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Acid Alkaline Diet Course Review

The premise of the Acid Alkaline Diet Course is to reduce consumption of the highly acid food present in modern diets and help convert your diet to a more alkaline based one. In this diet they focus on healthy grains, vegetables, and a balanced amount of meat, dairy, fish as well as sugars. The modern Western Diet has made us dependent on caffeine, sugars and too much protein. The Acid Alkaline Diet Course aims to reset your mindset and help you create a more balanced diet and nutritional strategies for a better quality of life. Your body contains a huge collection of chemicals and compounds; each chemical plays an important role in its functions. What if, you could use your knowledge of chemicals to create a more effective diet plan matching your unique body chemistry to help you reduce weight and enjoy better health? This is the idea behind the Acid Alkaline Diet Course. If there is no chemical balance in the foods you eat, you run the risk of health problems. Highly acidic Western diets are fast becoming a common problem in the modern world leading to a variety of different diseases and other conditions. The Acid Alkaline Diet Course focuses on the important concept of pH or the power of Hydrogen. The acidity or alkalinity of a substance or solution can be tested b ased on the pH scale in which the hydrogen ion activity is measured and referred to in the scale. The acidity of a substance is represented by a low pH level while higher pH levels mean alkaline substances.

The Acid Alkaline Diet Course Basics The very first step in the Acid Alkaline Diet Course would be identifying your daily diet requirements and understanding what foods are considered acidic and alkaline. Acidic diets disrupt the body resulting in a loss of important nutrients and vitamins that are sensitive to acidic conditions. According to the Acid Alkaline Diet Course minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium can also be affected by acidic levels and such an imbalance could actually create serious problems. In fact, the acidic imbalan ce

and depletion of essential minerals could actually predispose the individual to numerous risks such as nasal congestion, lack of energy, anxiety, flu, headaches, as well as presence of cysts. There are many studies that say cancer cells can’t grow in an alkaline environment and highly acidic levels can lead to cancer. Your blood pH ranges from 7.35 to 7.45 and is regulated by a complex system of buffers that work to maintain that level. If the blood pH level changes too much you die, but your body won’t let that happen without a fight, causing many health issues for you first. Here is a great link entitled “The Truth about Alkalizing Your Blood.” While the Acid Alkaline Diet Course does not claim to resolve all these issues, it points out that the pH level within the body and the food you eat could have a big influence on your overall health. In the Acid Alkaline Diet Course they recommend that dieters should have a higher proportion of alkaline foods in the diet. In fact, it is recommended to take 70% to 80% alkaline foods as opposed to acidic foods.

Recommended Foods The Acid Alkaline Diet Course recommends foods that are high to moderate in alkaline levels including kale, cucumber, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, salt, cayenne pepper, as well as chili peppers. Foods that are low in acidity include peas, flaxseed, milk, fish, cantaloupe, pecans and nectarines. As you can see, the Acid Alkaline Diet Course is focused more on plant based foods as well as some dairy, fish and fruits. That does not mean all acidic foods are bad. It is just that a person should have a good balance between alkaline and acidic foods to ensure quality results. The Acid Alkaline Diet Course does not really have clear take on meat, poultry, and other foods that might contain more acidic components but in assumption, they are not totally out of the equation. It’s just that with the Acid Alkaline Diet Course, the person must take smaller servings of acidic foods and eat more alkaline types but still take them in moderation. The purpose of Acid Alkaline Diet Course is not really strict on weight loss

but more in increasing energy levels and prevention of illnesses so it is important to take proper servings seriously to get the best results out of the Diet.

Exercise Recommendations The Acid Alkaline Diet Course does not include exercise routines and physical activities and their possible effect on the alkalinity or acidity of your body.

Pros / Likes The Acid Alkaline Diet Course is a good way to have more in depth perspective about what you eat. Another plus with the Acid Alkaline Diet Course is that it gives you a pretty good list of alkaline rich and acid low foods to get you started. Since there are many food items out there, you may need to do additional research.

Cons / Dislikes The Acid Alkaline Diet Course may not take into account on how food preparation could affect acidity or alkalinity of the food. If you cook fish with a sour broth, does it make the food more acidic or alkaline? Should you eat foods individually? What if you fry certain foods? Some say that alkaline diets still requires considerable scientific research to prove reliability.

The Acid Alkaline Diet Course Review Conclusion The Acid Alkaline Diet Course is a good course on healthy eating but it requires a lot of further studies to ensure actual benefits to individuals. From all my research over the past 10 years, I personally think that increasing your alkaline food intake can only lead to a positive outcome on your health and wellness. This diet program is only available through their website, it is downloadable to your computer where you can print it off if you like. There is also a private members site that you can sign up to. Find out more about The Acid Alkaline Diet Course here.

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