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UI Prototyping and Its Importance in Website designing User interface (UI) prototyping is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in the mocking-up of the UI for a system like in website designing. UI prototypes have several purposes:    

As an analysis artifact that enables you to explore the problem space with your stakeholders. As a design artifact that enables you to explore the solution space of your system. A vehicle for you to communicate the possible UI design(s) of your system. A potential foundation from which to continue developing the system

UI Prototyping Process:

While you’re determining the needs of your stakeholders you may decide to transform your essential user interface prototypes. As you can see there are four steps of UI prototyping process: 1- The first step is to analyze the user interface needs of your users. User interface modelling moves from requirements definition into analysis at the point you decide to evolve all or part of your prototype into a traditional UI prototype. This implies you

convert your hand-drawings, flip-chart paper, and sticky notes into something a little more substantial. 2- Second step is to build prototype. You begin this process by making platform decisions which in effect is an architectural decision. Different platforms lead to different prototyping tools, for a browser-based application, you need to use an HTML-development tool, whereas a Java-based application would require a Java development tool and a different approach to the user interface design. 3- After you build a prototype, you need to evaluate it. Sometimes this is as easy as asking someone to spend a few minutes to look at what you’ve built and other times it’s as complicated as scheduling a meeting so that you can demonstrate the software to a group of people. Following questions are essential in evaluation of prototypes:   

What is good about the UI prototype? What is bad about the UI prototype? What is missing from the UI prototype?

After evaluating the prototype, you may find you need to scrap parts of it, modify parts, and even add brand-new parts. You want to stop the UI prototyping process when you find the evaluation process is no longer generating any new ideas or it is generating a small number of not-so-important ideas. Otherwise, back to exploring your stakeholder’s UI needs. UI prototyping tools are great help while deciding on a prototype. How much time should spend on UI prototyping? In recent years more and more companies resort to prototyping as their first step in the creation of a new product. Similarly, UI prototyping is used in web development. UI prototyping has benefits which are no longer questioned. One question that remains, though, is how much time should be spent on UI prototyping? Is there any golden ratio of UI prototyping to development time? Does longer UI prototyping necessarily mean cheaper and faster development?

Answer depends on following 3 criteria: 1- UI prototyping and the scope of the project - Undoubtedly, the bigger the project is the more time is required for preparatory steps, like UI prototyping. For a website or application that deals with a lot of information careful planning is particularly important because it is very easy to overwhelm a user or even scare him away with too much information or lack of structure. It is natural to assume that small projects require less time for user interface prototypes. 2- UI prototyping and the size of the team- The team size is tightly linked with the scope of the project. Elaborate projects involving a variety of processes often require a big team of specialists, like web designers, web developers, information architects, usability specialists and project managers. UI prototyping may take longer because it means coordination between all of the team members. 3- UI prototyping and innovation- UI prototyping is particularly important when it is about a website's re-design and/or implementing an innovative and creative user interface design. You don't want to lose any of your users; rather you want to enhance your strengths by the new user interface design. This is why it is important that the new user interface design is prototyped and tested before any changes are made.

In conclusion, UI prototyping is a process that can help you plan your project better, avoid usability flaws and make your design more user friendly. We often hear statements like, "A good prototype is 50% of your work". In fact, this statement may be statistically true.

Importance of UI Prototyping in web Designing: When experts design a new interface design for an application or a new website, it is important for them to define its functions. It is essential to design a fast and easy payment function for an ecommerce site. But since people not only like or dislike the functionality of something but also consider how it looks, GUI prototyping is necessary. User Interface prototyping – It is all about the looks: GUI prototyping is the act of creating a wireframe of a website, which is focused on the visual experience of the user. An interface names the point of interactions for two or more components in this case they are human and computer. With prototyping software web experts design a sketch of their planned website or application. It helps in understanding users view on prospective design. With UI prototyping experts design wireframes of graphical user interfaces: When web specialists want to design a graphical user interface they choose GUI prototyping. Just as an architect would use a pencil and big papers to draw sketches of a planned house, a web specialist would use wireframing software. This software allows the designer to plan a potential website or application with the possibility of changing the mockup during the development process. It works the same way with paper sketches of an architect. UI Prototyping Changes the Designer Client Relationship: The life of a designer is a constant process of revision and design. The cycle is repeated over and over; create design wireframes, interlink and demonstrate the prototype for a client, receive feedback and revise or restart from scratch. UI prototyping helps to achieve client’s goal easily and effectively. Reduce Cost: A creative Web design is a costly process. User interface prototyping can reduce this cost because before final design you and client are satisfied on a prototype by this process.

For creative, functional and a cost effective web design UI prototyping is must. Resources:

UI Prototyping and Its Importance in Website designing  

User interface (UI) prototyping is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in the mocking-up of the UI for a sy...

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