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Custom Kitchen Aid Mixer I love my KitchenAid mixer! It is a workhorse that has served me well for fifteen years. BUT, lately it始s starting to show its age. The white has yellowed and it doesn始t look as pretty as it used to. Still, it runs fantastic so I wasn始t ready to part with it. After much debate (with my husband) I decided to paint my mixer and give it a fresh new look. You can too with these easy steps.



Step 1-take the mixer apart (take photos as you go so that you know how to reassemble it) Step 2-tape over everything you don始t want to paint with painters tape. Step 3 (optional)-put stencils anywhere you want to keep it white. I designed my stencils and cut them with my vinyl cutter, but you can buy stickers lots of places these days. Step 4-paint your mixer. You can use spray paint, however I used hobby paint with an airbrush machine. Step 5-Repeat step 4. My mixer needed two coats of paint, it might need more depending on the type of paint you use. Step 6- let it dry completely. I recommend at least 24 hours. Step 7-reassemble Step 8-admire your work! Happy Crafting!


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