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UFA means...

UFA is a national educational charity. Since 1996, we have worked with over 750,000 young people and 6,000 adults in 50 regions, to create inspiring learning for all. UFA has also worked with groups in Jamaica and Australia. The UFA network unlocks the potential of young people. We raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences. We inspire and equip young people AND the adults that support them to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders.

I take charge of my own learning I value learning with others I am curious and enjoy learning for its own sake I can transfer learning to different contexts I can be comfortable with complexity and subtlety



I can thrive on challenge, and seek creative solutions I am resilient and resourceful I am open and generous I am reflective

The UFA Transforming Learning Programmes are in depth training

programmes for practitioners who engage with young people in schools, communities and in other youth settings. Combined with strategic direction, they give you the opportunity to create a “bottom up” approach to transforming learning in your organisation. The programmes aim to give you the opportunity to transform your organisation’s approach and increase your own understanding of young people as learners and as leaders.

I act ethically

It also develops the confidence and capacity of the adults who take part: teachers, youth and play workers, support staff, arts and community workers grow as learners in their own right and as leaders of change.

Learning with the UFA

The programmes explore practical ways of putting into practice key theories of learning, engagement and motivation. Using a combination of action research and active problem-solving approaches, participants are encouraged to think and work both collaboratively and creatively.

Learning to know Learning to do Learning to be Learning to live with each other 21st century learning: THE TREASURE WITHIN (UNESCO)

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Designed and produced in-house at The University of the First Age. Registered charity No. 1061308

“I just think it’s absolutely brilliant; I believe in myself now, doing things in new ways, and seeing colleagues following the lead; I take staff meetings now, Out of Hours attendance has doubled, and seventeen families have become involved in the Family Learning programme.” (UFA Fellow)

Choose your Focus

Teaching and Learning : A 6 day programme that has a focus on innovative approaches to engaging learners, fostering creativity and developing learning to learn behaviours. This programme explores how these approaches can be implemented both within and beyond the mainstream school curriculum, using models such as the UFA Super Learning Day and UFA Challenge Framework. Who for: Teaching Assistants, Classroom Teachers, Senior Managers Raising Standards through Extended Learning: A 6 day programme that explores how to use the UFA model of learning to bridge home, school and community, using the out of school hours study support opportunity as a safe place to research and develop new and innovative approaches to learning. This programme provides both a strategic and practical perspective to realising the potential of study support to transform learning.

98% report an increased undestanding of the

Outcomes for participants • A range of practical strategies to use in the classroom • An opportunity to focus on themselves as learners and engage in some simple action research • Greater understanding of learning drawn from theories of motivation, engagement and learning • Sharing of practice • Greater creativity in the classroom • Access to high quality UFA resources, including the UFA website • Renewed job satisfaction, motivation and self confidence • Becoming a UFA Fellow

learning process

71% report more enthusiasm for their job with 76% reporting more career satisfaction

79% report raised self esteem QA Report on impact of UFA (2008)

Who for: Teaching Assistants, Classroom Teachers, Senior Managers Extended Learning Community Programme A 3 day programme that focuses on how activity providers from a variety of settings can raise the quality of their activity, using the UFA learning model. This programme offers a very practical approach to linking home, school and community. Who for: Community activity providers, Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants,

The benefits of hosting the event: Recruiting more than 14 participants allows you to either generate income for your organisation or Get some places for free or Spread the cost and savings across your network. Note: maximum numbers are 20 people

Outcomes for young people 91% report impact

on motivation to learn

85% report impact on Costs summary Costs £145 per person per day


79% report raised self esteem 91% say that the programme has impacted on behaviour

Participants are invited to join the UFA Fellows Network: A movement for change in the world of learning

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Improved achievement for young people Greater engagement with learning Improved behaviour Improved attitude to learning More positive relationships with staff & other students More active participation in the learning process New ways to exercise their learning leadership The chance to experience learning in new contexts

QA Report on impact of UFA (2008)

UFA Fellows are a growing national network of accomplished individuals; a community of Lead Practitioners and influencers from a wide array of backgrounds and professions. United through a set of shared values and a commitment to transforming learning for young people through the home, school and community, UFA Fellows work across a variety of settings.

UFA Fellows: • Hold a strong belief about the active role of young people in their learning

• Raise awareness of or increase participation of young people in leading learning

• Make a practical contribution to the transformation of learning in their organisation

• Hold a position of influence in their sphere or have the capacity to engage and inspire others to use their expertise and enthusiasm to participate in UFA programmes or wider work

• Challenge current thinking, show bravery or innovation in their actions and support positive change • Participate in communities and networks, and show a generosity in sharing ideas and resources.

• Are reflective practitioners seeking continual improvement in their practice.

Outcomes for schools/organisations • A bottom up approach to transforming learning and teaching • New curriculum models based on problem based learning • Young people’s leadership as an integral part of the learning process • A greater emphasis and commitment to teachers’ own learning • Development of the OOHL space as the R&D arm of the school • Consideration of a broader concept of learning that bridges home, school and community • A networked learning community of staff across schools • Re-energised and motivated staff

“The UFA have reaffirmed my love for my job and allowed me to move forward with confidence.” UFA Fellow

UFA Transforming Learning  

The UFA Transforming Learning Programmes are in depth training programmes for practitioners who engage with young people in schools, communi...