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Managing the dunes at Port Stanley

Letters When everyone's happy nobody wants to go home which usually results in overnight stays. Last minute or preplanned. STORY PAGE 2

War of 1812 Report The first raid took place on May 20, 1814. Colonel Talbot had gone to Long Point and Colonel Burwell, Who lived nearby, was much concerned. STORY PAGE 2

Port Stanley Report The Port Stanley Business Improvement Association (BIA) has given the go-ahead for Canfest 2014. STORY PAGE 4

Port Burwell Report Economic development, harbour divestiture, harbour hot spots, OPP costs, the list goes on. Tom Southwick has represented the interests of Port Burwell very well. STORY PAGE 4

Andrew Hibbert Over several days this past month most of the dunes and dune grasses have been removed along Main Beach and beside the municipal parking lots. In a move that has surprised some members of the community, the dunes have been virtually leveled and all the sand redistributed onto the beach itself.

Capture of Oswego, New York May 1814 At dawn on May 5, 1814, American lookouts at Oswego Harbour, observed Sir James Lucas Yeo's fleet while still several miles offshore. STORY PAGE 5

Port Bruce Report The Port Bruce Ratepayers Association (PBRA) board held their regular meeting on Thursday, May 1st and the May 24th village cleanup. STORY PAGE 8

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Over the past several years the Municipality has stressed the importance of maintaining the dunes saying, “Dunes are an important part of the management of Port Stanley's Main Beach. Central Elgin maintains Main Beach in accordance with the 2010 Port Stanley Dune Management Plan.” It was surprising then that the dunes have now been, for the most part, removed. In an effort to find the rationale behind the makeover of the dunes I asked Don Leitch Central Elgin CAO for an answer. Don sent the following note. “The Main Beach dunes are

being lowered to a height of approximately 1.5 metres. Beach grass was removed from the dunes prior to lowering and will be replanted at the end. The Dune Management Study that the Municipality completed in 2010 indicated that it might be necessary to reduce the height of the dunes from time to time should they continue to grow in size and height.” Don assured us that the work should have no impact on the Port Stanley Main Beach Blue Flag designation. There is no doubt the dunes were growing and that had some local residents concerned. I wondered if Carol Gates former BIA Chair and owner of GT’s Beach Bar might be able to shed some light on the feelings of those who live and work on the beach. Carol sent the following message. “Hi Andrew, I was as surprised as anyone. Both my husband Andy and new BIA Chair Eric are on the beach committee. It was their understanding that the dunes were going to be lowered and pushed

Above Left: The Port Stanley dunes as they appeared several years ago. Above: The dunes after being cut down. back. It was not a push by GTs or the BIA, just one day the big equipment showed up and the dunes were removed.” Carol continued, “Having said that, I'm personally thrilled. I think the beach looks 100% better and you can actually see the pier from GTs again. I think the dunes became much higher than anyone ever envisioned they would become.” So it seems that most people feel that reducing the height of the dunes is a good thing. Personally I rather liked the dunes the way they were. I felt they gave the beach a more natural ambiance, but there is no doubt that they were growing each year, both in height and width and would continue to grow. I’m sure that once the grasses start to reappear and given another year they will look much better.

Southwold Council Considers Request to Fund New Library Kim Grogan Treasurer Township of Southwold

Fingal – The Township of Southwold Council has expressed their support in principle to a new library. The Township’s sustainability plan reinforces Council’s commitment to culture within the community and details an action plan, including a new library, to promote a healthy and community oriented municipality by encouraging and supporting involvement of volunteer organizations wishing to provide cultural and recreational activities in the Township of Southwold. A sense of community will be strengthened by promoting a wide variety of consumer-friendly services, such as

health, culture, connectivity, parks and recreation. Further to that, the Township of Southwold is committed to providing a healthy, safe community to all residents, businesses and visitors by providing services in an economical manner to further growth and prosperity. On March 31, 2014 the Southwold Library Committee requested “Council consider supporting the Southwold Library project by committing $150,000 for the 2015 budget year in order to demon-

strate Council’s resolve to move forward, and at the same time encourage community confidence and donations.” At the April 14, 2014 Council meeting, Council made the decision to not commit ratepayers and future Council to a one-time contribution of $150,000 for the 2015 budget year. Over the past 5 years the Township of Southwold has realized devastating losses of approximately 50% of its revenue primarily due the Ford Plant closure, landfill assessment reductions due to capacity usage, provincial funding reductions and increases in Municipal policing costs. 2014 significant losses from 2013 include: Continued On Page 7

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LETTERS the Port Stanley Village Association Board and we have had discussions about this very subject. The Municipality While reading the article about the BIA only recently acquired the harbour lands annual meeting in the Port Stanley News from the federal government but is web site I was anxiously reading and already planning for an expanded park looking for what was in store for the large system on the east harbour, which is population of children that are likely to currently being tested for contaminants. come to Port Stanley. Nothing? Since baby The future plans would include playboomers make up the largest of the populaground equipment, a splash pad, walking tion, it only makes sense to include provitrails and other family friendly activities. sions for some recreational activities geared This year the Municipality has budgeted towards their families of many children and for playground equipment to be located grandchildren. I understand about the busiour Main Beach. We are also hoping near nesses getting a boost, but children do not have kayak rentals and other fun to enjoy adult activities... especially shopping. activities available on the beach. I believe What do children (and dads) do while the the next few years will see many changes women are shopping? If there is not to make our village more family friendly. enough recreation for every age group to Regards Andrew Hibbert do, then time in Port Stanley for young families and is limited. Port Stanley Arena Our other home is in the 'newly targeted' Upgrades area of Kitchener Waterloo and I am reluc- Now, More Than Just A Fancy Cover tant to sell Port Stanley to anyone with young families. No splash pad, no mini golf, On Wednesday April 16, our 60+ Men’s Hockey Club ended our season. After trampolines, family festivals, biking/hiking playing 68 games, I am very familiar with paths etc. I've seen many many the Port Stanley Arena facilities, espeparents/grandparents at other nearby cially Rooms 4 and 6. I really enjoyed beaches relaxing while just watching and/or playing in our local arena. participating in activities with children that In the fall of 2013, all dressing room bring a smile to everyone's face. showers were upgraded with Ceramic Tile When everyone's happy nobody wants to walls, new modern shower heads, with go home which usually results in overnight easily adjustable temperature controls. stays. Last minute or preplanned. These are The showers now function independently. the memories you see captured in photoThe arena now has a separate room for graphs everywhere. When children are happy, adults are happy and also happy to girls in the room behind the Timer’s Box. spend, especially when it doesn't involve an The area is well thought out, with visual barriers, chairs etc. airline ticket. I am pleased to see clearly marked BLUE It feels very self serving to enjoy all of the Containers for recyclables in the main perks geared here for us baby boomers, while Port Stanley has sooo much potential lobby. for serving a wider range of the demoThrough the years the entire staff of the graphics. Arena show great diligence in keeping the facilities very clean. All staff are We are very lucky to have a place here on always friendly and helpful. the beach, but it sure would be nice to change it up and take in family activities I am not sure if I am mellowing with age, but I can only come up with a couple of with our children and grandchildren. They items that maybe could be considered for too then might never want to go home. the near future. Susan Metzger Kitchener Waterloo  A Water Bottle Dispensing Unit like the Editors Note: Susan, you are absolutely one in Belmont. correct about the lack of kid related activities here in Port Stanley but I hope this will  Soap Bar Shelving in the showers. be corrected in the next few years. I sit on Don Donaldson Port Stanley

Activities geared towards families and children

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May 20: Commodore Sir James Yeo starts three-week blockade of Sackets Harbor, New York the major US base on Lake Ontario.


May 6 1814: A British amphibious force captures Oswego, New York. destroying the American depot. (See article by Arthur Pegg on page ) May 11: William Henry Harrison resigns as Major General of the U.S. Army; he is replaced by Andrew Jackson, against President Madison's orders.

May 20: US raid on Port Talbot. This was the location of the home built by Col. Talbot who became the chief settlement officer for a large part of southwestern Ontario running as far west as Windsor and east to Woodstock. He was also the officer commanding the London District militia, which included Oxford, Middlesex and Norfolk (Elgin wasn’t established until 1852). Port Talbot and its mill was the objective for a number of the enemy's expeditions, several times under the leadership of the traitor Andrew Westbrook. The first raid took place on May 20, 1814. Colonel Talbot had gone to Long Point and Colonel Burwell, Who lived

May 12: The American schooner Ticonderoga (17 guns) is launched at Vergennes, Vermont to strengthen the Lake Champlain squadron. May 14: Failed British attack on the American naval yard at Otter Creek, Lake Champlain (Vergennes, Vermont). The expedition left the naval base at Ile aux Noix, Lower Canada on May 8. May 14/16: From late March until August 1814, American forces under the command of Colonel John Campbell raided and burnt the communities of Patterson's Creek, Charlotteville (Turkey Point), Port Talbot, Long Point, and Port Dover in western Upper Canada. The raiding party of 550 Americans crosses Lake Erie from Erie, Pennsylvania and destroy the town of Port Dover and burn other settlements on Lake Erie. Abraham Markle's forces also burn the home and mills of Lt Col Robert Nichol, quartermaster-general of the Upper Canada militia (his total losses were estimated at £6,684).

Colonel Talbot as portrayed by actor Nick Wells who lives near Sarnia. nearby, was much concerned to find he had taken a small skiff, which he (Burwell) depended upon to remove his family from Port Talbot to a place of greater safety.

Burwell tried to assemble a force of militia but was unable to muster All of these communities saw the enough soldiers in time. The American destruction of their public buildings, force, which included about thirty grain mills, distilleries and private riflemen, swept down on Port Talbot, homes and barns at the hands of made prisoners of Captain Wilson and American troops and the traitor Joseph Walter Galbraith who were at the mill. Wilcox and his Canadian Volunteers. Captain Patterson at the blacksmith's shop and Thomas Matthews on his way Colonel Campbell's raids into these communities were an exercise in need- to oppose them. less brutality and they were considerHaving failed to find Colonel Talbot at ably condemned by his own troops, home, the Americans retired, with such even the crops in the fields and cattle loot as they could hurriedly gather, were deliberately destroyed in order to being apprehensive that Galbraith, the reduce the availability of the region to miller, who had escaped, would spread support the British army in the field. the alarm and cut off their retreat. Campbell was later brought before a May 23 - June 21: Treason Trials at U.S. court of inquiry, which contented Ancaster (Hamilton) Upper Canada. itself with reprimanding him for Called the Bloody Assize, Residents of displaying bad judgement. Upper Canadians accused of treason May 18: Lieutenant Colonel Robert are put on trial at Ancaster. McDouall relieves Fort Mackinac at By 1812 roughly one half of the inhabiMichilimackinac, the head of Lake tants of Upper Canada were American Huron. He then reinforces the site born. Many openly supported the against Americans with two dozen invading Americans and a few took up seamen and a company of arms against the British Crown forming Newfoundland regulars; also a a treasonous regiment, "The Canadian company of loyal Michigan Fencibles Volunteers," led by three former members of the Legislative Assembly. Nineteen men from the London and Niagara districts were tried for treason at the Ancaster "Bloody" Assize. Four were acquitted, and 15 men were sentenced to death. Eight men were executed on 20 July 1814, at Burlington Heights, Upper Canada. The men were hanged and then beheaded. Seven convicted traitors were reprieved, and of these three died in jail, three were banished and one escaped. Thirty traitors serving with the Americans were also convicted and their property Port Talbot on Lake Erie as it appeared in a contemporary painting. seized.

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Easter Egg Hunt Port Stanley Community Policing The annual Port Stanley Community Policing (PSCP) Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 19th at the Royal Canadian Legion, was a success with approximately 160 excited 10 years and under children in attendance. The children and their parents met at the Library and walked across the lift bridge with Peter, the 7' Rabbit leading the happy group onto the grounds of the Legion to look for the "eggs" to put in their baskets. It was smiles all around as the little ones brought their basket to the Volunteers from the PSCP and Legion for their bag full of chocolates, and a surprise for girls and boys in each. The O.P.P. had their hands full of little fingers, getting the Kids Fingerprinting, and of course the children loved getting into all that black ink, with the parents looking on approvingly. It was a very Hopping Easter Egg Hunt for all involved and looking forward to next year for more of the same. Of course all of this does not come together without the help of the Easter Bunny for taking all that time with the children and a big thank you to the Library and Legion for all of their support with everything they do on behalf of the Community of Port Stanley. Thanks to Port Stanley Community Policing for this report

Canfest 2014 The Port Stanley Business Improvement Association (BIA) has given the go-ahead for Canfest 2014. The BIA who sponsor the event will CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – BOARD MEMBERS ELGIN BUSINESS RESOURCE CENTRE (EBRC) is a dynamic, not for profit organization whose mandate is to provide financial and human resources to businesses throughout Elgin County and to be a catalyst for community and economic development. Nominations are now being called for the position of BOARD MEMBER from across Elgin. EBRC is looking for business owners and community-minded professionals interested in economic development. Of particular interest would be individuals with a background in the education or tourism sector. The successful applicants must possess knowledge of his or her community and its aspirations and have the ability to meet a minimum of twice per month in St. Thomas. Representatives from the western area of the county would be an asset. As well, EBRC is looking for YOUTH BOARD MEMBERS between the ages of 18 and 29 living in St. Thomas/Elgin. These are volunteer positions and all out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed. Contact EBRC for an application form or further information: Kevin Jackson Interim General Manager Elgin Business Resource Centre 300 S. Edgeware Rd. St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1 Email: Phone: 519-633-7597 Ext. 337 Fax: 519-633-5070 NOMINATIONS WILL CLOSE MAY 30, 2014 Find us on Facebook or visit our website

continue with the four day Canada Day celebration from June 28 through July 1st. This year the celebration will focus on the activities of individual businesses, associations like the Firefighters, organizations, art galleries, service clubs, church groups, the Legion, etc. who might organize fish fries, car shows, face painting, organize bands, possibly a boat parade and of course, fireworks on Monday night. The BIA will contribute $2,000 towards promotion of the event and grant money has been applied for to help offset the cost of the fireworks. We look forward to more news in the near future.


Our activist Ward One Councillor Economic development, harbour divestiture, harbour hot spots, OPP costs, the list goes on. Tom Southwick has represented the interests of Port Burwell very well. One would hope that Tom will run again, even for higher office. Recently, Southwick has been prodding Council to get serious about a Detailed Risk Assessment of our harbour to be paid 100% by the owner, the federal government. Southwick declared in a blog, Bayham residents and tourists deserve to know if any concerns exist. On top of that, Bayham residents deserve a clean, safe beach and harbour.

Port Stanley helping Canadians with disabilities On Sunday, May 25, 2014, residents of Port Stanley are taking steps to help Canadians with disabilities achieve greater independence by participating in the Port Stanley Purina® Walk for Dog Guides. The Port Stanley Walk is taking place at Port Stanley Legion, beginning at 1:30 p.m. One of 200 Walks, the Port Stanley Purina® Walk for Dog Guides is organized by local volunteers and provides community members with a fun and meaningful way to positively impact the lives of Port Stanley residents living with disabilities. It costs $25,000 to train and place a Dog Guide, but thanks to the funds raised by the Walk, Canadians can receive them at no cost. “We are truly grateful for the support from communities like Port Stanley,” explains Sandy Turney, Executive Director, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. “As our largest annual fundraiser, the Walk goes a long way in helping provide Dog Guides at no cost.” One in seven Canadians is living with a disability and the demand for Dog Guides is on the rise. Dog Guides are trained to assist people who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or deaf, and those who have medical and physical disabilities. One hundred per cent of the funds raised from the Walk will go towards providing Dog Guides to Canadians in need. The Purina® Walk for Dog Guides is made possible each year by the generous support of the Walk’s title sponsor, Nestlé Purina PetCare, as well as national sponsors Fido and WestJet. There are prizes for those who participate in the Walk, including the chance to win a $500 Best Buy gift card, one year’s supply of pet food courtesy of Nestlé Purina PetCare and two tickets to anywhere that WestJet flies. To help others step towards independence, or to donate, please visit Thanks to Natalie Moncur for this report.

Tom has been pushing for harbour divestiture. His fellow Councillors are apparently not opposed, but are looking for a better deal. The paltry $1,000,000 pales in comparison to the $13,000,000 for Port Stanley and $8,000,000 and change for Sarnia.

Lots of places to emulate On May 14, the Polestars will showcase the sprucing up of our downtown with art work on our old, shabby hydro poles. This is just the beginning! This week I passed through Wingham and noticed a brand new Riverwalk Park and walkway. It is really

eye catching. River walks have been the basis for many community economic revivals. Had I not been on a tight schedule, it would have been a lunch stop for me. The Municipality of Bayham has been supportive of the Polestar initiative. Local business, the EMM, the Legion and residents have come through as well. The Municipality and our Community need to get very serious about developing and beautifying the Otter and the Waterfront.

Is Microsoft above reproach? Research In Motion (RIM) has been hammered by Canadian media for failing to adapt their signature product, the Blackberry. Why does Microsoft get away with a very bad operating system, Millenium, predatory business practices and the latest consumer unfriendly debacle, Windows XP? Windows XP has been a very good operating system, but its users are now threatened with a new virus. Microsoft has pulled support for XP. Not everyone has the means to update computer software. Microsoft has made billions from it’s sale. Is it not their obligation to support the customers who purchased XP?

Democracy where has it gone? Even Preston Manning is appalled by the Fair Elections Act. Voter suppression, muzzling of Tory backbenchers, cabinet ministers, civil servants and scientists, and contempt for parliament - there seems to be no end to attacks on our democracy. Every Elgin resident should be challenging MP Joe Preston his party’s assault on free discussion of big Canadian issues, no matter what their party affiliation.

Burning of Dover Mills 1814 the impression that the Fort was garrisoned by a strong force, which, While Port Talbot, and the settlers in coupled with its apparently impregthat vicinity were being threatened and nable situation, caused them to set finally plundered by marauders from sail again without attempting to land the west, a worse fate had already their forces. befallen Dover Mills (Port Dover) and its vicinity.

Andrew Hibbert

On the 14th of May, 1814, a force, variously estimated at from 500 to 800 men, under American Lieutenant Colonel John B. Campbell, commanding the troops at Presque Isle. Campbell troops landed from six war vessels, which had come over from Erie Pennsylvania. They applied the torch to not only the building used as a militia barrack, but to every private house and barn and shed, together with Ryerse’s and Finch's gristmills. In fact but one house was left standing between Patterson's Creek and Turkey Point – the house occupied by the widow and family of Samuel Ryerse, at Port Ryerse.

Image taken from a documentary about the burning of Dover Mills called “A Desert Between Us and Them”.

Twenty dwelling houses, three flour mills, three saw mills, three distilleries, twelve barns and a number of other buildings, were destroyed, while cows The enemy, after visiting the Ryerse and hogs were shot and left to rot on the ground. These wanton and home, proceeded to Newport, now barbarous acts were the ground of known as Fisher’s Glen, where they strong representations to the American completed their work of destruction and reaped a rich harvest in the form of authorities, who went through the form forty barrels of the Canadian whiskey – of holding an enquiry into the conduct of Colonel Campbell, who was found the property of Silas Montross. Their guilty of an error of judgment. ships then moved up to Turkey Point were local tradition has it that at least The Burning of Washington by the one militia officer, in the person of British later in 1814 was influenced by Captain Backhouse, had arrived, whose the American actions at Port Dover as figure in uniform appearing and rewell as the burning of York. appearing on the heights above gave

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Sparta Community Bingo

Capture of Oswego, New York May 1814 Arthur Pegg UE At the time of the formation of the upper province in 1791-2 there were created two "military districts": the upper posts (Oswego, Niagara, Detroit, and Michilimackinac), and Kingston with its dependencies (Carleton Island and Oswegatchie). These two military districts did not develop into territorial divisions of Upper Canada as may have been intended, and Oswego, Detroit, Michilimackinac, and Oswegatchie had all been handed over to the Americans by 1796. Kingston remained one of the few places in Upper Canada that was permanently garrisoned with units of the Royal Regiment of New York and others, who occupied barracks on the site of old Fort Frontenac.

Hello Everyone, We wanted to let you know that we have had another very successful year with the Sparta Community Bingos. Over the past 3 years the bingos have raised $2,248.98 that has been distributed between the Sparta Public School, the Sparta Scouting Group and the Sparta Community Centre!

Kingston, and fought in this unit throughout the conflict; he was present at the campaigns along the St. Lawrence and the Niagara frontier, survived, and was discharged in the spring of 1815.

Above: “Attack of Fort Oswego, on Lake Ontario.” May 6, 1814. By Captain Steele, engraved by R. Havell & Sons, 1814. Capt. Steele was on board one of the British ships and an eyewitness to the attack.

We are so thankful to God for the part that you have played in making this such a success...not just monetarily, but also in bringing the business, cultural and spiritual communities together in Sparta!

At dawn on May 5, 1814, American lookouts at Oswego Harbour, observed Yeo's fleet while still several miles offshore; when the British troops began embarking into landing boats, adverse winds developed; as a result, the attack was postponed to the following day.

The fleet arrived back in Kingston at noon on May 8, 1814. The capture of Oswego was a definite inconvenience for the Americans, but only for a short time; within a few weeks they were transporting goods to Sackett's Harbor overland. However, for a short while, Lake Ontario was being controlled by the Royal Navy which simplified the transport of troops and supplies to the upcoming Niagara campaign.

This will be my last email to you as the Community Bingo Coordinator. You may have heard that Phil and I will be finishing our ministry at the Sparta Baptist and New Sarum Baptist Churches at the end of June 2014. There are hopes that the Community Bingo will begin again in the fall, but there will be a new liaison person. We don't know who that will be yet, so don't be surprised if you see a new name attached to the bingo emails!

The Glengarry Light Infantry played a pivotal role in the Oswego campaign; the unit was mobilized in 1812 as a regular British army Battalion and was modelled on the first Glengarry Fencibles, a British highland regiment that had been

Thanks again! It has been fun to work with all of you. God has blessed the village of Sparta with people who really care about its prosperity and that is a gift! Phil and I will continue to pray for the village to prosper both relationally and spiritually as we go on our way.

The Glengarry Light Infantry skirmish troops were the first to land about 1 pm May 6. "Flankers" and the Royal Marines were organized in line by companies. They then advanced on the American troops positioned in front of the fort site. The advance was The site of Fort Oswego on Lake mainly a bayonet assault because of Ontario, played a key military role wet cartridges, as a result of the during the French & Indian Wars; a landing. The fort was reached within French victory over the British presence on Lake Ontario in 1756, removed ten minutes; the American defenders withdrew into the adjacent woods. the threat against French controlled Further to the British advance, a Fort Frontenac for the time being. During the War of 1812 in 1814 this site simultaneous assault by 200 members of the Royal Navy took place up steep was attacked again. slopes behind the fort. In the spring of 1814, land forces in The British attack was successful in Upper Canada were under command the capture of much needed shipof Lieutenant-General Gordon building supplies, 2400 barrels of food Drummond who led an active strategic supplies, guns, and gunpowder. The war policy against the Americans, fort, barracks, wharves, and a bridge along with British Commodore James were burnt. On May 7, men and ships Yeo, commander of the Royal Navy on and their cargo returned to Kingston. Lake Ontario. Casualties for the British and To maintain their forces, "more Canadians were listed as fifteen dead than two thousand barrels of flour plus and sixty-two wounded; the Royal large quantities of other foods, Navy - three killed, eleven wounded; supplies, and munitions" were the Americans - six dead and thirty required each month; Lake Ontario eight wounded, and twenty five lost as had to be secure to move such supplies prisoners. and to prepare for the upcoming Niagara campaign. The major threat to the British was the building of KETTLE CREEK American ships at Sackett's Harbour. Commander in Chief Sir George Prevost, was hesitant to attack Sackett's Harbour at this time, but an offensive against Oswego, New York was decided upon, using only troops from Kingston. Oswego, on the south shore of Lake Ontario was the site of GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB recently built military storehouses from where shipments from the south were sent west to Niagara or to Sackett's Harbour. May 11th 10 am - 2 pm On May third 1814, troops from Kettle Creek Golf Course Kingston boarded seven ships, and BUFFET $17.99 eleven gunboats, manned by a thouChildren 5 - 10 $8.99 - 4 & Under FREE sand Royal Navy sailors; among the Reservations Recommended troops on board was Captain Chef’s Buffet includes Belgian Waffle, Alexander McMillan's company of the Omelette, Roast Beef, Ham, Sausage, Glengarry Light Infantry with a Bacon and Dessert Bar strength of fifty-eight officers and men Also Booking for Father’s Day - one of which is my ancestor - Private 519-782-7500 Dorman DeWolfe. At 17 years old, in 320 Carlow Rd. Port Stanley, ON the spring of 1812, he was recruited in

Mothers Day Brunch

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Blessings, Anne Butler

HealthTalk Melanoma - A disease not easily spotted My daughter posed a question to me: Why are Dalmatians not good at hide and seek? Because they are always spotted. There are a variety of types of skin cancers, which are named based on the cells from which they originate. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common yet least likely to be fatal. Squamous cell is less common but more dangerous. Finally is melanoma- it is the least likely yet the most aggressive and most likely to be fatal. Melanomas originate in the melanocytes, which are the cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its colour. When skin is exposed to the sun, the melanocytes make more melanin and cause the skin to tan or darken. Sometimes melanocytes cluster together and form moles (also called nevi). Moles are common and are usually not cancerous. What causes melanoma? There are certain risk factors which make a person more likely to develop melanoma- personal history; family history; fair complexion or freckles; having many ordinary moles; severe sunburn; and weakened immune system. The largest modifiable risk factor for melanoma is the exposure to UV radiation. Limiting our exposure to UV radiation by use of things such as sunscreens and avoiding

Steve Bond,

BScPhm, RPh, CDE Pharmacist/Manager

artificial sources such as tanning beds will reduce our risk. Identifying melanomas early gives us our best chance for survival. The most common location for melanoma in men is on the back and, in women, the leg. It can also appear on the arm, scalp or face. The acronym A BC DE can be used to identify melanomas: Asymmetry – the shape on one side is different from that on the other side Border – the border or visible edge is irregular, ragged and imprecise Colour – there is a colour variation, with brown, black, red, grey or white within the lesion Diameter – growth is typical of melanoma. It can measure more than 6 mm, although it can be less. Evolution – Look for change in colour, size, shape or symptom, such as itching, tenderness or bleeding Like many diseases, early detection and prevention are the keys. Take care of yourself and each other. For more information, check out our blog: 519 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

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North Shore Community Events F E S T I V A L S


Port Stanley Community Policing Requires volunteers. To help protect your village, call 519-782-3934 or Carroll at 519-782-7616, email Port Stanley Library 782-4241 304 Bridge St. Mon, Tues, Thurs, 10 - 8:30 Fri 1 - 5, Sat 9 - 1. Children’s Programs Kidz Korner Games, crafts, stories Monday Evenings 6‐6:45pm (grade 1 and older) Pajama Rama Join us for Bedtime Story Time! Monday Evenings 7‐7:30pm (all ages with an adult) Pre school Story Time Stories, songs and crafts! Tuesday Mornings at 10:15am (0‐5 years with an Adult) Lego Mania! Saturday Mornings from 10am‐12:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated! (with adult) Yarn Bombing for Kids Monday, May 26 & June 2nd at 6pm Come and learn how to finger knit to make some garland for our tree! Ages 5 and up are welcome! Adult Book Club The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai — Tuesday, May 20 7pm Itty-Bitty-Knitty-Committee May is our last month for our knitting group before we break for summer holidays! Join us: Thursday, May 8 at 2pm & Thursday, May 22 at 7pm Port Stanley Lioness Club Walk For Guide Dogs Sunday, May 25th, Port Stanley Legion, Registration 1:30pm Walk 2pm. Info:519-782-4308. *Funds raised will go to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Dog Guides are at no cost. Port Stanley Optimist Bike Rodeo Saturday June 7, 9:30 am-12 noon at Port Stanley arena. All children under 12 are invited to attend. Bikes will be checked for safety and riding skills will be tested. Everyone gets a prize including two brand-new bicycles. There will be hot-dogs and pop for everyone at the end of the rodeo. Christ Anglican Church Sunday Morning Service, 9:30 am with Eucharist. We invite all to join in worship with us. Coffee follows downstairs. Al-Anon Meeting, Christ Anglican Church 7:30 pm every Friday. If there is an alcohol/drug problem of a family member or friend that is affecting you, the Alanon Family Groups may be able to help you. Port Stanley Volunteer Gardeners Annual Geranium Drive. The Gardeners raise money to buy plants and flowers for our public gardens. Please order your Geraniums directly from them to support their good work Call 519 782-4148. Cost is $2.50 per plant with 6 colours to choose from. Delivery May 24th. St. John's Presbyterian Church Tom Jeffrey Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am followed by Fellowship Hour. The Door is always open, why not join us? Port Stanley United Church Service of Worship at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship. Come join us. We are now wheelchair friendly and barrier free. Port Stanley United Church Alcoholics Anonymous meets Thursday 8 pm, Call 782-3056. VON Foot Care Clinic May 29th at The Villa Apts, 289 Frances Street 8 - 11:30 a.m. Call 519-782-4089 for appointment. Sponsored by the Port Stanley Lioness Club. The Port Stanley Youth Group will be hosting their annual plant sale, at St. John's Presbyterian Church on May 17 at 8 a.m. Anyone wishing to donate any plants call 519-782-3971. The Port Stanley Youth Group May 23rd, 5 p.m. at St. John's Presbyterian Church, the last event of the year, The Amazing Race. The Youth should bring a sweater, comfortable clothing and shoes and NO cell phones. Heritage Port Next meeting is May 22nd 1:30 pm, at John Smith’s Shelborne Mill, 181 Brayside. Post Card books Vol. 1 & Vol 2 now available, $90 each, Port Stanley the First 100 Years, $25. Get yours at the Lake Erie Beacon, 204-A Carlow Road, side door, 1-5 pm. Proceeds to Heritage Port. Port Stanley & Community 55+ Club Meets every Monday 1:30 -4 pm to play Euchre at the Port Stanley Arena. For info call 519-782-4801 (John Brenders) or 519685-2101 (Marie Geerts). Port Stanley Village Association meets the third Thursday of the month 7- 8:30 pm. All welcome. Check out the psva website at Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Monday - Friday 12-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-7pm. Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Don’t forget the Legion offers the following: Seniors Bridge, Tues. night, Euchre: Wed. night Legion Darts Tuesday night 8 pm Men’s Darts Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws 3-5 pm Port Stanley Legion Bottle Returns Mon & Thurs- Closed, Tues, Wed., Fri, Sat 12-4 pm. Port Stanley Legion Ladies MahJongg, Fridays 1:30pm. We are looking for beginners as well. If you like to play MahJongg come on out! Call 519 782-3189 or 782-3118. Port Stanley Legion Port Stanley Karaoke Sing It To Win It! Every 3rd Friday of the month, 7pm - 11pm Chicken Wings on Special. Come for the fun. Mother's Day Craft Show at Port Stanley Legion Saturday May 10, 9am - 5pm Many Wonderful Gifts and Home Decor Eighth Annual Emily Morgan Celebration Golf Tournament, Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club, Saturday, May 17, 1pm shotgun start $95 per player (adult), $50 per player (youth).


St. Paul’s Port Burwell /Vienna Sunday Services St. Paul's P.B./Vienna United 11:00 am Port Burwell Trinity Anglican 11:30 am Port Burwell Lighthouse Gospel Church 10:45 am Port Burwell - Bayham Horticultural Society, Meets Every 3rd Monday, 7 pm at the Port Burwell School. For more Info 519 874 4260. Otter Valley Naturalists Monthly Meeting is the second Monday of the month, 7 pm to 9 pm at the Port Burwell Public School.

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Photographers of the Otter Valley (POV) meet the last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Bayham Public Library in Straffordville. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.


Aylmer 50 + Seniors Welcome you to join them for Euchre or Bridge Every Monday 1 - 3:30 pm upstairs at Aylmer Legion Admission $2.


Dexter United Church Dexter Line. Service of Worship at 9:15 am followed by a time of fellowship.


Knox Presbyterian Church Lay Minister Mr. John Van Eyk. Worship 10 am. Coffee, cookies, fellowship follows: Sunday school/nursery 10 am. For info (519) 769-2157. Come and worship with a warm and friendly group of people, we are barrier free.


Calvary United Church May 10 7:30 pm Treble Makers Women's Choir presents A Canadian Melody Featuring a World premiere by Sarah Quartel.


Shedden Library Hours: Tues. 2:30-8:30, Thurs. 2-5, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 2 - 5 764-2081. Pre-school Storytime Friday Mornings 11am (under 5 years with an Adult) Come for stories, songs & crafts! Boys Club Are you interested in a Boys Club for ages 8‐12 on Saturday Afternoons? Ask for more info or to register!! Lego-Mania! Saturday afternoons from 2:15-4:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated!


Sparta Baptist Church Please join us for worship 9:45 am Sunday Morning. Come as you are! We are a friendly church who want to love and reach out to our community. We would love to meet you. Sparta Stitchers Every Tuesday 1- 4 pm, Sparta Community Hall. We quilt, tat, knit, embroider, smock, crotchet, etc. Everyone welcome. Cost is $5. session. Come learn a new skill. Call Sally Martyn (519-775-2292) for more information or just show up. Youth Activities Sylvie Davey is holding regular Dances for youth from Grade 4 -8 at the hall. The dates will be announced at the school. Admission is $5.00. The Plains Spring Bazaar and Plant Sale (Fairview Ave & Sparta Line) Saturday, May 24, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Refreshments, Craft Table, Bake Table, Books, Attic Treasurers, Garden Plants, etc.


Abundant Life Fellowship Join us at the Timken Community Centre - Doug Tarry room (2 Third Ave.) at 6 pm on Saturdays for a free meal followed by our celebration service. For more info call 519-633-9207 or go to Annual Spring Plant Sale the St.Thomas & District Horticultural Society Saturday, May 17th, 7:30 a. m. to Noon (or sold-out) at the Horton Farmers' Market.


Backus-Page House Museum, 29424 Lakeview Line, 519-762-3072. War of 1812 Weekend May 10 & 11.

UNION 2014

Union United Church, 6008 Stonechurch Rd., Worship and Sunday School at 9:30 am. We are a Welcoming Friendly Family of Faith and are barrier free. For info: 519631-0304 and our website is Union Sports Club and Community Centre Fishing Lure Workshop May 31, 11am - 1pm. For children 8+ years. Cost $5pp. Come and make your own lure and learn about Sport Fishing by the Tri County Bass Masters. Call to register - 519-631-3840 Trivia Night Fund Raiser, June 6, 8 p.m. Tables of 6 cost is $50. Snacks and Coffee provided. Fun and Prizes. Call to register a table by June 1st - 519-631-3840 Yard Sale June 21, 8am - 12 noon. Something for everyone - toys, games, Aerobic steps, etc. Rent a table for $10 - call Vicki at 519-631-3840


Bayham Historical Society meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.

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The food bank is open the third week of the month: Tues. 3:30-6 pm Thurs. 10 - Noon For cheque donations please send to: Port Stanley Foodbank, c/o Christ Church, 283 Colborne St. Port Stanley, On. , N5L 1A9. Ad sponsored by the Lake Erie Beacon

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Capture of Oswego, New York Continued From Page 5 mobilized twenty years earlier at the beginning of the war with Napoleonic France. Detachments of the Glengarry Fencibles fought at Sackett's Harbour, French Mills, Ogdensburg, Oswego, and in many battles of the Niagara campaign. For the reader interested in tracing a military ancestor, one can rely on Muster Rolls and Paylists available through Canadian archival resources; Pay Records were published quarterly,

with each of the three months (musters in the records) available to show where a soldier was for each month. One can build up a service record according to pay statements. A soldier's Company number and its commander are also important to identify in which engagement he may have participated in, and where he may have spent the winter. Nominal rolls for the Battle of Fort George, May 27, 1813, for example, list ancestor Private Dorman DeWolfe in #1 Company under Captain Andrew Liddell (KIA), and note the positioning of each company in the conflict at the mouth of the Niagara River; records also indicate that he qualified for prize money (and thus survived the defence of Fort George).

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Backus-Page 1812 Weekend Angela Bobier

There will be something for the entire family to experience. Visitors Saturday May 10th 10 am - 4 pm can enjoy food, displays, performers Sunday May 11th 9 am - 1 pm and historic reenactments. This is The grounds of the Backus-Page our history, the history of our land House Museum will fill with historic and our nation. Sunday morning merchants, re-enactors, First Nations opens with a Mother’s Day breakfast history interpreters and displays. Enjoy available for purchase followed by a food, shopping, displays, performers re-enactment, and historic displays. and military re-enactments. Our new Saturday admission prices are Age exhibit “Celebrating Volunteers – 14-Adult $6, age 4-13 $3, and under 3 Tyrconnell Heritage Society’s 20th is free. Maximum family price is $15 Anniversary” is open as well. (2 adults and 2 children) The War of 1812 Weekend begins on Sunday admission is by donation. Saturday morning where it’s 1814 and May we suggest $2 per person. the farms of the Talbot Settlement are Backus-page house museum being raided by Americans and 29424 Lakeview Line Wallacetown. Colonel Thomas Talbot escapes capture. Watch cavalry tions, military re-enactments at sched519-762-3072 uled times throughout the weekend, and participate in settler activities.

North Shore Community Classified Serving over 7000 Homes, Apartments, Farms & Businesses Port Stanley Public School Activities May 2014 There are two sessions left for our new to Junior Kindergarten (September, 2014) students and their parents on the following dates. All sessions are from 9:30 - 10:45 a.m. Final Day 3 June 2 Port Stanley P.S. May 12 - Athletic Event Track and Field Day - Gr. 4-8 11:30 AM May 14 - Hot Lunch Day (School) Pizza Day May 21 - Athletic Event Regional Track and Field Day

May 23 - General Grade 8 Graduation Photos May 28 - Hot Lunch Day (School) Quesadilla Day May 30 - Assembly (School) Recognition Assembly 2:00 PM

Ojibwa Festival Want to be a Vendor? Or know someone who does? The Bayham SubMissions along with the Elgin Military Museum- Museum of Naval History are looking for vendors for their 3RD Annual Fundraiser. This year the funds raised will be used to purchase lumber to build benches and picnic tables at the site. Where: Ojibwa Site - 3 Pitt St. Port Burwell, ON Contact Date: Saturday May 17, 2014 Deadline for Vendor: May 15, 2014 Maryellen 519 874 4988, From: 9 am to 4 pm with vendors setting up between 8 & 9 am. Gloria 519 874 1720 or email Silent Auction will be drawn at 3 pm Sharp. Cost: $20.00 per 10 x 10 spaces. Bring your own tables and Canopies. These ads have been sponsored by the Lake Erie Beacon 519 782-4563. Donations for Silent Auction Table greatly appreciated.


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Continued From Page 1 • Loss of industrial taxation dollars and vacancy rebate application $105,000 • Loss in Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund revenue $ 93,900 • Increase in Municipal policing costs $ 55,000 Moving forward, it is anticipated that Council will be forced to continue to increase tax levies 9% annually for the next few years just to mitigate against these continued losses and financial constraints. It is recommended in the recent Asset Management Plan that additional investment be made in our capital assets of $100,000 in 2015 and $300,000 in 2016 which could result in a potential tax levy increase of anywhere from 5% to 15%. Careful fiscal planning and fiscal responsibility has made Council, reluctant at this time, to commit ratepayers to an additional 6.5% tax levy increase as the result of the requested $150,000 financial commitment to the library. It has been noted in the West Elgin Chronicle article dated April 23, 2014 that the rent paid by Elgin County on a new library branch would bring in approximately $40,000 a month. The

correct estimate of gross rent of the new library is approximately $40,000 a year. This annual gross rent would be offset by the annual operating costs of the new library. In response to Committee members pointing out that there are $4 million in reserves for the project, it should be noted that all municipal reserve and reserve fund balances have been set aside by Council for specific purposes. The accumulated reserve balance, excluding net donations, set aside at December 31, 2013 for library purposes is approximately $33,000. It is anticipated that this balance may be used towards costs associated with the current library location. Council is committed to move forward with the library project in principle, with the continued understanding that there will be no additional cost to our ratepayers, and has approved the location for a new library to be an addition to the Keystone Complex in Shedden, Ontario. If revenues stabilize or funding opportunities become available, contribution towards this valuable community project will be considered by Council. The efforts of the fundraising committee and the local support for this project have been impressive. Council and staff are grateful to the Committee, Community and Rosy Rhubarb for their contributions as this project will not be a reality without the continued involvement of the entire community.


For Businesses Located Near You!


Advertising Sales Reps • For St.Thomas area & • For Western Elgin area • Must have own car • Experience preferred but will consider qualifications.

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Request to Fund New Library


We have a problem!! What to do about Tess. Tess was rescued from the pound Feb. 14, 2014. That should have been the start of a happy ending for Tess. However, she had an injury to her paw and in order to achieve a good result, she had to have the one claw removed. Tess recovered from that issue only to come down with a severe Upper Respiratory infection after a

Animal Aide Association 333 Talbot St. St. Thomas

519 633-3788

couple of days at the shelter. She has been at Beaver Creek Animal Hospital ever since. Multiple rounds of antibiotics have left her with a limited immune system so, we do not want to risk bringing her back to the shelter. We are desperately looking for a foster home for Tess that has no other cats in order for her to totally recover. One year old Tess is the sweetest, suckiest, most affectionate girl I have met and totally deserves a chance. Please contact the shelter at 519-633-3788. Animal Aide are also happy to announce our new website. . Be sure to take a look. Our fundraising auction with Timewell Auctions starts May 22, 2014 at 8am. Get ready!! PS Just 5 days shy of being at Animal Aide for 4 years, Muffin has been adopted!

Allergy season is here Stock up on atoma Pharmacist Approved allergy fighting products. Weekdays 9 am-6 pm Sat. 9 am-4 pm Sun.-Closed FREE Local Delivery

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20% Off Wednesdays for Seniors 222 Colborne Street Port Stanley 519 782-3324

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PBRA Board Meeting

tion of the installation of the ramp at the Port Bruce sign and installation of the bell. Other discussion included draft revisions to the operating guidelines which will be presented for approval at the annual meeting on May 24th. Potential logos for the PBRA were reviewed and will also be presented at the annual meeting for selection by the membership.

The Port Bruce Ratepayers Association (PBRA) board held their regular meeting on Thursday, May 1st. Discussion included plans for comple-

The spring edition of the newsletter will be distributed soon. Lots of interesting articles and local news is coming your way.


Board elections will be held at the annual meeting. Three Advisors have indicated they are not seeking another term, so volunteers are needed. The annual meeting is set for Saturday, May 24th at 10 a.m. at the pavilion. Don’t forget to purchase your 2014 membership before the start of the meeting.

Village Clean-up May 24th is a busy day in Port Bruce. After the annual meeting, volunteers will re-assemble at 1:00


Bring along your gloves and you'll be provided with garbage bags and tools. We hope you'll join us. Many hands make light work.

ROLADEX Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

• Tuneups • Safety Inspections • Auto Repairs

• Tires • Brakes • Exhaust

p.m. at the pavilion and disperse throughout the village to pick up litter, debris etc.


Centre City Realty Inc.

Brokerage Independently owned and operated


$22.95 (Plus Tax Most Cars)

6500 Sunset Road St. Thomas ON 519-631-1000

Your Local Elgin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealer 275 Wellington Street • St. Thomas • Ontario • N5R 2S6

p: 519-633-2200 "Always ready to earn your business!"

Dan Dale Dealer Principal

Brenda Johnston Broker Call me Direct 519-495-4532

519-782-5505 208 Main Street Port Stanley

Hours: Mon-Wed 11am-8pm, Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-10 pm and Sun: 3pm-8pm

WilliamsFuneral HomeLtd. Pre-Arrangement Counselling



Offer valid at this location only. 519-633-2800 OPEN: Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat. 8-Noon

*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS One coupon per customer. Present coupon at vehicle drop off. May not combine with other discounts or offers.

261 Talbot Street St. Thomas

1207 Talbot St. St. Thomas, ON N5P 1G8 CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK!

Port Stanley, Ontario

Mon.- Fri. 10 am - 6 pm Sat. 10 am - 5 pm Sun. 11 am - 5 pm


Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1E8

Book size 8.5” X 11” A Heritage Port publication 126 Elm Street St.Thomas, Ont. N5R 1J1

Fax #: 519-631-8318

226-658-PORT (7678) The Hub of Sport and Fun Outfitting-Sport Products and Services

204 Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5, CANADA


Port Stanley, The first 100 years NOW AVAILABLE This Full colour book by authors Bob Burns and Craig cole available at the Lake Erie Beacon office or at Heritage Port meetings. 4th Thursday monthly.

For all your rental needs CALL!

Snowshoes to Kayaks Hiking, running, cycling! Gifts, apparel and gear!

Plumber & Gas Fitter

We provide complete water services, including installation of the water meter, from the road to your home.

Quality Equipment Well Maintained

Rentals - Retail

Pager: 1 888 504 4869 Opening & Closing Cottages

Kitchen & Bath Repairs, New Installations Electric Eel Drain Cleaning, Natural Gas & Propane Piping for BBQ’s, Fireplaces, Dryers & Stoves


Contractor Licence ECRA-ESA #7001912

519 782-5144

438-B West Edith Cavell Blvd.

208 Main Street Port Stanley, ONT N5L 1C3 STORE HOURS:

Fax: (519) 633-4766

Residential • Commercial Installation and Service




Tel: (519) 633-0240

Don MacKinnon ME Dan Vernackt ME Rob Lukasik ME Steve Todd Kyle Parish



Since 1963




• Siding, Soffit & Facia • Seamless Eavestrough • Vinyl Windows & Doors


“We provide families with a full range of personalized services. From simple cremations to traditional funerals, pre-planning and prepayment options. See the difference your local Shawn Jackson Funeral Director/Owner funeral professional will make.”

GENERAL REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS. USED CARS Tires, Batteries & Transmission Repairs

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Here is the Lake Erie Beacon May 9, 2014 issue. Hope you enjoy it.

The Lake Erie Beacon  

Here is the Lake Erie Beacon May 9, 2014 issue. Hope you enjoy it.