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Serving Lake Erie’s North Shore Friday March 28, 2014

Correction Commemoration Article In our March 14th issue we noted that the Longwoods service was officiated by Reverend Richard Golden. It should have read Reverend Mark Sargent conducted the military service. He is a retired Canadian Forces Chaplain.

INSIDE Letters The Heritage District proposal began with little criticism at its first public meeting but the last of the 3 public meetings was difficult to sit through. STORY PAGE 2

The Elgins at Longwoods Watching the Re-enactment provided a somber reminder to all members, especially the unit leadership, of the responsibility the army places on its leaders. STORY PAGE 3

IJC Recommendations to Protect Lake Erie “The public has told us, and research has confirmed, that Lake Erie is impaired by an excess of nutrients that feed harmful algae,” STORY PAGE 3

Outside was Cold ... Inside was Chili Friday March 21st saw another night of festivities at the Port Stanley Legion where this year the Port Stanley Lioness Club hosted the 20th Annual Great Chili Cook Off. Previous years had seen the event at the Arena but a poor turnout last years suggested that a venue with a wider range of beverages was needed. This year 19 participating chefs/groups created a tremendous variety of chili flavours ranging from sweet to extra spicy. It’s truly amazing that you can take the common bean and create so many different aromas and flavours. Visitors were asked to taste each selection and judge which they preferred for flavour and which group had the best presentation. As well a panel of three judges made their own choices. The Judges were Elgin County Warden David Marr, Connie Becker, and former restaurateur Jimmy Coulbeck. The Peoples Choice for First Place was awarded to the Port Stanley Legion with second place going to Port Stanley Foodland and third

Port Bruce Report Finally, the ice has mostly disappeared from Catfish Creek, although some ice and debris remain. STORY PAGE 4

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Above: The Port Stanley Legion was the new setting for the Lioness Chili Cookoff.

Andrew Hibbert

Left: One of two long tables set up for the Great Chili Cookoff Contestants. restaurant in the village CC's Cafe. Lioness Sherry Wismer reported that there were 151 adults, and 23 children in attendance. It was a great night. The Lioness of Port Stanley want to thank all the competitors who entered their chili, the businesses who donated gifts, the Legion and the residents of our great community who attended the evening. A special thanks to our judges.

place, the Port Stanley firefighters. The Judges Choices were, first place and past winner the Kettle Creek Inn, second place the Port Stanley Firefighters with third place going to a young peoples entry the newly formed Port Stanley Leo Club. Best Presentation was awarded to Port Stanley Foodland, second place to Extendicare and in third place to a new

With so many entries to sample many of us were quite stuffed just from the tasting. Having said that the Lioness ladies did a great job of preparing a chili supper for all those who attended. Thanks also to the Lions Club who provided support services for the evening. The evening was wrapped up with draw/price winners for both adults and children who attended and everyone went away happy. Proceeds from the Lioness Chili Cook Off go to many local worthy causes.

A play about quilting? Allan Kirk The West Elgin Dramatics Society (WEDS) has been piecing together a play authored right here in Ontario – and it has quilting as the theme. “Quilting Pieces, is presented in ten “pieces” or scenes with each represented by its own quilt.” says WEDS Chairperson Diane Downey.

trying to keep their husbands in the dark about just how much they spent at the fabric store. The plays author, Barbara Inder Robertson, taught for several years at the West Elgin Secondary School before she moved to Ottawa where she continued to teach, became the mother of three sons and also became an ardent quilter. In 2007, she co-wrote ‘Quilting Pieces’ with her sister, Elizabeth Inder Corewin.

Local quilting artists have donated various quilts for display – a different quilt for each scene. And the And if you think that quilting is old stories are as different as the quilts. fashioned – think again. Quilting is on Some very old. Some very modern. the upswing in popularity. And some “Quilting Pieces seemed a good fit of the art that is being done today is not like grama’s quilts of yesteryear. for the WEDS theatre, with this area New designs and materials are giving being part of The Barn Quilt Trail, an old art a new lease on life – and with the current revival of the art of attracting a new generation to the quilting, and with one of the playquilter’s frame. wrights having been part of our community in the ‘70’s” say Downey. And that’s where the play gets its The first scene is about a group of hopelessly addicted Quilters who are

story. Both funny and poignant, with singing and a live band, “Quilting

Pieces” is a unique artistic offering. Just like the quilts that inspired it. With a large cast of over 20, and a band, this is one of WEDS most ambitious projects in years. There will also be a live quilting demonstration before and after each production. It all kicks off in the first two weeks of April at the WEDS theater in Dutton. For tickets and more information head to or phone 519-762-2862. Plan to be in stiches. (Allan Kirk is a freelance writer and columnist with a particular interest in local and regional history as well as events and issues in west Elgin County. He resides in the Hamlet of Iona Station.)

Page 2 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday March 28, 2014

LETTERS Port Stanley HCD

these volunteers were treated. Port Stanley is blessed with a high caliber of citizens Dear Editor: The Heritage District who are willing to volunteer long hours to proposal began with little criticism at its move projects forward. We need these first public meeting but the last of the 3 people and, whether or not we agree with public meetings was difficult to sit the project, these volunteers deserve our through. In each of the public meetings respect. To become demanding and accusathe straw vote held was overwhelmingly in tory when speaking to them is highly favour of the Heritage District and even in ungrateful. If those people who have the last volatile meeting only 6 people complaints would like to put their shoulder voted against it. Even though Arturo to the wheel, they might begin to underMartinez and his friend had left the stand the complexity of these issues. They meeting early, they were counted within might begin to understand that all is not that 6 as obviously against the proposal. black and white but many shades of gray. It Those six people did not ask questions is very difficult to watch people who have to clarify their understanding but instead spent many hours at their own expense simply spoke, at some times rudely, against building something having their efforts what they thought the proposal involved. attacked by those who have not put in the From some of the comments it was time or effort. I hope these volunteers do obvious that they had not read or undernot focus on those few negative comments stood the revised document. but can focus on that overwhelming While each put forth his rant, the majority at the meetings who support their committee of volunteers sat politely in efforts. front of them. This is my main concern. It Linda Easton Port Stanley is not whether or not the heritage district becomes a reality but it is about how

Regional watershed conditions Kettle Creek Conservation Authority Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is issuing an update to the current watershed conditions statement – flood outlook for residents of the Kettle Creek Watershed, with specific concerns for the Port Stanley area. “Warmer temperatures over the last few days have cleared out a lot of the ice blanketing Kettle Creek and its tributaries. Water levels are higher throughout the watershed, but haven’t caused any issues so far,” says Jennifer Dow, KCCA water conservation supervisor. Water is continuing to flow under the ice and so far is not showing signs of backing up upstream. The inner and outer harbours are still encased in ice, however there are signs of thawing along the edges and some large cracks have appeared. Residents

Published by Kettle Creek Publishing Ltd. 204 (A) Carlow Road Port Stanley, ON N5L 1C5 Telephone: 519.782.4563

along Kettle Creek at Port Stanley are advised to continue to carefully monitor their local conditions. Ice jams may cause water levels to change quickly with little warning and create flooding situations. Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is reminding residents to use extreme caution near all watercourses and ponds. The ice cover is unstable, banks can be very slippery and the water is fast flowing and very cold. Parents in particular are encouraged to keep their children away from flood plain areas, creeks and ditches. Residents are advised to remove property from low-lying areas and to clear snow and ice from storm drains. Updates will be made available if conditions warrant. This flood outlook will remain in effect until March 31, 2014. For further updates log on to

Publisher/Editor Andrew Hibbert Advertising Linda Hibbert

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evening fell, and Wilkinson was forced to call off the attack. The British suffered 11 killed, 46 wounded and four missing, while the Americans lost 13, with 51 wounded. With another failure, the Americans returned to Champlain, and Wilkinson’s days as a commander were over. He was replaced by Major General George Izard, and returned home to face a court martial that would end his military career.

Andrew Hibbert March 30 1814: The Second Battle of Lacolle Mill Lower Canada. The small garrison of a British outpost, aided by reinforcements, fought off a large American attack. U.S. General James Wilkinson crossed the frontier early on 30 March and occupied Odelltown. By 8:00 am the Americans were near Lacolle. In the early afternoon, Wilkinson sent 1200 men to the west and north of Lacolle to outflank the British and cut the road to L’Île-aux-Noix. Snow and poor conditions made for difficult terrain, and the Americans were only able to get one 12-pounder gun and a howitzer into position. The delays allowed the British flank companies of the 13th Foot to be sent upriver to reinforce the position at Lacolle. Wilkinson’s gunfire proved ineffective, and his infantry fell back under a hail of fire from the British. A fierce firefight ensued, but ended with the British withdrawing. The Canadian Fencibles and Voltigeurs arrived next, along with several Aboriginal allies. This larger force went after the American guns, which were taken and spiked before the British were pushed back once more. Weather conditions worsened as

British commander, Captain James Hillyar of the 36 Gun HMS Phoebe. March 28: The British ships HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub capture the USS Essex commanded by Captain David Porter and Essex Junior, off Valparaiso, Chile. The Essex had been a very successful commerce raider attacking British merchant vessels and whaling ships in the southern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This encounter was the inspiration for the film Master & Commander. March 31: The Allies enter Paris and Napoleon's European empire collapses. April 11: Napoleon I of France abdicates the French throne and is exiled to Elba. The British now turn their attention to war with the United States.

HealthTalk Epilepsy Paint the Town Purple What do Barney the dinosaur, the musician Prince and Epilepsy have in common? They have all chosen purple as their definitive colour. In 2008, a nine year old girl from Nova Scotia, Cassidy Megan wanted to raise awareness about epilepsy. She chose the colour because in some cultures the lavender flower is often associated with solitude, which is representative of the feelings of isolation many people affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders often feel. Cassidy wanted to raise awareness and for people with epilepsy to know they are not alone. Since that day, March 26th is the day that people are encouraged to wear purple to show their support. Epilepsy is a condition of the brain that is characterized by recurrent seizures and affects 1 in 100 Canadians. A seizure is a brief, abnormal, excessive surge of electrical activity in the brain that produces a sometimes noticeable change in behaviour. A seizure may appear as a brief stare, an unusual movement of the body, a change in awareness, or a convulsion. A seizure may last a few seconds or a few minutes. Seizures are generally described in two major groups of seizures, primary generalized seizures and partial seizures. If the excessive electrical

Steve Bond,

BScPhm, RPh, CDE Pharmacist/Manager

discharge is restricted to a given (localized) area in the brain, the seizure is termed partial. If the entire brain is involved, the seizure is generalized. This classification was determined by The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Commission. The newest recommendations from ILAE divide seizures into generalized and focal. A number of medications are currently used in the treatment of epilepsy. Understanding the type of seizure is important as different medications are used for different types of seizures. People who have more than one type of seizure may have to take more than one kind of drug. However, like any other treatment for disorder, doctors try to control the symptoms with one drug if possible. As the number of medications increases so does the risk of side effects and interactions Whichever medications are used, it is important to take them regularly and when asked, to have a blood test done for the levels. So on March 26th, break out your purple (or dress like Barney) and show people affected by epilepsy that they are not alone. Take care of yourself and each other. For more information, check out our blog: 519 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday March 28, 2014 • Page 3

IJC Recommendations to Protect Lake Erie The International Joint Commission

The Elgins at Longwoods Neil Balan

Above: The Elgins at the Battle of Longwoods Memorial on March 8th, 2014 in the green uniforms at the right.

31 Combat Engineering Regiment (The Elgins) is an Canadian Army Below: A 31 CER member and their Regiment with Squadrons in both uniform shoulder insignia. Waterloo and St Thomas. Our history dates back to 1866, before the confedOfficers informed Basden that his eration of Canada, as the 25th Elgin plan would be a mistake. Basden did Battalion of Infantry. The unit has been not listen to the advice of other offire-rolled over the years from Infantry cers. He continued and executed his to Armoured regiments and in 1997 orders. He was defeated at was re-established as a Combat Longwoods by the Americans and Engineering Regiment (31 CER). was forced to retreat. He suffered As combat engineers we specialize heavy casualties, losing 14 men and in tasks including mobility support, having 51 injured. counter-mobility, Explosive handing, Watching the Re-enactment demolitions, building defensive strucprovided a somber reminder to all tures, bridging and utilizing heavy members, especially the unit leaderequipment. We have acting leadership ship, of the responsibility the army and soldiers that have fought in many places on its theatres of war leaders. It is imporincluding Afghanistan tant that we learn and Bosnia. from our history, Soldiers from both we learn from the Squadrons, totaling mistakes and from over 35 members, our achievements. attended the re-enactWe always make ment of the Battle of decisions knowing Longwoods. This was the risks and try to an opportunity for all mitigate them, so soldiers within the that we can ensure unit to learn of the the health, safety sacrifices, achieveand wellbeing of ments, heroism and our troops and not mistakes of our forefaput them needthers. All men who lessly in harm’s way. lost their lives did so The Unit also to protect our great took part in a Nation. Some of prayer service for those men died all the fallen because of poor leadsoldiers during the ership decisions. war. We stood In 1814 Captain together repreJames Basden senting the modern planned the attach on day Canadian Army, the Americans who side by side with our were positioned at the American counterparts, top of an icy hill at as friends. Re-enactors Longwood’s. Basden dressed as past British, planned to scale the hill and Native and American soldiers conduct a frontal attack on the from 1814 also stood together Americans, who were in a defensive with us in prayer. position and had many advantages, (Neil Balan is an officer, with 31 CER including terrain, being in a defensive Engineering Regiment in St Thomas.) and having higher ground. British

Come and Dine Jesus said unto them “Come and dine”. John 21:12 Just a reminder --- Turkey Supper @ Parkside Collegiate Institute

Saturday April 19, 2014 Plus a time of singing and Bible talk. See next issue with more details.

Brought to you by those He has gathered at 20 Trafalgar St. St. Thomas. (519-317-1663)

Windsor, ON – The International Joint Commission (IJC) has released the report, A Balanced Diet for Lake Erie: Reducing Phosphorus Loadings and Harmful Algal Blooms. The report provides scientific and policy advice to governments as they implement plans to respond to deteriorating Lake Erie water quality. The IJC made Lake Erie a priority area of attention in response to an algal bloom in 2011 that was the largest ever recorded. “The public has told us, and research has confirmed, that Lake Erie is impaired by an excess of nutrients that feed harmful algae,” said Lana Pollack, U.S. chair of the IJC. “We commend the U.S. and Canada for their work and investments to help Lake Erie, but it’s time for governments at all levels to put the lake on a diet by setting targets and achieving real reductions in nutrient loads.” Based on the research of dozens of scientists from both sides of the border, the IJC found that water quality has declined over the past decade, with impacts on ecosystem health, drinking water supplies, fisheries, recreation, tourism and property values. More than 400 people attended public meetings after a draft report was released in August 2013 and today’s final report

reflects more than 130 comments and additional research. “I grew up on Lake Erie and know firsthand that this precious lake can’t afford more fouled beaches, dead fish and contaminated drinking water,” said Gordon Walker, Canadian chair. “Government action saved Lake Erie in the 1970s and the IJC is confident that with timely action, the U.S. and Canada can save Lake Erie again.” To improve Lake Erie water quality once again, the IJC makes 16 specific recommendations to assist governments at all levels in setting phosphorus reduction targets, reducing phosphorus loads from both agricultural and urban sources, and strengthening monitoring and research.

Setting Loading Targets In the report, the IJC finds that current knowledge is sufficient to justify immediate additional effort to reduce external loading of nutrients to Lake Erie. In particular, the IJC highlights dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) as a primary concern and focuses on the Maumee River watershed as the highest priority for remedial action, recommending a 37 percent reduction for the spring period (March-June) compared to the 2007-2012 average. To help achieve loading targets, the IJC recommends that Ohio and Michigan formally place western Lake Erie on an impaired waters list, triggering a phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) plan for the western Lake Erie Basin that Continued On Page 6

Page 4 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday March 28, 2014

Teaching squirrels to fly! Allan Kirk Rondeau Provincial Park is a funny place to find a canon, but don’t worry, it’s only loaded with air – and the occasional furry critter. Molly David has been working to save Rondeau’s endangered flying squirrels for three years now. The Northern Flying Squirrel, (Glaucomys Sabrinus) once common in Ontario is now endangered and limited to a few old-growth forest sites. The squirrel is unique in that the skin flaps between it’s legs act as a parachute that allow it to glide from tree to tree. But habitat loss is not the flying squirrels only challenge. Changing weather patterns and predators have

become my life’s work. No one had done this before and we were totally unaware of how to teach flying squirrels to fly.”

“After we realized that wind passing over the body of the squirrel seems to trigger the flying response, we knew we had the problem licked.”

After raising the kits to young adulthood the program teaches the squirrels how to find nesting sites and forage for food. That was the easy part. Many endanger species raised in captivity have had to be taught the same life skills. But how do you teach a squirrel to fly?

And that’s where the canon comes in. It’s not really a canon, but an air compressor attached to an 8 foot long piece of PVC pipe.

“At first we started by simply dropping the squirrels from a short ladder onto a pillow. That’s when we knew we had a problem. Their first inclination was for the squirrels to curl up into a tight ball and not to spread their limbs out as wild squirrels do. And then we

“At first we keep the canon two feet off the ground with only 4 pounds air pressure. The squirrel comes sliding out and onto a pillow – by the third try they always have their legs out and are in the proper flying position. Later on we add pressure and start elevating the

The young kit is placed in the PVC pipe and a light gust of air pushes the squirrel out the end.


cylinder upward to re-create flying through the forest canopy.” Ms. David says that visitors are often surprised to see furry balls flying from the end of a canon in the middle of a Provincial Park but once they understand the story behind what’s going on they are supportive and fascinated. Even stranger is watching the squirrels float safely to the ground and then run back to Ms. David for another ride in what they obviously see as their own personal amusement park. “Flying squirrels naturally like the feeling of flying. And after they learn how to fly they keep running back for Continued On Page 7 were removed at the pier in the evening of Wednesday, March 19th and into the wee morning hours of March 20th. A flood warning was issued early on Thursday morning as flooding was imminent. Catfish Conservation and Township staff worked through the night monitoring the situation.

The icebreaking and removal which again proved vital in preventing another flood wouldn’t Finally, the ice has mostly disapbe possible without the annual peared from Catfish Creek, although some ice and debris remain. Thanks to funding from the Township of Malahide. The residents of Port the watchful eye of Peter Dragunas of Bruce greatly appreciate the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority, support of the staff at Catfish Creek flooding in Port Bruce was limited to CA and the Township of Malahide the “Pineo Flats” area on Rush Creek who keep watch and take action Line. Peter routinely monitors the creek flows in various locations as well when necessary to prevent major as conditions at the harbour and deter- flooding in our village. mines when ice breaking is required. In anticipation of rain, icebreaking was The water in Catfish Creek is flowing initiated in the harbour on March 18th. again, although some ice and debris Photo by Cathy Crane. Using the drag line, large chunks of ice remain.

Flooding Minimized

After hand raising the Flying Squirrel kits to young adulthood, Molly David is in charge of reintroducing them to the wild. meant that fewer and fewer kits – baby flying squirrels – made it to adulthood. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has started countering this problem by taking the babies from the wild and raising them in captivity until they are safe from predators. And this is where Molly David comes in. After hand raising the kits to young adulthood, she is in charge of reintroducing them to the wild. “It’s really been years of trial and error. When this project started I thought it would be a six-month process but now I see that this could

heard about the work that was going on in Tennessee – that was the breakthrough that we needed even though it seemed crazy at the time.” The Tennessee Department of Forests had been faced with the same problem back in 1998 when they started their Flying Squirrel Reclamation Program. Tennessee had been experimenting with placing the young squirrels in an apparatus that flatten them out underneath a piece of cardboard. It hadn’t worked at all. But then they discovered that the University of Tennessee had a wind tunnel. When faced with a stiff breeze the squirrels seem to naturally face the wind and flatten out.

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Junk science can be destructive Agri Trend ™ featured an insightful article on the gluten free phenomenon written by Onelee Nordstrom in their Ag Advances publication (03/14). Celiacs must not consume gluten in any way, shape or form. Celiacs comprise 1% of the Canadian population. Those are givens. Nordstrom proceeds to tear apart the book Wheat Belly by William Davis, the Godfather of gluten free diets: 1) The characteristics of cereal gluten have not changed in 60 years. 2) No N.A. wheat cultivars are developed via the somatic cell fusion hydrolyzed procedure referenced in Wheat Belly (NWIC). 3) The Journal of Food and Chemicals does not support the concept of wheat varieties linked to celiac disease. Nordstorm suggests several possible causes of the unknown increase in celiac disorders in the 20th Century: 1) There is no evidence of an increase in bread consumption. 2) Dr. Michele Pietrek suggests probable causes might be formula feeding, opposed to breast-feeding and the introduction of gluten too early to infant diets. 3) Better screening of adults might be uncovering more celiacs. 4) Another consideration is obesity. Nordstrom suggests that wheat alternatives, such as rice, potatoes and sorghum, are glycemic in nature. A diet of whole grains does not lead to obesity and fills one up. Boston Pizza™ puts out gluten free pizza at 750 calories. The wheat alternative product weighs in at only 500 calories. Weight problems cannot be attributed to a single food. Women who consume whole grains rather than refined wheat products gain 49% less weight. Now, here’s the potential harm of the gluten free diet! The gluten free diet may reduce beneficial gut microbes. Immune response may be limited. Resistance to certain cancers may be reduced. The real difference in gluten free products compared to cereal grains is the cost. There is no empirical evidence to support the Wheat Belly thesis and there may be significant harm. The take home message is, eat refined cereals with moderation and focus on whole grains. For grain producers, food fads have a shelf life and usually fade away.

More junk science Two more unsubstantiated public campaigns have been singled out

recently, exposing the faulty science behind them. The Liberation surgical procedure gave MS sufferers’ false hope and potential injury. It has been found of no value, based on faulty research by Dr. Zamboni. Macleans suggest that the only difference to MS patients was a lighter pocket book. Red Measles is back with a vengeance. The once totally eradicated disease is on the rise. The cause is a single faulty study, grabbed by famous movie stars. The supposed link between the MMR Measles vaccine and bowel disease and autism, or autistic enterocolitis, was completely disproved in 2010. Unfortunately, a generation of UK teens are getting measles and dying at an alarming rate, following very low vaccination rates. An outbreak at a Christian School in Norwich, where vaccination was shunned, occurred. Most recently, the Frazer Valley has experienced an outbreak. A Christian School, in Chilliwack with low vaccination rates has been closed. Vaccinations pose some risk, but the overall good of modern vaccinations cannot be denied and deterred by junk science and promoted by movie stars. A better example is Michael J. Fox who has raised the awareness of debilitating diseases like Parkinsons.

Rodney Lions Club to support Camp Timken/Scouts Canada Sarah Bechard President of the Rodney Lions

The Lions clubs in our area have chosen Camp Timken/Scouts Canada as our Zone project this year. (Each year we chose a cause in which we all support). Lions Clubs from Rodney, Dutton, Highgate, St Thomas, Port Stanley and Belmont are all supporting the Scout Camp Timken.

Presenting cheques at the Scouts' annual Kub-Kar Rally in the photo attached are: (L to R) Sarah Bechard (President, Rodney Lions), Bob Ebbinghaus (Scouts Canada), Heather Schneider (Scouts Canada), Bruce Campbell (President, Belmont Lions), Laurie Reid (Dutton Lions), and Ron Reid (Zone Chair, Dutton Lions). As a group, the Lions Clubs in Zone 3 will donate over $2000 to Camp Timken.

Page 6 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday March 28, 2014

North Shore Community Events F E S T I V A L S


Port Stanley Community Policing Requires volunteers. To help protect your village, call 519-782-3934 or Carroll at 519-782-7616, email Port Stanley Library 782-4241 304 Bridge St. Mon, Tues, Thurs, 10 - 8:30 Fri 1 - 5, Sat 9 - 1. Children’s Programs Kidz Korner Games, crafts, stories Monday Evenings 6 6:45pm (grade 1 and older) Pajama Rama Join us for Bedtime Story Time! Monday Evenings 7 7:30pm (all ages with an adult) Pre school Story Time Stories, songs and crafts! Tuesday Mornings at 10:15am (0 5 years with an Adult) Survivor Man Series A monthly program for boys grade 5 8 Thursday night! Ask a librarian for more info - Sign up now! Lego Mania! Saturday Mornings from 10am 12:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated! Itty Bitty Knitty Commitee Ask about our upcoming yarn bombing project for this spring and how you can get involved! Yarn donations are greatly appreciated! Christ Anglican Church Sunday Morning Service, 9:30 am with Eucharist. We invite all to join in worship with us. Coffee follows downstairs. Al-Anon Meeting, Christ Anglican Church 7:30 pm every Friday. If there is an alcohol/drug problem of a family member or friend that is affecting you, the Alanon Family Groups may be able to help you. St. John's Presbyterian Church Tom Jeffrey Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am followed by Fellowship Hour. The Door is always open, why not join us? Port Stanley United Church Service of Worship at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship. Come join us. We are now wheelchair friendly and barrier free. Port Stanley United Church Alcoholics Anonymous meets Thursday 8 pm, Call 782-3056. VON Foot Care Clinic April 24th at The Villa Apts, 289 Frances Street 8 - 11:30 a.m. Call 519-782-4089 for appointment. Sponsored by the Port Stanley Lioness Club. St. John's Presbyterian Church Youth Group April 11 or 25 ? Pizza, games and movies (7:00 to 9:00) Heritage Port Next meeting is April 24th 1:30 pm, United Church, on Colborne Street. Post Card books Vol. 1 & Vol 2 now available, $90 each, Port Stanley the First 100 Years, $25. Get yours at the Lake Erie Beacon, 204-A Carlow Road, side door, 1-5 pm. Proceeds to Heritage Port. Port Stanley & Community 55+ Club Meets every Monday 1:30 -4 pm to play Euchre at the Port Stanley Arena. For info call 519-631-4847 or 519-782-4801. Port Stanley Village Association meets the third Thursday of the month 7- 8:30 pm. All welcome. Check out the psva website at Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Monday - Friday 12-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-7pm. Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Don’t forget the Legion offers the following: Seniors Bridge, Tues. night, Euchre: Wed. night Legion Darts Tuesday night 8 pm Men’s Darts Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws 3-5 pm Port Stanley Legion Bottle Returns Mon & Thurs- Closed, Tues, Wed., Fri, Sat 12-4 pm. Port Stanley Legion Ladies MahJongg, Fridays 1:30pm. We are looking for beginners as well. If you like to play MahJongg come on out! Call 519 782-3189 or 782-3118. Port Stanley Legion Port Stanley Karaoke Sing It To Win It! Every 3rd Friday of the month, 7pm - 11pm Chicken Wings on Special. Come for the fun. Port Stanley Legion Br 410 Childrens Easter Egg Hunt April 19, 10:30 am.


St. Paul’s Port Burwell /Vienna Sunday Services St. Paul's P.B./Vienna United 11:00 am Port Burwell Trinity Anglican 11:30 am Port Burwell Lighthouse Gospel Church 10:45 am Port Burwell - Bayham Horticultural Society, Meets Every 3rd Monday, 7 pm at the Port Burwell School. For more Info 519 874 4260. Otter Valley Naturalists Monthly Meeting is the second Monday of the month, 7 pm to 9 pm at the Port Burwell Public School. Photographers of the Otter Valley (POV) meet the last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Bayham Public Library in Straffordville. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.



Pre-school Storytime Friday Mornings 11am (under 5 years with an Adult) Come for stories, songs & crafts! Survivor Man Series A monthly program for boys grade 58 on Saturday afternoons! For more info - Sign up now! Lego-Mania! Saturday afternoons from 3-4pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated!


Sparta Baptist Church Please join us for worship 9:45 am Sunday Morning. Come as you are! We are a friendly church who want to love and reach out to our community. We would love to meet you. Sparta Stitchers Every Tuesday 1 - 4 pm, Sparta Community Hall. We quilt, tat, knit, embroider, smock, crotchet, etc. Everyone welcome. Cost is $5. session. Come learn a new skill. Call Sally Martyn (519-775-2292) for more information or just show up.

Community Family Bingo Nights! Last One Until Fall 2014! Friday, April 4, 7 pm Sparta Community Centre Questions Call (519) 775-2524. Youth Activities Sylvie Davey is holding regular Dances for youth from Grade 4 -8 at the hall. The dates will be announced at the school. Admission is $5.00. Easter Bunny visits Sparta, Saturday April 19, 12-3, The Spartahouse Tearoom. Free picture with the Easter Bunny Robson's Studio will mount your picture for free. Draws, Easter Egg hunts and specials at participating businesses Donations to Caring Cupboard gratefully appreciated. Contact Sparta Candles at or 519-775-0054 for more information.


Abundant Life Fellowship Join us at the Timken Community Centre - Doug Tarry room (2 Third Ave.) at 6 pm on Saturdays for a free meal followed by our celebration service. For more info call 519-633-9207 or go to Knox Presbyterian Church, Rummage Sale/Boutique – 55 Hincks Street, Saturday, March 29th, 8:30am-11:30am. Sunday School is serving coffee and cookies - freewill donation. Trinity Anglican Church, April 2, Lenten Lunch Noon Hour Recital Program Featuring, ANGUS SINCLAIR, Lunch Following, Soup, Sandwiches, $7.00 Phone 519-631-7000 Trinity Anglican Church, April 9, Lenten Lunch Noon Hour Recital Program Featuring, WILLIAM LUPTON, Lunch Following, Soup, Sandwiches, $7.00 Phone 519-631-7000

Union United Church, 6008 Stonechurch Rd., Worship and Sunday School at 9:30 am. We are a Welcoming Friendly Family of Faith and are barrier free. For info: 519631-0304 and our website is Union Community Centre Babysitting Course - April 5th 9-3 p.m. and continues April 25th 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. - $55 per participant - Ages: 10 and up - Call Vicki to register 519-631-3840. Union Community Centre Union Baseball Registration April 5th, 10 a.m. - 12 noon. Call Vicki at 519-631-3840. Family Easter Event at the Union Community Centre on Union Community Centre April 19th from 10 - 11 a.m. This is a family event sponsored by the Union South Yarmouth Optimist Club with Clowns, Easter Egg Hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny. No Charge just come and have some fun.


Bayham Historical Society meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.


Duff Largie Ham Supper April 23 - 5 pm to ? Adults $12 Children 6-12 $5 under 5 free. Duff Largie Beef Supper September 11 - 5 pm to ? Adults $12 Children 6-12 $5 under 5 free

See The Lake Erie Beacon on facebook and The Port Stanley Community Food Bank at Christ Anglican Church


We need you to drop off non-perishable items at Foodland or call 519 782-3122 for pick-up.

Dexter United Church Dexter Line. Service of Worship at 9:15 am followed by a time of fellowship.




Cheques payable to Christ Church with Foodbank in memo section please. Thank You In Advance, Port Stanley Foodbank@Christ Church Port Stanley

Shedden Library Hours: Tues. 2:30-8:30, Thurs. 2-5, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 2 - 5 764-2081.

The Lake Erie Beacon 204 A Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5 Phone: (519) 782-4563

The IJC concludes that the major phosphorus loadings to Lake Erie are from non-point sources, especially agricultural operations. To address this complex challenge, the IJC recommends that governments throughout the watershed refocus agri-environmental management programs to explicitly address DRP. This includes an emphasis on best management practices (BMPs) most likely to reduce DRP, such as improving the rate, timing, location and form of phosphorus applied to fields, and reducing runoff from those fields. Such nutrient management initiatives should focus on reducing the load delivered during the spring period and on priority subwatersheds that are delivering the most phosphorus to the lake. The IJC also recommends that governments increase the scale and intensity of BMP programs that have been shown to reduce nutrient runoff, while strengthening and increasing the use of regulatory mechanisms including linking crop insurance with conservation performance. And to address a concern raised repeatedly by the public regarding the health of Lake

The IJC recommends that federal, state and provincial governments work with municipalities to accelerate the use of “green infrastructure” in urban stormwater management. This could be accomplished through regulatory direction and technical support to municipalities to support projects that are an alternative to more expensive stormwater controls. In addition, the IJC recommends that Ontario, Ohio and Pennsylvania prohibit the sale and use of phosphorus fertilizers for lawn care, with the exception of the establishment of new lawns during the first growing season or in cases where soil testing indicates a need for phosphorus.

Restoring Wetlands The report notes Lake Erie has lost more than 80% of its pre-settlement coastal wetlands, significantly affecting water quality as well as habitat. Recognizing the fact that these wetlands both support biodiversity and filter pollutants, the IJC recommends that federal, state and provincial governments, in concert with nongovernment partners, commit to and fund a goal of a 10% increase, or 1000 hectares (2600 acres), beyond current levels in coastal wetland areas in the western basin of Lake Erie by Continued On Page 7

Notice of Public Information Centre - Eastwood Subdivision Phase 2 and Phase 3 The Municipality is hosting a Public Information Centre (PIC) regarding the proposed rate per sanitary sewage connection, and proposed by-law, for Eastwood Subdivision Phase 2 and 3. Members of Council will be on hand to answer questions regarding the proposed rate, by-law, and timing of construction. The meeting will be an “Open House” format where residents can drop in any time at their convenience. The PIC will be held on Monday April 7th, 2014 from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Memorial Arena, 80 Wilson Ave, St. Thomas.

Agenda and Minute Notifications Are you interested in receiving a notification when agendas and minutes are published? Central Elgin’s new CivicWeb Portal, which can be accessed through the green “CivicWeb Council Portal” button on our main website, allows citizens to subscribe to meetings of interest. Once an agenda or set of minutes have been published for that meeting type, citizens will receive an email notification. To subscribe, visit the Portal and click on E-Updates. My-Waste App

The food bank is open the third week of the month: Tues. 3:30-6 pm Thurs. 10 - Noon For cheque donations please send to: Port Stanley Foodbank, c/o Christ Church, 283 Colborne St. Port Stanley, On. , N5L 1A9.

Knox Presbyterian Church Lay Minister Mr. John Van Eyk. Worship 10 am. Coffee, cookies, fellowship follows: Sunday school/nursery 10 am. For info (519) 769-2157. Come and worship with a warm and friendly group of people, we are barrier free.

Addressing Agricultural Sources

Addressing Urban Sources

UNION 2014


Elgin-Middlesex Woodlot Owners Association Meeting, Saturday, April 5th, 1:00-4:00 PM Best Western Stoneridge, Hwy #4/401, Speakers, Displays, All welcome, Free. 519 631-5279

would also include Indiana and be overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The IJC also recommends that a plan using both regulatory and non-regulatory measures be used to reduce loadings from Ontario watersheds.

Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana s ban the application of manure, biosolids and commercial fertilizer containing phosphorus on frozen ground or ground covered by snow.

Backus-Page House Museum, 29424 Lakeview Line, 519-762-3072

Aylmer 50 + Seniors Welcome you to join them for Euchre or Bridge Every Monday 1 - 3:30 pm upstairs at Aylmer Legion Admission $2.


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Dutton & District LIONS BINGO; Wed. April 2, cancelled! We will resume regular schedule in May. Dutton & District LION April 13, serve their famous, full breakfast for only $6; 9 am till 1 pm, in the LION’s DEN, behind Dutton Dunwich Community Centre.

Erie, the Commission recommends IJC Recommendations that Ontario, Michigan, New York,

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Never miss another garbage collection day! Download the My-Waste app to obtain a personalized waste collection calendar, set reminders, obtain waste information or report a problem to Central Elgin - pothole, garbage, etc. All you need is an Android or Apple phone or tablet. Visit the appropriate app store, download the app to your device, and select your info.

Tenders CE-016-14 2014 Pickup Trucks This tender is to supply four (4) new pickup trucks. Tenders close on April 3, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. For further information regarding this tender, please contact Birdie Peynenburg at, or 519-631-4860 ext. 283.

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North Shore Community Classified Serving over 7000 Homes, Apartments, Farms & Businesses Port Stanley Public School Activities April 2014 There will be three sessions for our new to Junior Kindergarten (September, 2014) students and their parents on the follow

Are you related to a Master Mason? If so, you are qualified to join the Order of the Eastern Star. Contact Pat 519-637-8333, Rosemary 519-550-6365.

MUSIC & VOICE Pre-School Music: 3 -5 yr. olds max. 5 per class, Saturdays

MEMORIAL SERVICE Argyle - Gordon James of Port Stanley,

dates. All sessions are from 9:30 - 10:45 a.m. Day 1 April 7 Port Stanley P.S. Day 2 May 5 Port Stanley P.S. Day 3 June 2 Port Stanley P.S.

passed away Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at Victoria Campus, London, in his 85th year. Beloved husband of the late Lois (Key) Argyle and dearly loved father of G. Brock Argyle of Panama, Michael Sean Argyle of London, W. Drew Glover (Kim) of Orangeville and Dave Glover of Kitchener. Dear brother of Sam Argyle of Goderich, Janice MacAdam of Goderich, Steve Argyle of Bayfield and Lynn Webber of Fort McMurray. Loved grandfather of Benjamin, Brett and Shay. Also survived by a number of nieces and nephews. Gord was born in London on September 29, 1929, the son of the late Samuel George and Mary Edith (Stewart) Argyle. He was retired from Bell Canada. Gord was a member of King Solomon’s Lodge #378, a member of Port Stanley Legion #410, a life member of the Telephone Pioneers, a member of the Canadian Power Squadron and Past Commander.

SouthPort Wellness Located in Harbour House 194 Main St., Port Stanley

April is Homeopathy Awareness Month! In celebration, join us for one of our seminars: Apr 7 - Homeopathy Basics Apr 14 - Homeopathy First Aid Apr 28 - Homeopathy for Children 6-7 pm ONLY $5 + food donation Must pre-register. Bring a friend. For more about our services, practitioners and our monthly seminars, visit our website

Piano/Voice/Celtic Harp/Theory: Private/Semi-private/Group 519 207-0754 e-mail:

or call

Lynn Selway, Homeopath (226) 658-0900

Ojibwa Festival Want to be a Vendor? Or know someone who does? The Bayham SubMissions along with the Elgin Military MuseumMuseum of Naval History are looking for vendors for their 3RD Annual Fundraiser. Last year the funds raised were used to help offset the costs of the offices and the gift shop at the site. We noticed last year that there were very few places for people to sit and wait for their tours after they had visited in the Village of Port Burwell. So this year the funds raised will be used to purchase lumber to build benches and picnic tables at the site. Where: Ojibwa Site - 3 Pitt St. Port Burwell, ON Date: Saturday May 17, 2014 Deadline for Vendor: May 15, 2014 From: 9 am to 4 pm with vendors setting up between 8 & 9 am. Silent Auction will be drawn at 3 pm Sharp. Cost: $20.00 per 10 x 10 spaces. Bring your own tables and Canopy's. Donations for Silent Auction Table greatly appreciated. Contact- Maryellen 519 874 4988, Gloria 519 874 1720 or email


A Memorial Service will be held at Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas on Saturday April 5th at 11:00 a.m. Interment of ashes to follow in South Park Cemetery. Remembrances may be made to the arthritis society in memory of Gord.

Continued From Page 6 2030, while setting a science-based goal for protection of wetlands inland of the coastal zone.

Strengthening Monitoring and Research

Further research was also recommended to improve understanding of the cumulative effectiveness of both rural and urban BMPs.

Next Steps

The IJC has forwarded the report to the U.S. and Canadian governments. In the report, the Commission iden- Several topics identified during preparation of the report –- including human tified a number of significant knowledge gaps that need to be filled so that health effects of toxic algae, computer models to predict the export of nutrients governments have adequate informato the lake, and the economic impacts tion to make decisions. Therefore, the of algae blooms – will be investigated in Commission recommends enhancing 2014 and 2015. Under the Great Lakes monitoring networks throughout the Water Quality Agreement, the LEEP Lake Erie basin, including establishreport will help inform IJC’s overall ment of a monitoring system at the assessment of government progress in outlet of the Detroit River that meascleaning up the Great Lakes. ures critical nutrient parameters.

Teaching squirrels to fly! Continued From Page 4

home with them, as they will happily jump right into your car with you”.

Signs will be posted at the entrance of Rondeau Park this spring reminding visitors not to interfere with the another turn.” wildlife – especially the squirrels – Ms. David has started to experiment there is also a $2000 fine for removing by placing more than one squirrel in wild animals from their natural the canon at a time. They come out habitat. with arms linked and float safely to the “This is one of the most successful ground in a twisting motion like maple keys in the fall. An artful ballet of nature. programs the Ministry has carried on to date. We’ve started reintroducing “Now we have a totally different flying squirrels to other areas where problem on our hands – we have an they have long been extinct. Now we almost 100% success rate of squirrels just have to stop them from scamreaching adulthood but they have no pering into the tailpipes of visiting fear of people. We have signs posted cars”. asking people not to take the squirrels


For Businesses Located Near You!


Advertising Sales Reps • For St.Thomas area & • For Western Elgin area • Must have own car • Experience preferred but will consider qualifications. Please reply to


Did you know we can insert your flyers? Call Linda at 519 782-4563!!! Classified Ads are an inexpensive way to get things noticed. Our classifieds are $1.55 per line, based on 25 characters or spaces per line.

Call Linda at: The Lake Erie Beacon Office 204-A Carlow Road, Port Stanley, On for details 519


Rainbow Rainbow, Ricky, Remy and Ringo were born to a feral mother, May 23, 2012 and rescued from the pound June 20, 2012. Ringo was the first to be adopted and is doing well. Remy is now in a foster home and is apparently awesome, 100% improvement from the Remy we knew in the shelter. Rainbow and Ricky could turn out the same way. We need to give them that chance. The siblings are now almost 2 years old. Rainbow is a dark, tortoiseshell with a definite mind of her own. She loves to play, run and is incredibly smart. We only have to ask her to go back to her cage after playtime and she goes, willingly. Ricky is a pale (buff) orange tabby. He is also

Ricky incredibly smart, loves to run and play. Neither sibling is cuddly, preferring to come to you if they want attention. These are not the type of cats for a young family however, I think they would be a constant source of entertainment in the right homes. Animal Aide is having a yard sale Saturday, March 29/14 at St. Andrew's Church 60 West St. St. Thomas and will also be at the Home Show that weekend. Super Adoption Day at the Western Fair on Saturday, April 5/14. Thanks Linda - Esmae, Ivan, Felix and Cordelia have all been adopted since being in the Beacon and Pishu is now in a foster to adopt home.

Animal Aide Association 333 Talbot St. St. Thomas

519 633-3788

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Weekdays 9 am - 6 pm Sat. 9 am - 4 pm Sun.- Closed FREE Local Delivery 20% Off Wednesdays for Seniors 222 Colborne Street Port Stanley 519 782-3324

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SCOTT LEWIS AUTO • Siding, Soffit & Facia • Seamless Eavestrough • Vinyl Windows & Doors

Since 1963



GENERAL REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS. USED CARS Tires, Batteries & Transmission Repairs


Offer valid at this location only. 519-633-2800 OPEN: Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat. 8-Noon

*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS One coupon per customer. Present coupon at vehicle drop off. May not combine with other discounts or offers.

261 Talbot Street St. Thomas

Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?



Brokerage Independently owned and operated

Jeff McGregor Ser vice Manager Owner/Operator

44267 Elm Line St.Thomas, ON N5P 3S6 Phone: 519.631.4835 Fax: 519.631.9414

Your Local Elgin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealer 275 Wellington Street • St. Thomas • Ontario • N5R 2S6

p: 519-633-2200 "Always ready to earn your business!"

Dan Dale Dealer Principal

Brenda Johnston Broker Call me Direct 519-495-4532

519-782-5505 208 Main Street Port Stanley

David G. Marr

WilliamsFuneral HomeLtd. Pre-Arrangement Counselling




Income Tax Services Tax Planning and Preparation

Mon-Wed 11am-8pm, Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-midnight and Sun: 3pm-8pm

346 High Street, Port Stanley, Ontario, N5L 1J8

Tel/Fax: 519-782-3836 Email:

Marg’s Accounting & Tax Services P.O. Box 175 190 Currie Road, Dutton, Ontario N0L 1J0

1207 Talbot St. St. Thomas, ON N5P 1G8

Phone (519) 762-3070 Tel: (519) 633-0240

Fax (519) 762-2579

Fax: (519) 633-4766

Margaret Gruenbauer, CMA

SEE US FOR ALL YOUR AUTO BODY NEEDS Don MacKinnon ME Dan Vernackt ME Rob Lukasik ME Steve Todd Kyle Parish


Residential • Commercial Installation and Service Port Stanley, Ontario


Contractor Licence ECRA-ESA #7001912

Quality Equipment Well Maintained

For all your rental needs CALL! 126 Elm Street St.Thomas, Ont. N5R 1J1

Fax #: 519-631-8318


519 782-5144

Rentals - Retail

Pager: 1 888 504 4869 Opening & Closing Cottages

Snowshoes to Kayaks Hiking, running, cycling! Gifts, apparel and gear!

MAC PLUMBING 438-B West Edith Cavell Blvd. Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1E8

Plumber & Gas Fitter

Kitchen & Bath Repairs, New Installations Electric Eel Drain Cleaning, Natural Gas & Propane Piping for BBQ’s, Fireplaces, Dryers & Stoves We provide complete water services, including installation of the water meter, from the road to your home.

226-658-PORT (7678) The Hub of Sport and Fun Outfitting-Sport Products and Services

204 Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5, CANADA

Perfect Gift For The History Buff Port Stanley’s Pictorial Postcards Volumes One & Two Now Available (Book size 9.5” x 8”) 290 Pages with full colour Reproductions of Port Stanley Post Cards along with a history of the images shown. Hard Cover $90. Sample at The Lake Erie Beacon Office 204 A Carlow Rd. (Side Door, ring bell) All proceeds to Heritage Port

To place your business card in the Roladex “We provide families with a full range of personalized services. From simple cremations to traditional funerals, pre-planning and prepayment options. See the difference your local Shawn Jackson Funeral Director/Owner funeral professional will make.”

call Linda at 519.782.4563

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