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The Joint Newsletter for Lincoln BIG and the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Area

City Gateway Facelift

Issue 36 - June 2010

“They are where you will find a mix of more than 100 national and independent retailers, about half of which fall into the Government’s recognised definition of a small business. Shop vacancy levels are particularly high here, as much of the area is awaiting redevelopment as part of the Lindongate mixed-used scheme.”

Mr Corrigan said plans for the area take into account the need to maintain business activity, whilst acknowledging the temporary lease terms and uncertainty of the timescale of long-term investment, which make it difficult for private businesses to achieve changes on their own.

Lincoln BIG has come-up with an exciting £110,000 project which is designed to breathe extra vitality into one of the city’s most important ‘gateways’. After the City of Lincoln Council was allocated about £52,000 in Government money, the authority approached Lincoln BIG which worked with its staff to come up with a raft of initiatives aimed at tackling the knock-on effects of empty shop premises in the Sincil Street and Cornhill areas.

The action plan, which also relies upon additional cash from the Arts Council, County Council and European Regional Development Fund, has been discussed with councillors and local traders.

Now Lincoln BIG is keen to involve its levypayers in the ideas and it is hoped that the proposed measures will increase traders’ confidence as the city pulls itself out of recession. Lincoln BIG Chief Executive, Matt Corrigan, said, “The Sincil Street and Cornhill areas are important parts of the city centre and act as a gateway to the railway station.

Proposals include a range of environmental improvements for the area fronting the railway station. These could include street furniture and repaving, and a new cycle parking area at the north end of Sincil Street.

“We would like to make the area the focal point for Lincoln in Bloom and to use summer floral displays, in particular, to make a real difference to the feel of this part of the city,” said Mr Corrigan. Other suggestions include a deep cleanse of toilets serving the bus station, market and High Bridge, reducing the number of pigeons in the area, and eyecatching signage to direct people towards the Market and Sincil Street. There might even be a pavement ‘gingerbread trail’.

Other ideas include a bumper programme of summer events, stretching throughout the school holidays, a summer ‘pop-up’ art event and workshops in empty Sincil Street shops and the installation of more shop window graphics to brighten empty premises. Plans are already being worked on and a small working group has been established.

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Gateway Facelift

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Useful Contacts, City Centre Footfall

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Beat Talk

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Lindongate Update, Paternity Rights

Matt Corrigan Chief Executive Yvette Hall Security Group Co-ordinator Michael Armstrong Events & Promotions Manager Shaun Barnett Evening Economy Manager Mick Lake Operations Manager

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Office Block Makeover, University Student Business Idea

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Young Chamber Update

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New Chamber Members, Two-Wheeled Wonders, Events

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Bike Fest

Lincoln BIG - 01522 545233

Lincolnshire Chamber: 01522 523333

Simon Beardsley Chief Executive Darryl Plummer Head of Operations Hannah Young Marketing & Communications Chris Brown Membership Development Helen Tomkinson International Trade Manager Neil Brown Learning Broker Charlotte Robson Events Coordinator Rachel Mooney Events Coordinator

City Centre Footfall Lincoln BIG produces a detailed weekly footfall count for five locations in the city centre. Please email if you are a levy payer and would like to receive this in full on a regular basis.

Citytalk is a joint publication from the Lincoln Business Improvement Group and Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce. Lincoln BIG 1st Floor Sibthorp House 351/355 High Street Lincoln LN5 7BN Phone 01522 545233 Fax 01522 545833 Email:

Lincolnshire Chamber Commerce House Outer Circle Road Lincoln LN2 4HY Phone 01522 523333 Fax 01522 546667 Email:

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information printed in City Talk, the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln Business Improvement Group can accept no liability for its contents. The articles published in City Talk do not necessarily reflect the views of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce or the Lincoln Business Improvement Group. We reserve the right to edit any material submitted for publication.

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Beat Talk - by Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Lincoln City Centre, Mark Garthwaite This month, I thought I would talk about another topic which is fast becoming one of the most talked-about subjects in the city centre, street drinking.

It is certainly noticeable that in recent years there has been a marked increase in the number and visibility of people who choose to drink alcohol from bottles and cans in the city centre area (and other towns and cities too).

Whilst I do not want to be seen as a party pooper, I am increasingly concerned that, not only do people walking in the street whilst drinking create a bad impression for visitors and residents alike about our city centre, there is also a clear link between street drinking and anti-social behaviour and crime.

My team, and our colleagues and partners, work hard to ensure that, where possible and lawful, drink is confiscated. We also use available legislation to good effect. Indeed, as some of you may be aware, in December we started to use legislation, known as direction to leave, in the city to prevent alcohol-related violence and disorder. Initial signs are positive in relation to the use of this tactic. However, one thing I am frequently asked is, “When are we going to have

Trading with China Breakfast Forum

The latest Trading with China Breakfast Forum was held on the 13th May at Riseholme Campus, University of Lincoln in conjunction with Invest Lincolnshire. A hot breakfast bap and refreshments were provided courtesy of Riseholme Campus, and kick started the morning’s conversation. Guest speakers included Paul Parkinson and Caroline Hodgson from the University of Lincoln, Shelagh Coates from Invest Lincolnshire, Neil Barrett from Supplybase Solutions, Bryan Carr from Castlet and Richard Casburn from HSBC. Delegates were able to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise from experienced

an alcohol ban in the city centre?”

The answer to this question is not a simple one.

responsible for considering the information and implementing the DPPO.

I also need your help on two fronts. Firstly, if you are a service user or There is no legislation that provider in the city centre and have bans alcohol in an area. specific information about incidents There is, however, the or issues in relation to street Designated Public Place drinking, please write to me at the Order, also known as a Police Station and I will add your DPPO (such as already letter to the evidence which I will exists in the Arboretum and provide for the Council. Temple Gardens areas). Secondly, if you own, manage, or This legislation allows our staff to work at premises which sell alcohol, confiscate alcohol from people who are ask yourself this, “If people come in drinking and behaving in a disorderly to buy drink, am I happy that they manner. Clearly this will not stop are sober, am I happy that they are everyone but, as I have already said, not just going to open the bottle or there is a link between street drinking can after leaving the shop and walk and offences. down the road, possibly becoming a problem for other people in the I know there is a lot of support for such city?” an order within my own organisation, Lincoln BIG, the City of Lincoln Council If the answer to either of these and many people within the city centre questions is no, then perhaps that community itself. person should not be served. Sadly, whilst the legislation exists, it is not a simple process. For a start, in order to get a DPPO for a large area, there has to be evidence of problems throughout the area. But we have started. I have tasked our Neighbourhood Analysts to provide me with information about alcohol-related crime and disorder across the city centre. Once I have this, I will provide it to the Council, which is the body

exporters, and The East Midlands China Business Bureau were also on hand represented by Jason Feehily.

The forum also provided an opportunity for Chinese Students currently studying at The University of Lincoln to attend, and gave a first hand insight to living and working in China. The University of Lincoln provides a cultural exchange programme with Postgraduates from different parts of world; this provides a platform for sharing cultural knowledge and business practises, which in turn will assist Lincolnshire companies to trade overseas. In turn the exchange students learn business culture and practises from a UK perspective. The forum has been devised by people involved in international trade to share experiences, problems and questions regarding trading with China. The forum is open to members and non-

I am not denigrating our responsibility of enforcement here, but preventing offences is not solely our responsibility. In future columns I will update you with the results of our work.

members and welcomes new delegates. For further information please contact Helen Tomkinson

The next forum is to be held on the 16th September at a venue to be confirmed. For more information about the Trading with China Breakfast Forum or the Trading with India Breakfast Forum, please call Helen Tomkinson on 01522 846929.

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Lindongate Update

It is widely recognised that Lincoln City Centre needs a boost. While traders are performing better than many in comparable cities, life is still a struggle and recent delays to the redevelopment of the bus station site have been a major disappointment for the city as a whole as more and better quality car parking in the city centre together with a brand new bus station forming part of a public transport interchange are expected to allow the city to compete far better with neighbouring centres such as Peterborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Meadowhall and Hull. Of course it is not just better public transport services and more car parking. To compete with rival centres the city needs to attract those major retailers who are not already here and to allow those existing retailers who want to expand, to be able to do so. The new shops proposed in the Lindongate scheme supported by better parking and public transport services will make this possible but according to Peter Banks of Banks Long & Co, who is handling the development proposals for Lincolnshire Cooperative, this will not be at the expense of the existing High Street precinct.

Commenting on the current situation, Mr Banks said, “You can see from the city centre footfall figures published by Lincoln BIG that the difficult economic conditions have reduced visitor numbers to Lincoln but they have not fallen off a cliff as they have in some other centres. Lincoln remains blessed with unique attractions that others do not enjoy such as the uphill tourist area, the developing leisure area around Brayford Pool, a city centre University and a wealth of character buildings throughout the central area; in particular through the High Street precinct. Lindongate will add to these attractions but will not replace them. Most major established traders will stay on the High Street which will always provide the main retail focus for the city but the Cornhill, Sincil Street and the Waterside Centre will be rejuvenated and there will be a ripple effect of benefits across the whole city centre.

“Unfortunately Modus Ventures, the developer selected jointly by Lincolnshire Cooperative and Lincoln City Council, have gone into administration as a result of problems with other more secondary schemes elsewhere in the UK and general issues facing property developers. However it is clear now that even before their actual

New Fathers - New Rights New Terms of Employment!

Fathers of children born on or after the 3rd April 2011 will be entitled to six months Paternity Leave - including three months paid leave. These rights will affect pregnancies commencing July 2009.

Employers should be updating their Terms and Conditions now, to avoid confusion and ambiguity when employees start to ask about these new entitlements. To enable Chamber members to do this, Personnel Advice and Solutions Ltd have produced a Free Fact Sheet which provides:

demise, they did not have the finance to deal with outstanding issues in the outline planning application that was lodged in August 2008. Lincolnshire Cooperative are tackling all of these issues and making good progress with cooperation from the City and County Councils, bus and rail operators and various other statutory bodies. As a consequence, it is hoped that the application will be able to be determined in the summer of this year with detailed design work following on immediately thereafter. “If this is the case, the first phase of work must be construction of the new bus station, highway alterations and relocation of existing car parking facilities which will mean that work to remove the existing unloved bus station cannot commence until 2012 at the earliest. This creates short term problems for the Sincil Street area in particular where vacant shop premises required for the scheme can only be re-let on a short term basis. This does not help nearby local traders including the Coop themselves. “A range of initiatives are therefore being explored to try to maintain the vitality of the Sincil Street area in the meantime but we are open to any new ideas.

“For example, if there are local traders who would like to dip their toes into the central area but are put off by a combination of rent and initial fit out costs, Lincolnshire Coop will be pleased to discuss specific business packages with them including advice and assistance with shop fitting, rents related to profitability and assistance with relocation when the unit is redeveloped.”

When asked what planning issues remained outstanding, Mr Banks advised that, “These relate primarily to conservation matters. We have reduced the size of the new buildings proposed to meet concerns of English Heritage but if shops are to be viable in this area and to generate the value needed to pay for all of the costs associated with this scheme, they need the support of a department store and such buildings are bound to be of a significant scale. We are confident however that they can be delivered without affecting the existing character of Sincil Street - indeed the smaller shops there which will appeal to independent traders will create the shopping environment that larger space users are demanding now in any new scheme.”

1. Questions employers should be asking employees and their partners when addressing new Paternity Leave requests.

2. Documents, wages slips and other details employers need to check when responding to requests for extended leave. 3. How to re-write your company’s Paternity Leave entitlement details.

This free factsheet can be accessed by going to and clicking on Free Fact Sheets.

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Office Block Revamp

A prominent four-storey office block in Lincoln is in line for a major revamp inside and out. Aquis House in Clasketgate is getting a makeover in a move which will improve life for those based there and also boost the streetscape.

The project is being co-ordinated by Hodgson Elkington, which has been working with the owner of the building, Mike Wroblewski of Centurion Finance (Lincoln) Ltd and Aquis House’s two tenants, to put together a refurbishment scheme with a budget of £500,000.

Hodgson Elkington Partner, Daniel Race, said, “There will be significant alterations and improvements internally, providing a dedicated entrance to the ground floor space for Connexions and for solicitor Sills and Betteridge, together with additional office space on the third floor to meet the expansion needs of Sills and Betteridge, which requires more space within the building.”

New windows are being installed throughout the building, along with fresh cladding at the front. Other changes include new doors, a fresh heating system, new passenger lift, upgraded toilet facilities and a full revamp of the communally-shared parts of the building. Sills and Betteridge currently employs 130 people at its offices in Lincoln, Boston, Spilsby and Coningsby. Practice Director, Martyn Hall, said, “Despite the recession, the firm has seen continued growth and, having outgrown our existing office space within the building and in Silver Street, the third floor of Aquis House provides the additional accommodation that we need. “Staff will be less cramped and we will have a suite of meeting rooms in which to see clients, and our own separate entrance.”

Lindum BMS is the main contractor for the work. Fifteen people will be employed on the 14-week job.

Spectacular Opening Chapter for Sophie's Business Idea An imaginative undergraduate from the University of Lincoln has won a £5,000 support package to get her online book exchange business off the ground.

Sophie Bulgin, 22 claimed first place in the Perfect Pitch competition run by the University’s Enterprise@Lincoln department.

Students with potential business startup ideas were invited to pitch their proposals to the Enterprise team, with a package of business expertise and financial support the prize for the winning contestant.

Applicants were whittled down to seven finalists who faced a Dragon’s Den style panel comprised of local business leaders. The panel included successful Lincolnshire entrepreneur Andy Harsley, whose ‘Rapstrap’ invention proved a hit on the real Dragon’s Den show on BBC.

From innovative furniture designs to an eco-friendly courier service, the Perfect Pitch event showcased the rich variety of business ideas among Lincoln’s students. All the finalists will receive expert advice to develop their proposals further.

It was Sophie’s idea for an online exchange service for academic textbooks that claimed first place and the top prize. She will receive a £5,000 support package including funding, help and advice from key businesses in the region.

The third year Business and Marketing student impressed the panel with her unique idea – Uni’dthesebooks. Based on successful models like Cash4Gold and Mazuma Mobile, her concept was to tap into the book re-selling market through an online platform. Customers will be able to get a price for their old university books on the website and return them to Sophie in exchange for a cheque. With the thumbs-up from the Perfect Pitch judges, she plans to spend the summer carrying out market research and website development before launching the business this September with a focus on Lincoln and the East Midlands.

Sophie said, “I entered the competition because I wanted the networking opportunities that were on offer. I knew that being able to access an environment where entrepreneurship was on tap would really make my

business possible. Now I’m looking forward to it being transactional and waiting for the day when I can do it full-time.”

Perfect Pitch is an annual competition run by the University of Lincoln’s student enterprise society, Deviate, part of Enterprise@Lincoln. To contact Sophie, phone Enterprise@Lincoln on 01522 837200. Anyone who would like to donate textbooks to help Sophie get her business up and running can deliver them to Enterprise@Lincoln, located next to the library on the University’s Brayford Pool campus.

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Young Chamber Update

Students from the Yarborough School Young Chamber Enterprise Council are setting up social enterprises selling hanging baskets to staff, parents, governors and the local community. They have two businesses competing against each other. Both businesses are selling budget baskets, luxury baskets and the opportunity to choose the colours of your flowers. Refills are also available to spruce up your baskets from last year. It is up to you which business you choose – the key aspect here for the students is to develop a strong marketing and sales strategy and perhaps a Unique Selling Point.

Budding Bouquets is led by Cheryl Williams along with Katie Brazier and Jason Southern and prices range from £8.50 to £14.50. Plant Away is led by Bo Haywood along with Amy Wakefield, Chelsea Coggon and Sophie Andrews and prices range from £10.00 to £15.00. If you would like to find out more about the hanging baskets and place an order please contact Katie Vause, Enterprise Coordinator at Yarborough School on or 01522 529203.

A student from Yarborough School has completed a 40 mile run to raise money for charity. Bo Haywood (year 9) recently completed this amazing run in 5 hours and 52 minutes and passed the marathon marker at 3 hours 43 minutes. The charity Bo supports is One Water, which has been chosen by students of Yarborough School with the aim of raising money to fund a playpump in Malawi which provides fresh water to a local community.

Mrs Katie Vause, Enterprise Co-ordinator at Yarborough said, “Bo has impressed me with her determination and enterprising spirit, and she should be extremely proud of her fundraising efforts.”

For further information about One Water, please contact Katie Vause on

Branston Community College has so far raised an incredible £450 towards Africa Now projects. The £1 Challenge was launched two years ago in association with global Entrepreneurship Week. Students are asked to create an enterprise using nothing more than their imagination and £1, mirroring the limited resources available to many entrepreneurs in Africa. They learn about the challenges faced when creating

their own enterprise and also get to enter 'Africa Now's Enterprise Award 2010'. This year’s winners are Amy Townsend, Michaela Driscoll and Naomi Johnson, raising an incredible £200 with their innovative photo shoot enterprise. The young students set up a photo studio shoot, using the schools resources. The photo shoot was well advertised and fellow students paid £2 per photo to pose with their friendship groups. From the proceeds of the photo shoot, the students got the images professionally processed in Lincoln. “We were really surprised and pleased at the turn out of customers for the photo shoot. It made us feel really proud to be able to raise money to help people in Africa less fortunate than us.” Michaela Driscoll, 13. Towns & Co. is a company consisting of nine students from Branston Community College. The company's mission statement is, “to help the wildlife around the Lincoln area and to provide people with both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial products.” To achieve this aim, Towns & Co. developed a range of products with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly, a peanut bird feeder and log candle holders. These products have been sold to local community and Towns & Co. have made a considerable profit. Consideration went into pricing, profit margins, sourcing products, appropriate buyer market and maintaining the quality of products are high.

BCC's Towns & Co were invited to attend the Young Enterprise Presentation Evening 2010 on the 22nd of March and were winners of 4 awards from the 7 designated awards. Towns & Co won 'Best Company Report 2010' award, 'Best Company Presentation 2010' award, and 'Achiever of the Year 2010' award went to Andrew Townsend personally. Towns & Co also won the prestigious 'Greater Lincoln Area Board Overall Winner 2010' award, which took the young company to the Regional Finals at Bishop Grosseteste College on Lincoln on the 12th of May 2010. Towns & Co were up against less than 10 other Young Enterprise companies from across our region. The students received glass engraved awards that will now be on display in Branston Community College's reception area.

“The presentation evening was very enjoyable. We were delighted with winning all four awards. It proved to us that all our hard work has paid off and we have been recognised for our entrepreneurial skills.” Daniel Marnie, 16. “We would like to thank Samantha Kemp our Business Advisor and Emma Newman

our Business Studies teacher for their support and the help they have given us behind the scenes.” Ross Redshaw, 16. All year 8 students at Branston Community College were in for a powerful Crime and Safety Awareness Day on the 22 of March 2010. Crime and Safety Awareness Day aims to raise awareness amongst young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime. Representatives from the prison, police, ambulance and fire services held themed workshops for the students; 'Prison Life', Anti Social Street Scene, Ambulance Demonstration and Fire Education. This multi-agency event had students engaged and keen participants all day, especially the replica prison cell the students could visit.

“I've learnt simple car crashes can be just as damaging as serious ones. I've also learnt that anti social behaviour covers a wide range of offences not just the ones we hear about on the news. The drama re-enactment about anti social behaviour was fun and interesting.” Kern Baker, 12. Ex-Branston Community College student Craig Foottit (currently performing in Chicago in London's West End) came to BCC on Wednesday the 10th of March to work with 22 Gifted and Talented KS3 dancers. He spent from 10.00am to 12.30pm teaching 2 very different routines, which they all picked up and remembered very well. At 1.30pm he started working with a group of 8 talented dancers from years 10 - 13. Craig taught them a dance to "Both reached for the Gun" from Chicago. By 3.30pm they had learnt the dance and at 7.00pm they performed it as part of a music Showcase. They all worked extremely hard and performed exceptionally well. All students were keen to talk to Craig about what life was like as a performer in London and asked lots of questions about how they could achieve their dream of performing in London's West End. Craig then performed as part of the Showcase in the evening which was a great treat for the cast and audience alike. For more information on Young Chamber, please contact Hannah Young on, or visit

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New Lincolnshire Chamber Members

For more details, visit the Member Directory at We welcome the following companies to the Lincolnshire Chamber:

Amici Restaurants - Restaurant Auto Shine Ltd - Cleaning and Valeting Supplies for the Trade Butters - Retail Calthrops Solicitors LLP - Solicitors Hills Department Store - Retail Hills Furniture Store - Furniture Retail HMP North Sea Camp - Prison Lance Design & Media - Web Design, Photography, Media, Video Lloyds TSB Bank Plc (Spalding) - Bank Maples Solicitors - Solicitors Maricer T/A CPES - Electrical Manufacturer and Contractor Occasions Jewellers - Jewellery Shop R. Longstaff & Co. - Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers, Valuers & Estate Agents Revills Shoes - Shoe Shop Riverbank Studios - Art Classes and Artist Studios Robert Goddard - Distinctive Clothing Rooke’s Pet Products Ltd - Pet Products Spalding Models & Collectables - Models & Collectables Spalding News - Newsagents Springfields Outlet Shopping & Festival Gardens - Shopping Centre Taylor ITEX CIC - Adult Learning & Employment, Training & Advice Total Recruitment Group Ltd - Recruitment Agency Tulip Radio - Radio Broadcasters Turner’s Fish Restaurant - Fish & Chip Restaurant & Takeaway


5th June

6th June

9th June

12th June

Farmers Market (1st Friday every month) City Square, 9.00am - 4.00pm Craft Market Cornhill, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Vintage Vehicle Rally Lincoln Castle, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Farmers Market (2nd Wednesday every month) High Street, 9.00am - 4.00pm

MG Car Display City Square

12th June

Craft Market Cornhill, 10.00am - 4.00pm

19th June

Farmers Market (3rd Saturday every month) Castle Hill, 9.00am - 4.00pm

26th June

Armed Forces Day Lincoln Castle 10.00am - 5.00pm

13th June

23rd - 24th June 27th June

27th June

Lincoln Bike Fest Brayford Waterfront

Lincolnshire Show Lincolnshire Showground

Citroen and 2CV Bells & Whistles Rally Brayford Waterfront VW Karmann Ghias Castle Hill

Two-Wheeled Wonders

Plans are moving into top gear for one of the most popular events on Lincoln BIG’s calendar of attractions.

Members of Wolds Bikers are, once again, hoping for great weather as they prepare for Bike Fest 2010, which takes place along Lincoln’s Brayford Waterfront on Sunday the 13th of June between 10.00am and 5.00pm. Wolds Bikers report that they have got several dealers lined up to take part, alongside many of its regular stands.

The rock and blues band, Gin House, is also booked to appear and Wolds Bikers is in the process of signing-up a second group.

This year’s sponsor is J & C Motorcycles of Bargate, Lincoln. Two charities, National Youthbike and NABD, as well as city shopkeepers, should also benefit from the day.

Lincolnshire Chamber Events 10th June

Meet the Buyer - Selling to the Public Sector AM or PM, Riseholme Campus, Lincoln

15th June

Introduction to LEAN Workshop 9.30am - 1.00pm, Commerce House, Lincoln

10th June

Making the Right Impression, 8.30am - 4.00pm Drill Hall, Lincoln

17th June

How can Social Media Help my Business? 8.30am - 10.30am, Gainsborough Golf Club

22nd June

How to Write a Press Release Commerce House, Lincoln, 9.30am - 1.00pm

24th June

Lincolnshire Show Networking Lunch, 12.00pm 2.00pm, Showground, Lincoln

17th June

23rd June

Networking Lunch, 12.00pm - 2.00pm The White Hart Hotel, Boston

Innovation Advice and Guidance Business Briefing, Boston West Golf Club

24th June

Growing your Business, 8.30am - 4.00pm Drill Hall, Lincoln

30th June

Google Analytics, 8.45am - 4.00pm Commerce House, Lincoln

29th June

Planning a Successful Website, 8.45am - 4.00pm Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham


Lincolnshire Chamber Patrons


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