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Julia Restoin Roitfeld & Patrick Demarchelier.

Olivia Palermo.

Milla Jovovich.


Savelli and Julia Restoin Roitfeld launch party - Tatler

Brandolini, Milla Jovovich - the girls took centre stage as they cooed over Savelli's smartphone, designed especially for women. Hipper than thou musician Stéphane Pompougnac played in the background (for it was he who created the phone's bespoke ringtones) and the champagne

wentparty down extremely nicely indeed. ia Restoin Roitfeld launch - Tatler ia Restoin Roitfeld launch party - Tatler See this  month's  Tatler  f or  more  Bystander  images Event gallery Julia  Restoin Julia  Restoin Roitfeld  and Roitfeld  and Eugenie Eugenie Niarchos Niarchos

Julia Restoin Roitfeld  and Eugenie Niarchos

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Savelli is  the  next  step  in  ultimate  luxury  –  a  high-­tech  smartphone  encased  in  gold,  diamonds  and  exotic leathers  (god  forbid  you  lose  it).  Its  therefore  no  surprise  that  fashion  muse,  model  and  the  epitome  of French  chic,  Julia  Restoin  Roitfeld  has  been  chosen  as  the  muse  and  face  of  the  brand.  The  advertising campaign  has  also  been  shot  by  legendary  photographer  Patrick  Demarchelier,  'Beauty  is  everywhere' explains  the  photographer  'you  only  have  to  open  your  eyes'. The  low  down The  price  –  from  £6,500. The  collection  –  choose  from  Elegante  (python  skin,  ostrich  or  a  sleek  black  sport  design),  Precieuse (emerald  iguana,  classic  caramel,  white  ice  or  ardent  red)   or  Merveilleuse  (the  ultimate  in  white diamonds). Where  to  get  it  –  available  from  Harrods  from  27th  July


Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Patrick Demarchelier at the Musée Jaquemart - André

John Nollet and Milla Jovovich at the Savelli launch party

Carine Roitfeld came to support her daughter Julia

Bianca Brandolini, Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Eugénie Niarchos

Olivia Palermo

Patrick Demarchelier (who shot the ad campaign) and photographer Astrid Munoz

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THE HAUTE COUTURE PHONE by Julie-Anne Dorff / 2 August 2013 /

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Following their  debut  at  Paris  Couture  Week,  Savelli’s  luxury  android  powered  haute  phones  are  now available  from  the  Harrods’  Fine  Jewellery  Room. Swiss  luxury  brand  Savelli  (­behind-­the-­scenes? click=main_sr)  fuses  technology  with  rare  stones,  exotic  skins,  and  precious  metals  to  create  an  exquisite collection  of  phones  designed  especially  for  women.

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The line  comprises  11  smartphone  models,  with  a  style  to  suit  every  taste,  from  contemporary  sleek  pieces such  as  Black  Sport  –  which  boasts  a  luxurious  black  alligator  skin  cover  –  to  the  glamorous  Champagne Diamonds  model,  which  is  set  with  395  white  and  cognac  diamonds  on  satin. French  fashion  model  Julia  Restoin  Roitfeld  (­ conversation-­with-­julia-­restoin-­roitfeld?click=main_sr)  is  Savelli’s  muse  and  she  also  stars  in  the  luxury brand’s  campaign,  which  was  shot  by  legendary  fashion  photographer  Patrick  Demarchelier.



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Friday August 16, 2013

Please login Take a Dip Week AUGUST SIXTEENTH, TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN Precious Stones If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to trump your friends in the style stakes this summer in more ways than one then we suggest you get your hands on the latest phone from Savelli. Designed specifically for women, its fluid form oozes with femininity whilst the use of precious stones intermingled with exotic skins and precious metals, including 18 carat gold, make it the perfect stylish counterpart for anyone looking to make an impact on the beach. This is where fine jewellery and technology combine.


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Luxury Smartphones by Savelli By Amelia Johansson 23 July 2013


Luxury Smartphones by Savelli

A slick fusion of form and function, Alessandro Savelli elevates the humble Smartphone to haute couture status with his 11-piece collection of statement mobile phones. Especially designed for women, each phone is handmade in Switzerland, crafted as if it were a precious piece of jewellery - decorated with gold finishes, sparkling white diamonds and a stunningly clear Ultra-Bombé sapphire crystal screen. Powered by the Google Android system with all the key apps you use daily, the phones feature a range of luxury finishes including exotic python and ostrich skins, 18kt rose gold and high-tech, non-scratch ceramic. Plus, with Julia Restoin Roitfeld (pictured above) as the brand’s muse, Savelli is one seriously fashionable name to know right now. Savelli will be launching its luxury range of Smartphones on Saturday 27th July in Harrods' Fine Jewellery Room on the Ground Floor. Shop Phone Accessories >> follow us Facebook Twitter Youtube


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