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Life Lessons Learned Through Crafting

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else My first projects were rather terrible. First projects can seem like something a child created. they often donʼt look like what they should, but might be vaguely distinguishable. Projects donʼt have to live up to the perfect Pinterest project. Remember, nearly every project on Pinterest is the result of many misses. For a good laugh look at and you will realize that you arenʼt alone. As you gain experience and discover who you are as a crafter, you will create Pinterest worthy projects and others will look at your project with envy.

Life is this way too. Itʼs easy to feel like we donʼt add up when we look at what everyone else seems to have going right. But the reality is everyone has something they donʼt like about themselves, something they want to change, and something they wish they could do better. And you know what? There are likely lots of people looking at you wishing they had what you do.

Embrace the process Sometimes my projects donʼt come out great. Sometimes they are wonderful. But for me the best part of creating is the process that goes into it. I often start with an idea of what Iʼm going to make. Most of the time, when I get started I follow the idea in my head to completion. But occasionally, I get started and realize I have a better idea or I want to go in a different direction. So what do I do when I change my mind? I go with it! Crafting

puts me in my “happy place”. I love every part of making a project (well not the clean up, but is that really part of the project?) I love getting my hands dirty painting, getting sticky gluing, and having glitter everywhere. Iʼve learned to embrace the process because I learned that my happiness isnʼt about if my project comes out great or not, itʼs about having fun.

Life is this way. Some days are great, some days arenʼt but everyday there is an opportunity to move forward. Sometimes things will go as you plan; other times, your plans will be changed, by you or by someone else. But even on your worst days, you have the power to to enjoy the journey.

There is no such thing as perfect You might have the best project ever, but every project has room for improvement. Even if you think the project is perfect someone else will think you could have used a different color, different fabric, or different size. There is no perfect! Give up the idea of perfection, it doesnʼt exist.

Celebrities are air brushed, the beautiful home in the magazine was styled, and that wonderful photograph was digitally altered. I have a wonderful print by one of my favorite artists, Rodney White, that says, “Perfection leaves nothing else to discover.” Really whatʼs the point of perfection? When things are perfect, there is nothing left. Give up the idea of perfection and enjoy who you are.

The only opinion that matters in yours Not that long ago I made a piece of pallet art. I sawed the planks, glued them together, sanded them down and painted a saying on them. I loved it! I even bought a stand so that I could display it on top of my cabinet in my craft studio. The rest of my family just looked at it. They didnʼt share my excitement over my project. Part of me was sad that they didnʼt get it. But than I remembered that it was going in my room! It was for me to enjoy! Donʼt get me wrong, I thrive on appreciation and accolades. I want you to like me, like my projects, and think Iʼm terrific. But sometimes, others donʼt get it and Iʼve come to accept that.

We seem to appreciate it when children are wearing their tutuʼs and cowboy boots but somehow as adults we have less understanding of people being true to themselves. Honor yourself by making decisions that affect you be about you. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, and what sports your children play is about what works for you and your family. Keeping up with the Jonesʼ is ridiculous. When you enter that kind of rat race you will never win.

Linda Brewer is a wife and mom to three fantastic children. Linda has been crafting for as long as she can remember and is grateful for the outlet that crafting provides for her both emotionally and creatively. Linda is passionate about sharing the many benefits of crafting with others and has taught crafting through classes and workshops to young and old alike. Since 2010 Linda has been ranked as a professional crafter with the Craft and Hobby Association, the largest trade association for the industry in the world. Besides raising her children, Linda heads organizational communication at a private school and manages the accounting for her husbands growing business. In her free time, Linda enjoys traveling, hanging out with her family and friends, and of course, crafting.

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