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What’s Happening This Month at Sunset . . .

January 2013 SUNDAY


























PTA Meeting @ 6:00 pm

MAP Testing







No School Martin Luther King Day

MAP Testing






StarGATE Parent Meeting – Lego Robotics



MAP Testing

PTA Meeting Calendar 2012/2013 School Year The PTA meetings will be held the first Monday of every month. We are alternating between after school and evening meetings. Please mark your calendars so you can attend! Monday, January 14th @ 6:00

Monday, February 4th @ 3:30

Monday, March 4th @ 6:00

Monday, April 8th @ 3:30

Monday, May 6th @ 6:00

A Message from Our Sunset Principal – Brenda Farmer Dear Families: Conscious Discipline Power and Skill Number FOUR is how we begin 2013; it is my favorite. I hope you have been blessed by the messages so far and are working hard on the first three Powers and Skills. I certainly found I used them with my grandchildren over the holiday break. I like this Power and Skill because I feel it begins building self esteem and willpower (choices) along with building the concept of only being able to change oneself (free will). Power of Free Will and Skill of Choices So the Power of Free Will empowers children while setting limits. Think of it this way: When we, as adults, try to control someone we are trying to make them change. Alternately if we provide structure we help someone become better. And let’s face it – that is really what we desire, helping someone to change not making them; because really, the only person we can really change is ourselves. We all know that, we just forget it. Something new to think about… We teach children to blame and seek revenge. How do we do that? We ask questions demanding answers children will answer in any way but the truthful way because they want to avoid consequences. So we need to shift our thinking, we need new questions. So to shift our thinking about the Power of Free Will, try this in the month of January. Reframe the Blame Strategy When you hear, “Ernie made me do it.” REFRAME the words for the child and say, “So, Ernie’s the boss of you?” The child will say, “NO!!” Then you say, “What could you do right now that is helpful if you were the boss of yourself?” It is amazing how quickly the blaming ceases and the child starts taking responsibility and ownership of their own actions. The child realizes they alone are in charge of their actions and no one made them do it. Tattling vs. Telling Asking a child if he/she is tattling or telling is effective also. Tattling is not helpful and does not us forward. Telling is helpful and must happen to ensure safety. For more on this, visit with one of our staff members. Acknowledge the child’s feelings Children must know that you understand and are there to help them get through the problem. By acknowledging their feelings they grow in stature. Try it! Say, “How sad, that must be hard for you.” Or “I hear how angry you are, what can you do to change what happened.” My grandchildren are so young I’ve given them the solution and it worked. My favorite is, “I understand you don’t want to wear that shirt and pants to church. You wanted to choose your own shirt and pants didn’t you? How can you make sure you do the choosing next time? How about the first time mommy tells you to choose your clothes and get ready you do it instead of dawdling and making her choose?

I know, I know, you are all rolling your eyes and thinking “TOO Many words, just demand he get dressed.” Well that doesn’t work with Isaac, but the talking did. He got dressed and we were off, a meltdown averted and he learned to do as he was told and the choice would be his. And finally to choices, what I’m going to say IS different so be sure you read carefully. The two choices MUST be positive. I’m used to, do it or have a time out, or do it or get a spanking (yes I grew up in the 60’s). By giving choice you give power. Power comes from choice not force. Our ability to hear the choice and make the choice is a measure of our self-esteem and willpower. Most children are not used to two POSITIVE choices and they choose a third way or refuse to make a choice. It is CRITICAL that you CALMLY continue to present the two choices until the child takes one of the two choices YOU have given them. Do not be deceived, they will accelerate till they hit your juggler vein, you have to outlast them! First you must think, “How do I help the child more likely choose to ______? You must think of what you want and the two choices the child can have that ensure you get what you want. So, you give the two positive choices in an assertive voice, “You may ____ or _____, which is best for you. Another Isaac story: I say, “Isaac, you may walk up the stairs to bed by yourself or I can walk up with you; which is better for you?” You see, he is going to bed; he just has a choice on how he gets there. Sometimes he chooses to go alone and sometimes he chooses to walk up with me, but he does do because it IS bedtime. I used to say, “Isaac, it is bedtime, up the stairs you go.” And he had a meltdown. UGHHH. Then I said, Isaac, it is bedtime, go up and get ready for bed or you will not have a book read to you.” Another meltdown, UGHHH again. So now with the two positive choices he sometimes argues, but he eventually chooses and off we go, no meltdown and a peaceful bedtime. Of course I’m just the grandmother and it is harder for the parents, I get that. BUT, I do know the joy of the household and the family when these Powers and Skills are used. They are right there before my eyes with my children and grandchildren. I hope you find this joy also. Parenting is hard, exhausting work. Wishing you the best in your journey. Mrs. Farmer

PTA News! Box Tops/Labels for Education Souper Bowl We have started our Souper Bowl Challenge. Each classroom has a bag to collect Box Tops and Labels for Education. Monday, January 28th is the last day to bring them in. If your class brings in the most box tops and labels, you will win a Souper Bowl party on Friday, February 1st. You can find Box Tops and Labels for Education on various food products. You can ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors to collect them for you. Please remember to do a good job of clipping on the dotted line before you bring them in. This will make the job much easier when we are counting thousands of coupons. Thank you and welcome back to Sunset for 2013!

Winter Break Reading Challenge Sunset students did a fantastic job participating in our Winter Break Reading Challenge! What great kids we have here at our school! And the winners are: Kindergarten – McCoy Banks 1st Grade – Brooke Gomez 2nd Grade – Kyle Graham 3rd Grade – Emma Baxter 4th Grade – Taylor Roberts 5th Grade – Skyelar Luthy

Sunset School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) President — Rebecca Merritt Vice President — Lisa McDonald Secretary — Chrystal Rippeto Treasurer — Marcie Barton Sunset PTA E-mail Address: Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, comments, suggestions and ideas! “Like” us on Facebook at Sunset Elementary School PTA

Classroom News! Want to see what is happening in your child’s classroom? Please visit the Sunset Teacher Sites by typing in the following link:

Special Education Topic of the Month The goal is to increase disability awareness and understanding. Please read and have a conversation with your child about the importance of inclusion. Thank you! Learning Disabilities The following information came from the following website: Some individuals, despite having an average or above average level of intelligence, have real difficulty acquiring basic academic skills. These skills include those needed for successful reading, writing, listening, speaking and/or math. These difficulties might be the result of a learning disability. Many children with LD have struggle with reading. The difficulties often begin with individual sounds, or phonemes. Students may have problems with rhyming, and pulling words apart into their individual sounds (segmenting) and putting individual sounds together to form words (blending). This makes it difficult to decode words accurately, which can lead to trouble with fluency and comprehension. As students move through the grades, more and more of the information they need to learn is presented in written (through textbooks) or oral (through lecture) form. This exacerbates the difficulties they have succeeding in school. LD is a broad term. There are many different kinds of learning disabilities. Most often they fall into three broad categories:   

Reading disabilities (often referred to as dyslexia) Written language disabilities (often referred to as dysgraphia) Math disabilities (often called dyscalculia)

Other related categories include disabilities that affect memory, social skills, and executive functions such as deciding to begin a task. LD online has many great activities to do with your children, it has pages just for kids. LD online is a great resource for teachers, parents and kids.

Young Authors This year there will be no after School writing club for Young Authors. Teachers have decided to incorporate it into their school writer’s workshop time. If they would like to enter their published book in the Young Authors contest, it will be the decision of the teacher and student.

“Bingo for Books Fiesta Style” Thurs. March 21 6:00-7:30 p.m. Sunset Cafeteria Please mark on your calendars for this fun family reading night open to all Sunset students and parents. More information to come later. Puberty Education for 5th grade students is scheduled for Friday, January 25 at 12:45 pm. Your child will bring home a letter explaining the program. If you prefer that your child not participate, please sign and return the letter in the designated area. If you would like to preview the video that will be shown to the students prior to their class, you may see Mrs. Smith to check this out. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Smith. Windy Smith, RN School Nurse

Yellowstone Quake Home Games Start Time: 7:30 pm Catch all the action at the Victor J. Riley Arena (1400 Heart Mountain St.). For a complete season schedule, visit their website. http://yellowstonequake.pointstreaksites.c om/view/yellowstonequake

Missoula Children's Theatre The theatre company will present "The Wizard of Oz" with area children performing. Location: Wynona Thompson Auditorium Date: January 26, 2013 Time: 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Contact: Steve Schrepferman

Paul Stock Aquatics and Recreation Center JAN 18 – Open Kayaking (All ages, $4) Pool; 5 to 7:30 PM JAN 21 – Basic Backstroke Swim Clinic (7yrs & Older, $15) Pool; 10 to 11:30 AM JAN 21 – Dodgeball (School-Age Youth & Older, Free to members) Red Gym; 1 PM til there’s a winner! JAN 23 – Open Scuba (All Ages, $4) Pool; 5:30 to 7:45 PM JAN 26 – Family Tennis (3 yrs & Older, $10/Family) Marooon Gym; 9 to 10:30 AM JAN 26 & 27 – CKATS Polar Bear Splash Pools closed to the Public JAN 28 – 3-on-3 Basketball Registration Deadline!

Riley Arena Public Skate Schedule For a schedule please go to the following website:

Phone: (307) 587-6693

Sleeping Giant Ski Area is now open! The ski bus will begin shuttling skiers/snowboarders to the mountain. The bus departs the Cody McDonald’s at 8 am. Additional pickups at the Chamber and Wapiti School. Cost is $8 per rider or get your $70 season pass and save! Little Giants Flying Squirrels (5 – 14 years of age) 3 full days of progressive lessons and fun. 1 day of Competition and Prizes Focus: All mountain riding skills Dates: Saturdays (Jan 26th, Feb 2, and Feb 9th) and Sunday Feb 10th) Sunday Feb 10th: Competition and Prizes Times: 10:00am to 11:30pm (Instructional Lesson) 11:30am to 1:00pm (Lunch) 1:00pm to 3:30pm (Applicational Lesson) Price: $100.00 - Per Student (lift ticket, lunch, and rental included for all 4 days) Sign up: Email Include your child's name, age, ski level, parent or guardian name and phone number, and an additional emergency contact person and phone number. In the subject line of the email use the words: FLYING SQUIRRELS SIGN UP. You can also call us @ 307 587 3125

Park County Library

For more information, call the Children’s Library at 527-1884 or email librarian Holly

In the Children’s Library:


Mondays: Toddler Time 10:00-10:20 am, for ages 12-36 months with parent or caregiver. Short stories, music, movement, and finger


visit Follow






plays develop a comfort in the library. Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Story Time, 10:00-10:45 am for ages 3-6. Stories are based on a theme each week, accompanied by games, songs, and crafts promote early literacy. Sleepy Time Stories the first Monday evening of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm. Kids may come in pajamas, bring a stuffed animal or pillow and enjoy stories and snacks.

Hands of a Potter Children’s Store 2706 Big Horn Ave Ste B – Cody, WY Come participate in our COAT drive! Drop off your gently used coats or new coats. Children without a coat can pick up a coat for FREE at our store!

Read to a Dog every Tuesday afternoon from 3:45-4:45 pm.

This is wonderful oral reading












listeners, and this program is proven to help fluency. Call, email or stop by to sign up for a 15 minute session. Monday, January 7, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Winter party with winter games, stories, craft and snack for grades K-5. Monday, January 21, Lego Club Staring Saturday, January 19, sign up for the February Family Winter Reading Month. For a complete calendar please go to this website:

3rd Annual Jack Russell & Corgi Races Date: Friday, January 18, 2013 Start Time: 6:30 pm Description $10 Admission, Drawings, Door Prizes, Raffles, Cash Bar and Food, Silent Auction Cody Cattle Company 1910 Demaris St Buy a chance to win 1/2 the pot from first 8 races or increase your odds with the Calcutta Races. All proceeds will go to benefit the Park County Animal Shelter.

January 2013 Newsletter  


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