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Serving Lake Erie’s North Shore Friday May 23, 2014

INSIDE Ojibwa season opener

The MV Rhea’s bell comes home to the Port Stanley Legion

Fun was the watchword as HMCS OJIBWA celebrated the opening of its first full season on Saturday, May 17. STORY PAGE 2

War of 1812 Report May 30: British Infantry march north to Bordeaux France to set sail for North America. STORY PAGE 2

Port Burwell Report A Polestar is a guiding light. The name aptly describes this group of individuals who saw the opportunity to revitalize Port Burwell one hydro pole at a time. STORY PAGE 4

Drivers Urged to Watch for Deer The Ministry of Natural Resources is asking motorists to be extra cautious on Ontario roads this spring as wildlife becomes more active. STORY PAGE 4

Andrew Hibbert Part One of a Two part series

Port Bruce Report The Township of Malahide is hosting a Community Engagement meeting on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. STORY PAGE 4

Port Stanley Report

The U.S.S. RHEA was originally an American Navy Minesweeper, built in Oakland, California in 1942 by William F. Stone and Sons. The RHEA (AMS 52) was originally commissioned as the YMS (Yard Mine Sweeper) 299 on 7 April 1942 with Lieutenant F. H. Gentry USNR as the first Commanding Officer. This ship was a wooden-hulled minesweeper with an overall length of 136 feet and a beam of 25 feet. Her displacement was 300 tons, her draft nine feet. Two

The following is a review of a new police allowing vendors on the beach in Port Stanley. STORY PAGE 5

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500-Horsepower General Motors diesel engines powered twin propellers for a maximum speed of about 15 knots.

Above Left: Port Stanley Legion President Paul Caldwell showing the RHEA bell and photo display.

The YMS 299 saw service in the Pacific during the Second World War and was among the minesweepers that led the U.S.S. Missouri into Tokyo Bay at the end of the war. The complement of the ship was four officers and 30 enlisted men. This vessel spent the Second World War in the Pacific and was commanded by Lieutenant Edward James Foley Jr., USNR until the 2nd of April 1945 when Lieutenant Commander Warren Arthur Wisler,

Above Top: The RHEA crest adopted by the Courageous Sailing Club. Above: The RHEA at harbourside in Port Stanley from a painting by R. B. Donaldson 1992. USNR took command. During this period the YMS 299 won her first "Battle Star" the Asiatic-Pacific Medal. This star was earned while participating in the Assault and Occupation Continued On Page 5

The issue of accessibility Sauble Beach are accessible.”

Andrew Hibbert Port Stanley, like many other lakeside communities, depends on tourism as its primary source of income. Tourists come in all shapes and sizes and some are wheelchair users. It came, as something of a shock when a tourist sent a note to the Beacon saying, “Port Stanley is one of the least accessible tourist destinations that I have been to.” The tourist, Jason Neyers of London, is not disabled himself but does have a daughter who is a wheelchair user. Even with accessibility often being an issue Rebecca and Jason take their daughter Sophie with them everywhere. This has included

holidays to the beach, the cottage and trips to Florida. Jason was in Port Stanley on Mother’s Day with his whole family including his mother. The Neyers have a cottage at Sauble Beach and spend many of their vacations there. Referring to Port Stanley Jason says “I don't think that there was a shop that we could get in to besides the one that told Rebecca that they had an elevator that was turned off (but could be turned on if needed in The Festival Theatre Building). As a comparison almost all the shops in

This is quite a damming statement on a subject that, I’m sure, many of us have not considered. Almost any stairs or steps would be a deterrent to someone in a wheelchair. I know that the elevator at the Festival Theatre Building has been used on occasion to access the upper level retail area and the Stork Club Interpretive Centre. That’s great but there is no signage outside the building to tell tourists that an elevator is available. On the Ontario Provincial front the Ministry of Economic Development, Continued On Page 7

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Andrew Hibbert

Ojibwa season opener featured submarine races Melissa Raven Not the submarine races you might be thinking of though. These submarine races were for children 10 and under organized courtesy of Explorer's Association BPSC Scouts of Straffordville as part of the Third Annual OJIBWA Fest on May 17th. Participants raced as many times as they wanted and were eligible for one free prize draw ticket. Prizes were donated by Harbour Lights Bayham & Area Community News. Fun was the watchword as HMCS OJIBWA celebrated the opening of its first full season on Saturday, May 17 right beside HMCS OJIBWA in Port Burwell. In addition to tours inside and outside the submarine, a great day of fun and bargains was planned by a local group called the Bayham Submissions. Proceeds went to the

LETTERS Awesome! Just as it is important as it is to give constructive criticism, it is equally important to give credit to where credit is due. New Port Stanley main beach playground equipment.....AWESOME!! I can hear that positive happy energy already! Susan Metzger Kitchener Waterloo

Published by Kettle Creek Publishing Ltd. 204 (A) Carlow Road Port Stanley, ON N5L 1C5 Telephone: 519.782.4563

A tour group visiting the HMCS OJIBWA Control Room. Photo from the EMM collection. Museum of Naval History. Starting at 9:00 am on the 17th and running until 4:00 pm, there was a wide variety of craft and vendor booths along with a huge silent auction and face painting for all. For those who were hungry, there was a mouth-watering pork and beef BBQ on site. There was lots of free parking and the village restaurants, historic lighthouse and Marine Museum just steps away. All the festivities took place at the HMCS OJIBWA site at 3 Pitt Street in Port Burwell. The Museum recommends that anyone wanting submarine tours during the summer book ahead by calling the Museum at 519633-7641 or emailing details to HMCS OJIBWA will be open for tours daily from 10:00 to 6:00 pm (last tour starting at 5:00 pm) until October. She remains open throughout the winter by appointment and for special weekends. Group tours are welcome. Contact the Museum to make your special arrangements. For more information about touring HMCS OJIBWA, visit the Museum website at:

Publisher/Editor Andrew Hibbert Advertising Linda Hibbert

Letters to the Editor

May 25 - June 24 1814: Arrival of British reinforcements at Quebec City, 16th Regiment, Royal Artillery, 70th Regiment.

and start construction of Fort Shelby. A British unit called the Mississippi Volunteers is formed primarily of voyageurs and fur trappers, at Fort Mackinac to help recapture the lost post. June 1: British raids on Cedar Point and St. Jerome's Point and a Naval Skirmish off Cedar Point, Maryland. June 3: British Secretary for War, Earl of Bathurst, orders Governor General Sir George Prevost to take offensive action against the Americans with the reinforcement of 13,000 regulars that will soon arrive from Europe. Prevost will allocate the majority of these troops to the September 1814 campaign in northern New York near Plattsburg and Lake Champlain.

May 29: During a skirmish at Pungoteague Creek, Virginia British forces destroy an American battery. May 30: A British force under the command of Captain Stephen Popham, consisting of two gunboats, three cutters and 160 seamen and marines are ambushed and captured at Sandy Creek, (Sackets Harbor) New York, having ventured inland in pursuit of American bateaux and US militia. May 30: Halifax naval squadron extends British blockade to include New England. May 30: British Infantry march north to Bordeaux France to set sail for North America. May 31: Americans drive British Commodore Sir James Yeo’s fleet away from Sackets Harbor, New York. June 2-5: Americans take possession of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory

Governor General and the military Commander in Chief in British North America Sir George Prevost. June 6: The British Secretary for War, orders Lieutenant Governor Sir John Coape Sherbrooke to occupy the part of the District of Maine, "which at present intercepts the communication between Halifax and Quebec." He dispatches an army-navy contingent of 2,500 men.

, l a u n n 22 ndrdAWinning Awa Festival 014 2 , 8 7 6 June

H All Weekend Unserviced Camping Maximum 60 sites Reserve at

“It’s our Rhubarb Sauce that made us Famous”


A Weekend of family fun in .



FRIDAY June 6th • Opening Ceremonies 7:00 pm. • Baking Contest entries 10:00 am – 12:00 noon • Family Country Hoedown 7:30 – 11:00 pm

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Adults $60.00 – Under 10 $40.00

• RHUBARB JUDGING Noon • Pony Rides, Mini Midway

• Again This Year! •

Baking Contest All baking entries should be brought to the Keystone Complex from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on June 6 th.

Rhubarb entries only! 1) Double Crust Pie 2) Muffins 3) Desserts Prizes: 1st – $100. 2nd – $75. 3rd – $50. for each category. 4) Desserts, made by children, age 8 to 12 Prizes $50, $35, $25

SUNDAY June 8th • Breakfast 8:00 - 11:30 Served by the Dutton Lions $6 / person • Church Service 10:00 am • Craft Vendors • Antique & Custom Car & Motorcycle Show 11 am • AT THE STAGE -Austin Gagnier 12:30-1:30 pm - Jamie Warren 1:30 - 4:00 pm . • The Snake Lady 12:00-4:00 pm • Monster Truck Car Crush 1:00 pm • Monster Truck Rides 11:00 am -5:00 pm • Loads of parking at the Railroad or Keystone Lots.

Antique and Custom Car Show 11 am - 4 pm Sunday

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Page 4 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 23, 2014 The tour experience has been expanded and the summer looks promising. New businesses have opened and are doing well. The latest, The Sweet Spot, the talk of the town, has transformed an empty building into an attractive, eye-catching asset on Robinson St. The Candy store is open for business.


A Port Burwell revival started on May 14, 2014 Actually, it began last year with a group of relatively new residents who have chosen Port Burwell as their retirement community. The Polestars share a common goal, the beautification of the community, which they have embraced with enthusiasm, recognizing its unlimited potential. The Polestars are a collection of keen individuals who have no formal structure, only projects. Many of them are also members of the Otter Valley Naturalists, Bayham Horticultural Society and Periscope Theatre. A Polestar is a guiding light. The name aptly describes this group of individuals who saw the opportunity to revitalize Port Burwell one hydro pole at a time. After many roadblocks and original rejection by Hydro One, Margot Pieters convinced Hydro One to have another look at their pole policy. A video, featuring the children of Port Burwell PS, who would do hand prints on the hydro poles, captured the imagination of CEO Carmen Marcello. Hydro One brought their interactive trailer to town. Hydro One then embraced the local initiative, and took the hand prints to another level, 4X2 banners with PB PS student artwork on them. After months of hard work, and lots of community support, May 14 was chosen as the day to celebrate the project with PB PS. The threat of rain did not dampen the Polestars. The odds of not forcing the event indoors were not great. The forecast Wednesday morning called for a major storm hitting Port Burwell late morning. The Polestar event went off without a hitch. Sometimes you just have to believe. The Polestars may have ignited a can-do spirit in Port Burwell, combined with enthusiasm and determination. Things are looking up. The Ojibwa has drawn a surprising number of winter and shoulder season visitors.

On May 14, The Polestars, Hydro One and PB PS put together a day of celebration, very kid focused. The students walked down to the Marine Museum Parking Lot. An Aylmer band, the Moore Avenue Underground, greeted them. The Band got the children moving, dancing and singing immediately with Radioactive and Hip, Hip –. The band is itself a story. Three Aylmer brothers make up the players, with huge support from their parents. Josh is enrolled in a music program at the U. of Windsor. Jack and Joey are involved in music at EESS. The Gaudette family was a big part of the event. Later on, some Country, BTO and pop entertained the older set. One of the last songs had an apt submarine theme. Joey was convinced by Marion Rodgers to take the role of a teenager in the first Periscope Theatre presentation this June. Marion is quite pleased to have a complete cast in place. Mayor Ens and Councillors Ketchabaw and Southwick witnessed the big day in Bayham. East Link Cable taped the entire event. XRCA personal aircraft flew by three times. Then, a Pirate and his Parrot emerged from the historic Lighthouse. Captain Cango from the Ojibwich and his beloved Parrot, Bessie served as MC's. The Pirate described the kids as the real treasures here today. Bessie was energetically portrayed by Marion Rodgers. The Pirate, Jeff Rodgers recognized key players and supporters, starting with the student leaders Will and Lilly, PB PS Principal Diane Herter, who was a big part of the project's completion and success. And the Polestars: Jillian and Tony Davey, Rod and Tracy Littleton, Ken Koko (Ojibwa), Anne and Grahame Notman, Margot and Serge Pieters, Laurie and Jim Tone, Fay and Symen Salverda, Carol and John Wiley and Mary and Allan Spicer. Supporters were recognized: The Sunshine Restaurant, The Lunch Box, Phatty’s, The Cove, The Legion, Franklin Construction, The Leo Club of Vienna, Trailer (Marcia and Barry Parker), Jack Vince, the Marine Museum. Tom Kidd, Hydro One VP For Lines Continued On Page 6

Drivers Urged to Watch for Deer on Highways this Spring Ministry of Natural Resources The Ministry of Natural Resources is • asking motorists to be extra cautious on Ontario roads this spring as wildlife becomes more active. On average, there is a motor vehicle/wild animal collision every 38 minutes. One out of every 17 motor vehicle collisions involves a wild animal. This is reported to be higher in Elgin County where nearly 45% of the almost 500 total accidents in 2006 involved deer. Motor vehicle/wild animal collisions are increasing annually. In 2007, 13,954 collisions were reported. Many more go unreported. 89 per cent of collisions occur on two-lane roads outside of urban areas. 86 per cent occur in good weather.

Reduce your risk: •

Watch — Scan the road ahead from shoulder to shoulder. Moose, elk and deer are particularly active in the spring, especially at dawn and dusk, as they search for food. Deer rarely travel alone, so when


Community Engagement Meeting The Township of Malahide is hosting a Community Engagement meeting on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at the Malahide Community Place in Springfield starting at 6:30 p.m. This session is part of the development of a master plan for Port Bruce. Once developed, the plan will guide further community projects in the village. Come out and have a say. Your input is valuable.

Port Bruce Prov. Park Some visitors to Port Bruce are surprised to find a provincial park, while others come looking for the day use park and can’t find it. The Port Bruce Provincial Park is located along Imperial Road and runs west from Levi Street. On the north side of Imperial Road, there is a large grassed area with several picnic tables, washrooms and a surfaced area with a basketball net. Many visitors can be seen having lunch under the trees,


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motorists see one there are likely more nearby. Stay in Control — Watch your speed and be careful when driving at night. Slowing down will give you more time to respond. Brake and Stop — Brake firmly if an animal is standing on or crossing the road, stopping if necessary. Swerving to avoid hitting a wild animal may result in loss of control and a more serious collision. The Ministry of Transportation’s Watch for Wildlife website provides useful tips for drivers in Ontario.

If possible, avoid driving during dusk or dawn when most wildlife collisions occur. Swerving to avoid hitting a wild animal may result in a more serious collision. If hitting a wild animal is unavoidable, remember to stay in control. People who live adjacent to highways are encouraged not to feed deer during the winter as this increases the probability of motor vehicle collisions, resulting in more personal injuries and increased deer mortality. some bringing a picnic and others purchasing their food from one of the local restaurants. This year the park is operational from May 9, 2014 to October 13, 2014, so the washrooms are open and serviced during this time. On the south side of Imperial Road is the beach. According to the Ontario Parks website, Port Bruce offers a “picturesque 200 metre sandy beach” where visitors can “relax in the sun and then cool off by taking a swim in the warm, shallow waters of Lake Erie.” Perhaps some of the visitors who can't find the park are thrown off by the terms 'picturesque' and 'sandy'. For some, picturesque would include a waterfront strewn with large logs and debris washed up on shore, while others would visit once and not come back. If you look closely between clumps of wildly spreading grass, you can see hints of the sand that once was visible over the whole beach. The grass does keep the sand from blowing onto the road, although many traditional beach goers don’t appreciate its presence, at least in such great volumes. Visitors should also tread carefully since poison ivy lurks in the clumps of grass. Ontario Parks does not consider poison ivy a noxious weed, so no action is taken to prevent its spread. For local residents, it was only a few years ago that the park paid to have the beach groomed. Those days are gone, to the liking of some and the chagrin of others. The Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 identified several objectives for managing provincial parks. One is to protect ecosystems, and another is to “provide opportunities for ecologically sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities and encourage associated economic benefits’. Many visitors and local residents in Port Bruce would argue that the natural state of the beach does little to encourage economic benefits and stimulate tourism, yet there are some that come to the Port Bruce beach since it is like stepping back in time, when beaches were not maintained and regularly groomed. Continued Top Of Page 5

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday May 23, 2014 • Page 5 Continued From Page 4 For several years local residents volunteering their time were permitted to clean up the beach, from the water’s edge back a few feet on shore. For everyone’s safety they removed logs that were protruding into the water and placed them parallel to shore for a place to sit and enjoy the view. Last year this was met with threats of huge fines and possible imprisonment. Visitors to the village frequently ask why local residents don’t clean up the beach. It’s not for a lack of desire. Some would agree with the description on the Ontario Parks website that Port Bruce Park is “picturesque” and “beautiful” and others would use totally opposite words. Somewhere there must be a happy medium for everyone to be able to enjoy this scenic spot. As with any Ontario Provincial Park, there are fines for various offences. Information obtained from their website indicates that the fine for taking your dog or any domestic animal on the beach is $75. Don’t think about picking up a piece of drift wood for your garden, since regulations do not permit taking any fallen or dead wood from a provincial park and doing so could result in a $125 fine. There is a fine for possessing or setting off fireworks as well as a fine for campfires. Since Port Bruce is a ‘day use’ park, it doesn’t have Provincial Park staff stationed there, but staff regularly visits from Port Burwell Park for enforcement. If you have a concern about the conditions of the Provincial Park washroom, grassed area or beach contact the Park Warden at 519-8744691, or write to Box 9, Port Burwell, ON, N0J 1T0. Or, you may wish to express any comments to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks Services Division, Managing Director at 1-800-667-1940 or write to Robinson Place, 6th Floor, 300 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 8M5


The MV RHEA’s bell comes home Continued From Page 1 of Okinawa. In July 1945, Ensign Robert James Bauman, USNR became the fourth Captain of the vessel. It was during the command of this young Ensign (he was nineteen years old) that this ship was awarded her second and third "Battle Stars". One star was received for operations with the U.S. Third Fleet in the vicinity of the Philippine Islands during July 1945. When the USS Missouri steamed into Tokyo Bay with the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, General MacArthur, on the way to the Japanese surrender ceremonies, this ship, together with others of her class, preceded Missouri into the harbour to insure that the way was cleared of mines. This typified the motto of the MINE FORCE – "Where the Fleet goes, we've been". Upon conclusion of the surrender of Japan, the YMS 299 was engaged in minesweeping duties around the Japanese Home Islands. Ironically, her own Army and Navy Aircraft had planted the majority of the mines with which she was confronted. In keeping with the old adage of the sea – "Those that mine must sweep", the YMS 299 participated in the tedious task of sweeping the Japanese Inland Sea for which she was awarded her third and final "Battle Star". This duty also saw the ship add the Navy Occupation Service Medal for the Asiatic Theatre to her other laurels. In September 1947, the YMS 299 was reclassified AMS 52 and then named RHEA. The designator AMS 52 which normally follows the name RHEA indicates that she was one of the class of ship known as motor minesweepers, the U.S. Navy's largest wooden-hulled ships. Like her sister ships, this vessel is named for a bird, a RHEA being a South American

locations, whether in the Main Beach, Little Beach, or West Harbour Walkway areas. There is ample parking for both vendors and beach goers in each location. The official hours that vendors may operate between are 10:00 a.m. until sunset from Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day weekend.

2014 Port Stanley Seasonal Vendor Pilot

All vendors must apply each season to have a space designated to them.

The following is a review of a new police allowing vendors on the beach in Port Stanley. The full report can be found on the Central Elgin web site.

Areas for vending:

Central Elgin Council has had a policy for Port Stanley’s Main Beach, based on an outstanding Port Stanley by-law, indicating that temporary vendors were not permitted. In 2014 this policy was under review and discussion. It has been decided to pilot a new policy that would encourage more recreational activity and business opportunity during the tourist season. Central Elgin Council values the Blue Flag status of Port Stanley’s Main Beach, and will not allow any activity that would jeopardize that status. Additionally, it has been decided, that the pilot project will also include the West Harbour Walkway, and an area at Little Beach. Central Elgin Council will select vendors on the basis of optimising the types of activities most desirable for Port Stanley. Vendors will be assigned specific

The MV RHEA on Lake Erie

6 spots, approximately 10 metres long, on the West Harbour Walk Way, 6 spots along the Board Walk, 6 spots, on the south side of the dunes on Main Beach, 1 spot, on the beach on the piece of land close to the pier and 6 spots, approximately, on the southern beach embankment of Little Beach. Food vendors will be located at least fifty (50) metres from a permanent restaurant or other permanent eating establishment by measuring the distance by the "most direct route" or "the straightest route".

Rates and Fees A seasonal vendor's licence will cost $300 and a seasonal space rental will cost $300. Vendors must obtain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance satisfactory to the Municipality.

member of the Ostrich family, although we do have a RHEA farm near Port Stanley. This RHEA continued with the routine peacetime work of training reservists and in 1948 Lieutenant (JG) Rocker, USN took command. The vessel was so magnificently maintained that Rear Admiral Sherman, who made semi-annual inspections, once remarked that he would like to have the ship for his own personal yacht. The RHEA was decommissioned 23 December 1957. She was struck from the US Navy List 1 November 1959.

The Courageous Sailing Club purchases RHEA In 1962 the Courageous Sailing Club was formed in London, Ontario and based in Port Stanley for the purpose of purchasing and operating the former U.S. Navy minesweeper RHEA as a training vessel for youth groups in the area interested in seamanship training and discipline. The Club obtained its Provincial Charter in October 1962 and the objectives of the Club were to encourage and foster the ideals of good seamanship and related subjects among the youth of the area. Over the years many boys participated in maintenance and refit programs learning

the basics of skills that they often pursued later in their education. The Club also had a junior membership. After she came to Port Stanley the MV (Motor Vessel) RHEA was under the command of Lt. Cdr. T. L. Raymond, CD, from 1962 to 1975, then Lt. L. Bowman, CD in 1976 and after that Lt. Cdr. D.E. Harrington. The ship made training cruises to ports on Lake Erie in both Canada and the U.S. She also travelled to Sarnia, Windsor and Toledo Ohio and was invited to Ontario Place in 1974 by the Ontario Government during an annual 10-day training cruise. Some of the boys, who were not affiliated with any other cadet or youth group, were allowed to form part of the regular crew of MV RHEA. Thirty-six cadets were accommodated during each trip. Courageous Sailing Club members were also part owners of the RHEA. They crewed the ship and provided instruction to visiting cadets. Members carried out maintenance and refit projects during the winter months. The ship is kept heated so that it could be used during the winter months for "along the wall" training, A classroom was available in an adjacent shed. Look for Part Two in our next edition. RHEA almost sinks in Port Stanley Harbour. RHEA does sink in the Oshawa harbour.

HealthTalk Cystic Fibrosis: Takes Your Breath Away May 25, 2014 marks the date for Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. It is estimated that 1 in 3600 children are born with CF in this country, and every week the disease will claim another Canadian life. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder, meaning that the person has the disease from birth. It occurs when a child inherits two defective copies of the gene responsible for CF, one from each parent. Approximately one in 25 Canadians is a CF carrier, carrying only one defective version of the gene responsible. Carriers do not have, and can never get, CF. In most cases, they are not even aware they are carriers until they have a child with the disease. When two carriers have a child, there is a • 25% chance the child will be born with CF • 50% chance the child will not have CF, but will be a carrier • 25% chance the child will not have CF and will not be a carrier With each pregnancy, the risks are exactly the same. Two carrier parents may have several chil-

Steve Bond,

BScPhm, RPh, CDE Pharmacist/Manager

dren with cystic fibrosis or none at all. In Ontario, (and some other provinces) newborn screening is performed in hospital. This is accomplished by a simple heal blood test. If the test is positive, it does not confirm diagnosis. It simply means that further testing is required. Although CF affects many systems of the body, it primarily affects the lungs and digestive system. In the lungs, a build-up of thick mucus causes increasingly severe breathing problems. It may be difficult to clear bacteria from the lungs, leading to cycles of infection and inflammation, which damage delicate lung tissue. Mucus and protein also build up in the digestive tract making it difficult to digest and absorb nutrients from food. The pancreas is affected leading to diabetes. The leading cause of death in CF is due to complications of the lungs. But there is hope: In the 1960’s, most children with cystic fibrosis did not live long enough to attend kindergarten. Today, half of all Canadians with cystic fibrosis are expected to live into their 40s and beyond. Take care of yourself and each other. For more information, check out our blog: 519 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

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North Shore Community Events F E S T I V A L S


Port Stanley Community Policing Requires volunteers. To help protect your village, call 519-782-3934 or Carroll at 519-782-7616, email Port Stanley Library 782-4241 304 Bridge St. Mon, Tues, Thurs, 10 - 8:30 Fri 1 - 5, Sat 9 - 1. Children’s Programs Kidz Korner Games, crafts, stories Monday Evenings 6‐6:45pm (grade 1 and older) Pajama Rama Join us for Bedtime Story Time! Monday Evenings 7‐7:30pm (all ages with an adult) Pre school Story Time Stories, songs and crafts! Tuesday Mornings at 10:15am (0‐5 years with an Adult) Lego Mania! Saturday Mornings from 10am‐12:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated! (with adult) Yarn Bombing for Kids Monday, May 26 & June 2nd at 6pm Come and learn how to finger knit to make some garland for our tree! Ages 5 and up are welcome! Port Stanley Lioness Club Walk For Guide Dogs Sunday, May 25th, Port Stanley Legion, Registration 1:30pm Walk 2pm. Info: 519-782-4308. *Funds raised will go to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Dog Guides are at no cost. Port Stanley Optimist Bike Rodeo Saturday June 7, 9:30 am-12 noon at Port Stanley arena. All children under 12 are invited to attend. Bikes will be checked for safety and riding skills will be tested. Everyone gets a prize including two brand-new bicycles. There will be hot-dogs and pop for everyone at the end of the rodeo. Christ Anglican Church Sunday Morning Service, 9:30 am with Eucharist. We invite all to join in worship with us. Coffee follows downstairs. Al-Anon Meeting, Christ Anglican Church 7:30 pm every Friday. If there is an alcohol/drug problem of a family member or friend that is affecting you, the Alanon Family Groups may be able to help you. Port Stanley Volunteer Gardeners Annual Geranium Drive. The Gardeners raise money to buy plants and flowers for our public gardens. Please order your Geraniums directly from them to support their good work Call 519 782-4148. Cost is $2.50 per plant with 6 colours to choose from. Delivery May 24th. St. John's Presbyterian Church Tom Jeffrey Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am followed by Fellowship Hour. The Door is always open, why not join us? Port Stanley United Church Service of Worship at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship. Come join us. We are now wheelchair friendly and barrier free. Port Stanley United Church Alcoholics Anonymous meets Thursday 8 pm, Call 782-3056. VON Foot Care Clinic May 29th at The Villa Apts, 289 Frances Street 8 - 11:30 a.m. Call 519-782-4089 for appointment. Sponsored by the Port Stanley Lioness Club. The Port Stanley Youth Group May 23rd, 5 p.m. at St. John's Presbyterian Church, the last event of the year, The Amazing Race. The Youth should bring a sweater, comfortable clothing and shoes and NO cell phones. Heritage Port Next meeting is June 26 1:30 pm, at the Gay Lea Dairy Museum in Copenhagen. Post Card books Vol. 1 & Vol 2 now available, $90 each, Port Stanley the First 100 Years, $25. Get yours at the Lake Erie Beacon, 204-A Carlow Road, side door, 1-5 pm. Proceeds to Heritage Port. Port Stanley & Community 55+ Club Meets every Monday 1:30 -4 pm to play Euchre at the Port Stanley Arena. For info call 519-782-4801 (John Brenders) or 519685-2101 (Marie Geerts). Port Stanley Village Association meets the third Thursday of the month 7- 8:30 pm. All welcome. Check out the psva website at Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Monday - Friday 12-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-7pm. Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Don’t forget the Legion offers the following: Seniors Bridge, Tues. night, Euchre: Wed. night Legion Darts Tuesday night 8 pm Men’s Darts Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws 3-5 pm Port Stanley Legion Bottle Returns Mon & Thurs- Closed, Tues, Wed., Fri, Sat 12-4 pm. Port Stanley Legion Ladies MahJongg, Fridays 1:30pm. We are looking for beginners as well. If you like to play MahJongg come on out! Call 519 782-3189 or 782-3118. Port Stanley Legion Port Stanley Karaoke Sing It To Win It! Every 3rd Friday of the month, 7pm - 11pm Chicken Wings on Special. Come for the fun. Port Stanley Legion June 13th The Neil Diamond Tribute Show Dinner 6pm, Show 8pm, $35.00 Limited Seating.


fast for only $6; Sunday; June 7 & 8, 9 am till noon, in the covered shelter at Keystone Complex; Shedden, as part of Rosy Rhubarb celebration. Dutton & District Lions Veterans Appreciation Motorcycle Poker Run, June 14 at Dutton Building Products; 277 Currie Road, 9-9:45 am. Registration $20 per bike; $30 with passenger. Includes complimentary refreshment and hamburger provided by Rodney Lions.


Dexter United Church Dexter Line. Service of Worship at 9:15 am followed by a time of fellowship.


Knox Presbyterian Church Lay Minister Mr. John Van Eyk. Worship 10 am. Coffee, cookies, fellowship follows: Sunday school/nursery 10 am. For info (519) 769-2157. Come and worship with a warm and friendly group of people, we are barrier free.


Shedden Library Hours: Tues. 2:30-8:30, Thurs. 2-5, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 2 - 5 764-2081. Pre-school Storytime Friday Mornings 11am (under 5 years with an Adult) Come for stories, songs & crafts! Boys Club Are you interested in a Boys Club for ages 8‐12 on Saturday Afternoons? Ask for more info or to register!! Lego-Mania! Saturday afternoons from 2:15-4:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated!


Sparta Baptist Church is no longer holding services but are meeting with the Plains Baptist Church till the end of June. Rev. Phil Butler is there for both congregations. Sparta Stitchers Every Tuesday 1- 4 pm, Sparta Community Hall. We quilt, tat, knit, embroider, smock, crotchet, etc. Everyone welcome. Cost is $5. session. Come learn a new skill. Call Sally Martyn (519-775-2292). Sparta Community Hall Saturday, May 31 - Indoor garage sale, 9-3. Vendors wanted - $10/table/space. Please call Eileen 519.775.2628 to reserve your space. The Plains Spring Bazaar and Plant Sale (Fairview Ave & Sparta Line) Saturday, May 24, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Refreshments, Craft Table, Bake Table, Books, Attic Treasurers, Garden Plants, etc.


Abundant Life Fellowship Join us at the Timken Community Centre - Doug Tarry room (2 Third Ave.) at 6 pm on Saturdays for a free meal followed by our celebration service. For more info call 519-633-9207 or go to The Old St. Thomas Church, 55 Walnut St. is now open for free tours Tuesday-Saturday 9-5 until late August.


Backus-Page House Museum, 29424 Lakeview Line, 519-762-3072.

UNION 2014

Union United Church, 6008 Stonechurch Rd., Worship and Sunday School at 9:30 am. We are a Welcoming Friendly Family of Faith and are barrier free. For info: 519631-0304 and our website is Union Sports Club and Community Centre Fishing Lure Workshop May 31, 11am - 1pm. For children 8+ years. Cost $5pp. Come and make your own lure and learn about Sport Fishing by the Tri County Bass Masters. Call to register - 519-631-3840 Trivia Night Fund Raiser, June 6, 8 p.m. Tables of 6 cost is $50. Snacks and Coffee provided. Fun and Prizes. Call to register a table by June 1st - 519-631-3840


Bayham Historical Society meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822. Edison Fest, Vienna Memorial Park, 9 am – 6 pm. Craft & Food Vendors. Music all day long! *FREE * Childrens Activities. Face painting,Magic Show. Talent Show. Free Children & Adult Activities: Sack races, Spaghetti Eating contest, Cross-cut saw & nail driving competitions. Free Community Activities: wagon rides, silent auction & yard sale by Pt. Burwell Trinity Anglican Church. Free Draws, (Draw for bikes & skateboards held between 5:30 - 6 pm) Winner must be in the park to claim prize!. 50/50 Draw Drawn at 6 pm by Bayham Historical Society. Tour of the Edison Museum all day, 14 SNOW ST., VIENNA. For more information call Hellen at 519-866-5759*


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St. Paul’s Port Burwell /Vienna Sunday Services St. Paul's P.B./Vienna United 11:00 am Port Burwell Trinity Anglican 11:30 am Port Burwell Lighthouse Gospel Church 10:45 am Port Burwell - Bayham Horticultural Society, Meets Every 3rd Monday, 7 pm at the Port Burwell School. For more Info 519 874 4260. Otter Valley Naturalists Monthly Meeting is the second Monday of the month, 7 pm to 9 pm at the Port Burwell Public School. Photographers of the Otter Valley (POV) meet the last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Bayham Public Library in Straffordville. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.

The Port Stanley Community Food Bank at Christ Anglican Church

PLEASE!!! Our shelves are almost empty! We need you to drop off non-perishable items at Foodland or call 519 782-3122 for pick-up.

The food bank is open the third week of the month: Tues. 3:30-6 pm Thurs. 10 - Noon For cheque donations please send to: Port Stanley Foodbank, c/o Christ Church, 283 Colborne St. Port Stanley, On. , N5L 1A9.


Aylmer 50 + Seniors Welcome you to join them for Euchre or Bridge Every Monday 1 - 3:30 pm upstairs at Aylmer Legion Admission $2.


Dutton & District LIONS BINGO in Dutton Dunwich Community Centre; Wed. June 4, 7 pm $500 jackpot; with several special games, each night. Dutton & District Lions serve their famous, full break-

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Port Burwell Report Continued From Page 4 and Forests, subbed for CEO Carmen Marcello. Kidd pointed to the Hydro One truck on the main street, explaining that this crew is responsible for bringing the lines back to service during and after weather events. Later, the crew installed the first of 42 banners on local hydro poles. Fittingly the student artwork was a depiction of the Lighthouse. Pirate Jeff concluded the program with the children singing a rousing song set to music originally for

Mr. Marcello. Port Burwell Kids are doing it right – Polestars Polestars (repeated refrain) – To make our town clean and bright – Hydro One and Bayham too – They showed up to help us thru – We had a very special plan – And we needed help from a very special man – So here we are this motley crew – Shouting out a big Thank You – Thank You Mr. Marcello (Pirate Salute). May 14 may well go down in local history as a turning point in the economy and quality of life in Port Burwell and Bayham. The train is leaving the station. Let's all get on board!

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The issue of accessibility

Week from May 25 to May 31, 2014. The week is an opportunity to highlight accessibility in Norfolk County The provider shall use reasonable and to call residents and businesses of efforts to ensure that its policies, prac- the community to work toward equal tices and procedures are consistent with access and full participation for people the following principles: with disabilities. The goods or services must be “Norfolk County has worked hard to provided in a manner that respects the identify, remove and prevent barriers dignity and independence of persons to persons with disabilities in our with disabilities. community”, said Mayor Dennis Travale. “We are committed to meeting Persons with disabilities must be given an opportunity equal to that given to others to obtain, use and benefit from the goods or services. its goods or services to persons with disabilities.

Continued From Page 1 Trade and Employment has an Accessibility Standards Advisory Council/Standard Development Committee (ASAC/SDC) who are reviewing the accessibility standard for customer service. The committee has developed proposed changes and was asking for public comment before finalizing its recommendations to government. To provide individuals and organizations with additional time to submit feedback, the deadline for providing public comment on the proposed changes to the Customer Service Standard was extended from April 16, 2014 to May 22, 2014. It might have helpful if the ministry had run an ad announcing this information. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is an extremely lengthy document that was first formulated in 2005. The document is available on the Service Ontario Web Site. As an example the act contains the following policies: Every provider of goods or services shall establish policies, practices and procedures governing the provision of

the needs of everyone, and to implementing programs and initiatives that continue to make our community an inclusive and accessible place to live, visit and work.” If we want Port Stanley and area to be know as a conscientious tourist destination we are going to have to make an effort to comply with the Ministry guidelines. This should include accessibility for those who are blind or deaf as well as disabled.

So what can we do to alleviate the problem? I think both individual store owners, the Port Stanley BIA (Business Improvement Association) and the PSVA (Village Association) should undertake an accessibility survey of all businesses and then consider what can be done to make access easier for those who are disabled or who have a family members who is disabled.

National Access Awareness Week We just happen to be coming up to National Access Awareness Week starting on May 27th. In Norfolk County they are actively working towards access for everyone. This was a recent Press Release from the County: Norfolk County is celebrating National Access Awareness

North Shore Community Classified Serving over 7000 Homes, Apartments, Farms & Businesses Port Stanley Public School Activities May 2014

FARMER’S MARKET Asparagus, tomatoes, cukes, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, and veggie house featuring heirloom tomatoes. Empire Valley Farm Market 27983 Talbot Line (hwy 3) Wallacetown, Ontario Tel 519-762-3504 Open 7 days M-F 9-6 Sat 9-5 Sun 12-5


Are you related to a Master Mason? If so, you are eligible to join the Order of the Eastern Star! Please call Pat Larson 519-637-8333.

There is only one session left for our new to Junior Kindergarten (September, 2014). From 9:30 - 10:45 a.m. Final Day June 2. May 23

- General Grade 8 Graduation Photos May 28 - Hot Lunch Day (School) Quesadilla Day May 30 - Assembly (School) Recognition Assembly 2:00 PM


Advertising Sales Reps • For St.Thomas area & • For Western Elgin area • Must have own car • Experience preferred but will consider qualifications.

North Shore SERVICE DIRECTORY For Businesses Located Near You!

Please reply to

519-782-4563 OR


Did you know we can insert your flyers? Call Linda at 519 782-4563!!! Classified Ads are an inexpensive way to get things noticed. Our classifieds are $1.55 per line, based on 25 characters or spaces per line.

Call Linda at: The Lake Erie Beacon Office 204-A Carlow Road, Port Stanley, On for details 519


Jersey Do you have children? Have you made arrangements for them if something happens to you? I would be willing to be that 100% of you have. Do you have pets? Have you made similar arrangements for them? I would be willing to bet that only 10% of you have. Why not? I would estimate that 35 % of the calls we get at the shelter are from relatives of people who have either passed away or are no longer capable caregivers for their treasured pets. These people are looking for a place to leave these animals. We don't always have the resources to take them in. Where do they go, then? This is the situation that Jersey and Bear are in. Their owner is no longer able to care for them and they are unwanted by the family. These super friendly, affectionate girls are absolutely fabu-

Animal Aide Association 333 Talbot St. St. Thomas

519 633-3788

Bear lous. Both are 8 years old and front declawed. 8 is not "old". 8 is settled, still playful but, in a more sedate manner. An 8 year old cat could have another 12 years. Lots of time to live and love. Our major spring fundraiser is a fabulous on-line auction through Timewell Auctions. There are over 250 items to bid on. Everything from jewelry, furniture, gift cards, hand made items, antique pressed glass, crystal and so much more. Literally something for everyone. Bidding starts May 22 and continues until May 29. Bid Often!! We are happy to report that Tess, the star of the Lake Erie Beacon’s last issue is in a foster home and doing well. Thanks for all your help, Linda! Ad sponsored by

Allergy season is here Stock up on atoma Pharmacist Approved allergy fighting products. Weekdays 9 am-6 pm Sat. 9 am-4 pm Sun.-Closed FREE Local Delivery

20% Off Wednesdays for Seniors 222 Colborne Street Port Stanley 519 782-3324

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Federal Grant for Seniors Projects The Federal Government launches a New Horizons for Seniors Program 2014-2015. A Call for Proposals for Community-Based Projects Press Release The Government of Canada is seeking applications for projects that will help Canadian seniors use their leadership abilities, skills and experience to continue to make a difference in their communities through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). NHSP community-based projects help empower seniors to share their

knowledge, skills and experiences with others and support communities by increasing their capacity to address local issues.

program’s five objectives: volunteering, mentoring, expanding awareness of elder abuse, social participation and capital assistance.

The call for proposals will close on Friday, July 4, 2014.

Over 1,770 NHSP community-based projects were approved through the 2013-2014 call for proposals, for a total of more than $33.4 million in funding.

Program details Organizations may receive up to $25,000 in grant funding. Projects must address one or more of the

Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes an additional $5 million per


year for the NHSP to support additional projects that benefit seniors. Since 2006, the NHSP has funded more than 13,000 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada.

Website: community/index.shtml

ROLADEX Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

Centre City Realty Inc.

Centre City Realty Inc.

Brokerage Independently owned and operated

Brokerage Independently owned and operated

Mary Dewar Broker Call me Direct 519-670-6467


208 Main Street Port Stanley

Your Local Elgin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealer 275 Wellington Street • St. Thomas • Ontario • N5R 2S6

p: 519-633-2200 "Always ready to earn your business!"

Dan Dale Dealer Principal

Brenda Johnston Broker Call me Direct 519-495-4532

519-782-5505 208 Main Street Port Stanley



Jeff McGregor Ser vice Manager Owner/Operator

44267 Elm Line St.Thomas, ON N5P 3S6 Phone: 519.631.4835 Fax: 519.631.9414

Offer valid at this location only. 519-633-2800 OPEN: Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat. 8-Noon

*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS One coupon per customer. Present coupon at vehicle drop off. May not combine with other discounts or offers.

261 Talbot Street St. Thomas

WilliamsFuneral HomeLtd. Pre-Arrangement Counselling


1207 Talbot St. St. Thomas, ON N5P 1G8



Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1E8

We provide complete water services, including installation of the water meter, from the road to your home.

Book size 8.5” X 11” A Heritage Port publication 126 Elm Street St.Thomas, Ont. N5R 1J1

Fax #: 519-631-8318

226-658-PORT (7678) The Hub of Sport and Fun Outfitting-Sport Products and Services

204 Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5, CANADA

Port Stanley, The first 100 years NOW AVAILABLE This Full colour book by authors Bob Burns and Craig cole available at the Lake Erie Beacon office or at Heritage Port meetings. 4th Thursday monthly.

For all your rental needs CALL!

Snowshoes to Kayaks Hiking, running, cycling! Gifts, apparel and gear!

Plumber & Gas Fitter

Kitchen & Bath Repairs, New Installations Electric Eel Drain Cleaning, Natural Gas & Propane Piping for BBQ’s, Fireplaces, Dryers & Stoves


Quality Equipment Well Maintained

Rentals - Retail

Pager: 1 888 504 4869 Opening & Closing Cottages

438-B West Edith Cavell Blvd.

208 Main Street Port Stanley, ONT N5L 1C3 STORE HOURS:


Contractor Licence ECRA-ESA #7001912

519 782-5144



Mon.- Fri. 10 am - 6 pm Sat. 10 am - 5 pm Sun. 11 am - 5 pm

Residential • Commercial Installation and Service



Fax: (519) 633-4766

Don MacKinnon ME Dan Vernackt ME Rob Lukasik ME Steve Todd Kyle Parish

Port Stanley, Ontario

Since 1963

Tel: (519) 633-0240


• Siding, Soffit & Facia • Seamless Eavestrough • Vinyl Windows & Doors


“We provide families with a full range of personalized services. From simple cremations to traditional funerals, pre-planning and prepayment options. See the difference your local Shawn Jackson Funeral Director/Owner funeral professional will make.”

GENERAL REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS. USED CARS Tires, Batteries & Transmission Repairs

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