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Minnesota CRS Chapter News July 2013


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President’s Message: As the summer months approach us we all need to take some personal time and reflect on what we have achieved in the first ½ of 2013! Have you hit your sales volume goals? Have you reached out to your client database and reminded them you are here to help them and others they know that are in need of real estate services. They may not know you are still an active CRS Realtor. Did you take some time off for personal or family time? We all have different wants and needs! I do know that the real estate sales market has improved just about everywhere in talking with other CRS agents around the country. Now is the time to put in place the actions needed to finish out 2013 strong! It is hard to believe that I am better than ½ through my MN CRS presidency. I can tell you that I have met a lot of fantastic leaders in this CRS network. It is so helpful to listen to their successes and how openly they will share what they are doing to achieve that success. One item I have been using is a document called Why CRS? I include it in my marketing materials for both buyers and sellers letting them know why they should hire me since I am a CRS Realtor. I don’t think we take the time to let our potential clients know the benefits of using a CRS agent and it has helped me talk more freely with my clients about it. What are you doing to show your unique benefits to your clients? Use CRS to your advantage and leverage our strong referral system.


President’s Message (cont.) I have been quite surprised by the number of calls and e-mails I have gotten from outstate CRS agents asking me to help them find a CRS agent in a specific city of Minnesota. They feel since I am the current president I can help direct them to a successful CRS referral agent which I am always happy to do. This is the power of CRS (cash referral system) we have to work with. I was attending a Realtor social event recently and I spoke with a brand new CRS members and in the first month of her membership she received a referral for a $400+K buyer coming into the MPLS market for a new job. That was great to hear! She earned enough commission dollars off that one sale to cover her CRS dues for the rest of her career. We have some great education and networking events coming up. We will be hosting a business social on July 24th from 4-7 pm at the Green Mill in Plymouth. We are bringing in 10K research to help us better understand and use the great data they provide for us and the Radon Guys to help us work through the new disclosures coming upon us. Then on September 25th and 26th we will be co-sponsoring CRS education class with the Wisconsin CRS chapter. Look for more details in this newsletter. There has never been a better time to plug in the CRS system and learn how to become a better Realtor. I hope to see you at one of the events. To your continued Success with CRS!

Daniel D Boman, 2013 MN CRS President 4

CRS story from an “Out-State” Minnesota Agent by Dinah Sundberg, CRS

I once read that the more initials (designations) an agent had following their name, typically the more money they made. Well, that isn’t always true, but I bet if you took an average, it probably is. I have been a real estate agent in the Brainerd area full-time since 1991. After my first year, I went and obtained my GRI. For a long time after that, I didn’t pursue any other designations. I started out my first few years in the business selling mostly waterfront properties (back when you could buy a seasonal cabin for $39,900 – no kidding). But, then I figured out that primary home buyers were the ticket for me. They actually would by a house, usually within a few months. The waterfront buyers could (and did) take their time. With them, we often would go out on the all-day, tri-county tour. Always on the weekends…in the summer…usually several weekends. And if they didn’t find anything after several appointments (weekends) and several hundred++ miles, AND continuing to look into the next summer, sometimes they would never come back. You see, they had options for a discretionary purchase. They could go to the Alexandria area, or maybe, even Wisconsin! But I digress. 5

CRS story from an “Out-State” Minnesota Agent Dinah Sundberg, CRS I made the decision to base the majority of my business in residential sales. Once my income started to increase, and I had a good number of sales, and some good years under my belt, I was looking for more ways to improve my performance for clients (yep – and to make more $$$). Well, I figured becoming a Certified Residential Specialist should be right up my alley. So for a few years – 2 or 3 – I would occasionally make the drive to the Twin Cities for a one or 2-day class. I had a head start on my obtaining my CRS credits with a GRI designation, and a 4-year college degree. Once I had enough credits, I sent the national CRS organization a list of completed real estate transactions (there was a minimum # required – I can’t remember how many where needed, but it was quite a few), my class certificates, copy of my college degree and GRI certificate along with an application and reasonable fee. I also felt it was a good idea to join the local MN CRS chapter, so I did that too. Once accepted, I could proudly display those initials “CRS” on my business card and other materials. And I did, and still do.

Let me regress – I knew I was onto something good when I attended those CRS classes. The caliber of the instructors, and the smart questions and suggestions made by class attendees, helped me understand – these people were real pro’s. And I wanted to be like them.


CRS story from an “Out-State” Minnesota Agent Dinah Sundberg, CRS Even though I have had the CRS designation now for a number of years, I still enjoy and learn, by attending an occasional class. Even classes that I previously took years back. I ALWAYS get some new ideas to help my clients, therefore my business. And as the market shifts, it’s good to hear how to change your business to fit the times. Last year, I saw the MN chapter was looking for “out-state” directors – one from each MLS. I felt this was a good opportunity to join up, and work on encouraging other agents to check out the CRS program. And by George, some of them did. I know some will be future MN CRS agents. And, if you have been wondering if it is worth your time and money, I am telling you, it is! By the way, I wasn’t sure if/how I could contribute to the MN Chapter, but I took a step out of my comfort zone and just did it. There are wonderful agents serving on the MN Board. We would welcome all inquiries on how to get on the Board, and only have 4 out-state MLS directorships filled. We would love to see more. Feel free to contact Dan Boman at who is the current Board president, or even myself to ask how this all works. I attend our once a month meeting via tele-conferencing, which lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Even by “attending” monthly meetings, I hear great ideas.

There are more benefits to the CRS program than just great classes, but you can find out about those in future newsletter articles. Dinah Sundberg, proud CRS member


July Business Social

To register: Contact Peg Anderson 952-912-2664 or


Upcoming Classes Mark Your Calendars! Travel across the river to Hudson Wisconsin at the Phipps Center for the Arts to join us and the Wisconsin CRS Chapter as we co-sponsor two classes. To register: or 800-279-1972 for details. Attend all 3 classes (pages 9-11) and SAVE! Savings are reflected when signing up for both and checking out.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 Phipps Center for the Arts Hudson, Wisconsin At Home With Diversity Are You Ready for Your Next Prospect? Presented by: Eric Kodner, CRS Price: $59 In today’s housing market, where client profiles are changing rapidly, earning the confidence of a potential homebuyer is more complex than it used to be. At Home with Diversity® teaches you to transact business in culturally competent ways. Participation in this six-hour session earns you credit toward the CIPS, CRS, and PMN designations, as well as fair housing continuing education and NAR At Home with Diversity® certification.


Upcoming Classes Mark Your Calendars!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Phipps Center for the Arts Hudson, Wisconsin “Top Secrets of Outlook E-Marketing Strategies” -- 3 hours Presented by: Mark Porter, CRS Price: $99 for AM & PM Sessions Learn 10 hardcore “how-to’s” for using Microsoft Outlook in Real Estate. Create one email address for life, increase traffic to your website, save money, and choose the best domain name for your branding. Plus 8 reason to say “I knew Microsoft Outlook could do that; now I know how” and the definitive solution; replacing your current contact manager with Microsoft Outlook. To register: or 800-279-1972 for details. Attend all 3 classes (pages 9-11) and SAVE! Savings are reflected when signing up for both and checking out. 10

Upcoming Classes Mark Your Calendars!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Phipps Center for the Arts Hudson, Wisconsin “Working in the Cloud” -- 3 hours Presented by: Mark Porter, CRS Price: $99 for AM & PM Sessions Instant access to all your files all the time, from home, the office, or on the road—what’s not to like? Cloud computing lets you keep all your digital stuff in sync….and just a click away. Whether it’s email, property data, photos, or anything else, learn how to use cloud computing and paperless systems to be responsive to customers’ needs more than ever before. Never again be caught without the information you need! To register: or 800-279-1972 for details. Attend all 3 classes (pages 9-11) and SAVE! Savings are reflected when signing up for both and checking out.


Upcoming Classes Mark Your Calendars! Just a short trip to Rochester, MN in October will provide the opportunity to participate in this seminar and gain an understanding of the most current, innovative and effective negotiation strategies, with specific real estate applications for their day-to-day negotiations with and for their clients. The New Negotiating Edge‌ A 5-Step Behavioral Model Presented by:

Ed Hatch, CRS October 3, 2013 Southeast Minnesota Association of REALTORSÂŽ

Price: $99 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM Registration information coming.


Minnesota CRS Chapter News July, 2013

Pillar to Post SELLING SMARTS: PLANNING AHEAD When it comes time to sell your home, planning ahead can help make the process smoother, the transaction faster, and the price better. It takes time and effort, but the results can make a big difference in the experience and the outcome even in markets that have seen a significant jump in housing demand going into the summer months. First, enlist the help of a qualified real estate professional. He or she will be your representative in the home selling process, and is therefore beholden to work in your best interest as the listing agent. Your agent will help you price the house realistically, taking into account aspects of your local real estate market, your neighborhood, and how your home compares to similar properties that have recently sold (“comp sales�). A professional who is familiar with your local area will have valuable insight as to what may make potential buyers pay attention to your listing. He or she will also be responsible for marketing your home, including multiple listing service (MLS), advertising, promoting your property to buyers’ agents, and open house scheduling. The listing agent will also help you through the complex transaction process that comes with selling a home. A professional pre-listing home inspection will help identify existing and potential problems with your home that can be addressed prior to putting the home on the market. The inspection should cover heating and cooling systems, the electrical system, plumbing, built-in appliances, the roof, and basement and crawlspace areas. An inspection report will then be issued with complete, objective findings. If you choose not to make needed repairs or system upgrades, this may need to be reflected in the selling price, or a credit may need to be given for the additional amount that the new owner will need to spend to have the work done. Your listing agent can recommend a qualified professional home inspector in your area. 13

Minnesota CRS Chapter News July, 2013

Pillar to Post Before your home hits the market, it needs to be de-cluttered in order to show well. If the home is already vacant, consider having it staged to showcase its potential to prospective buyers. Staging is usually done with furniture, lamps, indoor plants, and a few accessory props, but is kept clean and spare overall to highlight the spaces. If you are still living in the home, minimize distractions by removing excess furniture, accessories, and personal belongings from each room. Understandably, you may want potential buyers to see how you live in your home, but they will want to envision themselves and their family in the home instead of focusing on the details of your life there. Take a look around the outside of your home, too. Consider its curb appeal – what a buyer will see when they first drive up to – or by – your home. Maybe it can use a fresh coat of paint, or at the very least make sure that the trim around windows and doors is in good shape. Clean the exterior windows to brighten the overall appearance. Don’t ignore the landscaping; take some time to trim shrubs, mow the lawn, rake up leaves, and remove weeds. Seal any cracks in the driveway and walkways. Bright flowers near the street and front door are an easy and inexpensive way to welcome potential buyers. By planning ahead and utilizing the help of your listing agent, your home may sell faster and at a better price, a winning combination. 14

Minnesota CRS Chapter News June, 2013

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