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Big Changes in Bayham

INSIDE Letters The "Sharon Rose" can be found in the commercial basin at Port Dover. STORY PAGE 2

Port Burwell Report I knew we were off the beaten track, but .... in Bayham, we lost our bank. STORY PAGE 2

Above: The Car Show and Shine at the Vienna Restaurant ‘Bayham’s Family Table’.

Andrew Hibbert

The Road to Culloden The weekend of May 16th and 17th celebrated a Scottish Living History weekend. STORY PAGE 3

Port Bruce Report A large crowd was on hand for the annual meeting of the Port Bruce Ratepayers Association. STORY PAGE 3

Port Stanley Report Port Stanley Main Beach on Lake Erie will be flying the Blue Flag again for the 2015 beach season. STORY PAGE 4

McLaughlin Buick Club visit HMCS OJIBWA HMCS OJIBWA had an exciting week in Port Burwell. Motorcycles and classic cars were visiting. STORY PAGE 5

LOOK AHEAD Community Events

Recent events in the Municipality of Bayham have shed some light in the difficulties faced by the Bayham council. The guarantee of the 6 million dollar loan against the HMCS Ojibwa Submarine Museum in Port Burwell seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. It would seem that smaller municipalities that are stretched over large areas all have difficulties maintaining public facilities. As an example a large town might only have one arena or one community centre but a municipality that includes two or more small villages might have to support two arenas and community centres. In a recent Press Release the Bayham Municipality issued the following announcement. “The Municipality of Bayham has declared surplus: the Straffordville Community Centre, the Eden Hall and the Edison Museum. The Eden Hall may be operated by a local committee. It is hoped that the Edison artifacts will be displayed at a Vienna retail location, and any remainders stored.

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An Evangelical Mennonite Church has expressed interest in purchasing the Straffordville Community Centre. Community groups might be able to have some rental opportunities. Councillor Ketchabaw wondered about restrictions on certain groups (Aylmer Express). One might imagine legal challenges. Bayham will invest $135,000 in the sole remaining community hall, the Vienna Community Centre. The Legion Branch #524 and Trinity Parish Hall can accommodate under 100 in Port Burwell.” The expense of maintaining public facilities is never-ending. In response

to an assessment of Municipal facilities undertaken by the Municipality of Bayham in 2014, Council was advised that structural deficiencies have been identified in the Edison Museum of Vienna building resulting in an immediate Order to Restrict Occupancy. The Museum is currently CLOSED due to public safety concerns. It is uncertain whether the site will be open in 2015 but to confirm the status, you can contact the municipal office at 519866-5521. How important is preserving our history? Four generations of Edison’s survived floods, fires, wars, revolutions and epidemics to become one of the founding families of Vienna, Ontario, once dubbed “the most flourishing place in Canada West” by a Toronto reporter in 1851. The museum, boasting authentic artifacts donated by the last surviving Edison descendant in Continued On Page 7

Don’t lose your dreams!

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Left: The Edison Museum in Vienna.

Fingal couple Felicitas and Heinz Winterscheidt

Heinz Winterscheidt Just imagine you would have to wait five years for Christmas. That is what we had to do. Five years ago myself (Heinz) and my wife (Felicitas or Feli) decided to take off one year from work and do a motorcycle trip through the Americas. Inspiration came from other motorcycle travelers that shared their stories. A great way to find inspiration is to go to a “Horizons Unlimited” travel meeting. We are both fortunate to have a job where we could apply for self funded leave, which means to work four years for reduced wages to set aside money to be paid out in the fifth year. So when we are coming back we still have a job to return to. So how wonderful will it be to spend one year with the person you love most? We will find out – it will be

of new people and experience new cultures.

the ultimate relationship test. I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 18 years old and always enjoyed it. It is such a beautiful way of travel. Feli took the plunge to acquire her motorcycle license five years ago. And she is loving it now. We are hoping to have a great adventure and meet lots

So what is the plan? We left home in Ontario early May 2015 on our two BMW adventure bikes and travelled through the Northern States of the U.S, then we will travel North to the Yukon/Alaska, then down the West Coast through the U.S, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile to the most southern City of Ushuaia (the capital of Tierra del Fuego). From there we drift North again to visit Argentina, Uruguay and maybe Brazil and Paraguay. Most likely we will fly back to Florida from Buenos Aires and finish our trip up the East Coast back to Ontario. Continued On Page 6

Page 2 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 29, 2015

LETTERS The story of the Sharon Rose Thank you for passing along the Electronic Version of the LEB- I don't always read them right away, but I enjoy it when I get around to it! I chuckled when I saw Jim Taylor's article in the April 17 edition. I see one of my photos of the "Sharon Rose" included with the article. My fish tug pictures seem to turn up in lots of places in the days of the internet! I also wanted to address Jim's query: "wonder if she's (the Sharon Rose) still working Erie's treacherous waters?" The "Sharon Rose" can be found in the commercial basin at Port Dover. She was rebuilt by Don Mummery of that port in 1988, and was greatly enlarged. Upon relaunching, she was renamed "Irene Helen M.". After being sold, and moved around Lake Erie a bit, she returned to Port Dover, where she was built by George Gamble in 1944, and was renamed "Angler" in 2008. The "Angler" is currently owned by LynnDover Foods of Port Dover, and has been

used sparingly over the last few years. I have included a photo of her I took on January 22, 2014. Thanks & regards, Shaun Vary

Quonset greenhouse on Colborne I’m a little surprised at the complaint Mr. and Mrs. Lord have brought forward regarding the white Quonset building located on the Siebenmorgen property. From what I can see the property including the white Quonset greenhouse is well maintained, creates interest and is definitely not an eyesore. I’ve seen many properties in Port Stanley that are either in great need of work and/or are being used as junk yards. I’m sure there are greater concerns in Port Stanley than this. Please do not waste our time and energy on something so trivial. As a proud citizen of Port Stanley, I feel we should be supportive rather than condemning. Krystyna Siebenmorgen Port Stanley On Sunday, May 31, 2015, residents of Port Stanley are taking steps to help Canadians with disabilities achieve greater independence by participating in the Port Stanley Purina® Walk for Dog Guides. The Port Stanley Walk is taking place at Port Stanley Legion, with registration at 1:30 pm and the Walk beginning at 2:00 pm

Port Stanley helping Canadians with disabilities

One of more than 200 community Walks, the Port Stanley Purina® Walk for Dog Guides is organized by local volunteers and provides community members with a fun and meaningful way to positively impact the lives of Port Stanley residents living with disabilities. It costs $25,000 to raise, train and place a Dog Guide, but thanks to the funds raised by the Walk, Canadians can receive them at no cost. “We are truly grateful for the support from communities like Port Stanley,” explains Sandy Turney, ExContinued On Page 4

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around 9 pm and did a great job of keeping the crowd energized and entertained and the place closed at around 1:30 am. Many thanks to Rick Henry, the MC for the evening who kept things moving at a remarkable pace for the entire evening and, of course all the staff at the Lighthouse restaurant for weaving Allan Spicer their way through the herds of partiers. And last but not least, thanks to the many people who showed up for the evening and their generosity and support of the community efforts, and the I knew we were off the beaten track, funds collected for the Burwell Public but .... in Bayham, we lost our bank. In School breakfast Club program as a result of the pickerel puckers. Port Burwell, we have no gas station, nor full grocery store. We barely keep Thanks also to Martin Fish for donatour school open. The Post office may ing the pickerel and their support of the close in the future. Economic develop- community. It was really heart warming ment is no longer an option, it is a ne- to see the community pull together and cessity. support the community and to start a

Economic development

Pickerel Puckers, Unite! Thanks to Serge Pieters for this Pickerel pucker story. The previous Saturday was Pucker-Up Night at the Lighthouse restaurant ... what a great event and with a better turnout than anyone had ever expected. Rick Henry from the Lighthouse says they had close to 200 people come out, 45 people puckered up to the fish and it was the best night they had since Nick opened in July of last year. The Mayor, Paul Ens was the first to pucker up, followed by the deputy Mayor, Tom Southwick and then the onslaught began! The Beat Row band came on at

new tradition uniting this little Port Burwell village and municipality In the pics y'all, you know who you are and if I missed anyone its because it was a very busy evening and just trying to get to everyone through the crowds was tricky at best. What are we going to do next Saturday night to outdo ourselves. Passion, bring it on!

HealthTalk Steve Bond,

Multiple Sclerosis: It Gets on your Nerves Multiple Sclerosis (also called MS since sclerosis is a tongue twister) is the most common neurological disease affecting young adults in Canada. May has been designated as MS Awareness Month with the goal to raise awareness about this condition. Fund raising activities during May and also throughout the year help the Canadian MS Society in a number of key areas: • Support MS groups across Canada • Funding assistance and equipment • Information and reference materials for those affected by MS including friends, family and health professionals. • Support programs for children of those with MS. MS is a complex disease that affects each person differently-symptoms often are unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person and from time to time in the same person. The disease attacks the myelin, which is a protective covering, wrapped around the nerves of the central nervous system. Myelin protects the nerve much like a coating around an electrical wire. Pull away the coating and short-circuits occur. Similarly,

BScPhm, RPh, CDE Pharmacist/Manager

plaques or scars on the myelin sheath can cause problems with nerve conduction. Early symptoms of MS include: Tingling, numbness, loss of balance, weakness in one or more limbs, blurred or double vision. As the disease progresses, other symptoms may include muscle spasms, sensitivity to heat, fatigue, changes in thinking or perception, and sexual disturbances. There is no cure for MS. MS medications can be divided into several categories. The first group of medications (disease modifying therapies) are drugs that impact the underlying disease. The cost of these therapies ranges from $20-40,000 per year and they alter the course of the disease but will not cure it. Steroids are often used to treat relapses which reduce inflammation and restore function. Lastly, certain medications are used to help alleviate the symptoms. Some common other symptoms of MS include bladder issues, fatigue, bowel dysfunction (constipation and/or diarrhea), depression, sexual problems, tremors and spasticity. These symptoms can vary in severity and presentation from time to time and re-evaluation is needed constantly.

Take care of yourself and each other. For more information, check out our blog: 519 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 29, 2015 • Page 3

The Road to Culloden at Backus-Page A well-supplied Hanoverian (British Redcoat) army led by the Duke of Cumberland (son of King George II) annihilated the much smaller army of Lord John Murray and their leader, Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

Andrew Hibbert The weekend of May 16th and 17th celebrated a Scottish Living History weekend. The event took place at the Backus-Page House Museum operated by the Tyrconnell Heritage Society. The museum is situated in picturesque John E. Pearce Provincial Park, just south of Wallacetown, Ontario, and the heart of the Talbot Settlement.

Charles Stuart's Jacobite army consisted largely of Scottish Highlanders, as well as a number of Lowland Scots and a small detachment of Englishmen from the Manchester Regiment. The Jacobites were supported and supplied by the King of France from Irish and Scots units in French service.

The museum includes the historic barn, outbuildings, and the 1850’s Georgian style house museum. Discover period room settings that tell the story of the Backus family and changing exhibits showcasing the rural communities of Dutton-Dunwich and western Elgin County. The Living History weekend allowed visitors to step back in time to 1745, and follow Charles Edward Stuart ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and his loyal Jacobite supporters as they marched across Britain to reclaim the Scottish throne for the House of Stuart! Great Kilted Highlanders! French Noblemen! English Dukes and Redcoats were seen involved in skirmishes, music, camp life displays, storytelling and two battles!


Ratepayers Annual Meeting A large crowd was on hand for the annual meeting of the Port Bruce Ratepayers Association, held at the pavilion on Saturday, May 23rd. Board Chair, John Blankenship convened the meeting. The board’s treasurer, Linda Newman, recapped last year’s activities with two successful fundraising events (Perch Derby and Fish Fry) adding to the coffers. The major community project for the year was installation of a wooden ramp at the welcome sign as well as installing new lights on the Christmas tree in Wonnacott Park. Invited guests were Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill and Councillor Mark Wales. Both guests spoke of anticipated improvements to the beach. Mayor Mennill also spoke of the county’s work to move the waterline along with the realignment of Dexter Line. Two years ago the Ratepayers had appealed to the County of Elgin to take steps to ensure that the waterline supplying Port Bruce and the Dexter Line roadway were not affected by lakeshore erosion. The work on relocating the waterline and realignment of Dexter Line is slated to be completed by the end of 2016. A ‘thank you’ was extended to all

On Saturday April 15th the Battle of Prestonpans was reenacted. It was the first significant conflict in the Jacobite Rising of 1745. The battle took place at 4 am on 21 September 1745. The Jacobite army loyal to James Francis Edward Stuart and led by his son Charles Edward Stuart defeated the government army loyal to the

the businesses and individuals who support the group’s fundraising efforts, as well as all the volunteers who help make the community events a success.

Clean-up of Port Bruce Beach Several Port Bruce residents have been working for over a year to have improvements made to the Provincial Park beach. Over time, many logs have washed up on shore which poses a hazard to beach goers. Poison ivy and other invasive plants are plentiful. In the past there has been little support from Ontario Parks for any clean up or improvements. With the help of Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill and M.P.P. Jeff Yurek, the issue was taken to the Minister of Natural Resources, and a solution was found. At a community meeting on Saturday, May 23rd, John Salo, a Zone Manager with Ontario Parks, outlined plans for the beach area. Mr. Salo stated that the provincial park beach in Port Bruce is a recreation class park, where there should be a balance between recreation activities and protection of the environment. The planned changes include two-thirds of the beach area to be maintained for recreation and onethird as natural areas. Fully exposed logs on the beach are to be removed, with a few left for use as benches. A major clean-up is planned for May 29th, in a joint effort with Ontario Parks staff, the Township of Malahide and local residents. Park staff will spray the poison ivy and phragmites as well as install improved signage. Accessible pathways from the road to the beach area are also planned. The ‘mobility mats’ will be rolled over Continued On Page 6

Above: Reenactors play Charles Edward Stuart and his Jacobite rebel army shown marching off the field at Backus-Page. Left Below: MC and Story Teller for the weekend event was Doug Robinson. Hanoverian George II was led by Sir John Cope. The inexperienced government troops were outflanked and broke in the face of a highland charge. The victory was a huge morale boost for the Jacobites, and a heavily mythologized version of the story entered art and legend. On Sunday April 16th visitors were shown the Battle of Culloden Moor that took place overlooking Inverness.

This was the bloodiest of all the Jacobite battles. It was also the last battle fought on British soil. Charles Edward Stuart’s choice of rough, marshy ground was catastrophic, and the Jacobite swords and daggers were no match for the Hanoverian cannon and guns. More than a thousand Jacobites were killed and around 300 Redcoats died. The battle itself was over in an hour. The bloody aftermath went on for weeks. The MC/Pioneer Story Teller for the weekend event was Doug Robinson, known in camp as Shaymus Gunn. Doug, dressed in Highland gear, gave a comprehensive and emotional account of the battles and is obviously very involved in Scottish history. He conducted visitors through the details of each battle and left them charged with emotion. The weekend included the military actions, traditional settlers, merchants and storytellers, camp fire cooking, musket and sword demonstrations as well as ceremonies with Royalty. Always a fun and fascinating weekend for the whole family.

, l a u n n 23 rdrdAWinning Awa Festival 2015 , 4 1 3 1 2 June 1

H All Weekend Unserviced Camping Maximum 60 sites Reserve at

“It’s our Rhubarb Sauce that made us Famous”


A Weekend of family fun in .



FRIDAY June 12th • Austin Gagnier & Country Friends 7:00 pm. • Baking Contest entries 10:00 am – 12:00 noon • Poster Contest

SATURDAY June 13th • Opening Ceremonies 11:00 am. • Community Breakfast, At the Pavilion 8 am-11:30 Served by the Dutton Lions $7.00 per person • Craft Vendors • Kiddie rides • Community Yard Sales • Helicopter Rides, Book your flights 519-764-2600 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Adults $60.00 – Under 10 $40.00

• RHUBARB JUDGING Noon • Pony Rides, Mini Midway

• Again This Year! •

Baking Contest All baking entries should be brought to the Keystone Complex from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on June 12 th.

Rhubarb entries only! 1) Double Crust Pie 2) Muffins 3) Desserts Prizes: 1st – $100. 2nd – $75. 3rd – $50. for each category. 4) Desserts, made by children, age 8 to 12 Prizes $50, $35, $25

SUNDAY June 14th • Breakfast 8:00 - 11:30 Served by the Dutton Lions $7/ person • Church Service 10:00 am • Craft Vendors • Monster Truck Car Crush 1:00 pm • AT THE STAGE - Tracy Kennedy - West of Sparta - Austin Gagnier • Loads of parking at the Railroad or Keystone Lots.

Come & Enjoy Some “Pancake Puppies” With Rhubarb Sauce From Denny’s Restaurant Saturday Only

Antique and Custom Car & Motorcycle Show 11 am Sunday

For More Info...

Page 4 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 29, 2015


Left to Right: Doris Chordekar, Gabriel Chordekar, Mike Farrell and Port Stanley Public School Principal Sheila Pinder.

Andrew Hibbert

The West Breakwater was closed by Transport Canada in 1998 because of safety concerns and the Municipality of Central Elgin originally intended only to repair the concrete and timber that hold the Breakwater together. A Breakwater is extremely important to a portside Community,

ready begun and is estimated to be competed by the end of June 2015, weather permitting.

Port Stanley Main Beach Awarded Blue Flag Port Stanley Main Beach on Lake Erie will be flying the Blue Flag again for the 2015 beach season. This makes Port Stanley’s Main Beach one of 26 beaches and six marinas that will be flying the Blue Flag in Canada this summer. To be awarded a Blue Flag by Environmental Defence, the Blue Flag coordinator in Canada, beaches must meet 33 criteria relating to water quality, environmental management, environmental education, and safety and services.

world-class beaches and marinas. The Blue Flag is one of the most recognizable eco-labels in the world. No matter where in the world you see a Blue Flag flying, you know it means the same thing: That the beach or marina is clean, has high safety standards, is sustainably managed, and has great water quality.

Mayor David Marr stated, “Flying the Blue Flag communicates to Central Elgin residents and tourists in Port Stanley that the Municipality is committed to maintaining a clean and safe beach for everyone to enjoy, and that we are serious about protecting our shoreline habitats.”

Donation to the Port Stanley Public School Playground Fund

The Blue Flag is a symbol of pride and excellence, and it allows a community to join an international network of

On Tuesday May 26th, Mac's Convenience Stores Inc. represented by the Port Stanley Mac’s store met with the

Thanks to Chandra Dougall, MPA Municipality of Central Elgin for this report

principal of Port Stanley Public School to make a donation of $1000. The money will go towards the School Fundraising program for new playground equipment. The fund has raised $15,000 over the last two and a half years. This donation is the first of its kind in a new charitable program that will be funded by Mac’s and Mac’s customers call “Froster Active Kids”. The program is aimed at assisting local communities with projects that will promote a healthy lifestyle for children. Community organizations can request funds for kids active lifestyle programs. This particular donation was initiated by the Port Stanley Mac’s dealer Gabriel Chordekar and his wife Doris. They have children who attend the Port Stanley school and were aware of the fundraising program to purchase new playground equipment. Mac’s customers can support the program through donations at their local Mac’s Convenience Stores. On hand to enable the first donation from this program was Mac’s District Supervisor Mike Farrell who said “This community has been very generous over the years so want to give back”.

A Walk Along the Pier in Port Stanley From the Elgin County e-Newsletter may 2015 There is something almost magical about a walk along a pier in the summertime looking out over the water’s edge as the waves lap peacefully against the shoreline. Soon visitors to Port Stanley will be able to do just that when the West Breakwater opens to the public later this summer for the first time in nearly seventeen years. The project includes the construction of an accessible 12 foot wide walking surface, benches for resting and a concrete wall along the west side acting as a railing system to protect people from strong wave action. The wall will also have lowered portions, with glass, for those with mobility issues to view the water while on the walkway. Construction on this project has al-


Bonnie Mudge Sales Representative

519-983-6939 Tri-County Realty Inc, Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

Selling? Buying? Call Bonnie - Your Local Sales Rep.

blocking large waves to create a calm harbour and stemming the flow of sediment into the harbour. When the construction company doing the repairs created a concrete surface for their machinery to travel on, the Municipality determined that the next logical step would be to use that surface for pedestrian traffic and thus the Breakwater project began. Reopening the Breakwater is part of a larger project to improve the harbour for recreation and to grant greater public access to the water. In the Fall, Central Elgin plans to dredge the harbour and use the sediment to reclaim 6 acres of the harbour creating Hofhuis Park, which will be located on the north end of the Breakwater. The Municipality also plans to rehabilitate the East Berm and create more park land, making the village of Port Stanley even more welcoming to tourists and recreation enthusiasts.

Purina Walk For Dog Guides Continued From Page 2 ecutive Director, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. “As our largest annual fundraiser, the Walk goes a long way in helping provide Dog Guides at no cost.” One in seven Canadians is living with a disability and the demand for Dog Guides is on the rise. Dog Guides are trained to assist people who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or deaf, and those who have medical and physical disabilities. One hundred per cent of the funds raised from the Walk will go towards providing Dog Guides to Canadians in need. The Purina® Walk for Dog Guides is made possible each year by the generous support of the Walk’s title sponsor, Nestlé Purina PetCare, as well as national sponsor Fido. There are prizes for those who participate in the Walk, including the chance to win a $200 Best Western travel card, one year’s supply of pet food courtesy of Nestlé Purina PetCare, a 32 GB iPad air and three night stay at any Starwood Hotel in North America. To help others step towards independence, or to donate, please visit or text #pwfdg



Garden Centre and Landscape Supplies BEN & MARY PENNER 8510 Plank Road (Hwy 19) Straffordville, ON Phone/Fax 519-866-5513 Cell:

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 29, 2015 • Page 5

The McLaughlin Buick Club and Ride for Dad visit HMCS OJIBWA

Clark Hoskin Norfolk County

Melissa Raven, Director of Communications

A new weekend shuttle bus service will operate along Lake Erie between Port Dover and Long Point in Norfolk County this summer.

HMCS OJIBWA had an exciting week in Port Burwell. Motorcycles and classic cars were visiting, so it’s safe to say that OJIBWA will be seeing plenty of traffic (pun intended) on May 27th and 31st. This traffic will include the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada and the London Motorcycle Ride for Dad charity event.

Two buses will make up the service, called the South Coast Shuttle, stopping at 17 locations along a route that includes wineries, restaurants, beaches, bakeries, campgrounds, farm markets, bed and breakfasts, horseback riding, marinas, shopping, small towns and villages.

The McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada drove in on May 27th This Wednesday, May 27th, the historic submarine was visited by some other historic, but much smaller vehicles. The McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada visited the submarine in Port Burwell as part of their 2015 Spring Tour which also includes a tour of the local Carolinian environment by the local group The Polestars. Approximately 30 classic cars will be parked together near the sub between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Locals, tourists, and motor enthusiasts are encouraged to come to view these pieces of automotive history, and then to explore the most massive historic exhibit of submarine weaponry in Ontario. This Wednesday, Port Burwell was the place to witness the history of vehicles from both above and below the sea.

London Motorcycle Ride for Dad will bring up to 400 motorcycles to OJIBWA on May 31st HMCS OJIBWA was once a submarine where soldiers worked together to fight in war. This coming Sunday, she will once again be a gathering place for fighters to work together, but the enemy this time is not human. The London Motorcycle Ride for Dad event is to be held this Sunday, May 31st and our famous submarine will be one of the stops on their journey to defeat prostate cancer. Motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to come out and see the bikes that this event will attract. The bikes will be at OJIBWA at times between 10:00am-4pm, and will have opportunity to take a picture of their bike with the massive sub for a small donation of $5. Half of this donation goes to the museum, and half goes to the Ride for Dad program. The all-day Ride for Dad includes lunch, a poker run, and prizes. The Elgin Military Museum is excited to see its satellite site playing host to such exciting events. HMCS OJIBWA is a nearly 300ft submarine that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 19651998. After being decommissioned, she was left unused for several years before the Elgin Military Museum stepped forward to preserve her as a museum ship. She is now open to the public, and will still be open for tours seven days a week for the rest of the season. Those wishing to receive a fascinating tour of the sub are encouraged to pre-book tickets online at:, or by calling the Museum at 519-633-7641.

About the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada The Buick Club of Canada was established in 1971 in the City of Oshawa to celebrate the 100th birthday of Robert Samuel McLaughlin, who had been instrumental in bringing General Motors to Oshawa through his company, McLaughlin-Buick (Originally

New South Coast Shuttle

The communities of Turkey Point, Vittoria, Normandale and Port Rowan are also included along the route.

McLaughlin). To celebrate “Sam”, as he was known, the Canadian Automotive Museum organized a parade of over 50 McLaughlin and McLaughlin-Buick cars in front of Sam’s estate, which were then to be driven to the Museum for public display. A small group then formed the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada to establish an annual tribute to Sam and these automobiles. More on the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada can be found at

About London Motorcycle Ride for Dad

The TELUS Ride for Dad campaign involves ATV, snowmobile, watercraft, and motorcyclists from across the country. The goal behind this campaign is to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. London Motorcycle Ride for Dad is one of the many branches in one of the many locations that this event takes place. Donations are accepted, and anyone wishing more information about the Ride For Dad can go to their web site at http://support. /site/TR?fr_id=1331&pg=entry.

The fare to ride the service oneway, with on-off privileges, is $6 for the entire route or $2 for in-town stops. Service runs Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from May 16 through September 27, 2015. Service starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends just after midnight. “Norfolk County has so much to offer tourists, and the South Coast Shuttle service will allow more people to experience our attractions without the hassle of driving,” said Clark Hoskin, Manager of Tourism & Economic Development for Norfolk County. The service is an extension of Norfolk County’s municipal Ride Norfolk public transit service. The operation is supported by provincial funding and numerous private-sector sponsors.

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North Shore Community Events F E S T I V A L S


Port Stanley Community Policing Requires volunteers. To help protect your village, call 519-782-3934 or Carroll at 519-782-7616, email Port Stanley Library 782-4241 304 Bridge St. Mon, Tues, Thurs, 10 - 8:30 Fri 1 - 5, Sat 9 - 1. Children’s Programs PomPom Mondays June 1 & 8, 6:00-6:45pm Calling all yarnies! We've got pompom makers, let's get creative! Pre-School Story Time Tuesday June 2, 9, & 16, 10:15am11:00am Songs, stories & crafts for children aged 05 with their caregiver. Please preregister! Adult Programs International Yarn Bombing Day! Saturday, June 13, 10:00am-12:00pm Come and see our new installation for 2015 and join us to get creative with pompoms! All ages welcome! Make your own Father's Day Cards! Saturday, June 6 Saturday, June 20 Drop in to customize your own card for dad for June 21! Card Making Monday, June 8, 10:00am-12:00pm Create some handmade cards with Adriana. $5 / person please preregister! Scrapbooking Monday, June 22, 10:00am-12:00pm Bring your photos for a creative session! $5 / person please preregister! Christ Anglican Church Sunday Morning Service, 9:30 am with Eucharist. We invite all to join in worship with us. Coffee follows downstairs. St. John's Presbyterian Church Tom Jeffrey Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am followed by Fellowship Hour. The Door is always open, why not join us? Sunday School starts at 10:20 am. The Fellowship Group of St. John's Presbyterian Church, are having a grab and go Meatloaf Take Out Supper on Friday, May 29th. Advance adult orders are $12 up to the 27th. After that $13. Call 519-782-3971 to order or for info. Port Stanley United Church Service of Worship at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship. Come join us. We are now wheelchair friendly and barrier free. Optimist Club of Port Stanley next meeting is June 3rd, 7 pm at the Library. If you are interested please join us. Port Stanley Village Association meets the third Thursday of the month 7- 8:30 pm. All welcome. Port Stanley Artists' Guild 25th Anniversary Show & Sale. Free Admission Free Parking Art Draws. Friday June 5th, 7-10 pm (opening night). Saturday June 6th, noon-8 pm, Sunday June 7th, noon-5 pm Port Stanley Royal Canadian Legion. VON Foot Care Clinic June 25 at The Villa Apts, 289 Frances Street 8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Call 519-782-4089 for appointment. Sponsored by Port Stanley Lioness Club. Port Stanley Lioness Walk For Guide Dogs Sunday, May 31 Walk Starts at the Port Stanley Legion Cenotaph Registration: 1:30 P.M. Walk starts at 2:00 P.M. For more info call 519-782-4308 Al-Anon Meeting, Christ Anglican Church 7:30 pm every Friday. If there is an alcohol/drug problem of a family member or friend that is affecting you, the Alanon Family Groups may be able to help you. Heritage Port will meet June 25 , 1.30 pm at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. Post Card books Vol. 1 & Vol 2 now available, $90 each, only 1 set remaining. Port Stanley the First 100 Years, $25. Get yours at the Lake Erie Beacon, 204-A Carlow Road, side door, 1-5 pm. Proceeds to Heritage Port. 519 782-4563. Port Stanley & Community 55+ Club Meets every Monday 1:30 -4 pm to play Euchre at the Port Stanley Arena. For info call 519-782-4801 (John Brenders) or 519-685-2101 (Marie Geerts). Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Summer Hours: Mon. & Thurs., 12-7, Tues. & Fri., 12-10, Wed. 11-10. Sat. & Sun., 12-7, Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Don’t forget the Legion offers the following: Seniors Bridge, Tues. night, Euchre: Wed. night Legion Darts Tuesday night 8 pm Men’s Darts Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws 3-5 pm Port Stanley Legion Bottle Returns Mon & Thurs- Closed, Tues, Wed., Fri, Sat 12-4 pm. Port Stanley Legion Ladies MahJongg, Fridays 1:30pm. We are looking for beginners as well. If you like to play MahJongg come on out! Port Stanley Legion Port Stanley Karaoke, Every 3rd Friday of the month, 7pm - 11pm. Come for the fun.


Port Burwell Trinity Anglican 11:30 am Port Burwell Lighthouse Gospel Church 10:45 am Port Burwell Legion Br. 524 Mixed Dart Tournament, Everyone Welcome. Sign up 10:am Start 11:00am. Teams & Doubles. $40:00 per team. Order of the Eastern Star Areme Chapter #15, OES meets the first Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre, Vienna. Otter Valley Naturalists Monthly Meeting is the second Monday of the month, 7 pm to 9 pm. Please call 519-874-4028 for information. Museum Bayham meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month 7pm, Municipal Office in Straffordville. Call 519 874-4135. Port Burwell - Bayham Horticultural Society, Meets Every 3rd Monday, 7 pm at the Port Burwell School, Strachan Street. For more Info 519 874-4260. Port Burwell Historical Society meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7 pm at the Marine Museum. Call 519 874-4135. Oriental Masonic Lodge meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Vienna Masonic Hall, 7:30 pm. New Members Welcome! Call 519 874-4135. Photographers of the Otter Valley (POV) meet the last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Bayham Public Library in Straffordville. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822. Hubbub at the Sub Hub Pub is bubbling back! Join us for improvisation workshops every Thursday 8-9:30pm at

The Lake Erie Beacon 204 A Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5 Phone: (519) 782-4563



the Lighthouse Restaurant. Members free, non-members $2. Have fun, gain confidence, new skills, and friends. or


Aylmer 50 + Seniors Welcome you to join them for Euchre or Bridge Every Monday 1 - 3:30 pm upstairs at Aylmer Legion Admission $2.


Dexter United Church Dexter Line. Service of Worship at 9:15 am followed by a time of fellowship.


Knox Presbyterian Church Worship 10 am. Coffee, cookies, fellowship follows: Sunday school/nursery 10 am. For info (519) 769-2157. Come and worship with a warm and friendly group of people, we are barrier free. Fingal School SS#12 Annual Golf Tournament, 28 June 2015, Dutton Meadows, 11am Shotgun Start, $45.00 includes Cart and Meal, $36.00 with meal, no cart, $10.00 Meal Only under 12 free. Meal at 2PM at Fingal Pavilion, Fingal Ball Park. Info 519-769-2093 or 519-319-5426.


Shedden Library Hours: Tues. 2:30-8:30, Thurs. 2-5, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 2 - 5 764-2081. Children’s Programs PreSchool Story Time Friday, June 5, 12, & 19, 11:00-11:45am Songs, stories & crafts for children 0-5 with a caregiver. Please preregister! Come and Support your Library at the ROSY RHUBARB LIBRARY BOOK SALE Saturday, June 13, 8:00am-3:00pm Hardcovers $0.50 Paperbacks $0.25 Magazines $0.10 For a full list of Rosy Rhubarb Events visit: Creative Aging Week is June 17 Join us on Friday, June 5 to celebrate from 2-4pm Rug Hooking Demo by "The Memories in Wool" Make your own Father's Day Card! Saturday, June 6 Saturday, June 20 Drop in to customize your own card for dad for June 21! Adult Summer Book Club Participate in this years Adult Summer Book Club! Sign up for Book Recommendations and Giveaways Read books to win prizes!


Sparta Stitchers Every Tuesday 1- 4 pm, Sparta Community Hall. We quilt, tat, knit, embroider, smock, crotchet, etc. Everyone welcome. Cost is $5. session. Come learn a new skill. Sally Martyn (519-775-2292). 7th Annual Girls' Day Out Saturday, June 6, 10 to 5 $35 per person, includes light breakfast, gift bags, gifts/discounts from participating stores and lunch. Registration begins at 10am at the Sparta Community Hall, 46272 Sparta Line. Limited tickets available. To reserve call Eileen Simpson 519-7752628 or email Registration cut off: May 31. All proceeds go to the Sparta Community Hall. Art Camp for Youth The annual art camp this year will feature mask making of a variety of types as well as mime and drama using the masks. The camp will run the week of August 10 to 14 at the Sparta Church Museum. Registration is $90.00 per student and classes will run from 9:00 to 12:00 each day with a performance the last day at 11:00. To register call Sally Martyn at 519-775-2292.


Abundant Life Fellowship Join us at the Timken Community Centre - Doug Tarry room (2 Third Ave.) at 6 pm on Saturdays for a free meal followed by our celebration service. For more info call 519-633-9207 or go to The Old St. Thomas Church, 55 Walnut St. is open for the summer Tuesday to Saturday 9am - 5pm until the end of August for free tours. 519-633-2610


Backus-Page House Museum, 29424 Lakeview Line, 519-762-3072. Backus-Page House Museum Monthly Clubs! 4th Tuesday, Family History Club 7pm THS Members free or $5/person. 2nd Wednesday, Textile Arts Club (bring your own project or hand quilt with us) 7pm THS Members free or $5/person

UNION 2015

Union United Church, 6008 Stonechurch Rd., Rev. David Mitchell leads worship with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. We are welcoming friendly Family of Faith and are barrier free. For info 519-631-0304 and our website: Union Community Centre, Fishing Lure Workshop June 6th 11 - 2 p.m. Cost: $5 per person Ages: 8 and up Sponsored by the Tri - County Bass Masters Association. BBQ hot dogs available and pop for a small charge. Call Vicki at 519-631-3840 to register by June 1st.


Bayham Historical Society meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.


The Arts & Cookery Bank, 242 Graham Street, 519-768-9986 Contact: Tammy Oliveira June 3-- The Lost Arts—Makin’ Homemade Marshmallows– The Arts & Cookery Bank, 519-768-9986 – June 9 --Fest-a-Month: The Country Turkey-Celebrating Ottoman Cuisine – 6:30pm The Arts & Cookery Bank, – 519-768-9986 June 25-- The Lost Arts—Makin’ Stocks & Soups– 6:30pm The Arts & Cookery Bank, – 519-768-9986 June 30-- Reunion: 100 Year Book Club-- The Arts & Cookery Bank, – 519-768-9986

The Lake Erie Beacon is pleased to support your local community events. We will make every effort to post promptly and accurately. If you would like to have your event posted on this page contact us at: See The

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live a little west of Fingal. Their trip is designed to raise money for two of their favourite charities: SOS Children's Villages and Plan Canada. People and busiContinued From Page 1 nesses can sponsor them by making a But we will not be slaves to a specific donation on their website below and will receive a tax receipt. To support the fund route. It may change all the time. We raising effort Heinz and Felicitas will will take it day by day. visit an SOS Children's Village in CartaThe Motor Bikes gena (Colombia) and a Plan Community My trusted bike is a BMW 1995 R 100 on the Altiplano in Bolivia. GS/PD classic. I just love this bike and it You can follow the travels of Heinz goes by “Trudi”. It is 20 years old now and Felicitas on their web site at: has about 120 000 km on it and the bike deserves this trip. There are so many opinions on what bike to take but in the end it does not matter. It is about the adventure and journey which can be Continued From Page 3 achieved with any kind of bike. Don’t over think stuff – just do it. the sand each spring, and removed in “Trudi” is an old airhead with simple the fall. The accessible pathways may be installed by 2016, with the funding technology, nothing fancy, a little slow coming from Ontario Parks, the Townbut dependable (just like the owner). I just love to stick to a bike and maintain ship of Malahide and one-third local it. I am a member of the “airheads“, which fundraising. is a community of like-minded BMW Ontario Parks Ecologist, Melany owners who enjoy this old technology. Cairns, also spoke to the group describ-

Don’t lose your dreams

Port Bruce Report

Feli’s bike is a 2007 BMW F 650 GS (single cylinder). It is ergonomically the right bike for her and it can take the rough stuff with no problem and it is not too heavy. Feli’s bike and mine have nothing in common, hers is fuel injected, computerized, chain driven and far more complicated.

ing a ‘healthy beach’, being used for both recreation and protection of the beach. She explained a ‘restoration event is being planned for this fall, where dune grasses will be planted to naturalize the grassed beach areas. Volunteers will be needed for this event as well as regularly cleaning up garbage on the beach.

It is going to be interesting to see how the bikes will handle this one year trip.

The speakers were unable to show a slide presentation which outlined their plans; however, the presentation will be posted on the Township of Malahide’s website.

Editors Note: Heinz and Felicitas Winterscheidt

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Vienna Edison Fest 2015 Edison Fest Committee EDISON FEST is being held Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the Vienna Memorial Park, 6226 Plank Road. The day will kick off at 7:30 a.m. with a Pancake and other breakfast goodies at a modest price at the Vienna Masonic Hall on Edison Drive. St. Luke's Church volunteers will offer BBQ sausage, burgers and fries at the food booth for lunch, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Support the local Scouting group who will be holding a "Baked Goods" sale in the Park in the afternoon. Family oriented activities such as sack races, nail driving and crosscut saw, spaghetti-eating competitions, rock climbing wall / bouncer, a silent auction, a variety of community ven-

dors/crafters (to be set up by 9:00 a.m.), all-day musical entertainment, fire safety house, a magic show, topped off with a local youth talent competition, will all be a part of this fun-filled day. There will also be free popcorn, kids' face painting, horse and wagon rides, a petting zoo with a variety of farm and domesticated wild animals. Edison Fest sponsors and donors will be recognized at the Fest. Free draws including four new youth bicycles (limit of one bike per family), skateboards, helmets, etc are scheduled between 5:30 & 6:00 p.m. winners must be in the Park to immediately claim prizes upon draw. The Bayham Historical Society 50150 draw will be made at 6:00 p.m.

Big Changes in Bayham Continued From Page 1 Vienna, Nora Edison Coombe, is a testament to one of the most exciting eras of Canadian history. Each Edison generation not only bore witness, but also was intricately involved in events such as; settling land granted by the notorious Colonel Talbot, the War of 1812, The Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837 (causing Thomas Edison’s Father Samuel to make a daring escape to the States), The Fenian Raids, and the completion of the CN Railway. A prolific inventor himself, Thomas Alva Edison, summered in Vienna with his grandfather during his formative years. The house where the museum is temporarily located was built in 1853 on ground once owned by the Edison Family. Helen and Douglas Howard donated the house to the village for the purpose of creating a museum. Sadly to residents of Vienna, the original Edison homestead, located adjacent to the Otter Creek, was of such interest to Henry Ford, he commissioned the move of the entire building to the Ford Museum in Dearborne Michigan in 1933.

Still Working to Forge Ahead Bayham Council is still working to

North Shore Community Classified Serving over 7000 Homes, Apartments, Farms & Businesses

consolidate efforts to help the Municipality recover from its current financial problems. The Annual Edisonfest event will take place again this year on Saturday, June 6 at Memorial Park 6226 Plank Road, from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Tub Daze, now will be called Beach Fest and will take place on July 31 to August 2nd. On Friday May 22 a Car Show took place at the Bayham’s Family Table Restaurant. The show was organized by Randy Breyer (shown above) who owns the restaurant and is also a Bayham Municipal Councillor for Ward 1. The show drew a small but enthusiastic crowd of car buffs as well as a group from Port Stanley, myself included. Randy hopes to make this a regular event, possibly weekly, and believes that more needs to be done to revitalized Bayham and rural Ontario. “Lets Bring the Community Back” he was quoted as saying.

North Shore SERVICE DIRECTORY For Businesses Located Near You!

THE LAST WORD No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery. 7TH ANNUAL SPARTA GIRLS’ DAY OUT

7TH ANNUAL SPARTA GIRLS' DAY OUT, Saturday, June 6, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. $35.00 p.p., includes light breakfast, gift bag, gift/discount at participating stores, and lunch. For tickets, call Eileen 519.775.2628. FOR RENT

Port Stanley Public School Activities June 2015 350 Carlow Rd., Port Stanley, Ontario, N5L 1B6 Phone: 519-782-3983 Principal: Ms. Sheila Pinder Secretary: Mrs. Debbie Sutherland May 29 - Assembly (School) Recognition Assembly 2:00 PM General Gr. 6 EQAO 9:05 AM - 1:00 PM June 6 - Building Event Family Music Day 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Everyone Welcome June 16 - 19 - Field Trips (School) Gr. 8 CQE Trip June 24 - General Gr. 8 Graduation 6:00 PM June 25 - Last Day of School June 26 - PD Day Have a Safe and Fun Summer!


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Daisy The kittens are coming, the kittens are coming. Once there are kittens, their mothers seem to be continually brushed aside. Kittens are cute, fun to watch but, need supervising, are a lot of work and are not kittens long enough to make all that work worthwhile. Mothers, on the other hand, are just as much fun, play just as much but, are a lot less work. How can that be wrong? One of our first mothers this year, is one year old, Daisy, who gave birth to 3 kittens and is a petite, sweet calico. Daisy

Trista adores being petted and sticks out her tongue when she's happy. However, two year old Trista gave birth to 4 kittens and has been waiting since April 2014 for someone to call her own. To be honest, Trista was a happy, affectionate, sweet natured girl, last year, who is becoming very unhappy with the length of her wait. Can't blame her one little bit. I know that once she feels the love in her own home, that sweet natured girl will reemerge. Please consider the bigger picture when you choose who will become your new companion. Mothers are Magnificent!!!

Animal Aide Association 333 Talbot St. St. Thomas

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Make your backyard a 'tick-safe zone' to prevent Lyme disease Health Canada As you dust off the patio furniture and bring out the kids’ swing sets for summer, consider taking extra steps to protect your family from tick bites. Certain ticks can spread serious illness like Lyme disease. While they’re typically found in forests and overgrown areas between the woods and open spaces, research tells us that tick populations are spreading. It’s possible to be bitten outside of these locations.

As you maintain your yard this season, follow these easy steps to help reduce tick habitats near your home: •

Keep the grass mowed.

Remove leaf litter, brush and weeds at the edge of the lawn and around stonewalls and woodpiles.

Move children’s swing sets and sand boxes away from the woodland edge and place them on a woodchip or mulch foundation.

Discourage rodent activity by cleaning up and sealing stonewalls and small openings around the home.

Move firewood piles and bird feeders away from the house.

Extra Tip: Keep your pets, particularly dogs, out of the woods and talk to your vet about tick repellents for your pets. More information on Lyme disease plus ways to protect yourself, your children and your pets, is available from the Government of Canada at:

Adopt hard landscape practices (using hard materials like stone and metals instead of soft materials like soil for planting).


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