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To Know More about Welding Process To join two materials like metals and iron by using the heat and pressure is known as the welding process. Welding process is the advanced method for joining the metals. Automobiles, buildings, bridges and ships will be produced by using this welding technique. This welding is better than the soldering and brazing. Because welding process melts the metal and joins together which gives the strong and robust join whereas the other technique like soldering and brazing uses the soft melted substance. This welding has been followed from olden days onwards. Forge welding is very popular one in this process which was introduced by blacksmith. This Forge welding uses the process of beating the metals by using the hot coal. Nowadays, the professional welder uses the advanced welding equipments for their work to get stronger weld compared to ancient days. The Welding process has been considered as a very important aspect during the First World War because so many countries look forward around the best and strong ships and planes. Due to this welding process has been developed from the First World War onwards. It contains the manual as well as the robotic works. The welding work will be carried on several places like under-water, on-site and workshops. Even though the welding process contains many advantages yet it has some disadvantages also. It will explore a fire during the welding process, emits dangerous gases and it may damage the worker eyes. Some of the usual welding methods followed by the welding dealers are gas, arc, spot, resistance, electron beam, laser and robot welding. Here we will discuss about some of these methods: Gas Welding-One of the common methods used for joining the pipes is gas welding which is also known as oxyacetylene. In this method high temperature will be produced by using the mixture of gas and oxygen at the torch to melt the edges of the metals to be welded. It needs two bottles to store the gases. Even it is the oldest method but still the welders are following this method. Because carrying the equipments for gas welding is easy. Arc Welding-The next method is the arc welding which is commonly used in the industrial places. This method uses an electrical arc between the metals and it will joins the metals by melting them which gives the stronger weld. Sometimes the joined metals by this way become weak because of the presence of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Resistance Welding-It is the common method used only for high volume of production and not for small volume of production, because it needs high investment. It uses the physical pressure and heat for welding the metals. Here the heat will be produced by passing the resistance of high electrical current to the metals. Resource Box- Are you looking for professional welders for best welding process? Then you go for the Kirti Industrial Products. They will provide the stronger weld. To know more about their welding services visit

To Know More about Welding Process