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UFA is a national educational charity. Since 1996, we have worked with over 750,000 young people and 6,000 adults in 50 regions, to create inspiring learning for all. UFA has also worked with groups in Jamaica and Australia.

I take charge of my own learning I value learning with others

Young People

Grow it...

I am curious and enjoy learning for its own sake I can transfer learning to different contexts

The UFA network unlocks the potential of young people.

I can be comfortable with complexity and subtlety

We raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences.

I can thrive on challenge, and seek creative solutions

We inspire and equip young people AND the adults that support them to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders.

‘I wasn’t a bad person, but I just didn’t take things seriously and probably would have continued that way if it wasn’t for the UFA. My involvement with the UFA has changed my life. It’s shown me leadership skills and helped me being in a teaching/leading role. I feel now I’m a good role model.’ (UFA Young Leader, aged 15)

I am resilient and resourceful

‘I didn’t have many friends and I generally kept my head down in classes at school and didn’t really get involved, but being involved in UFA and realising that I could make friends and achieve big things gave me the confidence to aim high and I am now able to deliver presentations to large audiences, I am much more comfortable in social situations it has given me the confidence to go out into the world on my own without fear and chase my dreams!’ (UFA Young person)

UFA means...

I am open and generous I am reflective I act ethically

Learning with the UFA Learning to know Learning to do

YoUFA is the young people’s network of the UFA that has been set up and led by young people enabling young people to be part of a national network that empowers them to be at the forefront of decision making to become the future leaders of tomorrow. YoUFA can also be local where young people make new friends, build their confidence and self - esteem, get support and encouragement and provide learning and leadership opportunities making sure every young person’s voice is heard.

‘The YoUFA and Lead Learner project recently won the National NCVYS Young Partners Award for innovative Youth Participation’

Learning to be Learning to live with each other 21st century learning:

‘It was a great learning experience for me as it reminded me to give them the capacity to ‘run with it’ – and they do!’ (Supporting Adult)


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Grow it... How?

We believe this creates an opportunity to scale up a programme that works in engaging a high volume of young people in volunteering with a unique offer that has learning at its heart.



‘The UFA was a life changing experience that has continued to have a huge impact on my learning’

UFA young people tell us they want to be more involved, that they can with support, develop and lead activities for other young people. Benefits The benefits for young people in getting involved include developing a huge range of important life skills, making a difference to others and volunteering in their schools and communities.

94% of young people feel the project helped them communicate better with other people 74% of young people felt it had improved their ability to keep going when things got hard Over 75% of festival participants said it has inspired them to either become a young leader or to do more as a young leader

(UFA Young Person)

It will create its own legacy in both the Young Leaders and participants getting more young people positively disposed to learning and will become self financing and self sustaining for the future.

YoUFA Board Member:

Representing Young People’s voice and leadership at a national level

Role of the YoUFA Regional Ambassador:

Support YoUFA Co-ordinators, represent regional youth voice, run 2 regional meetings, promote the positive role of young people within their region and attend 3 YoUFA Board Meetings per year *The YoUFA Regional Ambassador is provided with a budget

YoUFA Development Model Youth Policy Group Government

YoUFA Board National

YoUFA Regional Ambassador Regional

At the UFA we believe young people should be leaders in their own and others’ learning.

We also know:

Through previous successful projects we found that young people are passionate about bringing change and only need the belief and guidance of the adults around them in order to do this. Members of the YoUFA Network have helped develop the UFA into what it is today and this is a further opportunity to do the same.

• When young people lead others, their own learning improves

• Young people who belong to something national raise their aspirations and connect with others beyond their local community

Get in touch If you want to talk to us about how to help you get YoUFA started in your local area/ school, give us a call, contact us on Facebook or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

Join us! - Be part of our network!

Role of the YoUFA Co-ordinator:

Increase Young People’s leadership and voice within the school and support UFA activity to take place and fundraise. Cost: £100 annual subscription fee

Young People participating in UFA activities and Young People in leadership roles Received UFA training Joined the YoUFA Network

Find out more and get involved by registering at:

YoUFA Co- ordinator Local

YoUFA Network Local or email Find us on Facebook UFA - YoUFA

• Young people participating in learning led by their peers are inspired to become the leaders of tomorrow

What else could young people be involved in locally and nationally?

YoUFA Network:

100% of Adult Supporters saw a growth in confidence in their young people

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‘The UFA was the spark that unlocked all the qualities that lay dormant within me by offering truly innovative, inspiring and challenging projects. I hope that they continue touching the lives of many more young people to set them on their way to success’ (YoUFA Board Member, Aged 18)

Grow it YoUFA  

YoUFA is the young people’s network of the UFA that has been set up and led by young people enabling young people to be part of a national n...

Grow it YoUFA  

YoUFA is the young people’s network of the UFA that has been set up and led by young people enabling young people to be part of a national n...