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Port Stanley Harbour Divestiture Update

INSIDE Editorial The Heritage Conservation District (HCD) meeting on February 6th at the PAGE 2 Port Stanley Arena.

Port Stanley’s proposed Heritage Question: Will a heritage permit cost me anything? No. STORY PAGE 3

War of 1812 Report Meanwhile, the guerilla raids against civilians that were sparked by the burning of York and Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) continued, STORY PAGE 3

Port Burwell Report The New Year will bring changes to Bayham, hopefully a new beginning. Port Burwell was a busier place after the arrival of the Ojibwa. . STORY PAGE 4

Above: Port Stanley Harbour waiting for spring and waiting for implementation of the Environmental Risk Assessment.

Andrew Hibbert The Harbour Divestiture has been a long process and many people have wondered when it will end and what will be the outcome. There have been public information sessions but the process has been slow and the final outcome still very much “up in the air” or should that be “out on the water”.

Why is the Port Stanley Lighthouse important? I have been engaged by the Heritage Lighthouse Program (HLP) to prepare a Lighthouse Report. STORY PAGE 4

Welcome to Phatty's Pizza!

On September 8, 2010, Transport Canada transferred ownership of the Port facility in Port Stanley, Ontario to the Municipality of Central Elgin. This development included an initial environmental risk assessment implemented by Transport Canada and public information sessions. When new Provincial regulatory requirements (O.Reg.153/O4) took effect July 1. 2011, Transport Canada decided to complete an updated risk assessment. This meant first updating the Phase I and Phase 11 studies, then completing additional testing as required by the Provincial Ministry of the Environment. The Lake Erie Beacon has reported on these various stages of the process since 2010. Back issues can be reviewed at the Port Stanley Library both electronically and in hard copy.

Phatty’s is a new Pizza restaurant located in Port Burwell operated by Rob and Brenda Close. STORY PAGE 5

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Left: Central Elgin Deputy Mayor David Marr (left) and Port Stanley resident Derick Weaver (right) chatting with DCS head consultant Barry Cooke, P.Eng. on vacation or on extended stays in warmer climates.

The Divestiture process has been handled for the Federal Government by a consulting company called Decommissioning Consulting Services (DCS) from Richmond Hill. On Tuesday January 28th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm DCS hosted another Public Information Session held at the Port Stanley Arena & Community Centre. This session was meant to: •

reintroduce the study,

present findings of the updated studies, and

provide an update and the comments/questions related to the risk assessment.

It was unfortunate that at this time of the year many people, who might have attended the session, were away

This public meeting was essentially a self serve session where residents could view information boards that were being displayed, then ask questions of DCS personnel, who were on hand from the consulting company. It was a different format than we are used to, in that there was no sit down presentation. As to the actual session I spoke to several of the staff and they seemed knowledgeable and ready to answer questions. One of the first display panels was a map of the harbour area that showed the so-called “hot spots”. These are areas of extreme contamination that DCS see as having to be cleaned up through a process of soil removal. These hot spots cannot be paved over or covered with clean soil. The material in these areas has to be removed and disposed of in a manner Continued On Page 5

March Break Theatre Camp Dianne Downie

Time…Daily 9 am-4 pm (before and after care are available)

Chair WEDS

We are currently gearing up for our new West Elgin Dramatic Society (WEDS) Kids Camp which will be held during March Break. This will prove to be a fabulously fun week for all of our campers! In addition, we are extending our early bird special until February 14th. It doesn't get much better than this, folks! Designed for children ages 7 to 12 this March Break Camp is sure to

Cost…$200.00 Per person includes week session and a souvenir tshirt $150.00 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if registered by February 14 Spaces are limited (30) Registration closes March 1st leave your children with a lifetime full of wonderful memories!

For more info, and to find registration info and forms, please follow the link below to our website page.

Dates…March 10-14, 2014 —

Page 2 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday February 14 , 2014

EDITORIAL HCD How bad can it be? In the weeks before Valentines Day one might have expected there would be “love in the air”. Unfortunately this was not evident at the Heritage Conservation District (HCD) meeting on February 6th at the Port Stanley Arena. A Heritage Conservation District in any town is supposed to be a good thing. It is meant to protect a community from ugly or inappropriate development. It is supposed to give a Municipal Council tools to help a community maintain a special character as well as the distinctive architectural quality of individual buildings within a designated area. It is supposed to protect good neighbours from those who want to live in a quonset hut! The legislation is not meant to keep a McDonald or Tim Hortons from coming to the village only to require them to build a structure that would be in keeping with the look and feel of the community. As one HCD Steering Committee member said: “I have nothing against MacDonalds, and I have seen some very tasteful looking fast food restaurants in old buildings, especially in Europe, but this isn’t what MacDonalds head office wants to do. They will, if planning restrictions force them to do it, but if I go to them or if a group like Heritage Port goes to them, and says, we want you to build a fast food restaurant which will blend in with the streetscape, they will smile politely and totally ignore us”. It should also be noted that the HCD is not meant to stop a homeowner from painting his or her front door chartreuse. Although some of us might have hoped for that. There are at present more than 100 HCDs in Ontario from cities like Toronto to villages like Bayfield. In London there are four designated HCDs within the city. These HCDs are there, not because their local municipal governments imposed an HCD

but because citizens in those communities requested a Heritage Conservation District be developed to protect their communities. If an HCD is as bad, as a few local residents seem to believe, why are there more than 100 in Ontario, some of which have been operating successfully since the early 1980s. The Heritage Conservation District meeting on February 6th was the third public consultation with respect to the proposed HCD in Port Stanley. The meeting was presented by the Port Stanley HCD Steering Committee consisting of Councillors Sally Martyn, the committee chair, Dan McNeil, Port Stanley Councillor, Carol Gates representing the Port Stanley Business Improvement Association, Bob Burns representing Heritage Central Elgin, Nigel Howcroft representing the Port Stanley Village Association, and Craig Cole representing Heritage Port. The committee includes non voting members from the Central Elgin Municipal office, Jim McCoomb and Don Leitch who offer technical support. The development of an HCD falls under the guidance, and guidelines of the provincial government and the required phase 1 and phase 2 reports were presented at the earlier meetings. For the February 6th meeting the phase 2 report was dramatically redesigned and I would suggest anyone who has concerns should read that revised report. Both the content and the suggested area of designation have been dramatically changed. The Lake Erie Beacon has published several reports on the progress of the HCD as recently as December of 2013. Back issues can be reviewed at the Port Stanley Library both electronically and in hard copy. It is very important to keep in mind that the HCD proposal came from citizens of Port Stanley and business groups in the village not from the Municipal government. Continued On Page 7

LETTERS HCD reduced in scope


Thankfully Central Elgin's Heritage District Advisory Committee has reduced the scope of its ambition to regulate commercial and residential development in Port Stanley. They still want to use Ontario Heritage District legislation to override municipal council's ability to allow variances to municipal bylaws on a case-tocase basis but appear ready to focus more narrowly on their fundamental concerns. Specifically they want to control commercial signage, prevent strip malls, high rise condos and the likes of the Golden|Arches that might threaten the village's charm. Currently developers can strong arm Council by threatening to go to the Ontario Municipal Board if they don't get the approvals they are seeking. That's bad.. but so is the loss of individual property rights that Heritage legislation imposes. I suggest that the Advisory Committee tackle only the above mentioned development threats and leave homeowners alone. Education about the benefits of a shared community vision is the best, most democratic way to keep Port Stanley vibrant. Guy Goodwin Port Stanley. A life long resident.

Ontario residents are facing one of the most important, upcoming provincial elections in the province’s history. The outcome of this election will not only affect one’s disposable income, but more importantly the economic health and future of the province. Ontario is heading for a debt crisis never seen before. If left unchecked, Ontario’s burgeoning debt could result in bankruptcy, which would have a major impact on the rest of the country as nearly 40 percent of the population of Canada resides in Ontario. By the end of this year, Ontario’s debt will account for nearly 41 percent of its GDP. The interest costs just to service the debt amount to 31.5 million dollars per day alone. The reasons for this massive debt are the result of excessive spending, lack of productivity and a shrinking economy. Without engaging in partisan politics, Ontario residents need to decide if they want a leader that engages and listens to the concerns of all residents in the province not just those from large metropolitan centres. Voters also need to decide if they are willing to pay more in taxes to finance improvements to public transit in the GTA. We all are aware our hydro costs will rise dramatically in the coming years soon to be the highest in North America, but is it not government’s role to provide services to the public in the most cost efficient manner? Do we not want our politicians to tender contracts to the lowest bidder especially when those contracts have a major impact on businesses and consumers? Lastly is it too much to ask for a little integrity in our political leaders and respect for the public purse? Equally as important as our municipal election, Ontario voters need to become engaged in the approaching provincial election. Please come out to political debates, become informed and ask the tough questions. Most importantly, get out to vote. The choices made at the voting booth this October will play a crucial role in the future of our Province. Harvey Easton Port Stanley

1814 Battle of Longwoods Road March 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th Andrew have been asked by Joanne Galbraith to send you a link to the 200th Anniversary celebrations of the Battle of the Longwoods which occurred March 4th, 1814 and is being celebrated March 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th, 2014 in Wardsville and area. The link is: Please note some scheduling changes are being made/firmed up as I write this as far as March 9th especially. The service at Wardsville United Church will be at 10 am, a light breakfast at the same location from 7 am to 9 am with a soup luncheon following the worship service. Richard Golden

Next Provincial election

We all have a role to play in Flu Prevention Cathy Fox

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STEGH and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health ask for community’s help to stop the spread of Influenza Both St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health are seeking assistance from the community to stop the spread of influenza. “We are asking members of our community, our patients, their families and friends to be active participants in our efforts to not spread influenza,” says Paul Collins, STEGH President and CEO. The impact of Influenza is being felt both at STEGH, which is experiencing high occupancy rates, and in the community. “We know there is Influenza in our community at this time. We are not in an outbreak situation at the hospital and we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure this does not occur,” explains Karen Davies, STEGH VP and Chief Nursing Executive. STEGH

currently has treated 20 confirmed Influenza cases, the majority of which have been the H1N1 strain. This strain is part of this year’s vaccine so it is well matched to what is circulating in the community.

There has been a surge in cases in the community as well. According to Dr. Franklin Warsh, Acting Medical Officer of Health for Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, a total of 22 cases of Influenza A have been reported to the Health Unit since September, 2013. Thirteen of the 22 cases have been subtyped and all are the same strain found in this year’s influenza vaccine. A large percentage of recent influenza cases have been hospitalized and one death has been reported in a laboratoryconfirmed case. In an effort to protect the safety of patients, STEGH has implemented a number of strategies, including a masking procedure. If you are feeling unwell, please do not visit the hospital. Continued On Page 5

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday February 14 , 2014 • Page 3


Andrew Hibbert

Port Stanley’s proposed Heritage Conservation District Frequently Asked Questions The HCD Steering Committee EDITORS NOTE: This list of questions and answers is published in the hope that it will answer some of the questions that have been posed to the committee. This list of Q&As was handed out at the meeting. What are the boundaries of the currently proposed district? Colborne Street south of the Anglican church, Main Street, Bridge Street east of the bridge and Joseph Street. (See map on back of this page) How will this proposal affect me if I

don’t live in the proposed district? There are now over 100 HCDs in Ontario. They attract tourists and new residents who are interested in visiting or living in the type of beautiful little village which we currently enjoy. New development will not be prevented but it will be guided to prevent high rise apartment buildings which would block the public views of the harbour, concrete strip malls on Main Street, garish advertising signs and steel and glass structures which do not fit with the present style of architecture.

The Port Stanley Heritage Conservation District public meeting held on February 6th at the Port Stanley Arena. Below: Proposed HCD in Blue & Green Is there no other planning legislation which could achieve the same thing? Yes and no. There are bylaws in place which control some of these aspects, but bylaws can be easily changed. HCD legislation is difficult to change and trumps all other legislation.

February 1814: US President Madison appoints Henry Clay, Albert Gallatin, James Bayard, Jonathan Russell, and John Quincy Adams as commissioners to negotiate directly with Britain in Gothenburg, Sweden. These negotiations are later transferred to Ghent, Belgium. February 1814: An American force from Detroit raided and burned the Lake Erie settlement of Port Talbot, where Thomas Talbot lived. One of several raids on the Talbot homestead. Meanwhile, the guerilla raids against civilians that were sparked by the burning of York and Newark (Niagaraon-the-Lake) continued, as both sides lit fires along the frontier from Tonawanda, New York to Windsor, Upper Canada, causing total desolation in village and farms. February 2 - 3: Two divisions of seamen (217 men) begin a winter march from Fredericton, New Brunswick to the Canadas. In December 1813, anxious to obtain crews for two ships under construction in Kingston, Upper Canada Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo looked eastward for reinforcements. In

So are you saying that this HCD will exist exactly as it is now for ever and ever? No. As a matter of fact, the MHBC report recommends a formal review in five years time. What impact will a HCD have on taxation? Short answer - none. Our committee is not recommending any grants program for HCD residents. If I live in the proposed district, will I have to get a heritage permit for everything I do? No. Sections 5.2 and 5.3 of the MHBC report contain a lengthy list of alterations and renovations which can be done without a heritage permit. Your steering committee is recommending to Council that the installation of satellite dishes be added to this list. Any changes that you make inside the house do not require a heritage permit. I am tired of having to repaint my clapboard house every few years. Will I be allowed to cover it with vinyl siding? It would be preferable to repaint, but using other cladding materials is acceptable. How about new windows and doors? Section 4.5.1 b of the MHBC report deals with alterations to non heritage properties in the HCD and says, “Required windows and entranceways may use synthetic materials provided that the overall dimensions and appearance of the openings are in keeping with the overall character of window and door openings found in the district. For heritage properties original Continued On Page 7

The USS Constitution has been preserved and still sails the oceans. January 1814, 217 men from HMS Fantome and HMS Arab sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick en route to the Canadas by land. The citizens of Saint John responded overwhelmingly to a request for sleighs to convey the men to Fredericton, from which they departed on 29 and 30 January. They then left Fredericton on 2 and 3 February, reaching Quebec, Lower Canada on 1 March. Hard on their heels came six companies (440 men) of the 2nd Battalion, 8th Regiment, who were reported to have arrived in Quebec by 10 March. February 6: A small group of Royal Marines and Upper Canadian Militia from Cornwall, Upper Canada raid Madrid, New York. February 14: The 54-gun USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” as the Continued On Page 5

Page 4 • The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday February 14 , 2014


Bayham in 2014 The New Year will bring changes to Bayham, hopefully a new beginning. Port Burwell was a busier place after the arrival of the Ojibwa. There is great anticipation of the second season after a good beginning in 2013. There is a new spirit in Port Burwell. Hydro One appears to be ready to give the go ahead for the Hydro Pole painting. A sharper looking Port Burwell, youthful enthusiasm, community action and entrepreneurship hold great promise. Go to U Tube (Hydro One) to view PB PS students in their campaign, backed by local enthusiasts, to convince Hydro One to give their blessing for the painting of Port Burwell utility poles. In 2014, Bayham will have a new chief administrator. Former CAO, Kyle Kuger has moved on to Norwich.

Council backs Pole Star initiative Bayham Council offered moral support for the Port Burwell hydro painting project on January 23. At the next Council Meeting, the question of financial support will be on the 2014 budget agenda. Bayham residents can offer their support for the exciting community project by purchasing a Pole Star T Shirt. The sharp looking T Shirts are for sale for only $10. They are on display at The Lunch Box, Bayham’s Table and Sunshine Restaurant. Orders can be placed for sizes S-2XL

Elder abuse, perception is reality Courtesy, Marion Paterson, based on a recent Toronto Star article The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has introduced restrictions and special testing for older drivers, based on the perception of their higher risk in traffic. Investigation by Ed Rockburne, RCMP, retired, relates a different story. Canadian, Australian and the Ministry of Transport’s own studies show the exact opposite reality. Older drivers have fewer accidents than any other age group! Yet, the Ministry is proceeding with discriminatory regulations in the absence of any statistical justification. Rockburne pulls no punches in describing these regulations as a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and a denial of

our time honoured legal right of presumed innocence until proven guilty. Rockburne is flabbergasted that the Ministry would use an unscientific and unreliable test which sets up seniors with a built in 20% failure rate, at $250 a pop. Based only on age, seniors on fixed incomes would be faced with the stress of a test and the cost. A special test may have some merit on the basis of a driving infraction, medical or family concern only. The really bad news is, this test will be rolled out this April. One thing governments learned a long time ago, was not to mess with Grey Power. If you are concerned, contact CARP (Seniors’ Group) MPP Jeff Yurek or the Premier’s Office directly!

It was a cold blustery day for the 8th Annual OVN Bird Count The turnout was a little light, with 30 birders on Dec. 15 for the Eighth Annual Otter Valley Naturalist’s Christmas Bird Count. There were 14,578 birds sighted and counted, including 77 different species. There were 4,426 Canada Geese, 2956 Dark eyed Juncos and 1878 crows. The once ubiquitous red winged blackbirds only tallied six. Single species sighting included, Fox Sparrow, Great Heron, Tufted Titmouse, Snowy Owl, Hermit Thrush, Turkey Vulture and a Chickadee. There were three yellow bellied sapsuckers, 63 Wild turkeys and 13 Screech Owls. Following tradition, the local birders enjoyed a great pot luck at Trinity Parish Hall. On Dec. 9, Charles Baldwin gave a picture account of a recent trip to Iceland for OVN members and friends. Consensus was, that Iceland should be on everyone’s junket list. Direct flights from Toronto are quite reasonable via Icelandic Air. It is quite a mystic land. Ambulance service is coming to Bayham. The service provider appears to favour a Vienna site. Mayor Ens worked hard to make it happen.

A Winter Wonderland On Christmas Day, Mary and I and our two daughters, visiting from Port Hardy, B.C. and Bergen, Norway, walked our dogs through Port Burwell Provincial Park after a fresh snow fall. It was magical, winding our way through great, snow decorated maples, elm and pines, over fast flowing streams, and deep, snow packed gullies. Along the way, we saw winter birds and squirrels. What stopped us cold, were two dozen fawns and does, quite a spectacle, floating across a field to the bush and their winter quarters. An experienced hunter attributed the number of deer to the high number of twin fawns born this spring. Is there any better place?

Why is the Port Stanley Lighthouse important? Fern Mackenzie MA, CAHP Senior Architectural & Landscape Historian

From a recent letter sent to the Port Stanley Village Association Dear Ms Easton, I have been engaged by the Heritage Lighthouse Program (HLP) to prepare a Lighthouse Report for the Port Stanley Breakwater light, which has been nominated for evaluation and recognition under the HLP, as I am sure you are aware. An important part of this process is to obtain feedback from the community about the value of the light to the local population. Of course there is a wide range of considerations that contribute to Heritage Significance, from the physical and functional to the symbolic. The fact that the light is used by several local organizations as a symbol is a clear statement that it is a landmark, but I am sure that there are many layers to its significance. In an effort to make sure that I

present a comprehensive report, I would like to contact residents of Port Stanley who value the lighthouse and find out why it’s important to them. I am contacting you both for your own input, and for suggestions and contact information for other stakeholders and interested members of the community with whom I should speak. The Heritage Conservation District initiative will have raised awareness of such issues, and I am sure there have been many discussions on the subject. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for you help. Best regards, Fern Mackenzie URS Canada Inc. - Consulting Engineers and Geoscientists Suite 603, 1420 Blair Place Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9L8 Tel: 613.746.7538 ext. 3302 Cell: 647.998.6099 Fax: 613.746.1352

PoleStars Art Contest Elgin County enrolled in Grades 9 through 12 and think you’ve got a Port Burwell has created an exciting winning design that tastefully illuscommunity improvement initiative trates what community spirit means to called the PoleStars Program. As part of you, then submit your entry by email this initiative, permission has been to by given by Hydro One’s President to Monday, March 31, 2014. Each entry decorate a portion of approx. 28 hydro must include your name, your school poles, five of which will feature some and grade level, contact information, of the best student-created artwork as well as a rough coloured rendering Elgin County has to offer. of your proposed artwork as an attachIf you are currently a student in Continued On Page 6

Margot Auber



SCOTT LEWIS AUTO OPENING MARCH 1 Hours: Mon-Wed 11am-8pm, Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-midnight and Sun: 3pm-8pm


GENERAL REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS. USED CARS Tires, Batteries & Transmission Repairs

Offer valid at this location only. 519-633-2800 OPEN: Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat. 8-Noon

*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS One coupon per customer. Present coupon at vehicle drop off. May not combine with other discounts or offers.

261 Talbot Street St. Thomas

The Lake Erie Beacon • Friday February 14 , 2014 • Page 5

Port Stanley Harbour Divestiture Update Continued From Page 1 acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. I noted that one of these hot spots was shown as being under the West Harbour Walk and extending underneath the DOC building. I asked one of the staff how this would be remediated. He said that the pavement would have to be removed and then the contaminated soil dug out. They would then have to excavate under the DOC building to remove any further contamination. The hole would then be filled with clean soil that was compacted and the pave-

Government might be willing to start this remediation in the near future. Deputy Mayor David Marr confirmed that this might be a possibility. I suggested to him that this would be a very positive step and would be seen by the community as a promising sign. As to the actual time frame for final cleanup it would seem that we still have a long way to go. The report as presented on January 28th will have to be accepted by the Provincial Ministry of the Environment as well as the Municipality of Central Elgin. There may have to be further testing and further reports presented to the public. When we factor in the actual cleanup we might not see an actual completion of the cleanup project before 2017. I think we will all be very happy when this project is complete. Then we can look forward to actual plans for the future of the harbour being presented.

Welcome to Phatty's Pizza! Andrew Hibbert Phatty’s is a new Pizza restaurant located in Port Burwell that is operated by Rob and Brenda Close. I asked Brenda how they came to Port Burwell. “We moved to Port Burwell in December 2013 with our children Kennedie and Kaeden. We didn't know what our move had in store for us! My husband, who is a truck driver, had started making plans to transition into a new career so he could get off the road. He has previous experience managing a Big Boy Restaurant when it was still open in London and Chatham.” “We found out that Angelo's Pizzeria in Port Burwell was for sale but in such uncertain times and with a new move in the works we didn't want to make that commitment. Instead we proposed a lease arrangement to the owners, which they accepted and now we are set to open March 1st! “Rob's dream has always been to

1812 Report Continued From Page 3

ment replaced. He was one of the researchers who had actually been involved in doing the testing and was familiar with the DOC building site. He elaborated on his testing saying that they had even done air testing inside the DOC building and that these test have shown that the air inside the DOC building was not contaminated. Another hot spot is shown on the map just north of the DOC building and next to the bridge. This spot includes several trees and I asked the DCS rep. if they could be saved. He said they would not know until actual excavation takes place but if the contamination extends under the trees they may have to be removed as well. I was also told by one of the staff that because these hot spots would have to be cleaned up under any conditions, that the Federal

Flu Prevention Continued From Page 2 If you are feeling unwell and need to attend an appointment, please wear a mask – they are available at all of our entrances.

Port Stanley Councillor Dan McNeil (gray jacket right) discusses Harbour Divestiture with Port Stanley residents at the January 28th harbour meeting. The background reports, including the 2010 draft risk assessment, the Phase I and Phase II ESAs, and a summary sheet describing the results of the updated studies will be available at the Port Stanley Library; and on the Municipality of Central Elgin’s website ( Display information from the session will be posted on the Municipality of Central Elgin’s web site after January 28, 2014. A comment sheet will be available at the Port Stanley library and on the website noted above. The public will have from January 6, 2014 to February 28, 2014 to provide comments. You can also email comments to:

Any patient admitted with respiratory like symptoms will be placed in isolation and any patient admitted from an outbreak facility in the community is placed in isolation for at least 72 hours or until the Influenza swab results confirmed no Influenza.

It’s also not too late to get a flu shot. Influenza vaccinations are available at health care providers’ offices and at Elgin St. Thomas Public Health’s drop-in immunization clinics beginning in January 2014. The St, Thomas clinic If you are feeling unwell, please do not accompany a friend/family member hours are 1:30 to 5:00 pm every Thursday of the month and 1:30 to 7:00 to their medical appointment. pm the third Thursday of the month. Please use the hand sanitizer stations Full protection against Influenza takes location throughout the hospital upon about two weeks from the time you get entering the building and when entering the shot and lasts 6 months. then exiting patient care areas and “We have not implemented visitor rooms. restrictions at STEGH at this time,” says Staff at STEGH who have not Davies. “We are looking to our members received a flu shot will be wearing masks of our community to help us minimize in all patient care areas. Currently, 83% the risk of spreading Influenza to our of staff, physicians and affiliates have patients by complying with these been immunized. guidelines.”

If you have not had a flu shot and need to attend the hospital, we ask that you wear a mask as well, particularly when visiting inpatient units.

American frigate is known, captures the 14-gun British schooner HMS Pictou, in the western Atlantic Ocean near Barbados. The Pictou, is escorting the small armed merchant vessel the Lovely Ann from Bermuda to Suriname, when it is spotted by the Constitution under the command of Captain Charles Stewart. The American warship captured the Lovely Ann, taking her for a prize and then fired on Pictou capturing the

operate his own restaurant. We will strive to create a comfortable and relaxed dining atmosphere and providing quality food at a fair price. We intend to establish a very reputable name for excellent customer service, a delicious menu and consistency. We are planning to be a family friendly restaurant for all ages, providing a patio for the warmer months overlooking the submarine Ojibwa. We have expanded the existing menu to include only homemade dishes and will offer not only pizza, but wings, wedges, nachos, salads, and spinach & artichoke dip served with toasted pitas! We have also included some amazing entrees like Chicken Parmesan, and an Ojibwa Meatball Sub.” Make a day of it, visit Phatty's Pizza, tour Port Burwell's own HMCS Ojibwa and visit the beach. As Brenda said in a recent interview, “we look forward to serving our customers here in Bayham and Elgin!” smaller British vessel. February 17: General Orders issued by British Adjutant-General J. F. Holland complete a reorganization of Prince Edward Island's volunteer and regular militia units. February 19: Joseph Willcocks is posthumously ejected as a member of the Assembly of Upper Canada because he turned traitor and led American raids against Canada. February 19 & 24: British raids along the Salmon River, and at Malone and Four Corners, all in New York State.

HealthTalk Shedding Some Light on SAD

Cliff Arnall was a scientist at Cardiff University in Wales. No, he didn’t invent the lightbulb or the telephone (That was Tom Edison and Alex Bell). Dr Arnall calculated the saddest day of the year. Although highly regarded as pseudo-science, Ol’ Cliff calculated the date using many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. This year the date was January 20th in case you missed it. While Dr Arnall’s equation has been described as “farcical” and “mathematically non-sensical”, it’s probably not surprising that many of us have heard of or experience the winter blues - that feeling of sadness that comes this time of year to approx. 15% of the population. A smaller proportion (2-3 %) experience a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). SAD can be difficult to diagnose, since many of the symptoms are similar to those of other types of depression. Generally, symptoms that recur for at least 2 consecutive winters, without any other explanation for the changes in mood and behaviour, indicate the presence of SAD. They may include: change in appetite, in particular a craving for sweet or starchy foods; weight gain; decreased energy; tendency to oversleep; difficulty concen-

Steve Bond,

BScPhm, RPh, CDE Pharmacist/Manager

trating; irritability; anxiety and despair. The symptoms of SAD generally disappear when spring arrives. For some people, this happens suddenly with a short time of heightened activity. For others, the effects of SAD gradually resolve. So how is SAD treated? People with mild symptoms can benefit from spending more time outdoors during the day and by arranging their environments so that they receive maximum sunlight. Exercise relieves stress, builds energy and increases your mental and physical well-being. Exercise outdoors or in an environment with exposure to natural light. A winter vacation in a sunny destination can also temporarily relieve SAD symptoms, although symptoms usually recur after return home. Many people with SAD respond well to exposure to bright, artificial light. “Light therapy,” involves sitting beside a special fluorescent light box for several minutes day. For those with severe symptoms – Complete lack of interest in activities; excessive tiredness or thoughts of harming oneself, it is important to seek medical attention. Devising a treatment plan with your doctor consisting of light therapy, medication and cognitive-behavioural therapy may be needed.

Take care of yourself and each other. For more information, check out our blog: 519 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

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North Shore Community Events F E S T I V A L S


Port Stanley Community Policing Requires volunteers. To help protect your village, call 519-782-3934 or Carroll at 519-782-7616, email Port Stanley Library 782-4241 304 Bridge St. Mon, Tues, Thurs, 10 - 8:30 Fri 1 - 5, Sat 9 - 1. “Once Upon a Winter …” WINTER READING PROGRAM to March 6th (World Read Aloud Day) Sign up for a fun winter reading program! Get a stamp on your Snowflake Bookmark for every book checked out. Complete a bookmark (5 stamps) and receive a ballot to win a prize! Open to everyone. Adult & youth prize baskets. Children’s Programs Kidz Korner Games, crafts, stories Monday Evenings 6 6:45pm (grade 1 and older) Pajama Rama Join us for Bedtime Story Time! Monday Evenings 7 730pm (all ages with an adult) Pre school Story Time Stories, songs and crafts! Tuesday Mornings at 10:15am (0 5 years with an Adult) Survivor Man Series A monthly program for boys grade 5 8 Thursday night! Ask a librarian for more info — Sign up now! Lego Mania! Saturday Mornings from 10am 12:30pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated! Adult Programs Card Making Come create some great handmade cards with Adriana! ($5.person) Mon, Feb 10 10am Adult Book Club The Sea Captain’s Wife by Beth Powning Tuesday, February 18 at 7pm Itty Bitty Knitty Commitee Bring your knitted or crochet project, learn from others! Thurs,Feb 27, 7pm Ask about our upcoming yarn bombing project for this spring and how you can get involved! Yarn donations are greatly appreciated! Christ Anglican Church Sunday Morning Service, 9:30 am with Eucharist. We invite all to join in worship with us. Coffee follows downstairs. St. John's Presbyterian Church Tom Jeffrey Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am followed by Fellowship Hour. The Door is always open, why not join us? Port Stanley United Church Service of Worship at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship. Come join us. We are now wheelchair friendly and barrier free. St. John's Presbyterian Church Youth Group will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner, eat in take out, at St. John's Presbyterian Church, February 28, 5 to 7 p.m. Tickets Adults $8, Children 6-10 $5. Call 519-782-3971. Please come out and support the Youth. Port Stanley United Church Alcoholics Anonymous meets Thursday 8 pm, Call 782-3056. Al-Anon Meeting, Christ Anglican Church 7:30 pm every Friday. If there is an alcohol/drug problem of a family member or friend that is affecting you, the Alanon Family Groups may be able to help you. Heritage Port Next meeting is February 27th 1:30 pm, United Church, on Colborne Street. Port Stanley & Community 55+ Club Meets every Monday 1:30 -4 pm to play Euchre at the Port Stanley Arena. For info call 519-631-4847 or 519-782-4801. Port Stanley Village Association meets the third Thursday of the month 7- 8:30 pm. All welcome. Check out the psva website at Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Monday - Friday 12-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-7pm. Port Stanley Legion Branch #410 Don’t forget the Legion offers the following: Seniors Bridge, Tues. night, Euchre: Wed. night Legion Darts Tuesday night 8 pm Men’s Darts Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws 3-5 pm Port Stanley Legion Bottle Returns Mon & Thurs- Closed, Tues, Wed., Fri, Sat 12-4 pm. Port Stanley Legion Ladies MahJongg, Fridays 1:30pm. We are looking for beginners as well. If you like to play MahJongg come on out! Call 519 782-3189 or 782-3118. Port Stanley Legion HYPNOTIST JimmyG Comedy Show One Night Only!! Friday February 14, Doors - 7pm Show Time 8pm! Tickets - $25 single or Two for $45 On Sale Now (519) 782-4228 For Tickets, Proceeds Support Wave Syncro Skating


St. Paul’s Port Burwell /Vienna Sunday Services St. Paul's P.B./Vienna United 11:00 am Port Burwell Trinity Anglican 11:30 am Port Burwell Lighthouse Gospel Church 10:45 am Port Burwell - Bayham Horticultural Society, Meets Every 3rd Monday, 7 pm at the Port Burwell School. For more Info 519 874 4260. Otter Valley Naturalists Monthly Meeting is the second Monday of the month, 7 pm to 9 pm at the Port Burwell Public School. Photographers of the Otter Valley (POV) meet the last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Bayham Public Library in Straffordville. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.



Shedden Library Hours: Tues. 2:30-8:30, Thurs. 2-5, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 2 - 5 764-2081. “Once Upon a Winter …” - WINTER READING PROGRAM to March 6th (World Read Aloud Day) Sign up for a fun winter reading program! Get a stamp on your Snowflake Bookmark for every book checked out. Complete a bookmark (5 stamps) and receive a ballot to win a prize! Open to everyone - Adult & youth prize baskets Children’s Programs Pre-school Storytime Friday Mornings 11am (under 5 years with an Adult) Come for stories, songs & crafts! Survivor Man Series A monthly program for boys grade 5-8 on Saturday afternoons! Ask a librarian for more info — Sign up now! Lego-Mania! Saturday afternoons from 3-4pm Any donations of LEGO are greatly appreciated! Teen Club Tuesday, February 18 6:30pm New Members are always welcome! Adult Programs Adult Book Club The Sea Captain’s Wife by Beth Powning New members are always welcome—ask staff for more details!


Sparta Baptist Church Please join us for worship 9:45 am Sunday Morning. Come as you are! We are a friendly church who want to love and reach out to our community. We would love to meet you. FREE Family Day FUN, Sparta Village (corner of County Road 36 and 27) Monday February 17th, 11am-3pm, *free draws in participating stores *fun, games *Scavenger Hunt *FREE hotdogs (conditions apply) Donations for the Caring Cupboard appreciated Sparta Stitchers Every Tuesday 1 - 4 pm, Sparta Community Hall. We quilt, tat, knit, embroider, smock, crotchet, etc. Everyone welcome. Cost is $5. session. Come learn a new skill. Call Sally Martyn (519-775-2292) for more information or just show up. Weekly Car Boot Sales Every Saturday, 9-3pm, in the parking lot by the Community Hall (46272 Sparta Line). Cost $5. Proceeds to the Community Hall Fund. Call Bill or Eileen Simpson (519-775-2628) to reserve a space. Youth Activities Sylvie Davey is holding regular Dances for youth from Grade 4 -8 at the hall. The dates will be announced at the school. Admission is $5.00.


Abundant Life Fellowship Join us at the Timken Community Centre - Doug Tarry room (2 Third Ave.) at 6 pm on Saturdays for a free meal followed by our celebration service. For more info call 519-633-9207 or go to Trinity Anglican Church, Valentine Concert, Sunday February 16, 3pm, featuring The Lunch Bunch & Friends, under the direction of Lynn Sloan, and Alma Roberts accompanying, St. Thomas Youth Choir, Free Will Offering, Proceeds to Community Outreach Dinners. 519-631-7000


Backus-Page House Museum, 29424 Lakeview Line, 519-762-3072

UNION 2014

Union United Church, 6008 Stonechurch Rd., Worship and Sunday School at 9:30 am. We are a Welcoming Friendly Family of Faith and are barrier free. For info: 519631-0304 and our website is Union Community Centre 6068 Bell Street, Annual Meeting on February 24th 7 p.m. - Everyone welcome!!! Union Community Centre Youth Baseball Registration March 1st 10 a.m. - 12 noon Call Vicki at 519-631-3840 or Donna at 519-631-9455 for info.


Bayham Historical Society meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. All are welcome. Call Bruce at 519 874-1822.

See The Lake Erie Beacon on facebook and The Port Stanley Community Food Bank at Christ Anglican Church

PLEASE!!! The cold weather is here and our clients could use your help!!! We need you to drop off non-perishable items at Foodland or call 519 782-3122 for pick-up.


Aylmer 50 + Seniors Welcome you to join them for Euchre or Bridge Every Monday 1 - 3:30 pm upstairs at Aylmer Legion Admission $2. Aylmer Community Theatre presents The Man With The Plastic Sandwich. Thurs, Fri, Sat Feb 13, 14, 15 at 8pm, Sun Feb 16 matinee at 2pm, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Feb 20, 21, 22 at 8pm. Old Town Hall Theatre. Adults $15 Students $10. 773-3372 or

The food bank is open the third week of the month: Tues. 3:30-6 pm Thurs. 10 - Noon For cheque donations please send to: Port Stanley Foodbank, c/o Christ Church, 283 Colborne St. Port Stanley, On. , N5L 1A9.


Dexter United Church Dexter Line. Service of Worship at 9:15 am followed by a time of fellowship.

Cheques payable to Christ Church with Foodbank in memo section please. Thank You In Advance, Port Stanley Foodbank@Christ Church Port Stanley


Knox Presbyterian Church Lay Minister Mr. John Van Eyk. Worship 10 am. Coffee, cookies, fellowship follows: Sunday school/nursery 10 am. For info (519) 769-2157. Come and worship with a warm and friendly group of people, we are barrier free.

The Lake Erie Beacon 204 A Carlow Road Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5 Phone: (519) 782-4563


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The Lake Erie Beacon is pleased to support your local community events. We will make every effort to post promptly and accurately. If you would like to have your event posted on this page please contact us at:

519 782-4563 or

PoleStars Art Contest Continued From Page 4 ment to your email entry. Please keep in mind that the finished piece will be approx. 4’ H x 1.5’ W, so plan your design accordingly (tall and narrow). All submissions will be considered and judged the first week of April, from

which five (5) artists will be selected and invited to Pt. Burwell to sign their artwork at a street party, before it is put on display on a pole – a truly exciting opportunity for young up-and-coming artists in our community.

REMEMBER: Submit a rough, coloured rendering of your artwork to no later than Monday, March 31, 2014. Winning entrants will be notified early April, 2014.

Notice of Intention to Adopt Municipal Budget TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the provisions of Section 251 of the Municipal Act, 2001, and By-law No. 972 of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin, the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin intends to pass by-laws to adopt the 2014 Budget for the Municipality, including sanitary sewage and water services, at its regular meeting of Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Elgin County Administration Building, 450 Sunset Drive, Municipality of Central Elgin.

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that Council shall hear at the said meeting any person, or by his/her counsel, solicitor or agent, who wishes to make representation respecting the proposed budgets. The Council shall only hold such hearing for applications received by the Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk or the Deputy Clerk on or before Wednesday, February 12th, 2014. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION relating to the proposed budget is available for inspection in the Municipality’s offices in the Elgin County Administration Building during normal office hours, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Specific inquiries can be directed to Karen DePrest, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer (519) 631-4860, Ext 273 or DATED at the Municipality of Central Elgin this 31st day of January, 2014. Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update Community Consultation Opportunities The Municipality of Central Elgin is undertaking a review of its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This Plan will look ahead to identify the community’s needs and priorities related to parks, trails, open space, recreation facilities and leisure services for community residents. One of the major initiatives within the first phase of the Plan is the completing of a series of community consultation activities. One of these activities includes the hosting of Discovery Sessions with representatives of community organizations and groups who provide recreational services who will be contacted directly. Two opportunities are available for residents to submit individual or group input. The first is to complete an online community survey that can be found on the Municipal website (, or on the Municipal Facebook page (Municipality of Central Elgin). The second is to attend a community workshop, with two different dates available to provide your input. The workshops will be held on: •

Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at 7:00pm – Belmont Arena

Wednesday February 26th, 2014 at 7:00pm – Port Stanley Arena

For further information, contact Chandra Dougall, Policy and Communications Analyst, Municipality of Central Elgin at (519) 631-4860 ext. 243. Employment Opportunities A number of seasonal employment opportunities are now available on our website. Please Clear Snow from Fire Hydrants The Fire Department is asking for your help. The Municipality does not have the resources to clear snow from hydrants after a snowfall. It is very important for residents and business people to keep hydrants clear of snow and visible from the street. Please help us out by clearing the snow around your fire hydrant. Public Meetings for Planning Applications A Public Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 for the following Planning Applications: •

7:20 p.m. – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, 641 George Street

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North Shore Community Classified Serving over 7000 Homes, Apartments, Farms & Businesses HELP WANTED


Happy 90th Birthday, Isabelle Love your Family "Joie de la Vie"! NIKON D40X FOR SALE

The Nikon D40x is an easyto-use digital camera. It has many features like high 10.2 megapixel resolution, continuous shooting capability and wider ISO sensitivity". The camera has both manual and fully automatic settings as well as many other settings for scene-optimised modes. The kit comes complete with a versatile Nikon 18-55 mm zoom lens, a built in flash, a battery charger, cable to connect to a computer, carrying strap, a 4 GB Kingston memory card and 1 GB memory card. Asking $350. Call 519 777-2809.


Port Stanley Public School Activities February 2014 Tuesday, February 18 Thursday, February 27 • Meetings (School) • Meetings (School) Gr. 8 School Council Meeting 6:00 CQE Parent Meeting 6:00 PM PM Wednesday, February 19 Friday, February 28 • Hot Lunch Day (School) • Assembly (School) Pizza Day Recognition Assembly 9:10 AM To our Readers and Advertisers, welcome back! We appreciate that so many of you called to say that you missed our publication. The Lake Erie Beacon, 204-A Carlow Road, Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1C5 519 782-4563



Pre-School Music: 3 -5 yr. olds max. 5 per class, Saturdays: beginning Jan. 11, 2014

Port Stanley Cottages: The Beach House – 2 bedroom lakefront fully renovated and winterized cottage. $1,100/month. Artist Cottage – 1 bedroom, $1,200/month. Available 1September 2013 – 31 May 2014 No smoking, no pets. See

Piano/Voice/Celtic Harp/Theory: Private/Semi-private/Group 519 207-0754 e-mail:

or for further details call 519-434-2229.


Advertising Sales Reps • For St.Thomas area & • For Western Elgin area • Must have own car • Experience preferred but will consider qualifications. • Commission Sales.

EDITORIAL Continued From Page 2 These groups spent many, many hours researching the concept before it was presented to council. At the February meeting there was an overwhelming feeling of FEAR from a few individuals who were avidly against the proposal. This fear seemed to be based on rumour, innuendo and apprehension as to how the HCD might affect them with little or no concern about the future health and prosperity of the village. As always it seems to happen at meetings like this, the negative people are loud and sometimes obnoxious and the positive people are quiet and unassuming. I was most appalled at the first of the audience members to speak. This person stooped to loud bullying tactics and personal insults rather than logic and accurate information to make their argument. This was

Port Stanley’s proposed HCD Continued From Page 3 materials should preferably be maintained. The key word in that sentence is “preferably”, and you may discover that repair of the original is a more economical alternative. Will the municipality be able to dictate what I can do with respect to landscaping? No, but if you want to cut down a beautiful old tree which is

most unfortunate as it introduced a “them against us” mentality. It is unfortunate that this sometimes happens at public meeting when a gang mentality takes hold. It seemed that few of the naysayers from the audience wanted to hear answers to honest questions from the HCD Committee. They merely wanted to tell everyone else how bad it was going to be, but with little or no valid reasoning. At the end of the meeting a straw poll of the audience gave the HCD a nearly six to one approval. From those who actually live within the proposed new HCD boundary the vote was approximately six for and five against. If you still have concerns please read the revised report available on the Central Elgin web site A copy of the report is also being made available at the Port Stanley Library.

Andrew Hibbert higher than 4.5 m you will need a heritage permit. Will a heritage permit cost me anything? No. How can I get a copy of the complete Phase B report prepared by the planning firm hired by the municipality? It is available at and is 157 pages long. The key section for property owners is probably section 4. The final HCD bylaw which will be voted on by council will be based on this report, although your steering committee will be recommending a few minor changes.

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Welcome back, readers!! For the month of February, Animal Aide is having our Black Coat, Tux and Tails Event, where all of our black cats as well as our black and white cats over the age of 6 months will be available for adoption for the amazing price of $100. 00. Yes, they all come spayed or neutered and with their shots.

rescued when he was 4 weeks old. He has been waiting a while, hasn't he? Ivan has gorgeous, green eyes and soft, shiny, black fur that is irresistible to the touch. Felix Is just over a year old, also with big green eyes, a beauty mark on his nose and a remarkable black and white coat. Felix is a lover; loves to play, cuddle and give kisses. There is still plenty of time to take advantage of this terrific offer. We are open every day but, call ahead for our hours, just to be safe.

Handsome little Ivan will be one year old in April and was

Animal Aide Association 333 Talbot St. St. Thomas

519 633-3788

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Weekdays 9 am - 6 pm Sat. 9 am - 4 pm Sun.- Closed FREE Local Delivery 20% Off Wednesdays for Seniors 222 Colborne Street Port Stanley 519 782-3324

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Port Stanley Skating Club competes at Memorial Invitational Wanda Tully Figure skaters from the Port Stanley Skating Club competed at the Skate Canada Western Ontario Pat Abela-Lyle McPhedran Memorial Invitational Competition held in Aylmer on January 17-19 earning, from left to right, Miracle Collins, 5th place; Alexia Platt, Silver Medalist; Clarrisa Cron, Silver Medalist; Dakota Dawdy, Silver Medalist; Emma Hind, Gold Medalist; Victoria Wilson, Gold Medalist; Samantha Kelly, Silver Medalist; and Ella Granger, Gold Medalist. Absent from photo: Mikayla Timmermans, 8th; Hannah Curridor, 6th place; Emma Curridor, 6th place; Riley Palmer, 4th; Autumn White, 4th; and Colleen Black, Bronze Medalist.


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Your Local Elgin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealer 275 Wellington Street • St. Thomas • Ontario • N5R 2S6

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David G. Marr RSP or Tax Free Savings?

WilliamsFuneral HomeLtd. Pre-Arrangement Counselling



Income Tax Services Tax Planning and Preparation 346 High Street, Port Stanley, Ontario, N5L 1J8

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Snowshoes to Kayaks Hiking, running, cycling! Gifts, apparel and gear!

MAC PLUMBING 438-B West Edith Cavell Blvd. Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1E8



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Outfitting-Sport Products and Services

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A New History Of Port Stanley, The First 100 Years AVAILABLE NOW. By authors Bob Burns and Craig Cole. With many photographs. Pick up a copy at the Lake Erie Beacon office. Book size 8.5” X 11” All proceeds go to Heritage Port

To place your business card in the Roladex “We provide families with a full range of personalized services. From simple cremations to traditional funerals, pre-planning and prepayment options. See the difference your local Shawn Jackson Funeral Director/Owner funeral professional will make.”

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