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Saving Money on Central Air Conditioning and Heating Bills

Maintain Your System

• With the proper maintenance your air conditioning and heating equipment will work more economically and be dependable for years to come. •

With a few easy and routine procedures you can keep your unit at peak performance and get the maximum amount of comfort from your HVAC system.

Get a Tune Up

To keep your central air conditioner and heater working to its fullest potential occasionally you need a tune up.

Have Freon leaks repaired

Leaks in your system will lower its efficiency and will only get worse with time. Freon is not a fuel source it is only a cooling medium and like the water in your radiator it should only need to be replaced if there is a leak.

Buy an Efficient Unit

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a unit is the efficiency. The higher the efficiency of the unit the more it will cost you in the beginning but an investment in a higher efficiency system will return your investment many times over in cost savings over the course of the equipments life span.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

You should consider investing in a programmable thermostat especially if your house is empty for part of the day. This will allow you to set your unit to a more efficient temperature while you are gone and then have it drop back to a comfortable level thirty minutes before you are due to arrive home.Â

Match the Indoor and Outdoor Units

• If you have to change the outdoor air conditioning or condensing unit consider changing the indoor coil to match it. • Ask your contractor if the indoor or evaporator coil is compatible or if it also needs to be changed. • Mismatching a high efficient condensing unit with a low efficient indoor coil can not only cost you most if not all of the added efficiency but can also damage your compressor valves and cause your compressor to wear out much sooner than it normally would.

 Don't Humidify in the Summer

Don't use a dehumidifier at the same time your air conditioner is operating because it will force the air conditioner to work harder

Properly Seal your Ducts

• Have your ductwork checked to see if it needs any repairs or if it needs to be replaced. • If some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold, if the insulation is peeling or if there is a buildup of contaminates inside consider having your ducts evaluated to see if they need replacing.

Repair Air Leaks

You should have a professional examine your air conditioning unit and see if air is leaking out of it. Â This is a huge source of wasted energy that can be easily recouped.


• Expert air conditioning repairs from our service technicians help you beat the heat. Great AC service means HVAC technicians have the experience, skills and tools to detect and the right parts to fix your home’s HVAC problems right the first time. •

Our vans are fully stocked , which means we carry more spare parts for repairs - saving you time and money.

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Saving money on central air conditioning and heating bills  

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