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Building A Healthy Child

• 1910: less than 10% of the food was processed • Today: more than 80% of our food is processed • Processed foods loose significant amounts of nutrients and are loaded with chemicals and preservatives most of which are “TOXIC”. These toxins require additional nutrients to be eliminated out of our bodies.

Why Supplement Your Child’s Diet?

• Altered fats in margarine, processed oils, and oils heated too high can cause cell damage, increased risk of cancer and heart disease • Meats and poultry are injected with antibiotics and hormones • Fish are loaded with toxins from the water • Early harvesting, transportation and storage of our food reduces the nutritional value of our food • The soil in America is depleted of important trace minerals & essential nutrients

Food today is not what it used to be

• Organic – 1584 ppm • Inorganic – 19 ppm

– Iron

• Organic – 203.90 mq • Inorganic – 46.90 mq

– Magnesium

• Spinach




• Organic – 1938 ppm • Inorganic – 1.00 ppm

– Iron


• Organic – 23 mq • Inorganic – 4.5 mq

– Calcium

• Tomatoes

Rutgers University Study

• • • • • •

Bedwetting Persistent Colds Constipation Diarrhea Headaches Poor School Performance

• • • • •

Hyperactivity Allergies Irritability Fatigue Poor Attention Span

Improper Nutrition & Harmful Environmental Factors Can Cause:

– – – –

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Diabetes Allergies Chronic poor health

• Other Degenerative Diseases

– #1 cause of school Absences

• Asthma

– One in every 2.5 people – Chief Killer of Children

• Cancer

– 55% of all Deaths – Evidence found in children

• Heart Disease

America’s Health Crisis Living In An Epidemic

• Surgeon General David Satcher quoted in 2000 as saying that he believes Ritalin is under prescribed in our country. • Today, an estimated 5 - 7 million children are administered Ritalin with about 90% of the prescriptions being written for children younger than five years of age.

– 700 percent increase in the use of Ritalin since 1990

• A.D.D.

America’s Health Crisis Living In An Epidemic

Is the cause of ADD a Ritalin deficiency?

Insecurity & Anxiety

Short Attention Spans

Lethargy, Listlessness & Apathy

Anemia & Other Ailments

Poor Eyesight & Hearing

Even Minimal Deficiencies Affect Health & Behavior

• 7 of 10 leading causes of death are linked to diet • 80-90% of cancer is environmentally caused • Could be modified by improved diet

Major Health Problems Are Diet Related

• 75% of Teen Diets Don’t Meet the Minimum Daily Allowances --Bellevue Med. Center, N.Y. • 50% of the Population is Malnourished -- USDA Joint Task Force • 99% of the Population is Deficient in Minerals --U.S. Senate Document • Today’s Food Will Support Life But Won’t Sustain Health --Int. Academy of Preventive Med.

America’s Health Statistics

•Taste – Not Nutrition •Sugar Laden Foods •Fast, Convenience Foods •Picky Eaters

•Our Choices Have Changed

– Mineral Deficient soil – Processed & Refined – Shipped & Stored

• Our Food Has Changed

– Whole Foods – Locally Grown – Vine Ripened – Healthy Farm Animals – No Hormones – Full of Protein, Vitamins & Minerals

• Our Great Grandparents Ate Differently



What can we do?

These “name brand� vitamin supplements are in the lower colon. They can never be used by the body.

Not all supplements are beneficial to your body.


GNC, 240

AARP, 51

One-A-Day, 50


Vita-Lea, 17






ƒ A supplement needs to break down in the digestive tract and then dissolve before it can be absorbed into the body

Shaklee Products Are Bioavailable


Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1/4 cup Calories 30 Calories from Fat 0 % Total Fat 0g0% Saturated Fat 0g0% Trans Fat 0g Polyunsaturated Fat 0g Monounsaturated Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg0% Sodium 125mg5% Total Carbohydrate 1g0% Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 0g Protein 6g 9% Vitamin A 15%•Vitamin C 0% Calcium 2%•Iron 6% Vitamin D 10%•Vitamin E 4% Thiamine 10%•Riboflavin 50% Vitamin B6 4%•Folic Acid 15% Vitamin B12 20%• Pantothenic Acid 10% Zinc 4%

Natural Vs. Synthetic

The comparison chart on the box showed there were more vitamins and minerals in the Eggbeaters than in real eggs, what conclusion do you draw—

Eggbeaters were advertised as having the taste and nutrition of farm fresh eggs.

The rat on the left was raised on nothing but eggs from birth while the one on the right was raised on nothing but Eggbeaters.

Do synthetic vitamins really build health?

This is the writing of a 10 year old girl with ADD from Lansing Michigan; then the writing of this same girl one week after starting on a Shaklee supplement program (Protein, Vita Lea, B Complex).

The bottom line is… QUALITY determines RESULTS

• 63,000 lab tests for quality are preformed each year on Shaklee products • 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety on raw ingredients • There are as many as 262 separate quality tests through-out manufacturing

Why Shaklee?

• Vita-Lea Infant Mix • Vita-Lea for Children • Meal Shakes • Shaklee Basics • Energizing Soy Protein

Children's Health

Infants and toddlers are small powerhouses and are in need of lots of nutritional support for proper development and growth.

Infants & Toddlers

• Simply the best supplement for infants still on the bottle • Greater amounts and a wider spectrum of trace minerals • Formulated for easier digestion

This is it -- the world's best supplement. Vita-Lea has it all:

Vita-Lea Infant Mix

Today’s active children are in need of nutritional support more than ever. Our food is not what it used to be and our children are suffering because of it.

Children up to 12

• Children who bring homemade lunches to school eat and perform better than those who eat hot/school lunches • Children taking nutritional supplements not only get sick less but often have less severe symptoms than normal

Recent Research Shows

• Greater amounts and a wider spectrum of trace minerals • More vitamin K • 100% of the DV for all B vitamins •Formulated for easier digestion •Orange, Grape & Berry •And, of course, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives added.

This is it -- the world's best supplement. Vita-Lea has it all:

Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders

Teens are basically young adults physically but often have very poor judgment when it comes to nutrition. Teens are influenced by the media and are one of the most nutritional deficient age group in America.

Teens (young adults)

•Prevents free radical cell damage

The nutrients in Shaklee’s Basics And Energizing Soy Protein Support the following long-term health benefits. • Promotes the health of the cardiovascular system, breast, lung, prostrate, colon, bones, muscles, blood vessels, eyes, teeth, and gums. • Promotes healthy immune system

Independent Clinical Studies Show

Shaklee Basics & Energizing Soy Protein

• Good Nutrition And Great Taste that Meet Everybody's Needs Everyone in your family can benefit the wholesome goodness and sound nutrition of Meal Shakes - from busy teens to snackseeking kids, • Smart Food, Any Time of Day Meal Shakes can be used as supplements for added nutritional insurance, insurance delicious between-meal snacks, or beverages with meals. Meal Shakes provide 30% of the Daily Value (DV) for protein and 35% or more of the DV’s for 19 essential vitamins and minerals. they're also good sources of dietary fiber.

Meal Shakes

For Very Active Children

It’s Not, “just for the pro’s”

Daedalus Project — set world record for humanpowered flight

Will Steger’s three recordbreaking polar expeditions

Voyager — first nonstop flight around the world

Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso and Alcyon expeditions

Mt. Everest — first American ascent without oxygen

Eight out of Time-Life’s 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time were powered by Shaklee products

Do you want a competitive edge

Laura Diaz

Carla Overbeck

Gary Hall - Good As Gold

Elaine Youngs

Olympic Athletes & Professional Athletes Powered by Shaklee

30 Gold Medals — Including champion swimmer, Gary Hall Jr.

Do you want a competitive edge





To prevent hydration it’s important to consume fluids before, during, and after exercise. If you feel thirsty it’s too late. Water alone is not your best choice The right mix of electrolytes and carbohydrates along with water help optimize hydration


Three Steps get the edge

FEATURING OPTICARB速 - OUR UNIQUE CARBOHYDRATE FORMULA Each serving contains three types of carbohydrate (25 grams) for immediate and sustained energy.

Delivers the carbohydrate energy your body needs for endurance, as well as fluids and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration.








Fruits, veggies, grains, and Shaklee Nutrition products

This will give you immediate and sustained energy


The first and fastest choice for energy during intense exercise is carbohydrate. Choose 60% of your calories from carbohydrate-rich foods

Energy & Endurance

Three Steps get the edge

Each Carbo-Crunch bar provides: z 180 calories z 12 vitamins z 6 minerals z clinically proven to enhance endurance

The perfect snack for athletes and active adults, kids and teenagers, or anyone watching their weight.

Carbo-Crunch Energizing Snack Bar

Carbo-Crunch Energizing Snack Bar






Exercise depletes stored muscle fuel and tears down muscle tissue After exercise your body shifts to a recovery phase called – anabolic state This phase is critical for extended performance Your body needs the right ratio of Carbohydrates and proteins to rebuild and recover quickly


Three Steps get the edge

FEATURING BIO-BUILD速 Physique features a unique blend of carbohydrates and protein called Bio-Build速, clinically proven to maximize recovery after exercise.

This great tasting drink provides nutrients for rapid recovery and the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue after training or competition.

Each serving of Physique mixed with nonfat milk provides: z 300 calories z 50 grams of carbohydrate z 22 grams of protein z 18 vitamins and minerals z all essential and nonessential amino acids z less than one gram of fat




Glycogen is stored in the muscles only after they have been repaired

The unique blend of BIO-BUILD has been clinically proven to help maximize recovery following training or competition




Vitamins and minerals play critical support roles within the body that facilitates physical activity. With out these critical vitamins and minerals no one can perform at their maximum

Iron Calcium Vitamin C All B-vitamins Vitamin E Protein (on off days)

Many athletes fall short in these areas







The Catalysts

Vita-Strip™ daily pack contains: z Vita-Lea® tablets z Vita-C® tablet z B-Complex z Vita-E Plus® z Iron plus Vitamin C Energizing Soy Protein Delivers z 14 grams of high grade protein for peek daily performance

Shaklee Basics & Energizing Soy Protein

Shaklee’s Sports Nutrition can give you what you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for the

Just because we find cleaners in our grocery stores, we cannot assume they are safe.

• YES, many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to human health and the environment. In fact, household cleaners are the most direct and frequent way people come into contact with hazardous chemicals.


• There are about 80,000 chemicals in commercial use in the U.S. today. 500-1000 new chemicals are synthesized each year. • The EPA estimates that up to 28% of known chemicals could be harmful to the human nervous system (neurotoxins). But have never been tested. • Common household chemicals have been linked to behavior and learning disabilities in children.


• EPA studies show that indoor levels of airborne pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. • EPA lists indoor air pollution in the top 5 environmental risks to public health. • It is estimated that most people spend 90% of their time indoors.


• 40 pounds of toxic household cleaners per year. • 32 million pounds of household cleaners are poured down the drain per day. • Every year, around 30% of child poisonings are caused by exposure to household cleaners.

The average American uses

Use something non-toxic & Biodegradable

The Solution

• Effectively cleans hard surfaces, furniture, walls, enameled woodwork, floors, glass, cars, appliances - even delicate fabrics • Economical - one quart makes up to 190 gallons of powerful cleaner • No phosphates, chlorine, borates, nitrates, or fragrance

This biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner was ahead of its time and it continues to set the standard for effectiveness, versatility, and economy. When it's finished working, Basic-H® quickly breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, which can re-enter the earth's ecosystem and be naturally recycled.

The powerful cleaner that's gentle to the earth & you.


• Penetrates, emulsifies, and removes grease and grime • Ideal for heavy-duty home, industrial, and commercial jobs: garage tools, barbecue grills, driveways, workshop and garage floors • One quart makes up to 32 gallons • Biodegradable surfactants. No phosphorus, chlorine, borates, nitrates, fragrance, or dyes.

Basic-I Industrial Strength Cleaner Penetrates, emulsifies, and removes grease and grime One quart makes up to 32 gallons

Ideal for heavy-duty home, industrial, and commercial jobs: garage tools, barbecue grills, driveways, workshop and garage floors

Basic - I

Power Formula Basic-L • With natural, organic enzymes • Highly concentrated • Environmentally safe: biodegradable; free of phosphates, chlorine, borates, and nitrates • Hypoallergenic Nature Bright • Natural, organic enzymes and active oxygen • Environmentally safe: biodegradable; free of phosphates, chlorine, borates, and nitrates Softer Than Soft • Economical organic concentrate • Free of phosphates, chlorine, borates, and nitrates

Basic L (Liquid & Powder), Nature Bright, & Softer than Soft

• For sparkling clean dishes • Cuts grease and baked-on food without chlorine • Biodegradable. No phosphates, borates, nitrates, fragrance, or dyes. Top cleaning performance, effective even in hard water

Basic - D

• Tough cleaning paste from natural abrasives • No ammonia, chlorine, or toxic fumes

At-Ease® Heavy-Duty Scouring Cleanser Scours away grease and dirt on sinks, tiles, ovens, stovetops, barbecue grills, enamel, ovenproof glass Scours away grease and dirt on sinks, tiles, ovens, stovetops, barbecue grills, enamel, ovenproof glass

Tough cleaning paste from natural abrasives No ammonia, chlorine, or toxic fumes


• Use on hard, nonporous surfaces • Great for disinfecting throughout your house • EPA registered • One quart makes up to 64 gallons • No phosphates, nitrates, or borates

Basic-G Highly Concentrated Germicide

Effective against more than 40 bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including: various Salmonella, Staph and Strep pathogens, Herpes simplex types I and II, Influenza-A/Hong Kong, Athletes foot, Feline leukemia, Canine distemper, and Rabies

Basic - G

• Slow-moving drains and toilets • Garbage disposals, septic tanks • Cabins, boats, motor homes

Biodegreat works on:

Safe natural way to maintain free flowing drains and pipes Contains Basic-H® surfactants to help penetrate organic matter No chemical fumes or odors Biodegradable, non-polluting formula Safe for all types of plumbing

Use once a month to prevent clogged drains Natural enzymes work to devour organic sludge and odor in drains


If you do not experience the desired results from a Shaklee product, you may return the unused portion-- or the empty bottle--for a 100% refund.

Why Shaklee?

Linda Rodriquez, M.D., Pediatrician

“For over 19 years Shaklee has been a blessing for me, my family, and my patients who have all benefited from scientifically proven products for quality healthy living. Our food today is so deficient in nutrients because of what we have done to it, it is no longer the same food that mother nature offered to us. I encourage you to consider using Shaklee’s quality health products that you can trust with full confidence.

3+3=Free 4 Me

It’s as simple as

Get These Products for Free?

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Build A Healthy Child With Shaklee

Shaklee and healthy children  

the benefits of shaklee for children

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