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Pure Milk Calcium A complete milk mineral complex for optimal bone health Our bones are the foundation of the human body. Immunotec’s Pure Milk Calcium is the premium solution to balanced bone health, and is sourced from real milk so it is absorbed as nature intended.

Features More than just a calcium supplement, Pure Milk Calcium is a comprehensive Mineral Complex that also includes critical vitamins and minerals for optimal bone health.

Calcium • 99% found in bones •  Integral part of bone structure

Pure and naturally sourced: A unique calcium supplement made from nature’s most basic food – MILK.

copper • Influences collagen maturation • Contributes to bone strength

iron • Co-factor for collagen synthesis • Contributes to bone density

Phosphorus • 85% bound to skeleton • Supports building bone

Optimal Bone Health

zinc Co-factor for bone mineralization and collagenase structure

magnesium • 66% found in bone • Enhances bone density

potassium Helps maintain bone density

Packed with nutrients and essential minerals: It contains a complete array of nutrients and minerals to help support the teeth, skeleton, cells and blood. Includes vitamin D, which is crucial for optimal calcium absorption.

benefits Pure Milk Calcium is the solution to total bone health and well-being. Bone and body health:  Maintains a healthy skeleton, teeth, joints and bones.

Helps strengthen your bones against bone loss: Pure Milk Calcium plays a role both in maintaining healthy bone density, and in fighting against the potential development of bone deterioration often associated with osteoporosis.

Immune Related Benefits Pure Milk Calcium includes important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc; all important for the maintenance of an optimally-functioning immune system.

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Pure Milk Calcium  

Made from cow's milk