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The Glass House Hotel, Ireland


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Exomos, United Arab Emirates


Parklands Library, New Zealand


Scottish Parliament, Great Britain


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Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark


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Road & Transport Authority, United Arab Emirates


Ocean Village, Great Britain


Wallstreet Park Plaza GERMANY The newly opened Wallstreet Park Plaza is a contemporary ­­four-star hotel, located in the heart of Berlin’s historic centre close to ­‘Alexander Platz’ and the Government building ‘Reichstag’. Located among ­extraordinary architectural constructions, the new luxury h­ otel is occupying a stunning position in the city. The modern design hotel offers a total of 167 deluxe rooms all furnished to meet demands of luxury and comfort. Individuality has been assigned a key role in the decoration of the entire hotel. Inspired by the famous New York Stock ­Exchange, the theme of the hotel offers its guests a truly unique atmosphere. In close cooperation with ege’s design team, extraordinary carpet designs have been created. In some of the rooms of the hotel, carpet designs created as oversized, American, one dollar bills decorate the floor, and in both the ‘­twenty-three Wallstreet’ restaurant and the ‘rule405’ bar and lounge area, the theme of the American metropolitan is carried on in the interior. Creating a distinguished hotel profile is important. Style, individuality and comfort should form a synthesis. By ­choosing ege as carpet supplier for your project, you are offered an endless number of design possibilities which truly make each space in the hotel stand out.





When entering the café, an 8 metre high wall ­covered with striped ­carpet immediately catches your eyes. ­Looking down - the carpet ­becomes upholstery - ­covering the e ­ xtravagantly pillowed wall bench ­before it ­continues down and over the floor… This intense, yet cosy and comfortable ­atmosphere was conceived by Michel ­Ruijgrok of the ESTIDA ­(Estetisch I­nterieur Design Amsterdam). Dicky’s Grand Café opened on 23 ­December, 2005 and has been busy since day one.


Axelborg Denmark A historic building in the heart of Copenhagen The spectacular and historic Axelborg building, which was built in 1920, is located in the heart of Copenhagen. With three floors, the house allows for both small as well as large events and conferences. The splendid Axelborg hall and conference rooms have just recently gone through extensive renovation. ege carpets was chosen as carpet supplier for the Axelborg project. From creative idea to final solution Exceptional guidance, great performance and fast delivery dates. These are but a few quality characteristics possessed by ege carpets according to Victoria Engman and Morten Hedegaard of the Danish design and architectural agency MHda, which have been responsible for the design concept of the Axelborg hall and conference rooms. In their work within design and architecture, they work at creating innovative and expressive interior design concepts for projects in Denmark as well as abroad. MHda possesses the ability to transform ideas to reality without compromising on the overall concept of the project. This means that everything from work methods to choice of materials is adapted to achieve the objective of the project. This philosophy matches the corporate philosophy at ege, creating a solid platform for past and future co-operation between the two companies.


About the carpet design “The striped carpet design created for the Axelborg project is custom-made to fit the building and its function. The design is intended to emphasise lines and directions in the space while at the same time evoking a classic and simple expression in the historic building. The design contributes greatly to emphasising the architectural lines and expressions of the building and at the same times contributes to creating an understanding of the space being a rhythmic element in the interior”, architect Victoria Engman explains. “The client decided to install carpets due to previous ­experience with ege. Furthermore, ege carpets ­contribute to improving acoustics, which was of great significance both in the hall and conference rooms to ­ensure a good indoor climate”, Morten Hedegaard adds. MHda has worked with ege on several previous occasions: “We find our co-operation with ege to be very rewarding. An ege consultant is always prepared to carry out innovative and new design initiatives, and new assignments of creative character are always executed according to the directions given by us”, Victoria Engman tells. Architect: Morten Hedegaard design & architecture M2: 1800 Design: Special


HOTEL FOX Denmark Imagine if a team of young and talented designers, ­illustrators, graphic designers and graffiti artists from all over the world were given free rein to design a hotel from the ground up. This is exactly what has ­happened in the newly opened Hotel Fox in the heart of Copenhagen. The project was initiated as part of a ­comprehensive Volkswagen marketing event. In this connection, a team of young artists was put together with the ­purpose of ­creating an innovative hotel concept ­tailored to fit the “young urban generation”. Hotel Fox challenges the c­ onventions for traditional hotels by redefining all aspects of the ­hotel business, from serving take-away breakfast in the lobby to decorating the keys to each hotel room with motives from the room. The Hotel Fox project d ­ emanded a carpet ­supplier c­ apable of transforming any creative idea to life rather than constraining the ­creative ­design process. Due to ege’s ability to offer clients total ­freedom of design, ege makes it possible to decorate each space to truly stand out. By ­providing the client with individual ­project solutions adapted to the specific needs of the client, ege was chosen as carpet ­supplier for the Hotel Fox ­project.


The ambition of the hotel project was to create an innovative and unique lifestyle hotel concept offe足ring a truly exceptional experience to its guests. Each room in the hotel is truly a unique piece of art telling its own story. The bespoke interior design of each of the 61 hotel rooms stretches from wacky comical styles to strict graphic design.



DELOITTE Denmark New Deloitte domicile in modern surroundings With a total of 26,000 m2 and six floors, the Deloitte ­domicile, located in Copenhagen, is one of the largest open-space office environments of its kind in Denmark. Deloitte is a modern audit and consultancy group, where a dynamic flow of information is a natural part of the everyday life. Modern open-space offices Knowledge sharing, co-operation and flexibility are just a few of the advantages to be gained from open-space office environments. However, the sound of telephone conversations, colleagues’ footsteps and chairs being pulled back and forth are sounds which, when ignored, may lead to degradation of the working environment. A carpeted floor diminishes the impact of sound and more importantly, the impact of noise. Up to 35% of the sound which strikes the floor is absorbed by carpets from ege. Installing ege carpets in the new Deloitte domicile was therefore a natural choice to ensure a good indoor climate for the 1,100 Deloitte employees. A flexible flooring solution In addition to improving indoor climate, carpet tiles from ege are highly suitable for use in busy office environments due to high flexibility and easy access to sub-flooring solutions. Tiles from ege are easy to handle, install and replace. Therefore, carpet tiles from ege were installed in the offices and conference rooms of the new Deloitte domicile. ege has supplied a total of 14,000 m2 carpet tiles for the Deloitte project. A healthy indoor climate begins at floor level Carpet tile backings from ege are 100% textile as well as tested and labelled in accordance with the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling guaranteeing that our carpets meet the standards of the voluntary labelling scheme laid down by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure a healthy indoor climate. Architect: 3 x Nielsen Contractor: KPC BYG Carpet: Highline 1100 modular – special colour



una hotel bologna italy The Italian hotel chain UNA Hotels & Resorts is characterised by its innovative way of interpreting the hotel concept and creative interior design. A hotel is no longer just a place to stay for the night, but a place to work and enjoy life. The concept brings together function and design in a contemporary manner tailored to fit current market needs, moods and tastes. ege’s ability to fulfil the demands of the client by focusing on the individual visions and needs and providing the client with a tailor-made flooring solution for special projects makes ege a perfect partner for the UNA Hotel Bologna project. The UNA Hotel Bologna has been designed by the Italian architect and designer Marco Piva who, thanks to his special experience in the hotel sector, has successfully translated the UNA Hotels & Resort’s ideas into concrete form, by creating a cutting-edge hotel made to capture imagination. The rooms are spacious and full of bright colours in shades of orange, red, yellow and blue combined with linear designs and special effects produced by the texture of the materials used. The main part of the 2600 m2 for this project was selected from ege’s innovative Soft Landscapes collection which has been created in co-operation between Marco Piva and ege. For the corridors a special design was created incorporating the individual room numbers in the carpet design.


NCC SWEDEN NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region. In 2007, the group had a turnover of SEK 58 billion and approximately 21,000 employees. NCC’s vision is to be the leading company in the development of environments for working, living and communication. New regional office in Malmö At the end of September 2007, NCC Region South moved into its new regional office in Malmö, Sweden. The new 8,100 m2 office building is located in one of the most ­dynamic development areas in Malmö. Even from a distance, the diagonal atrium running through the building signals that this is a groundbreaking house. The building’s combination of glass, concrete, steal and a soft carpeted floor gives the house and the large open space office environment a truly unique look and a comfortable atmosphere. A healthy working environment Care for the environment plays a significant role at NCC. Keeping in line with the group’s environmental policy was therefore an important demand when designing the new regional office. Besides keeping with demands regarding the exterior environment, demands regarding the building’s indoor climate werealso attached with great importance. Good acoustical properties form the basis for a healthy sound environment. Excessive noise in a working environment may interfere with the ability to work effectively. HL loop e16 from ege, which has been chosen for the NCC project, contributes positively to noise reduction in the open space office environment at NCC. The carpets do so by a ­ bsorbing the majority of the sound that strikes it, rather than reflecting it. In fact, ege carpets absorb up to 35% of the amount of sound which strikes the carpet. Whether in wor-king environments, corridors, or public areas, ege carpets absorb airborne noise as effectively as numerous dedicated acoustic materials. Great design possibilities ege’s HL Loop e16 quality was chosen for the new regional office. Being produced with 1/16 gauge, the carpet ensures high wear-resistance and a minimalistic look in the NCC building. Furthermore, HL Loop e16 allowed the client to create a special design solution on a quality highly suited for areas with extra heavy usage. In keeping with the building’s status as “Green Building”, the carpet design has a clear reference to nature both in terms of design and colour scale. “The carpet pattern is designed to create the illusion of branches throwing shades onto the carpet due to the heavy inflow of light from the large window sections. The clear reference to nature has the purpose to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the interior”, Peter Lundbladh tells.


Why ege? Great expertise, a vast number of design possibilities, good personal relations and fast delivery dates combined with good prices. These are but a few of the quality characte-ristics possessed by ege according to interior designer Peter Lundbladh from Peter Lundbladh arkitekter and project manager Rolf Karlsson of NCC. “ege carpets is a well-reputed and wellestablished organisation which was of great significance to us. In addition, the advanced Millitron dyeing technology available at ege has given us a wide range of design possibilities�, Peter Lundbladh says. Quality: HL Loop e16 (4.500 m2) Contractor: NCC Interior designer: Peter Lundbladh of Peter Lundbladh arkitekter


BOVIS LEND LEASE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES With company presence in more than 30 countries, Bovis Lend Lease, part of the Lend Lease Corporation, is one of the world’s leading project management and construction companies. A large part of the company’s work involves creating high quality, sustainable property assets. Therefore, when designing the interior of the company’s new Dubai office, products and materials, including carpets, with environmental credentials were specified. Green commercial building practice Bovis Lend Lease has 65 employees in Dubai and 400 across the Middle East. The newly opened office in Dubai is designed by Gemaco Interiors. The company has for the past twenty years worked with interior design determined to provide forward-thinking flexibility. In addition, Gemaco Interiors is partner of ege carpets in UAE. Integrating sustainable building principles The Bovis Lend Lease office interior is designed in ­accordance with guidelines of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) Commercial Interiors Rating to provide a healthy and comfortable interior for the employees in the office. Gemaco Interiors worked with LEED accredited ­professionals to meet the requirements needed to achieve LEED rating. Sustainable building principles were integrated in the ­design of the building, and every material chosen for the office ­environment, including carpets, were therefore selected on the basis of strict environmental requirements. A safe and healthy indoor climate Bovis Lend Lease acknowledges the fact that the employees spend the majority of their time in the office environment and therefore great efforts were made to create a safe and productive workspace.


– Today’s professional office environment is created through functionality, flexibility and ergonomics. In addition to creating a pleasing and inspiring atmosphere in the office ­environment, the striped carpet tiles from ege’s modular ­express collection, chosen for the project, add comfort, style and well-being to the office environment, Jan Arentoft – LEED AP, of Gemaco Interiors tells. ege and LEED ege is dedicated to creating carpet solutions bringing ­benefits to their surroundings. By adhering to demands of the LEED Green Building Rating System, ege is able to offer carpets with low environmental impact, both with regard to the external environment and the indoor climate in the building. This was a decisive factor in ege being chosen for the Bovis Lend Lease project. In addition, ege has implemented systematic environmental management to reduce environmental impact. An ongoing process Unsubstantiated claims about the environmental performance of building materials, such as carpets, are easy to make. But in recent years, the demand for documentation has increased significantly. The ability to document environmental claims sets ege apart from many other manufacturers. In addition reducing environmental impact is considered to be an ongoing process at ege, and therefore, new objectives are constantly set to meet future demands. Contractor: Gemaco Interiors Interior designer: Gemaco Interiors Quality: highline 910 CL & highline 630 modular M2: 800 m²



Interior design which stands out With a growing number of hotels in Ireland, it is important for a hotel to stand out from the rest. The central location of the Glass House Hotel in Sligo coupled with the buildings unique a ­ rchitectural design and use of modern materials, it was i­mportant to carry this through to the interior with a powerful and modern design statement that exudes c­ ontemporary style unlike its more traditional competitors. New standards for hotel presentation Through cutting-edge design and architecture, the Glass House Hotel sets new standards for luxury accommodation, ­incorporating a total of 116 modern guestrooms with a high wow factor. - Energetic colours, patterns and fresh materials all contribute to providing a unique stay in a stylish, urban resort, Anita O’Dwyer senior designer of DWA, G ­ alway. Individuality at floor level - The central feature of the carpet d ­ esign is the ‘­lollipop’ in the entrance lobby, which is a perfect circle highlighting the organic curves in the central core which continue up the steps to the raised bar area, encouraging people into other areas of the hotel. At the top, the carpet segments, directing visitors to the restaurant or bar area. The corridor carpets have been designed to complement the energetic, fun design of the hotel interior. Water and waves provided inspiration for this design, highlighting the hotel’s unique location on the ­Garavogue River. Why ege? ege having one of the most advanced carpet technologies in Europe was in a position to offer bespoke and standard designs in a high quality material allowing the client to create individual flooring solutions perfectly matching the interior design concept of the hotel. - The carpets used in the Glass House were never seen as ‘just carpets’. They were carefully designed as an integral part of the interior, says Anita O’Dwyer.

Architect: DWA Architects Contractor: Danny Boyle Contract Flooring Carpet: Special designs and standard designs from Funky Graphic



Carpet designed by Christian LACROIX for Museum REATTU in Arles


Carpet designed by Christian LACROIX for Museum REATTU in Arles

MUSÉE RÉATTU FRANCE ege presents design by Mr. Christian Lacroix From May to October 2008, the French museum Musée Réattu, located in the city of Arles, has invited the world famous fashion designer Mr. Christian ­Lacroix to decorate 800 m2 of the prominent renaissance palace. - At the Musée Réattu inauguration, which took place the 15th of May 2008, ege carpets designed by fashion designer Mr. Christian Lacroix were beautifully presented in the historic surroundings of the museum. The project has been a great success and the result of our co-operation with Mr. Christian Lacroix has been nothing less than fantastic. By means of advance technology and innovative creativity, ege is able to constantly push forward the boundaries of possibility in terms of textile flooring solutions. The result of the cooperation is a reflection of our ability to create custom designed carpet solutions based on the ideas of our clients. The ege design team has successfully risen to the challenge of executing the reproductions, finishes, precisions, shapes and colours created by the brilliant Mr. Christian Lacroix for Musée Réattu, Dominique Germier tells, who is managing ­director of ege france. Working with creative souls ege has a long standing tradition of challenging ­conventions within traditional carpet manufacturing. The company has throughout its history worked with many creative designers and artist on design and production of carpets. - Through the Mr. Christian Lacroix project, ege has succeeded in perpetuating the philosophy of the company’s visionary founder, Mads Eg Damgaard, by continuously striving to offer some of the world’s greatest designers the possibility of working with advanced carpet technology, ­Dominique Germier tells and continues - Pattern work, carving, drapery, coiffure and ­accessories. These are but of the few words used by Mr. Christian L­acroix to describe the impressive Musée Réattu installation. The carpets for this project are really “more than ­carpets”. The carpets add soul, atmosphere and expression to the installation and they demonstrate what we are able to produce and offer our clients, Dominique states. Mr. Christian Lacroix in brief Mr. Christian Lacroix was born in 1951 in the French town Arles. At a young age, he began sketching historical costumes and fashions. In 1978, he joined the French firm Hermès where he worked on colour schemes and execution of designs. Ten years later, he opened his own “haute couture” and ready-to-wear business. With his background in historical costumes and clothing and his own extreme creativity, Lacroix continues to make headlines with his opulent, fantasy creations.

Carpet designed by Christian LACROIX for Museum REATTU in Arles


SCANDIC HOTEL HAMAR NORWAY Scandic is a leading, Nordic hotel chain with a ­long-standing tradition of offering its ­visitors outstanding c­ onference ­facilities. The fashionable Scandic Hamar hotel, which is one of the 16 Scandic hotels located in ­Norway, is no exception. The hotel offers its visitors flexible and ­outstanding conference facilities and in the hotel’s restaurant and bar area, delicious meals and drinks are served in a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel’s restaurant and bar area and corridors have just recently been refurbished. ege was chosen as carpet ­supplier for the Scandic Hamar project due to our ability of offering our clients total freedom of design.


In connection with the refurbishment of the hotel, ege’s popular highline 80/20 1400 quality was chosen. Carpets from ege’s Highline Express collection were chosen for the corridors of the hotel and for the bar and restaurant area, a special carpet design was ­created. The special carpet design created for the restaurant and bar area is designed by Eivind Solberg from the interior ­design company Stay A/S. ‘The purpose of the carpet design for the restaurant and bar area was to create a design capable of breaking the s­ tringent and straight horizontal shapes crossing the room. At the same time, the design should, in a natural manner, blend with the organic and soft shapes of the bar. The result of the design process is a waving stream of dots and lines ­streaming through the room. A carpet design of dots and colours! I personally think that the final result is magnificent…’ Eivind Solberg says. Being part of the Hilton hotel chain, Scandic hotels are attached to the same supplier agreement as Hilton ­International. The management of Scandic Norway has expressed great satisfaction with having ege as carpet supplier, as we have the ability of solving each challenging design project ­without limitations and furthermore, because we offer our clients unique logistics.


Why ege? “We looked for a way to put knowledge and statistics onto the floor. Then we found ege carpets which offered us the possibility to “print” on carpets. The company’s advanced production technology offers many possibilities for projects requiring custom-made solutions. Price, quality and performance are but a few of the quality characteristics which can be highlighted about ege’s product concepts”, Tejo ends. Design: M2: Contractor: jer Designers: Veenhuizen


custom-made 218 m2 Brandwacht en MeiTejo Remy & Rene

ROC AVENTUS NETHERLANDS Selecting the proper interior design elements plays an important role in ensuring a good indoor climate and a stimulating learning environment in educational institutions. At the new ROC Aventus College in Appeldorn, an innovative approach has been taken to create a unique interior design concept. Several artists and designers were invited to define the interior of the new building, the idea being to give each faculty at the school a distinct identity. Providing an enriching base for learning Being an educational institution, it is import that the building provides an enriching base for academic, personal and professional growth. Therefore, nothing should be left to chance in the interior. Each interior design element has therefore been carefully selected. From furniture and lighting to the choice of flooring solutions. Custom-made carpets Designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen collaborated in creating workplaces for two of the school’s faculties: The School of Mechanics and the School of Education. In the School of Education, the two designers decided to decorate the floor with a carpet design showing statistics from around the world. “There are two floors in the reception area. One floor is made out of car tires, which reminds you of a parking place. The other floor is covered with a custom-made carpet from ege. We wanted to use the floor as a medium to provide information in a sculptural way. At the same time, we wanted to awake the curiosity of the students. Therefore, we used facts which always trigger attention, such as universal human rights and a map on which we have printed the national incomes of ­nations”. A pleasant atmosphere “The green carpet adds a warm atmosphere to the reception area. This atmosphere is further highlighted by using blank wood and felt for the conversation/discussion islands and the reception”.



FALKONER BIOGRAF DENMARK According to Nordisk Film, a night out at the movies is a night in heaven. With 17 modern movie theatres in Denmark and one in Norway, totalling 116 screens and 17,700 seats, Nordisk Film Cinemas is the largest movie chain in Denmark. The Falkoner Biografen, part of the Nordisk Film Cinema chain, is one of the five largest cinemas located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen with six theatres and a 754 seat capacity. A walk down memory lane When designing the interior of the cinema, particular attention was paid to the finer detail. Despite being created in a contemporary and modern style, respect for the past played an important role in the design. 50 years ago, more than 20 cinemas were opened in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen, where Falkoner Biografen is located today. This historic fact has been used as a backdrop for the interior design. The corridor leading to the cinema’s six theatres has been created as a walk down memory lane comprising of a red carpet with black borders on each side featuring such names as Rialto, Napoli, Luxi Teatret and Fasan bio. The interaction between the carpet and the large posters of movie heroes such as Indiana Jones, Superman and Rambo which decorate the walls adds to the wonderful atmosphere of the long corridor. Great design and high quality “With more than 250,000 visitors each year, high demands are immediately imposed on the interior design elements of the cinema. We therefore wanted a flooring solution with high wearability against traffic, spillages, etc. At the same time, it was important to find a solution with an exclusive look. With ege as carpet supplier, we not only acquired the ideal quality but also great design and an expression which perfectly matches the remaining interior of the cinema”, Instore Manager Per Jakobsen of Nordisk Film tells. ege’s highline express concept allows for the creation of individually designed carpet solutions and colours. Based on the creative ideas of the client, the ege design team is prepared to create unique solutions combining expressive design with high quality and great comfort. This allows for total freedom to create flooring solutions perfectly matching the project, no matter the style. Quality: M2: Architect: Contractor:

Highline 1100 WT and Soft Dreams rugs 1.000 m2 Confect, Klaus Nielsen – Nordisk Film Instore, Per Jakobsen J. I. Enterprise v/ John Hanquist


roberto cavalli shop bulgaria An international shopping experience in City C ­ entre Sofia City Centre Sofia is an internationally styled shopping centre, located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Centre offers a wide range of services and shops, with more than 100 trademarks. High-fashion impulses in Cat Walk The high-fashion boutique named Cat Walk sells trendy clothing from the internationally renowned designers Cavalli and Ferre. The boutique is without a doubt one of the most impressive boutiques in the Centre. Its interior has been designed by the young and talented architect Tanya Glebova, who in the past years has proved herself to be an outstanding master of creating ‘short stories’. Her distinct and innovative design approach has resulted in a number of impressive interior solutions for public spaces in Sofia. With a few but well-chosen means she has created a unique atmosphere in the boutique. Even from the outside, Cat Walk attracts the attention of passers-by, and as a result of the interior concept realised in the boutique, Cat Walk stands out from everything in its surroundings. Trendy and unconventional flooring solutions by ege ‘Usually, I refuse to work in closed trade centres due to the restricted conditions, which are often imposed. But for this project, the conditions were completely different‘, Tanya Glebova specifies. ‘The moment I entered the building, I fell in love with the space’. The space of the boutique provoked an interesting and exciting interior concept creating a truly remarkable atmosphere.


Tanya Glebova decided to dress the space in its own skin and carpets were chosen as the means to do so. ‘The luxury and warmness of the carpets from ege’s Funky Graphic collection are used to create a contrast to the crudeness of the remaining elements of the interior’, Tanya says. Retro graphics and patterns creating a 60s and 80s atmosphere form the foundation of the interior design concept. Carpets from ege’s new, hip and unconventional Funky Graphic collection were obvious choices for the Cat Walk project. All designs in the collection are developed on the basis of a graphical retro style, spiced with oblique angles and new ways of thinking. When entering the boutique, one is welcomed in a warm, soft and hugging place, where not only the floor but also the walls and doors are carpeted.


hotel métropole belgium Hotel Métropole Brussels was inaugurated in 1895 and ­today, the legendary 5 star hotel is the city’s only 19th century property still open for business. The hotel was originally an afterthought built by a brewer’s family as an addition to their café, intended to promote their selection of beers on the famous Place de Brouckère. Today, the building boasts the grandest hotel setting in Brussels. The guest list Throughout the history of Hotel Métropole, the Brussels ­luxury hotel has become part of the city’s social, economical, ­political and cultural life. Thus every year, the hotel is ­visited by many famous personalities from artists and ­politicians to people from the business community. Albert Einstein, Luc ­Besson, Annie Cordy and the crew of the Challenger space shuttle are but a few of the many different personalities who have visited the hotel over the years. Celebrating past and present design The hotel celebrates the stunning style and architecture of the French Renaissance. At the same time, the splendour and dignity of the past perfectly blend with modern luxury to ­create a stunning atmosphere. – Carpets from ege were chosen for the hotel, as they bring warmth, atmosphere and comfort to the interior. In addition, carpets hold good acoustical properties which are essential in creating a pleasant indoor environment at the hotel, Anne Vanderroost of Avalnico tells, who is ege’s partner on the Belgium market. Why ege? – The hotel has more than 300 guest bedrooms and the owners of the hotel require that there are no more than 10 similar guest bedrooms. ege’s ability to offer unique designs whether it being from standard collections or as customised solutions made ege a perfect partner for the project. In addition, ege offers great flexibility to adapt colours of each design to the decoration of the interior, such as walls, curtains, upholstery and bedspread. This was an important factor in ege being chosen as carpet supplier for the project, Anne Vanderrost adds.


Identity at floor level Choosing ege as carpet supplier equals total freedom of design. Special designs have therefore been designed for the hotel by interior designer Mrs. Geerinckx of Cartisane Décor. The designs take inspiration from logos of the hotel which are painted on the walls. The final result perfectly succeeds in capturing the remarkable identity of the hotel at floor level. For more information about Hotel Métropole, please visit: Interior designer: Cartisane Décor, Mrs. Chantal ­Geerinckx Quality: HL 1100 for corridors, guest bedrooms and public areas & HL 910 for guest bedrooms M2: 20.000 m²



exomos united arab emirates Exomos, a subsidiary of Dubai Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC), has opened an impressive office in Jebel Ali in Dubai. The company not only manufactures ­state-of-the-art ­submersibles but as part of an extensive support initiative, Exomos ­offers training in operating its products. Conforming with the unique product line of the company, the client wanted an upmarket and unique office having a strong and daring look. ege was thus given the challenge to ­create a carpet resembling a sea bed showing bright corals and ­marine life. To provide the client with an outline of the design, a machine sample (Samtron) together with an AutoCAD floor plan were produced for the client. After placing of order, the carpet ­design was produced in less than three weeks. The ground floor of Exomos’ headquaters has been covered with custom designed carpet resembling a sea bed, whereas modern carpet from ege’s Soft Landscapes collection was ­chosen for the first floor, giving the entire office an upmarket and unique look. Gemaco Interiors, the sole agent of ege in the U.A.E, was not only responsible for the impressive interior but also ­supplied and installed the carpets. All carpets were supplied in the ­highline 1100 quality. This project demonstrates ege’s ability to put the creative ideas of the client into reality and to ­offer the client professional sales g ­ uidance by giving the client an overview of the floor design prior to approval of design and colours.


parklands community library new zealand Imagine sitting on the banks of a river reading a book as a run of eels swims past your feet. This was the vision that the artist Bing Daw had for the new Parklands Community Library in Christchurch, New Zealand. Together with carpet specialists, “Wall 2 Wall productions”, a carpet designed as a huge river of eels ­running beneath the feet of the library visitors was created. The carpet stretches all the way from the main ­entrance of the library to a striking sculpture placed outside the library in the form of a large hoop with three eels on its top edge. Together, the carpet and the sculpture evoke the memory of the wetlands which originally existed across the Parklands area teeming with native birds, fish and eels. Because the entire project was to be based on a very ­specific design, it was of great importance to the ­designers to cooperate with a carpet supplier capable of offering total freedom of design. ege was chosen because we were able to carry out the very specific subject matter of migrating eels, and at the same time allowing the artist to have the freedom to create a large scale design with no repeats. The carpet used for the project was supplied in ege’s highline 630 quality, a class 4 product suited for ­extra heavy use, which makes it perfectly suited to withstand the tough demands of the busy library where furniture is constantly moved around and where heavy traffic demands a hard-wearing carpet.


Foto : OPERAEN, opført og foræret til nationen af A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond, 2004.



When the Scotland act 1998 was passed, it led to the establishment of the first Scottish Parliament since 1707. Shortly after the act had been passed, a panel chaired by the First Minister, Donald Dewar, appointed architects from EMBT and RMJM Scotland Ltd for the momentous project of creating the Scottish Parliament building. The new Scottish Parliament building incorporates a debating chamber, 6 committee rooms and facilities for the public and staff offices. ege took part in this exciting project as supplier of all soft floorings, and supplied a total of 8,861 m2 of custom design carpets in the highline 80/20, 1400 quality. The Scottish Parliament building projectdemonstrates ege’s ability to offer a rapid turnaround. The carpets for this project were supplied only three weeks from placement of order. The site chosen for this historic building project is an extremely prominent location. The Scottish Parliament building is located within the historic Old Town of Edinburgh City, adjacent to the Palace of Holyroodhouse which today is the setting for State ceremonies and official entertaining.




JYSKE BANK DENMARK Jyske Bank – re-launch in domestic market The aim was clear right from the beginning - to make Jyske Bank Denmark’s most customer-oriented bank. In order to realise this vision, the bank decided on a strategy, presenting the bank as a visible and distinct alternative to traditional providers of financial services. Jyske Differences Jyske Bank employs a staff of more than 4,000 people and operates in more than 119 Danish branches, which makes it the second largest independent bank in Denmark. In recent years, Jyske Bank has experienced rapid growth, but instead of resting on its laurels, the bank decided to introduce a new and very ­innovative strategy under the name of “Jyske Differences”. Under this concept, both product concepts and the interior design of each bank was redesigned. A differentiated and innovative design approach The idea behind the new interior design concept and the many new product concepts is to differentiate Jyske Bank from its competitors. The bank has attempted through its new interior design concept to create a bank, which is pleasant for its ­customers to enter. The bank should be a place to be inspired and a place to gain new knowledge. Special carpet solutions by ege It was important for Jyske Bank to create a common thread in all aspects of its new concept. Therefore, finding the proper design solutions and colours played an important role during the project. ege was chosen as carpet supplier for the Jyske Bank project, as we were able to meet the client’s demands in terms of unique and innovative designs and colours. ege has supplied special carpet solutions for the bank’s meeting and conference rooms, and each carpet solution has been matched to the new and innovative interior design concept. At ege, we do not constrain the creative ideas of our clients. ege’s design team is always prepared to transform a creative idea into an intriguing carpet solution. Anything is possible. Architect: Jyske Bank’s civil engineering department & Confect in Kolding Contractor: ege contract Carpet: Highline 1100 WT


the copenhagen opera house denmark In August 2000, the A.P Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller F­ oundation donated an opera house to the Danish p ­ eople. In less than 5 years after the generous donation, the new ­Copenhagen Opera House, located on the Isle of H ­ olmen in Copenhagen, was ready for inauguration with a Royal Command Performance. The C ­ openhagen Opera House ­totals 41,000 m , fourteen floors and more than 1000 rooms. Besides being an architectural and artistic wonder, the ­Copenhagen Opera House is one of the most modern opera houses in the world. 2

The internationally well-know Danish architect Henning Larsen has designed the Copenhagen Opera House, and a number of Danish artists such as Per Arnoldi and Per Kirkeby have c­ ontributed to the unique decor of the opera house which makes a visit to the opera house an experience in itself. The Royal Lounge, where the Queen of Denmark and her guests stay during intervals, has been s­ upplied with carpets in our highline 80/20 1400 ­quality in custom colours. ege has supplied the VIP lounge of the opera house with carpets from our innovative Soft Landscapes collection c­ reated in co-operation between the Italian architect Marco Piva and ege. From the range of sparkling designs and trendsetting c­ olour combinations, the d ­ esign “walkways” from the grey light colour ­category was chosen, perfectly matching the i­nterior design of the VIP lounge. The carpets were supplied in our highline 1100 quality.


Foto : OPERAEN, opført og foræret til nationen af A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond, 2004.


the centre new zealand The old Kerikeri Memorial Hall has through its lifespan ­provided a home base for several local and international ­theatrical performances and indoor sporting events. However, a wish for creating a new and ­improved venue became the starting point for the development of a new entertainment and event centre in Kerikeri, New Zealand, named The Centre. Today, The Centre functions as theatre, convention hall and exhibition facility to the entire Northland region. Architect and designer, Martyn Evans, who has been involved in ­several architectural projects in Europe and New Zealand, proposed to ­design a building, which would compliment the location chosen for the new cultural facility. Leading ­theatrical consultants were employed for ­design and installation of sound, lighting and rigging systems, ­making The Centre the best of its kind in Northland. The Centre is much more than just a replacement of the old Memorial Hall. It is a state-of-the-art facility, which has been described by several experts as being „superior in its ­innovative design“. The Centre stands proudly in the Kerikeri skyline making a bold aesthetic statement. ege was chosen as carpet supplier because of our ­ability to provide ­tailor-made floorings to fit both space and ­budget. Due to our very low minimum order requirements, design as well as qualitiy can be ­created to make each space truly stand out without straining the budget.


Since the building is quite large, it may be difficult to find one’s way around. Therefore, the carpet design ­created for The Centre project has been designed as a large ­guidance system. The system uses a specific carpet ­colour for each of the three floor levels and these colours can be used to guide visitors from one level to another. When entering the main entry floor, which is ­predominantly green, you will see a red band in the carpet ­design, which will take you up one floor to the theatre level and the system continues at each floor level. Architect Martyn Evans says: „The whole idea that you could design a specific ­carpet design for a building at a reasonable cost was very ­appealing. This would give the building uniqueness plus other benefits such as sound reduction and an effective way of giving the building a special identity”.



cinemaxx denmark In the cinema centre of CinemaxX in Bruun’s Galleri in Århus great importance has been attached to giving the filmgoers an extra experience while waiting to enter. The architects from CEBRA, who are behind the ­interior decoration, have in co-operation with ege’s design studio created a fascinating and unique ­carpet design. The design consists of 200 exciting, funny and thought-provoking film quotations which together appear like one overall and unique ­pattern. ege was chosen as supplier in order to give the archi­­tects free hands in the design process. The result became an exiciting design solution only made possible by our competences. The 1500 m2 carpet specially designed for CinemaxX have been delivered in highline 630. ege has received the flooring prize 2003 for the carpet created for CinemaxX in Bruun’s Galleri. The committee of judges behind the prize has attached great importance to the fact that the carpet in CinemaxX has been made at a modest extra price compared to a plain or standard carpet. -”It shows that it is possible to play with the floor surface and to work creatively at the floor level without compromising the budget for the building” the committee of judges ascertain.


road & transport authority United arab emirates Being one of the fastest growing cities in the world, high quality infrastructure facilities are imperative in the city of Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed in 2005 with the purpose of enhancing public transport ­facilities. RTA is responsible for the planning and provision of infrastructure facilities in Dubai and between Dubai and o ­ ther Emirates of the UAE and neighbouring countries. Design and storytelling in one The 9,000 m2 headquarters of the Public Transport ­Agency and Dubai Taxi is shaped as crescent adding a unique d ­ esign to the building. The aim has been to reflect the ­corporate identity of RTA in the interior design concept. By using linear patterns, reflecting “network” and “transportation”, it was possible to embed the corporate message in all parts of the design. Identity at floor level To create a fresh look in the interior, the patterns in the design show movement, staggered lines and gradient shades. Red, being the corporate colour of RTA, is incorporated as a key shade in the interior and the carpet designs are all specially selected to match this colour scheme. According to Shiraz Rizvi of ege carpets middle east, who has been involved in the selection of flooring solutions for the RTA headquarters in co-operation with M/s Design Design, ege was chosen as carpet supplier due to the wide range of standard design possibilities offered in the ege portfolio. In addition, ege’s environmental credentials in terms of indoor climate were a key factor in ege being chosen as carpet supplier. “ege has developed a unique range of carpet concepts with special attention to the interaction between design, quality and the environment. Additionally, ege’s standard design concepts offer the client a multitude of designs in a wide range of contemporary colour shades”, Shiraz Rizvi tells.


Proper furnishing pays “Proper furnishing with carefully selected materials provides a good indoor climate. It is therefore important to leave nothing to chance when designing the interior of an office environment. Over the years, ege has specialised in creating carpet solutions, contributing positively to ensuring healthy and motivating working environments”, Shiriz Rizvi tells and adds “In addition to holding an indoor climate labeling, carpets by ege are great sound absorbers. In fact, a carpeted floor diminishes the impact of noise by up to 34 dB; as a carpet, unlike a hard flooring solution, absorbs the majority of the sound which strikes it, rather than reflecting the sound and thereby the noise out into the room. By choosing carpets from ege, you not only gain an attractive flooring solution, you also gain an acoustical aid which reduces the impact of noise in the office environment”. M2: 3,000 Quality: Standard design in 910 CL Designer: M/s. Design Design Dubai Client: RTA Flooring contractor: Gemaco Interiors



ocean village great britain The maritime sector is a market of great potential for which reason ege has started to intensify the efforts with this sector, especially because the necessary competences at ege already exist. Even though the preferred carpets in the maritime sector have been axminster woven carpets, P&O Cruises chose ege’s tufted carpets for the converted ship, now named Ocean Village. The main reason for choosing ege was the wide range of colour options, the fact that ege has no minimum order requirements and offers dispatch in three weeks. For marine carpets the objective is to achieve the highest standards of safety. It resulted in a total order of 6000 m2 highline 80/20, 1400 quality. For kids’ rooms Ocean Village went with the highline 630 quality – a more practical quality, which previously has proven effective for such use for P&O Cruises. Complying with the safety standard highline by ege adds its wellknown versatility of design and product performance, resulting in carpets suitable for use in all areas with heavy traffic - a strong foundation for public spaces, restaurants, hallways as well as guest rooms and crew areas.

Marine Carpet by ege • Undisputed performance standard EN 1307 • Available in 4 different qualities • All 4 qualities IMO-SOLAS part 2 and part 5 certified. • 3 different use classifications to fit any need: from normal to extra heavy use. • Production time within 3 weeks.

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