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Broome Community College ​whoo sorry I just tried to get it working it wasn't in it I wait until it does it zoom things I gets like this and then as soon as i pressed record it does it again so i apologize i really have tried to sort out but just there's no like stop zooming button and so this v blob is going to be quite depressing not in the fact that again I'm not going to be talking about myself at all well yeah I will be but not in all you'll see I warn you it's not going to be particularly nice of them it's about my day any about trauma and social work and how to deal with some really shitty cases and situations and this came about and because it's more money my son was discussing the child death report a serious case reviews of Rico well Jasmine beckfoot and Victor can be probably know about Victoria that not the others and this is what I read and it's basically it's from the NSPCC and it's just an overview and it's got some quite horrific things into so I'm going to read it now i'm going to read part of it all of that and yeah so just to give you know Vietnam and then a trap so Jasmine Beckford was born in something I and killed in 84 Jasmine Beckford way just 80 air 23 pounds which for the five year old really isn't good when she died of a savage blow that dislodged her brain during her but her brief life Jasmine it's often leg fractures broken ribs burns and cuts all at the hands of her stock farmer Morris Beckford for the final months he kept her chained tight on to her bed in a tiny attic the death was finally attributed to brain damage above the pathologist found that she had 40 other injuries covering her face and body including 20 bone broken bones some of the injuries happened the day before she died on the fifth of July 1984 others went back months yeah so sorry and then it explains about all the abuse that Morris Beck ferd had experienced as a child and to me that sort of is irrelevant because yes note it's not very nice it was beat in the ceiling and I would hope that that he hit but he should have been protected from that but it sort of loses it to excuse his behavior that this happened to him so this is why he did it and the other three cases they don't do that with and only think it's very right so anyway so Brooke yeah so that about five-thirty p.m. on fifty lire 1984 Jasmine was dead on arrival at hospital that day longton had returned home to find Beckford carrying Jasmine's lifeless body down the stairs Jasmine had been dead for some time she had 20 broken bones including rib ribs pelvis and a pubic bone she had cuts bruises grazes and cigarette burns over most of the body she had multiple fractures of a left leg and she was a little more little more than a skeleton through lack of food at midnight the following day her parents were charged with murder Morris Beck ferd immediately admitted killing Desmond post-mortem results run 27 pages of revealed a puling catalogue of abuse barely an int'l her body there was barely in it into a body that did not career evidence of injury it became clear that after breaking her leg Beckford had pinned Jasmine to a bed with bodybuilding weights to stop a moving he had been stuffed weights into Jasmine's leg warmers in a crude attempt to straight of the damaged limb when she had cried out in paying he punched her so hard that he left knuckle marks on her forehead his idea of medicine for a child so obviously in distress had been to administer rum and water or guinness when he eventually hit her so hard on the head that she died they tried to revive her by giving an electric shock from a police of flex that's just a wire plugged into the wall attached to a plan when he had failed he refused the call an ambulance instead loaded her body into his sister-in-laws proud to drive her to hospital and that's that but that is problem maybe one of those extreme of the two and there is in that one and the point of this is obvious that sort of thicken how do you do that harrell how as a social worker can I hear those things and not be traumatized you know like when we were reading the milk sorry didn't read them up to and my seminar group and it was like a Syria as soon as I finished everyone had to make a joke you know be a laptop jocks tell funny stories and stuff like that and that happened as well when I was i'ma show you one day I went to children's assessment from federal and there was a girl who was three years old and had been sexually abused by her father but she didn't have the words to explain penis so she said my daddy's camera and the facial appt is that were dealing with that case made jokes about shepherd's pie etc and like at the moment that at that moment I was so outraged that they could joke about something so incredibly serious something that this boot cuts it's going to stick with that child that you know put something really bad and realized that was just quite the self righteous person because how house can you deal with that house can you know not that case but the colonel well had 50 official visits to her home from the NSPCC the sport the police school world for officers housing officials social workers and how visitors how how can you cope with knowing that you are one of those professionals that have been there and I mean she died on a riffic death as well and I just I don't know how do you cope with that though that you have effectively like Norbert or support it but I can't explain myself yeah so how did again how do you do about how you know is it a skill that you just have that you just candy all these two are heisting events or you

don't have it and you either don't become social worker or working somewhere that such dramas don't happen where people don't tend to come contact with social workers when they're in an excellent day and is it more horrific because it's children and if that was an adult would I be less upset about it would it affect me less make me less angry so yeah so that that's certainly that's basically on what I want to know or not know I know I can actually give me the answers but you know is it something that I am going to have to learn how do I learn it and I just need to woman up you know to other people feel the same or am I just soft type thing I say yeah so that was quite emotional quite horrid and and stuff so how you know because I'm really worried about vicarious trauma which if you don't know what vicarious trauma is the most simplest oversimplification ever it's basically being traumatized and by hearing traumatic things it's not you don't experience it so if I went and told and something really traumatic that I do I know we're lucky it's not that she will think that that event has happened to her but she'll take on that trauma and it becomes quite difficult to court because how can you pour trauma when the event actually hasn't happened to you and what happen to that person so yeah so I'm just wondering the my need for social work you cannot do it so yes it was quite soul-searching mavens but so cake is then I just went back to it went to my lectures afternoon became my rage-filled self when the lecturer compared the out cart we're talking about fast which is and its claws it's basic about family working and working with families and schools and sapporo a parenting program accenture lee and how it improves the chances of people have children with parents who have issues and but also it like it's meant to stop in the future then like the development of antisocial behavior and stuff and she compared children of parents with drug and alcohol issues to the children I just grouped him in with workplace homes parents of joggle alcohol problems layin parents teenage parents from parents with mental health problems and that just pissed me off a lot because I don't know whether I've said that I used to be a mental health funny sport rocker it was up odds with one of first teams knows the work with families were a parent or both parents had mental health problems and you know Cena very various children and reactions to to the parents mental illness from really not that bothered at all in the sense that it hasn't traumatize them or or made their chances in life and he said you know I've seen people parents k move shit that a mentally healthy person would just break down with and you know of it and of the other than the obvious difference teen drop in alcohol abuse and mental health is you know actually choose to have mental health problems and you know don't go on about me you know about addiction and stuff I know that's my choice but at the end of the day you at some point have chosen to have a drink you have chosen to use drugs you probably won't have chosen how it turned out but i personally was never asked if i wanted to go mental and i don't know if anyone else was and it just pisses me off that the parents for you know try their best for their kids now i know some like amazing parents with like mental health problems whose kids are well-adjusted go to school get fed three times a day where this food if they want it more than three times a day where their emotional health has cared for you know parents that will do amazing things for their kids that they can think about them for themselves you know and it it's stuff like you know I've lost my training for now but to compare those these families with families of drug addicts and staff you know just it just makes me really mad really does and comparing the outcomes the two sets of children it's just ridiculous if it you know it truly is because other than the factor that the biological fact that if a mother does use heroin or any drug which is pregnant the chances are that baby is going to be addicted to drugs when they're born and think any baby is born mental just because the mother's mentor it just it's just that stigma it's the sticker stigma that annoys me is that you know it's just jumped into you know locked I can't even think of the word groups into that group of people with drug users and really negative people would you you know about a lump kids with a parent with cancer into that group well no you wouldn't because why would you you know that parent could die and they still get posted in that group but you know the parent with mental health problems could recover to live a perfectly normal life whatever that is but those kids are still lumped in wisc book it pisses me off man kisses but like I can't remember what we I don't know how it came up on Twitter that someone said someone's child refers to time in a mental health hospital the bin and as a time when her feelings were poorly when your feelings reported FMS Emmys amazing turn of phrase ever thought I was just you know because that's it isn't it you know what I mean no it's a bit more complex than that the public six you know understand intricacies of illness so yeah we're not sure why like relevant I just I just love the win your feelings are poorly and I just remembered something house murmur in the seminar this morning and another lecture came in who didn't work in children's families and you know I couldn't do it and this is why it with some he years ago you didn't have television well the degree in social apps only reason that years and years ago and seventies which for most people isn't that easily you could become a social worker system so you would be like a firmly support weapon at home but then you would become a qualified so show up anyway so he started his social are consistent job in Northampton mutters fuck and my grandma's there and they've been assigned a family a mother and her two daughters one daughter is six months old the other was three years old and she had been prosecuting the children out

two men men would come to the house and sexually abused them which is horrific in itself you know just miss just hearing that and having to work with that mother in itself it's just fucking disgusting but when he then went on to explain that she hadn't got that house by accident someone high up in the council had got that chance for her from the local authority and told his friends and everything and they were the ones or if you the ones up going around two views the children but it you know it makes me suspicious because I've had to wear see blow on so on on my course yeah how do I know everyone on one horse is not an abuser how do I know when I go out into the real work real world of social work my manager doesn't fit or kids or doesn't still in tours prescriptions you know so it makes you like gives back to the you know being one of the 50 professionals that went into this whole warehouse or I had one made one of the 50 official visits you know how do you how do you live with yourself how do you how do you know what's going to happen how'd you predict or you know you can't predict what's going to happen how do you make assessments cuz us that's not on our degree we don't ever learn how to make any assessments we've done theory we've done law we've done talking to children we've done all these fancy stuff which is a really interesting social policy really interesting but I would know how to carry out menno hof a settlement other than the fact that I've had a few you know but most people on my poor pup as far as I know I'm the only one online course so there's going to be 24 social workers that graduate next year and for 23 excellent graduate next year um to go into the world work that I haven't got a fucking clue how to help carry out these assessments how to manage risks etc so yes i'm just ranting now but basically my view is that the degree isn't fit for purpose being social workers pressure and toilet rising and i fell off of the sting mental health I also have another topic i was going to UM put onto this one but I'm aware that I've bound on for a little bit and so I'll turn it in I'll make it another one that it's about and changes and like how I was before overs mental and how I am now my experiences of that and stuff and yeah so I'll sign off now because i'm home with you know what to do but I'll speak to you later College of Arts Sciences and Engineering.