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YoUFA News Newsletter No 1 - October 2009

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All aboard - full steam backwards

Evaluation: The Big Picture The Lead Learner residential took place in August, it was a week full of fun, laughter and challenges with tears at the end from having to say goodbye to all the friends you made during the week. It was a very positive experience for most of those involved. We envisaged a lot of laughter before the residential and that is exactly what we got. ‘This week has been

fun, exciting, time consuming and confidence boosting we all found out things we didn’t know and also learned to work with different people in groups. It’s an experience that we will never forget; we have grown closer as groups and friends.’ The excitement during the week was booming and the adrenaline rush especially from the raft building! Lots of you said the best thing about the week and what you enjoyed the most was ‘Raft building and jumping in the river’ The aims of the week for the Lead Learners were to understand the aims, values and practices of the UFA and to plan, run and evaluate a high quality UFA club. The YoUFA reps had the challenge to start the planning for the YoUFIESTA 2010 that is going to take place on July 15th 2010! That seems a long way away but the planning is already underway and the YoUFA reps have already started putting all the fantastic ideas and visions into place.

Why do we evaluate?

What we found out?

Evaluating allows us to find out how well something is working, it allows us to figure out what is different about the UFA that makes the difference to people. We always wanted to see how you all felt at the beginning of the residential to the end. “This week has been good, although it was nerve - racking at first, it got better each day. Everyone has been so nice and I felt really welcomed. I have learnt a lot and overcome a lot of obstacles and like they said, you come out your comfort zone; you get positive results from it. Thank you’”

After having a look at all the data we collected from the week we have discovered that most of you had a fantastic time and had different learning experiences. We found that the comments you all made fell into one of three categories; Learning - this is all the skills you felt you have learnt and all the knowledge you gained How the week felt - feelings and impressions People - all the new people you met, the friendships you formed, the relationships within the group and with the staff. Here are just a few of things that were said; “This week has been truly unique- with its highs and lows, but there are so many memories and laughs to look back on.‘‘ ''This week has been very nice. At first I was sceptical but as time went on my view changed. I have actually gained a lot in this week and have grown as a person. I have gained new skills and have met great people here. I would just like to thank everybody x.''

By evaluating what has been learnt we are able to see the progress that has been made and what is needed to improve. The information also helps us at the UFA to make sure all the projects and activities are helping you in the right way. Evaluating can be done in three ways, we have: ‘Me’ which focuses on you as an individual learner and what skills you have developed. ‘Me and Others’ this focuses on relationships with others and ‘Me and My Community’ this focuses on the wider community and what people contribute to it.

What we did…? We did lots of evaluation activities throughout the week, for e.g. on day 1 we did word of the day, towards the end of the week we did Speech Bubbles, Letter to me. Pat on the back, Discussion cards, Metaphors and the big tree! Keep reading to find out what was said.

''MEMORIES! I had soo much fun this week. Made loads of new friends and experience things that I wouldn’t normally do. I have really enjoyed my week and can’t wait for the next festival and next year.'' ''This week has taught me how to come out of my comfort shell. It made me feel moreconfident and proud when I spoke out and everyone was supportive. Thanks '' '' This week has taught me a lot throughout the days I have learnt a variety of ways to deal with people as a leader'' '' The arrangements for us observing Ramadan has been brilliant. Thanks x'' ''At first I was nervous/ excited- I didn’t know what to expect; but now I feel great, because it has been a great week, experience and fun. I’ve loved every second.'' ''It’s been really fun and it’s made me feel like part of the group and felt very welcome!'' ''I’ve really enjoyed the week. It’s been quite fun but also informative. It’s also given me a chance to make new friends and some tips on how to run my club.''

“It has been an amazing experience to make new friends” “I have enjoyed being around people I would never be able to meet where i live” “it Felt good to be able to talk to people so easily espicially those I have never met before” ''As you grow together, you feel part of the team, working off each other’s strengths. You become included as you include others and yourself. When things get more difficult that’s when you should pull together as a team. Communication is really important and having a joint aim and the same passion for getting the job done is so important, friendship blooms from teamwork. I think this is going to be an amazing year and its all started from this once again, amazing week. This year could be difficult as well as a growing experience but I think we have the teamwork and friendship to pull through anything!'' “It was real fun meeting new people” “The new people I’ve met have opened my eyes wider to the different ways of life of other people and the different ways that we all conduct ourselves”

Unfinished sentences; It felt good when… • I got the top of the stairs with my suitcase • I accomplished proper team work • We all built a raft together • I learned something new about myself • I jumped in the river • When I spoke and gave opinions and everyone was supportive • I took a risk and went onto the water raft

I would like to say thank you to… for… •

Everyone for letting me be here and being supportive

Everyone for being so nice and making us feel welcome

Sue was really nice and helpful

All the staff and YoUFA reps and cooks

Thanks to everyone for their support and teamwork

The YoUFA reps because they have been really supportive and have been quite nice

I can…

she has prepared for us to observe Ramadan

• Work with people I do not know with

on this residential and it has been really really

confidence • Be positive and confident • Lead a group of year 7’s and teach them something that will help them • I can now speak in front of a group with quite a lot of confidence • Work with new people I do not know

I’d like to say a huge, HUGE thank you to Sue,

great. •

Thanks to all the staff including the YoUFA reps.

All the members of staff for setting this up for us. Everybody here, YoUFA reps helping us

YoUFA reps. Thanks!

Lead a group of learners confidentially

For the future? Here are a few of the things some of you would love to have changed about the week • A little too much discussion • More outdoor activities and.. • More sleep!!!

Lead Learners from Babington College, Leicester. Supported by Marion Kotecha Lead Learners hard at work

“Overall, it was a fantastic and memorable residential”

YoUFA Site is live!!!

YoUFA Board At t he residential we informed you about the development of the new and exciting YoUFA Board who will form a key part of the decision making and influencing within the UFA. We have now offered a placed to 8 young people who will form the YoUFA Board. The first meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 28th October. We are delighted to see the development of the Board and look forward to our first meeting. If you want to know who is part of this exciting development and who is on the YoUFA Board then keep having a sneak peak on the website (www.youfa, where all be revealed. A warm welcome to all the new recruits to the YoUFA Board.

YoUFIESTA 2010 The YoUFA reps worked incredibly hard during the residential to start the planning for next year’s YoUFIESTA. Planning is well underway and all the fantastic ideas the YoUFA reps came up with are currently being researched and being put into play. If you have any ideas about the festival or would really like to see something at your festival then email YoUFA with any of your ideas or suggestions at Insia@ we look forward to hearing from you. Bring on 15th July 2010! The YoUFA reps are meeting again in October for a 3 day residential where they will continue the extensive planning and visions for the YoUFIESTA, we will keep you updated with the latest decisions and pictures.

YoUFA site team - Kyle & Shireenah

The YoUFA site is live!!! A huge thank you to Kyle and Shireenah for all their hard work and dedication for making the site live! Also, thank you to all the young people who City contributed of o f Leic Leicester c etosthe t e rwebsite through their ideas at the national residentials November 2006 and July 2007. You can discover the history of YoUFA, any upcoming events, our new and exciting YoUFA Board and so much more, all you have to do is click on to and embark on a discovery!

Accreditation Would you like to gain credit for the work you have done as a lead learner or YoUFA rep? We can offer accreditation through the Open College Network (OCN). It’s called ‘Young Leader training’. You will need to spend some time putting a folder of evidence together which contains your comments, photos and club plans, together with some witness and feedback statements from the adult who supported you. Sue and Insia would be very happy to help you to do it! Just get in touch with us!! It could be one of those certificates on your CV when you go for a job or on your UCAS form when you go for interview at college or university which makes you stand out and be a bit different from everybody else

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