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WELCOME Welcome to Activities 2013-2014! I’m Joe Burt your Activities Officer for this year. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me this year to represent you and all of your views, so come to us with any queries or issues. That’s what we’re here for! In the Activities department we focus on: ·








Activities are open to all Students’ Union members to join and get involved. It is in your best interest to widen participation. The more people involved the more fun it is! Remember you are all volunteers, freely giving up your time managing your clubs/ societies and running activities for your members! Sometimes a pat on the back isn’t good enough for volunteers so don’t forget to log your hours and get recognition for the time you’re giving! We have lots of exciting things in the Activities Department planned for you, so come and be part of it.

As always, never hesitate to ask us for anything! We’re here for you! Hopefully see you all around!

Joe Burt Vice President Activities


WHO’S WHO AND CONTACTS We are here to help you! The Activities Team consists of the Vice President Activities (sabbatical student) who is voted in on a yearly basis, a Sports officer (part time), a Societies officer (part time), three full time members of staff, Ian Johnston (Membership Services Manager/ Deputy CEO), Tracey Revill (Activities Co-ordinator) and the (Activities Worker), we also have two student staff (temporary positions) who usually help within the team .

Get in touch! For general enquiries Activities Officer Joe Burt Tel: 01522 886434 Email: Sports Officer (Volunteer) Amy Womersley Email: Societies Officer (Volunteer) Connor Burton Email: Activities Co-ordinator Tracey Revill Tel: 01522 886460 Email: Membership Services Manager/ Deputy CEO Ian Johnston Tel: 01522 887620 Email: Activities Worker Tel: 01522 837623 Email:


ROLE DESCRIPTION What is a sport, society or group? See  below  an  extract  of  definitions  of  a  Society,  Club  or  Group  as  per  the  University  of   Lincoln  Students’  Union  Bye  Laws:     University of Lincoln Students’ Union By Laws Societies 1. Definitions   1.1. A Society shall be defined as a group of students with a common interest who shall meet and implement activities to further their group’s interests

1.2. The Trustee Board shall be ultimately responsible for defining student groups as Sports Clubs, Societies or otherwise.

University of Lincoln Students’ Union By Laws Sports 2. Definitions  

2.1. Sporting Clubs will be those providing activities and events as specified within the department of HM Revenue and Customs definition of sport. 2.2. 2.3. The Trustee Board shall be ultimately responsible for defining student groups as Sports Clubs, Societies or otherwise.

University of Lincoln Students’ Union By Laws Groups 3. Definitions 3.1

A Group will be defined as a group of students with a common interest who will meet and implement activities to further their group’s interests.


The Trustee Board will be ultimately responsible for defining student groups as Sports Clubs, Societies, Groups or otherwise.


THE COMMITTEE Each Sports Club, Society or Group committee MUST have in place a President, Vice President/Secretary and Treasurer.

Job Roles The President (Chair) - The duties of the President shall be to: − −

Be a figurehead of the activity, providing the link between members, the committee, Students’ Union and external suppliers.

Ensure that the activity operates in accordance with the Students’ Union constitution, policies and procedures as well as your activities own constitution, aims and objectives.

Over see the day to day running and be the main point of contact for the activity and deal with correspondence promptly.

Chair the activity meetings democratically and appropriately.

Attend and complete minutes for all committee/ general meetings.

File and maintain all data and records.

Lead, delegate and supervise others accordingly.

The Treasurer   −

- The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

Look after the activity finances and keep the Students’ Union regularly informed. Arranges for completion of all paperwork related to authorised income and expenditure. Keeps an up to date record of all financial transactions. Ensures any cash or cheques are promptly deposited with the Students’ Union, ensuring that funds are spent properly!

− −

Ensure that the Activity operates in accordance with the Students’ Union constitution, policies and procedures as well as the activities own constitution, aims and objectives.

Attend all relevant training sessions and meetings.

Not only must you look after funds with scrupulous honesty, but you must be seen to do so!

Do not over estimate your ability to remember details of financial transactions – keep a record, and make sure you write them down at all times!

Do not try to manage without a budget or you will be heading for financial difficulty

If you feel under pressure, confused or feel that you are losing control, seek help at once, and remember you are a volunteer not an accountant. You are making a vital contribution to the wellbeing of your activity.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the observance of activity financial procedures at all times.   The Secretary (Vice Chair) - The duties of the Secretary shall be to:   −

Deputise in the absence of the president and assist with duties as decided by the committee.

Organising appropriate meetings keep records and update information to the Activities Department.

Ensure that the activity operates in accordance with the Students’ Union constitution, policies and procedures.

Additional Committee Members   Although the three committee positions identified above go some way to helping effective management of activities, the varying needs means that many activities may want to adopt their own additional task specific committee positions. These are perfectly acceptable providing they are firstly voted in to position (as per the Students’ Union constitution), following an election process this information should then be supplied to the Activities Department. Remember only the three key positions are permitted to vote at Sports and Societies Meetings as detailed in the Constitution. Examples of these additional positions include; Referee Secretary (BUCS Clubs), Fixtures Secretary (BUCS Clubs), Event/Transport Secretary, Prayer Office, Fundraising Officer, Social Secretary, Communications Officer etc.



HOW TO… STUDENTS’ UNION RECEPTION: THE ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT   There are a number of resources available for your activity which are located:

In the Students’ Union:   Your Pigeon Hole -­‐ You are responsible for checking this regularly for all post. -­‐ You simply ask for it at the Students’ Union reception desk. -­‐ Official letters, fixture confirmations or any other related correspondence may be posted via Activities Department free of charge (we can provide paper and envelopes provided the request is within reason!) -­‐ All packages and parcels would need to be authorised before hand with the Activities Department, please plan in advance. -­‐ All incoming mail/ deliveries must be addressed to your activities name and the Students’ Union address: E.g. Tennis Club, the Students’ Union, The University of Lincoln, Lincoln, Brayford pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS.   The SU Notice Boards The notices boards will contain: -­‐ Only generic email accounts of all activities -­‐ Training and/ or meeting timetable -­‐ Council dates -­‐ Drop-in times -­‐ BUCS results mobile number (text in your results to 07765819209) -­‐ (Preferred Supplier) Transport contact numbers -­‐ Any other updates relevant to the Activities Department -­‐ Up and coming events and socials   N.B. All posters for any Students’ Union notice boards will require checking and stamping at the Students’ Union reception, once posters are stamped you are free to stick them on the Activities notice board to promote your team’s events for one month.


Drop In Sessions -­‐ Activities Department have weekly drop in sessions where no appointment is required. There is always a member of staff available to answer any queries or questions you might have, come and see us! You are also responsible for: Committee Contact Details -­‐ Please ensure the Activities Department have up-to-date contact details for your committee at all times and that the key committee positions are fulfilled for the whole year – it is your responsibility to communicate updates. Checking your generic email accounts regularly -­‐ Your log in should be communicated to you during your handover period with the previous committee. It is imperative that all correspondence regarding your activity is done via the generic email account, this should be available for all committee to use and should be monitored at all times. You can request a change of password by contacting -­‐ Emails directed to all activities will be sent via generic email accounts only (example: we will not use any personal email addresses. Managing Your Activity Online -­‐ All committee members have the opportunity to manage their activity online, including: membership listings, finance and events. -­‐ To access the online system, simply sign in with your University ID and password at If you have any queries, please contact                  



The Committee are representatives for your activity and are the main contact within the Activities Department. Affiliations - Please ensure that your activity is affiliated to the relevant national

governing body (NGB) before your season or term starts and that all insurance requests are directed in the first instance to the Activities Department.

Website – This should be checked regularly and kept up-to-date. Communications – Keep us informed of relevant news and/ or information regarding your activity as this enables us to communicate key information at all times and supports all key events. Please email

Committee Meetings – Committees should meet regularly, keep it relevant but open so that all attendees are able to express their opinion. Need help with setting agendas and minute taking, the Activities Team are always happy to help! Minutes can be filed and stored please forward them to

Activities Members Meeting – An open meeting (March) is required to elect a

new activity committee for the next year. Having more regular meetings can ensure the activity is being run for its members and monitored better as it helps to address any concerns they may have. The Activities Team are here to help so make sure you use us! All communication regarding deadlines for elections will be circulated accordingly.

Development and Forward Planning - Does your activity have any goals for

the year? More members, new equipment, competitive success? These goals will aim to enhance, plan and develop your activities yearly performance – discuss them amongst the committee and keep on track! The Activities Team are here to help so make sure you use us!

Time constraints - Remember that your degree comes first! Try to be realistic about the amount of time you can dedicate to your activities. The Activities Team are here to help so make sure you use us!

Complaints - If you feel that anybody has treated you unfairly or you have a complaint then you must notify the Activities Department or the President of the Students’ Union so the complaint can be dealt with.

Volunteering Hours – Keep your Volunteering Logs up to date! Every time you

volunteer your time to your activity record it! It is really important that all committee members are listed within the Activities Department (failure to do this will result in volunteers missing out on certificates). Your completed logs can be signed off monthly in the Activities Department by VP Activities, Activities Co-ordinator or Membership Services Manager/ Deputy CEO. Do not leave it until the end of the year, and do not miss out on


rewards and recognition for your efforts. We are here to help if you are having problems accessing the logs or completing the forms just pop and see us! The logs are available from

Membership - Membership monies for your activity must be paid in at the main Students’ Union reception. The minimum Membership fee is £5 but there is no maximum. All members including committee are required to pay stipulated membership fees. Groups do not charge fees but will still be required to join at the Students’ Union reception in order to participate in any activities. All members are also expected to purchase an Insurance package dependant on the activity you join, see membership price guide for a full detailed list under

Budgets - All budgets are assessed following an end of year finance review. Committee or members are not permitted to collect money from any members; all payments should be directed straight to the Students’ Union! Please make sure that any Self Raising event is recorded and authorised in advance so that we can arrange collection of payments on behalf of your respective activity. University Room Bookings - To book a room for an Activity please complete a booking form on the University portal under Always ensure you put your respective activity name on the form for authorisation. Any bookings where you would want to invite external visitors and/ or the general public (and at a cost) would have to be communicated clearly, be aware that the room would not be free in this instance, you would be charged!

Platform - The Platform can be hired for activity events. Please contact the Activities Department for further details. All activities are able to book group meals for their members, if this is something you would like to do please contact With the date, time and full details of the event including expected number of attendee, and any additional requests.


Financial Procedures

All sample forms are available at the back of the handbook to view and assist you when completing, please download forms from the our website or collect from the Students’ Union reception. Some key information to remember: −

Any income must go through the Students’ Union and will then be placed into your accounts.

Activities are not authorised to make transactions, the Students’ Union will authorise all transactions on your behalf. When discussing purchases with suppliers please only gather quote information. The Finance Department will finalise transactions for you.

Quotes must only be obtained if you have sufficient funds to complete the order request.

All orders must be received in the Students’ Union; please do not provide your personal address to suppliers.

Your Treasurer for the committee can provide you with a financial overview of your activity and should be your key contact. The Finance Department will support Treasurers with this function.

Treasurers wishing to claim expenses incurred on behalf of the activity will need to have these signed off by the President of the committee. This is to provide protection to the Treasure and ultimately the activity.

If you are unsure it is always best to check with either the Activities Department or the Finance Department who will be happy to assist.

Invoice received that have not been authorised by the Students’ Union will not be paid. The invoice will then be passed to the individual/ committee who is then personally liable to pay the invoice.


The ordering process has been streamlined to make it as simple as possible for activities. Following these basic rules provides protection to your activity. Please feel free to approach suppliers; introduce yourself and speak with them about your requirements and let the supplier know you are not authorised yourself to make the order but you are looking for quotes. If the order is over £500 you will need two independent quotes from two different suppliers. Once you have selected the one you wish to go with you need to then submit the quote(s) with a signed Purchase Request form and submit this at Students’ Union reception. The Finance Department will then process your request checking that correct signoffs have happened, ensure you have the funds available. If necessary they will then credit check suppliers and ensure suitability, finalise the most appropriate payment method and confirm the transaction with the supplier to proceed. You will be emailed or copied into confirmations.



Inventory logs must be maintained for audit purposes. Please remember that inventory has been purchased with member’s money so please look after your inventory. For insurance and audit purposes the Finance Department will carry out periodic inspections on inventory.

Purchase Requests −

Complete a Purchase Request form for all goods and services requested for purchase.

This section will be covered fully in your finance training.

Please plan in advance and supply as much information as possible

Complete all relevant sections on the form to avoid delays.

Make sure the expenditure is approved by the Treasurer/ Budget Holder.

Expenses −

Complete a Students’ Union Expenses claim form fully.

This section will be covered in your finance training.

Ensure you supply VAT receipts dated within the 28 day deadline.

Make sure the claim is approved by the Treasurer/ Budget Holder.


Every activity will generally have two accounts; a Membership and a Self-Raised account. Each serves a different purpose and is defined below:

Membership All money raised from your memberships will be paid into this account. This is your member’s money so spend it wisely. Purchases can be made from this account providing it is in line with the objectives of the activity and is aligned with your constitution. This should be used to further grow and benefit the activity.

Self-Raised Funds Your Self-Raised Funds (SRF) account is set up for money to be paid into through raising funds yourselves. Donations will be paid into this account, if you run tin shake activity or if you have decided to run an event that does not fall within the normal scope of your activity but require members to contribute e.g. a trip or end of year meal then this will be paid into your SRF Account. The funds in this account can also be used further to benefit the aims and objectives of the Activity but should they not then this account will have to be used. Please note that fund transfers between these accounts are not permitted.

Development Fund All activities can apply for development funding through their respective councils and be granted or denied through a vote by the council, once this has been approved it would then be submitted to the executive board for final approval. To apply please complete a Development Fund form which can be found on Activities must submit the form by no later than 12 noon


(Thursday), 1 week prior to council, if received on time the application will then be presented at council for approval.

Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorship is money, goods or services received with stipulations e.g. in return for a service like marketing or advertising. Donations are money or goods received with no stipulations. −

In light of the Activities Department’s exclusive sponsorship agreement with the University, all Students’ Union Activities must notify the Activities Department of any plans to seek potential additional sponsorship before organisations are approached.

Any sponsorship agreements signed without approval will be deemed null and void by the University of Lincoln Students’ Union and lead to a disciplinary.

Any activity that receives money from a third party or ‘secret’ sponsor will be brought up on a disciplinary.

Please contact for further details and advice.


Treasurers must complete finance training before any authorisation access will be permitted. There will be various sessions available to accommodate commitments. You will be required to book yourself on one of them following induction. Should you feel you a refresher would be beneficial please contact VP Activities to arrange this.


Key Events Calendar

Septem ber

Induction Sports Fayre Societies and Groups Fayre

October - April

Training Sessions/ W orkshops Pep Rally BUCS season starts Snowflake Ball Re-Fresher’s Fayre Varsity Sports & Societies Awards Night

      Activities Councils:  

Activities Councils take place usually on the first Friday of the month, there are six scheduled councils for the season 2013 14. It is imperative that at least one member of your committee represents your activity at each one. Please be aware that Associate Members are NOT able to stand for committee positions and therefore unable to vote.

Provisionally booked dates as follows:   04/10/13 01/11/13 29/09/13 07/02/14 07/03/14 04/04/14

Venues and times are as advised below (please be aware these could be subject to change).

Sports Council from 10am -12pm (M B0302) Societies Council will be from 12pm -2pm (M B0302)

Cargill Lecture Theatre Cargill Lecture Theatre

Activities Drop In Sessions! Drop in Sessions every Tuesday 2-4pm and Thursday 10-12 noon if you have any last m inute queries! Com e and see us!


THE HANDOVER PROCESS Elections of new committees   A new committee must be elected by end March (each year). Each Committee must be elected by the majority vote of members from their activity. All new committee details should be immediately forwarded to The key roles that must be filled are President, Vice President and Treasurer and any other additional members that you feel necessary to make up your committee (i.e. web sec, event co-ordinator, team secretary). It is a good technique to get potential presidents involved within the committee early.  

A few useful points to remember for your handover −

Please make sure you handover your generic email accounts and passwords to the newly elected committee.

Any outstanding orders should be included in your handover. Failure to do this will leave you liable for the costs if not actioned prior to year end.

It is tempting to drop everything once your new committee is elected, but all your hard work will be lost if you don’t supply information the new team may need.

All handovers should be completed by end of April

Failure to confirm election results will put your activity at risk, communicate all important information on time to keep us updated.

If you require help with the handover we are happy to assist.

All fixture information regarding BUCS should also be included in your handover.

Treasurers should handover all account details to the newly elected treasurer so are aware of all income and expenditure.

Ensure you complete your volunteer logs and get them signed off on a monthly basis and submit.

Ensure you communicate all the additional committee members details to us otherwise they do not go onto our systems, are not recognised and therefore do not get rewarded for their additional volunteering and cannot get logs verified.

For any more questions regarding the handover process please contact us at


FORMS Here is a list of the additional forms you may need to run your activity. These forms will be on the website for you to print and return to the Students’ Union reception.   Associate Members Form BUCS Team sheet Coach booking procedures Coaching Agreements Coaching Guidelines Development Fund Request Form Goods Received Notification New Sports, Societies or Groups Form Private Car usage Form Risk Assessment Form Sponsorship or Donation Form Purchase Order Form Expense Claim Form Event Form Petty Cash Form Payroll Form     We will be covering all forms available in the Finance and Health and Safety training sessions available to you following induction.                  


Health and Safety     Events and Trips

All activities, events and trips must be registered. Event Forms can be found online or at the Students’ Union reception and must be accompanied with a Risk Assessment. Failure to do this will result in disciplinary action. Risk Assessments A Risk Assessment Form must be completed for all activities and submitted electronically for filing. If you are organising an event or trip, or any other activity, you must complete a Risk Assessment form or forward the electronic copy. Blank forms are available at the Students’ Union reception. Electronic templates available from To complete simply go through the activity you are planning step by step to identify potential risks and add them to form. If you are finding the process difficult we are happy to help and guide you, just let us know! Once you have completed the form, it must be submitted and authorised by the Activities Department Prior to the activity taking place. Emergency Procedure All activities will need an emergency procedure. For some activities this will have already been done by the facility itself; other activities will require one to be produced. If help is needed, please let us know. Accident Reporting You must ensure that for every activity, be it at the University or external, there are certain things that the activity leader/s must do. 1. 2. 3.

Make sure that all members attending the activity are aware of emergency procedures for that activity. Be responsible for implementing those procedures for anyone attending the activity should an accident/ injury occur. When on an activity away from the University, the activity leader




must familiarise themselves with the emergency procedure at that particular venue. Should an accident, injury or dangerous occurrence (near miss) happen, then the appointed person must ensure that an accident report form is completed and the Activities Department is informed as soon as possible. Accident report forms can be filled in at the Students’ Union, or online on the website. If no contact can be made with the Students’ Union or Activities Team and the accident/ injury requires A&E treatment, The University of Lincoln Security Office should be contacted. If an accident, injury or dangerous occurrence (near miss) happens at a University facility, this must be reported also to the duty member of staff of the facility immediately.

When to call a paramedic? Any head or neck injury or loss of consciousness – CALL IMEDIATELY AND DO NOT MOVE THE INJURED PERSON. 1. Any difficulty in breathing or chest pain. 2. Any wound other than a graze. 3. If in any doubt. Useful Numbers Emergency Services 999 (9999 from a University phone) UL Security 01522 88 6062 Activities Office 01522 88 6460 DBS Forms All coaches must be DBS checked prior to the agreed sessions. If you are unsure please check by contacting the Activities Department:                        


Glossary You will almost certainly come across a large number of acronyms whilst you are at University. This is a list of some of the main ones as well as some useful meeting related vocabulary.   SU   Students’ Union     AOB   Any other Business     A Motion   A proposal/ idea or items that require approval   Promulgations Something relevant handed out to members at meetings   Quorum   The number of members needed for a meeting to be valid   BoG   Board of Governors   Embargo   An official ban     BG   Block Grant     SR       Self Raised  


Head of Faculty


Key Performance Indicators


National Student Survey



Part-Time Pro-Vice Chancellor  

VC                                      Vice Chancellor    

BUCS                          British University College Sport    

NGB                            National Governing Body    

SUL                              Students’ Union Live (Finance system)    


Activities Handbook 2013 - 14  

The University of Lincoln Activities Handbook includes all dates of councils, contact details, rules and regulations for sport clubs and soc...