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Contents 4 - Welcome from Vice – President Activities 5 - Welcome from Activities Department and Guide Introduction 6 - Fixtures - Pitch and Facilities - BUCS Team Sheets 7 - Transport – Responsibilities – Policies and Procedures 8 - Match Attire – Match Officials – Health and Safety – Food 9 - Results – Parking – Entries/ Individual Events – Affiliation 10 - Activities Lock Up 11 - BUCS Appeals/ Disputes 17 - FAQ’s


Welcome from Vice – President Activities Hey Guys! Exciting times for you and your position in BUCS lay ahead; I believe we have great scope to move up even higher in the league table this year judging from the success of your teams last year. We achieved 57th position out of 171 in 2012/ 13. We have also made plans to support your development further as a club with your new Sports Officer Amy Womersley. We’ll be working more closely with you on club improvements and making sure we’re there for you! Feel free to contact us, that’s what we’re here for! 01522 886434

Joe Burt Vice - President Activities


Welcome from Activities Department and Guide Introduction ACTIVITIES TEAM The Activities team would like to welcome all new BUCS team Captains and wish all BUCS teams the very best of luck for the season ahead! We have implemented specific BUCS training workshops this year, including introduction of this BUCS Handbook (your bible) to help support your needs and give you information and answers to most of the questions you might need over the coming season! We are here to help! 01522 886460

BUCS GUIDE This handbook is your sporting bible and will guide you on important BUCS sport specific information! There are also training workshops available to help you plan ahead, dates will be circulated following Welcome Week and Activities Induction these are mandatory so make sure you book onto a session! Check out the BUCS website for up-to-date fixture lists and league tables This fixture spread sheet will also be emailed to your generic account; it is your responsibility to check all fixtures are correct. Any amendments must be actioned through Plan ahead and keep us up to date at all times!! OK so lots of changes to all clubs competing in BUCS fixtures for 2013/14:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ALL members of your (BUCS) team are required to complete membership payment, BUCS transport payment, and the full Insurance payment package, which is MANDATORY. Please note Associate members are not eligible to play in BUCS fixtures, if caught your club could be fined ÂŁ1000 and removed from the BUCS league! This is a BUCS ruling not ours! We will be monitoring this at all times! If unsure please ask.


Fixtures - Pitch and Facilities - BUCS Team Sheets FIXTURES

All fixtures for the season are YOUR responsibility! Make sure you are up to date with all rules and regulations (at all times). Familiarise yourself with all fixtures distributed and circulate to all fellow members accordingly. Any re-arrangement requests must be actioned through the Activities Department please ensure this is done ASAP. Any cancellations/ injuries/ disputes must be communicated to the Activities Department ASAP. Make sure you select your teams at the start of the season accordingly following the BUCS procedures at all times. Do not delegate important tasks on to junior/ new captains without prior training!

PITCHES AND FACILITY BOOKINGS Prior to the start of the season the Activities Department will circulate all fixture information out to you. We will action a block booking for all home games played at the University Sports Centre and will add this to the fixtures information for you. It is your responsibility to check through the fixtures/ bookings ensuring we are aware of any changes that you require in advance. Please contact All external bookings need to be planned/ organised and communicated to the Activities Co-ordinator in advance of the season for confirmation and payments to be completed! Pitch and facility bookings should be confirmed ASAP. You will need to confirm the venue you wish to host all home games from in order for bookings to be made (on the clubs behalf) externally. The Activities Co-ordinator will authorise those prior to fixtures commencing and in accordance with financial procedures. Failure to confirm the bookings may lead to booking refusal. No alcohol to be taken or consumed during any BUCS fixtures - this is a strict policy and must be adhered to at all times! Make sure you are on time for all matches – keep your teams up to date!

BUCS TEAM SHEETS All Clubs are required to select team players and submit all team details electronically to the Activities Coordinator following Welcome Week! This information is sent electronically to BUCS prior to the season starting! BUCS will monitor and regularly check validation of all players! Each Team must complete a BUCS team sheet and submit to the Students’ Union reception PRIOR to each fixture! Each Team must have two emergency contacts on the BUCS team sheet, this helps us should the need arise to contact you during a match, make sure a member is always available in an emergency! Be aware BUCS may contact you via email at any stage during the year to confirm yourself as a registered player, (this is because the Activities Department now have to confirm players details to them) this process is to validate all club members status and team status and will help with future disputes etc. (i.e. to confirm a club member is either a 1st Team player or a 2nd team player etc.) This will become mandatory for all players from 2014/15!!

All teams, whether playing HOME or AWAY, will have to complete BUCS team sheets weekly this is still MANDATORY! These are available from Please submit completed sheets to the Students’ Union reception before your HOME game commences or if playing AWAY submit before your transport departs. Please make sure the form is completed clearly and fully at all times!


Transport – Responsibilities – Policies and Procedures TRANSPORT

This procedure has changed for 2013/14. All BUCS Transport costs will now be covered by the Students’ Union! Transport bookings for home or away matches are sourced and communicated with club key committee’s and the Activities Department. All payments will now be processed and paid for by the Students’ Union and authorised by the Activities Coordinator/ VP Activities. All fixtures at the start of the season will now be allocated transport accordingly; this information will be circulated to all clubs via the BUCS spread sheet. Please ensure you check through all transport information/ bookings carefully and update all your members accordingly! You will be required to book a meeting in with the Activities Co-ordinator to confirm any amendments to transport requirements for the season (in advance)! We will now be looking at sharing transport bookings and cutting costs where possible. This will be implemented and monitored weekly this season due to most clubs NOT sharing transport and were paying extortionate fees in the past. You will at times be expected to travel with other teams and therefore have waiting periods between your fixtures, be prepared and keep your teams informed. Any transport cancellations need to be submitted to the Students’ Union Activities Department within the given timeframe to avoid unnecessary costs. Failure to confirm cancellations will result in cost charges! No alcohol to be taken or consumed on transport during any BUCS fixtures - this is a strict policy and must be adhered to at all times! Be on time for all departures and return journey.

Our main Transport Supplier for the season will be: Hodson Coaches Failure to use Hodson’s in the first instance may lead to booking refusal. If you are intending to make your own arrangements (i.e. personal cars) to your games you will require authorisation prior to completing the Car Registration Form, this will now only be an option if you have suitable business cover on your insurance policy. If you cover all the requirements for being a listed driver and have approval you will then be asked to complete and forward all relevant documentation to Again be prepared, do this in advance of fixtures as refusal of application may cause delays and problems! You can claim back any costs incurred for travel to BUCS Fixtures providing the funds have been authorised by the Activities Department prior to the fixture. Please ensure you submit all supporting evidence required when claiming expenditure and that they are in accordance with financial procedures. The claim has to be submitted within 28 days to the Students’ Union reception (failure to do this will result in refusal of payment).

Club Committee It is your responsibility to inform your club and of meeting/ departure times, when last minute changes occur. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS DO NOT PLAY– plan a valid team player for each game! All coaches are advised to collect and drop off at the Engine Shed, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS.


BUCS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES All teams are required to take relevant forms to each fixture venue (i.e. playing under protest form). You will be allocated a pack containing all the relevant sample forms required at each fixture – make sure you take them at all times! Additional copies are collectible from the Students’ Union reception or downloadable We will circulate this handbook to all clubs competing, this is your bible, use it! Familiarise yourself with all the rules and regulations regarding your sport and refer to it at all times. More information can be found under

It is your responsibility to adhere to the rules at all times, ensure you have read them and communicate all relevant information to team players! If you have any questions or require more information, please contact the Activities team under

Match Attire – Match Officials – Health and Safety – Food Particular important sections are Fixture Administration and Postponed and Abandoned Matches.

MATCH DAY ATTIRE If there is a kit colour clash, it is the responsibility of the home team to change kit. Please check details prior to your fixture! Ensure you update the Activities Department of your team’s home and away colours prior to the start of the season or where any changes occur If you require new kit ensure you adhere to the new branding guidelines and get design approved prior to finance approval, details will need to be sent via Any questions or queries please come and see us in advance – we can advise and help!


ALL Referees’ will now be paid via cheque and NOT with cash!! All Ref forms can be requested from or via the Students’ Union reception! It is your responsibility to complete the request fully and then submit to the Activities Co-ordinator for approval within the advised timescales. Please ensure your referee is aware of this procedure at all times! Organise/ book match officials prior to the fixture, as above, make sure you arrange authorisation of paperwork with the Activities Co-ordinator within the given deadlines. You must notify us NO LATER THAN FRIDAY (12 noon deadline) prior to a home fixture of your appointed referee (ref name, cheque payable to, match details, date, institutions details, amount claimed).

Please be aware that failure to do this will result in your club being refused this request!


HEALTH AND SAFETY Please assure that any accidents or incidents that occur during a BUCS fixture are recorded (at the time), and reported in the first instance to Failure to do this may result in a late insurance claim being refused! We cannot help or assist you or your members if we have no prior knowledge. If you are at an away venue, request a copy of the accident reporting form completed, or alternatively make a note of as much information regarding the accident as possible, this will help you/ us to complete documentation required for reporting and claiming purposes upon your return to Lincoln.


It is the club’s responsibility to organise/ book food if required for any home fixtures/ matches. Food is available (after fixtures) in the Tower Bar £1.00 per meal (per student), you will need to book your meals in advance, including bookings for any students from the away team if required. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account and approval prior to booking. All bookings should be directed to the Engine Shed email address

Results – Parking – Entries/ Individual Events – Affiliation RESULTS We require results as soon as your match has finished on the day of your fixture! Please text in the results to the Activities Department STRAIGHT AFTER YOUR MATCH, failure to do this will result in club fines!

Ensure you agree in advance who will be tasked with this important job! We need all information that is relevant to your match: your club, your opponent, all scorers details in your own sport format (i.e. football – scorer details including hat tricks etc., Rugby –tries and conversions, Cricket – wickets and overs), confirm if it was home or away, and most importantly the results making it clear who the winner is (i.e. Lincoln Football Women’s 1st won 5 – 0 against Loughborough Women’s 1st)! The more information the better! We cannot amend once updated on BUCSCORE so make sure all information is accurate! All results are then updated onto the BUCS website.

Please text all result information straight after your game to Activities Mobile on

07765819209. PARKING AT LINCOLN If a team is travelling by coach or minibus they can proceed directly to the Sports Centre (on campus) to drop off. If a team is arriving in separate cars there is parking on campus but they will need to pay and display, (please be aware that space is very limited, and cannot be guaranteed at any time). Lincoln Campus is patrolled by an external enforcement agency so cars parked illegally will be ticketed and clamped.


BUCS TEAM ENTRIES, AFFILIATIONS AND INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES Please ensure all team entries and affiliations for season 2013/14 are completed!

You have been sent this information via email so check carefully to see if it requires action, this is your responsibility. Information on one off (Individual) competitions and tournaments can be found on the BUCS website. If your club or members want to enter an individual competition please read through the entry information and requirements carefully and contact . An appointment would be required to complete the entry (as entry is likely to be online), it does take time to input all information so plan ahead! If you need any help or further advice regarding any of the above please come and see us!

From 2013/14 any student wanting to represent the University in BUCS will now need to register an active account to compete in any Individual BUCS competitions. All forms are available from the Students’ Union reception, on the website or email All BUCS forms and information available from

Activities Lock Up ACTIVITIES LOCK UP The Activities Lock Up which is located in the Sports Centre (in the sports hall) is for kit and equipment to be stored. If you would like to use this facility you must contact to request access (this cannot be guaranteed). Respect all items stored in this area – it will be monitored regularly. There is a maximum of three members that can be added to the permissions access list. To access the store you must go to the Sports Centre reception and your ID card will be held until the kit/ equipment is returned (access to the store will only be granted when the sports hall is not in use, please contact the Sports Centre in advance for availability). Do not store personal items in the store. Any club kit or equipment that is not stored here is not covered under insurance. Inventory – Keep it up to date. Please make sure you keep your designated area labelled clearly and tidy at all times! There is limited space and we do not want to lose it! Failure to do so will result in your activity facing disciplinary action and refusal of entry.

Remember it is your equipment in there, respect it.


BUCS Appeals/ Disputes PLAYING UNDER PROTEST – This form must be taken to every fixture!!! When/ What? When the conditions do not adhere to those outlined in the BUCS General Regulations, Sport Specific Regulations or Premier League Contract. As soon as the issue arises, whether this is at the start of the fixture or during the fixture.

How? Complete a Playing Under Protest Form. State ALL Grievances. Both teams MUST sign and cannot refuse (Please note that the opposition is simply signing to acknowledge that the other team have a grievance and have raised the issue). NOTE: Please remember that if a team advises you of a situation and you choose to travel then you are accepting the conditions as advised and do not have the right to ‘Play Under Protest’ as you are deemed to have accepted the conditions.

Entitlement The completion of a Playing Under Protest form only allows an institution the right to appeal at the conclusion of the fixture, it does not guarantee the outcome of this appeal.

What if a Playing Under Protest form is not completed? The institution does not have the right to appeal following the fixture as they have accepted the conditions under which it has been played. The only exception to this is if something comes to light later, following the fixture, which the team did not or could not know at the time:E.g. If you find out after the fixture that the official provided by the home team is non-neutral or not qualified as appropriate for the fixture you still have the right to appeal. If you are at all uncertain please contact the relevant Competitions Manager at BUCS.

TO APPEAL OR NOT TO APPEAL? Think about this very carefully before instructing us to proceed! Here follows a step by step guide to deciding whether your grievance is worthy of an appeal:



Question Yourself – Do I Have Grounds for an Appeal? Get your facts straight, your team are likely to be VERY emotional. You need to get past the emotion and find out what actually happened. Keep yourself detached from the situation to stay objective. Consult the regulations, have any regulations actually been contravened? If not then you are very unlikely to have a case and should NOT proceed with an appeal. If you can identify a regulation (or more than one) that has been contravened you then need to consider what evidence you have of such a contravention. If you do not have any, you need to consider how successful your appeal is likely to be. If you are unsure ask colleagues at your institution, your counterpart or other contacts at institutions in your division/conference for their opinion. If it seems a little more complex then contact the BUCS Office for advice. Remember that the decisions made by qualified Referees/ Umpires/ Officials are final and cannot be appealed against.

Question You – Should I Appeal, even if I have Grounds? Obviously this is your decision but we would urge you to consider a few things first…. If a regulation has been contravened then you should consider if the breach would be deemed to have had an effect on the overall result of the match. If not, then you really should consider the worthiness of making an appeal and what you are trying to achieve by doing so.

Will the appeal be in the spirit of BUCS competition? If it is a minor issue or one which probably did not affect the overall result of the match do you want to risk upsetting a counterpart at a fellow institution? They may have had difficulties on the day; it may have been beyond their control. Consider whether you should show them a little understanding. Chances are that if you are understanding with them they will return the favour if you have unforeseen circumstances in the future. In these circumstances you should definitely try and discuss alternative options with them (See Step 2).

Outcome of Self-Questioning NO - Be strong with your teams - you are appealing, not them. Your institution’s reputation rests on your decision.

YES - Go to Step 2


Contact Your Opposition Call them up and discuss what happened, you might be able to resolve the dispute amicably.


Outcome (1)

Agree to replay/amend score-line (if appropriate). Remember to get any agreement in writing so as to avoid ‘end of season amnesia’ when the fixture suddenly means the difference between qualification or promotion/relegation.


Unable to reach them or reach an agreement = Go to Step 3 – Making an Initial


STEP 3 - MAKING AN INITIAL APPEAL – Actioned through the Activities Department! For fixture related appeals (please note the process has changed as of September 2012) Submitted by main institution user on BUCScore via ‘Appeals’ facility (must be logged in to administration site). Deadline by 5pm the next working day following the fixture. This is then sent automatically to the main institution user of the opposition for response. The respondent has 24hours from receipt of appeal to do so. Lodging fee of £50 incurred by institution found to be at fault or original appellant should a neutral decision be reached. Should institutions amicably resolve an appeal once lodged parties must inform the BUCS Office immediately to prevent unnecessary action being taken. Appeals can be ‘withdrawn’ by the appellant via BUCScore if before the response has been submitted.

For non-fixture related appeals please contact the BUCS Office for further information. For your own piece of mind you may wish to warn us that it is coming and check that it has been received so as not to miss the deadline. Make sure you complete all of the relevant information while submitting your appeal, including:

Institution and Fixture Details: Firstly you need to complete the section outlining your institution and the details pertaining to the fixture in question.

Regulation(s) Contravened: You must then list the regulation(s) contravened by number in the BUCS Regulations. Keep evidence accurate, concise and to the point. Only include information relevant to the contravention of the regulation.


Full Explanation: Give full details of why the team you are appealing against has contravened the regulations listed. In the full explanation you MUST list the specific elements of the regulations contravened. Keep the explanation relevant and concise, “He said this and she said that� will simply detract from your argument rather than add weight. You may continue to provide further details on a separate document. Please note that all supporting evidence MUST be provided at this stage to allow the BUCS Office to make an informed decision. This includes attaching a copy of the Playing Under Protest form. If you are unable to scan and attach it you should fax it through noting on your initial appeal pro-forma that it has been faxed. We will take into consideration local difficulties but we will not take into account poor planning or over the top emotion

Authorisation: Authorisation MUST be provided by the A.U. / Sports Federation for the Appeal to proceed. You may wish to consult other members of staff in your office to see if they support your decision to proceed with an initial appeal.

What Happens Next? Usually the appeal will be considered by the Competitions Manager although if this person is not available it will be considered by another member of the Sports Department or the Head of Sports Programmes. The following will happen upon receipt of an Initial Appeal Pro-forma: 1. BUCS Office considers all evidence received - more information / clarification may be requested 2. BUCS Office advises both parties of the decision

How is the Decision Reached? The BUCS Office: a) Considers all evidence and information received Recognises precedents set by previous similar appeals May consult other Bodies/Organisations E.g. Sports Management Group/ National Governing Body


The Decision It is important to note that the majority of decisions made by the BUCS office are accepted and matches are then replayed where appropriate, etc. The Competitions Manager has a lot of experience in dealing with these issues fairly. IMPORTANT - While an institution might not like the outcome of the Initial Appeal that does not mean that the decision is wrong. VERY rarely are these issues clearly black or white, in fact they are often grey but the BUCS Office is very experienced in picking the threads out of these difficult issues. If you are not happy with the outcome and believe that you have case you have the option of a Full Appeal to Disciplinary Committee.

MAKING A FULL APPEAL – Actioned through Activities Department! Your institution has the option to take the case to Full Appeal. When considering a Full Appeal you should be certain that a regulation has actually been contravened.

Things to Consider: Are you upset or do you genuinely believe that you have a case? Is appealing further in the spirit of BUCS competition? The cost of a Full Appeal is £200 Potential of Costs - If Disciplinary Committee find against you Potential of a Fine - If Disciplinary Committee considers it worthy

How to Make a Full Appeal: If you wish to make a Full Appeal: E-mail the Full Appeal Pro-forma to Deadline - within 24hrs of notification of Initial Appeal decision Send £200 cheque immediately

The case is then referred to Disciplinary Committee. Remember that no further evidence can be added to the case unless it was unavailable at the time.

The Disciplinary Committee “Consider all matters constituting or pertaining to any breach of the BUCS rules and regulations, and shall be empowered to deal with institutions, clubs, officials and players in respect of complaints of misconduct or other matters not specifically provided for in these rules, in line with existing case law and the principles of natural justice.”

The Panel is made up of the following persons: Chair – BUCS Disciplinary Chair Panel - 2 Student Members (Impartial – from a different playing conference. They will have to declare any other interest e.g. an association with the sport concerned, etc.) Clerk - BUCS Competitions Manager


Case Hearing Procedure (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Case is presented by the Institution who lodged the Full Appeal or by BUCS Representative BUCS present their case (if required) Evidence is questioned by the panel Defending Institution presents their case Evidence questioned by panel Panel reaches a decision Sanctions, costs and fines are awarded as appropriate

MAKING A FINAL APPEAL – Actioned through Activities Department! If you are not happy with the outcome of the Full Appeal then you have the option to lodge a Final Appeal to a panel of representatives from Executive Board. This is an appeal against the decision made by the Disciplinary Committee.

How to make a Final Appeal: Complete a Further Appeal Pro-forma and E-mail this to Deadline - within 24 hrs. of notification of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee. Send £500 cheque immediately to the BUCS Office. The case is then referred to the Board and an Appeals Committee is formed.

The Appeals Committee: The committee shall review all processes and decisions made by the disciplinary committee, using the same procedures as used by the disciplinary committee: 1.

At the hearing BUCS’s case will be presented by a representative of BUCS (normally the Clerk to the Discipline Committee).


At the hearing the witnesses will be called as required and in the case of appeals against verdict, fresh evidence may be presented.


The appeal panel if it should see fit, can increase, decrease or reject the punishment awarded by the Disciplinary Committee.


The appeal panel will have the discretion of awarding costs against the appealing institution.

The panel is made up of the following: The Chairman of BUCS or an alternative Board member if not available (in the Chair) Two Students Officers.


Note: In all cases no member of the meeting can sit on the panel if there is a connection with the case being heard.

WHERE NEXT? Arbitration Should the institution reject the decision reached by the appeal panel then they will have recourse to take their case to the Sports Disputes Resolution Panel.

FURTHER GUIDANCE If you are in doubt about a disciplinary issue or anything in relation to making an appeal please contact the BUCS Office for further guidance or go to

FAQ’s FAQ’s The opposition has failed to confirm the fixture with 48 hours’ notice. Should we travel or not? Contact the opposition in writing and give them a deadline by which they must contact you, in writing, with details of the fixture. Advise them that if they fail to do so you will be left with no option but to claim a walkover for the fixture due to the lack of confirmation. Usually this will promote a response one way or another. See REG 19.5 48 HOURS NOTICE The opposition has advised us, with more than 48 hours’ notice that the fixture is cancelled as they cannot get a team. Do we have to rearrange? We would always encourage teams to rearrange if they can. If you cannot agree on an alternative date then the original date must stand and the team pulling out will concede a walkover. The opposition has advised us, with more than 48 hours’ notice, that the fixture is cancelled as they can’t get the relevant officials /have been let down by the officials they had appointed for this fixture. Do we have to rearrange? Yes, if a team cannot get, or has been let down by officials, and has done everything they could to appoint them (you can ask for evidence) then you will have to re-arrange the fixture. See REG 18.11 & 18.12 NO / NOT APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS We have been advised within 48 hours of the fixture starting and before setting off that the opposition does not have any officials or officials of the appropriate standard/ neutrality. What should we do?


The decision is yours: 1. Travel and play regardless, so long as safety is not an issue. Please note that if you know the situation before you travel you cannot ‘Play Under Protest’. 2. Rearrange the fixture. See REG 18.11 & 18.12 We have been advised after setting off/ on arrival that the opposition does not have any officials or officials of the appropriate standard/ neutrality. What should we do? The decision is yours: 1. Play the fixture accepting the conditions as they stand. 2. Play the fixture ‘Under Protest’ noting on the form that the conditions are not as they should be and exactly what regulations have been contravened and how. This reserves you the right to appeal after the fixture if you feel that the conditions unduly affected the result. 3. Rearrange the fixture, noting that you will have to travel again if the home team can prove that they have been let down. See REG 18.11, 18.12 & 18.13 LATENESS - The opposition have not turned up, how long should we wait? As long as you and the officials (if there are any) possibly can, especially if you know the opposition are on their way! In some sports you may be able to play a reduced fixture and in others the late team should concede any rubbers/ weapons that are not played due to the fixture starting late. Always ensure that both captains agree in writing BEFORE the start of the fixture if a reduced fixture is to be played or if rubbers/ weapons are to be conceded in order to avoid disputes after the fixture. OFFICIALS - The Official(s)/ Umpire(s)/ Referees(s) were bad/ biased and we do not think they are qualified/ neutral as is required for this fixture. What should we do? Contact the institution that booked the officials to raise your concerns. If from their response you are satisfied that they are qualified and/ or neutral, whatever the relevant requirements are for this fixture, then no further action can be taken. Remember that BUCS cannot overrule a qualified official. If you are unable to get an adequate response, you should submit an appeal to the BUCS Office stating your concerns by 2pm of the day following the fixture. INELIGIBLE PLAYERS - We believe that a player fielded by the opposition is not eligible under BUCS Regulations. What should we do? Get as much information about that player as possible and contact the institution concerned. If from their response you are not satisfied that they are eligible then you should notify the BUCS Office immediately to discuss the next course of action. OTHER - The opposition are claiming a walkover for the fixture but we think it is unfair because……. (this could be for numerous reasons!) What should we do?


If you can get the fixture ‘Played Under Protest’ then do so and resolve any disputes afterwards. If that is not going to happen then contact the BUCS office who will be able to confirm whether the circumstances validate the walkover. If you are unsure, you should appeal against the walkover result by the appeal deadline (2pm on the day following the fixture). Rearranging Fixture Dates Note Fixtures should be rearranged in writing to protect both parties in the event of a dispute. Once you rearrange a fixture the new date then becomes the fixture date and MUST be changed on the web-site. In the event of a dispute the original circumstances surrounding the rearrangement will not be taken into consideration. Submitting an Appeal Appeals can only be submitted by an institution’s Athletic Union/ Sports Office (or eqiv.). BUCS will not accept appeals from players or team captains. In order to submit an appeal please use the guidelines and pro-forma on the Disciplinary Committee webpage on the BUCS website ( Spirit of BUCS Sport Wherever possible BUCS wishes to see fixtures played - and if needs be this can be ‘Playing Under Protest’. If you are at all uncertain please contact the BUCS office. Please remember, however, that if a team advises you of a situation and you choose to travel then you are accepting the conditions as advised and do not have the right to ‘Play Under Protest’.

We are here to help!! If you need any further advice or support please do not hesitate to come and see us!

Good luck! Your Activities Team



BUCS Handbook 2013 - 14  

The University of Lincoln Students' Union guide to BUCS. This handbook includes contact details, rules and regulations,