closings on properties in a flood zone that don’t already have Flood Insurance in place will be delayed until the shutdown is over. IRS 4506T Processing: - Vendors will continue to accept requests but the IRS will not process them until the shutdown is over. Most lenders’ require transcripts to close a loan, but are now accepting signed copies of tax returns and proof that any money that was owed or received was actually paid or received in lieu of the transcripts. 4506T forms need to be provided at closing. USDA Underwriting Approvals: - Due to the government shutdown USDA personnel are not able to facilitate the issuance of a Conditional Commitment. A USDA loan is unable to proceed to closing until the USDA offices are reinstated. Best Assets: Best Assets will continue to operate as it is not a government entity. However some transactions may be delayed by Best Assets’ ability to communicate with HUD, as HUD’s REO staff is limited. Social Security Administration: - The SSA has indicated their staff will be reduced significantly and the service they offer to verify identity/social security numbers via the SSA-89 form will be limited, or non-existent. We don’t use the SSA on all loans – only loans where Fraudguard calls for us to verify a social security number discrepancy. Veteran’s loans: - The VA Home Loan Guaranty Program will continue to function as normal in the event of a Government shutdown. Tax transcripts will still need to follow the same steps as outlined in the 4506T section. This is a fluid and evolving situation and should hopefully be resolved soon. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Craig Anderson – 952-908-9420 John Parkinson – 952-908-9403 Chris Spencer – 952-915-5310 Jeff Smith – 952-820-3232


New Minnesota CRS Chapter Designees 2013

Please welcome new members to our MN CRS Family! Show them the way to “Proven Success”. Rhonda Green, CRS Kevin Bumgardner, CRS Bob Elliot, CRS Scott Chapman, CRS Sandy Erickson, CRS Donna Vanneste, CRS Christopher Fellerman, CRS Mary Alice Beevore, CRS Stephanie Boegeman, CRS Jeff Nagorski, CRS Judy DeGreeff, CRS Marilyn Farinella, CRS Dan Pflugshaupt, CRS

Linda Splettstoeszer, CRS Craig Mische, CRS Nancy Adsem, CRS Mike C. Klemesrud, CRS Sandra Warfield, CRS Susan Wahman, CRS Craig Dullum, CRS Cindy Bramwell, CRS Roman Cantu, CRS Bradley Wadsten, CRS Elizabeth Johnson, CRS Susan Patterson, CRS Adekunie Mafe, CRS


Please welcome new CRS ‘Members” who are working toward their designation and have joined the Minnesota CRS Chapter to begin sharing in the benefits. Ben Ganje Steve Kraft Ann Smothers Geri Theis Shannon Lindstrom

Towanda Brunson Jeffrey Cameron


2013 Minnesota CRS Chapter Board of Directors Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or ideas for improvement or if you would like to become a MN CRS Board of Directors member

President: Daniel Boman President Elect: Thomas Slupske Secretary: Sandy Maxwell Treasurer: Dar Vosburg Past President: Stephen Stewart Director: Jason Gorman Director: Eric Kodner Director: Linda Johnson Director: Karen Pavlicek Director: Fred Schramm Director: Gary Williams Director: James Geisinger District Representative: Ron Hanger District Representative: Charlotte McDermott District Representative: Melanie Schmidt District Representative: Dinah Sundberg Regional Vice President: Michelle Epps MNAR Support Staff: Chris Galler MNAR Support Staff: Peg Anderson


Minnesota CRS Chapter Designees 2013 Nancy Adsem Linda Akenson James G Albers Jocelyn Allen Mark Allen John Ampe John W Anderson Larry Anderson Mauritz E Anderson Donna M. Anfinson Nancy J Argo Jim Armstrong Lisa M Ash Kerry Bader Sally J Bader-Hoagland Sheryl Bakewell Marilyn L Barnes Delinda M Beattie LeRoy J Bendickson Deanna Bennett Lance P Berwald Terry Bishop Dewayne Bloem Diane M Bloem Karla A Blomberg Tom E Blomberg George Bodnia Daniel D Boman Julie A Borgen Emily M. Bowers Cindy A Bramwell Bruce A Braun Yoko Breckenridge Fritz Bredenbeck Tom Bridge Carolyn Brooks Charles C. Brooks Jr Steven A. Bruggeman Mildred L Bruss Timothy E Buffham Shawn M Buryska Sue E Busch

Kathleen L. Cantazaro Roman J Cantu Sandra A. Carlson Wendy Carson Debra Casper Debbie J Caylor Jasminka Chan Sue Chesley David L. Christensen Linda Christianson Audrey I Cole Elizabeth L Cole Sue Coulter Linda Creurer John D Danyluk Heather M Dawe Judy DeGreeff Carol L Dietman Bill Dobbins Gordon N Doggett Craig M Dullum Gina Dumas Therese M Dutton Jo Ebbert Robert G Ebbert Scott Ebel Thomas I Edelstein Jessica S Edwards-Smith Tim Ehorn Jim Eisler Michelle Epps Ken Erickson Sandy Erickson Dixie R Ewing George Farkas L. Robert Faundeen Lynn Feldhege Orville F Fillbrandt Ann J. Finder Steven C Fiorella Holly Firehammer Jennifer A Forliti Jerry R Foss

David A Foy Mary Jo Franzen Chris Fritch Dave M Froyd Sam H Fudenberg M. Susan Fuhrman Anderson Mary F Gallivan Steven G. Ganz Craig Gass Mary Gaulke Jim Geisinger John Gellerman Cindy Gerke Bobbi Germond Nancy K. Giacomuzzi Lynda L Giesler Barry L Gillespie Cynthia Gillette-Hurd Barbara A Goerss Jason Gorman Clarke T Goset Patricia A. Gould-St. Aubin

Sherry S Graham Rhonda Green Bill E Grunewald Joan A Grunewald James P Gruver David C Guimont Dean Haagenson Garry H Haas Todd Haigh Ronald J Hanger Richard P Hansen Chris V Hanson Kale A Hassan Christopher C Hauck Steve Havig Shirlee L Heitz Sharlene H Hensrud Richard J Herrmann Thomas L Herzog Carol Hesch


Minnesota CRS Chapter Designees Dale L. Hildestad Steve Hinrichs Frederick W. Hoelzel Diane Holland Philip D Holm Carol Hong Jim Hughes Michael R Hunstad Beth Iverson Faye E Jacobson Wilhelmine T Jacobson Jeffery Jasper Judy E Jensen Syd Jensen Craig Johnson DuWayne L Johnson Erin D Johnson Garth H. Johnson Linda A Johnson Rick S Johnson Sue Johnson Nicole L Johnsrud Mike D Jorgensen Christy Joyer Jeffery J Joyer Jerome C. Juelich Vicky L Kaczmarczyk Judy Kindseth Mike C Klemesrud Connie B Knutson Rosemary A Knutson Eric M Kodner Steve T Kraft Mary Krieter Kathy Kueppers Jodi A Laliberte Carol L Lambrecht Bruce K Larson Christine Larson Larry T Lauer Sandra J. Lauer Richard B Leibold Mary Leizinger

Brian J Leonard Ann Leviton Dennis L Libby Patti K Lindberg Mary L Lindgren Lance Lindstrom Karen E Littlejohn Karen E Littlejohn Kyle L Litwin Brion D Loftsgard Sandra B Luedtke Michelle Lundeen Patricia Lutterman Laurel J Mahan Donna Marie Manthei Kary Marpe Dennis A. Mathis Lynn W. Mathis Vicky A Matson Sandra A Maxwell Patrick M. McBride Charlotte B McDermott Sean M McDonald Patrick G. McGill Mary McNaney Mark B Meixner Kim Melin Letty M Meyer Michael L Meyer Nancy Middleton Ronald Mikolai Kevin S. Miller Mary Miller Natalie Miller Gail R Mirviss Terry Mitchell Sandy L Modene Karen Moe D. Craig Moen Steven P Mollner Kevin R Monson Liz Muir

Craig E Murphy Jeff Nagorski Jeanette S Nelson Tab S Nesser Richard A. Norland Bettijo Norman Scott T. Norton Joel D Oakland Judith Odegaard Michael C Olsen Gerald E Otto Kimm Pastrana Susan P Patterson Grace C Paulsen Emelie J Paulson Karen Pavlicek Sherri Pearson Carol A Pech Stephen B Pemberton Amy Peterson Neoma K Peterson Janis Powers John J. Radde Jan Rapheal Colleen J Ratzlaff-LaBeau Lisa J Rawson Paul A. Redlinger Bob Reidell Jim C Rettinger Debra J RichmondJohnson Marilyn Richter Sylvia J Rogers John R Rohan Ralph Rooney Koleen J Rosenberg Sharon A. Ross Dana K Ross-Arlt Carl Rudnitski Sandra Russen Philip D Rustad Randall P. Ryan Lolly McNeely Salmen


Minnesota CRS Chapter Designees Jaclyn M. Sathers Julie A Sathers Duane Sauke Kathy Sawicki Rebecca J Schaust Dave Scheidl Brenda S Schiemo-Smith Karen A Schlaefer Melanie J Schmidt Frederick W Schramm Duane P Schroeder Jeff Scislow Jason M Semler Lisa Seymour Paul Sigurdson Radhey L Singhal Thomas J Slupske Karel Smith Lorraine Smith Scott R Smith Judy Snow Glenn R Solberg Judy Solstad James W. Sommerfeld Mary Sommerfeld Peggy A Sparr Louise Speck Gleni Sprague Janet G Stevens Patricia A. Stevens Stephen D Stewart George W Stickney Karen A Stiles Thomas Strombeck Dinah B Sundberg C.L. Swenson Eva l Tangen Decklynn A Theisen Joel Thiem Aaron J Thompson William H Towey Dee J Tweed Todd Urbanski

Stan A Utley Wendy J Uzelac Steve G Valeri Karla Van Eman Sharon Harris Vannelli Donna M Vanneste Tom Verhelst Patricia Von Mosch Dar Vosburg Joyce Walker Deborah A Wallace Sandra Warfield Jon Weber Susan K Wells Jan Wentland John W Wichmann Bretta B. Wilbur Gina Y. Willard Arlene Williams Gary E Williams Michael A. Williams Carol Winskowski Valentina P Yarr Jeff Young Marie Zellmer Ann Zickert Patricia M Zuzek


Minnesota CRS Chapter News October, 2013

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