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Mexican Independence Day By Faysal Ege Mexican Independence Day

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is on September

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15t h and is cele-

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brated very well in Mexican communities all over the USA, including Minneapolis. Mexicans fought to win independence from Spain. Some of the heroes were Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos, and Josef

Newspaper Crew Hamse Hassan, Fadila Hassan Dubat Dakane, Alanoud Rwailil Faysal Ege, Latifa Rwaili

Ortiz De Dominguez.

Abdullahi Ibrahim, Saadiyo Hassan

At the Mexican Independence celebration there

Abdullahi Ahmed

where many different types of foods such as rice, tostadas, zopes, tacos and many more. Some of the beverages there were fruit smoothies, and soft drinks. Some of the activities were cultural dances from states in Mexico, singers, and a grand parade. Also, there were many different cultural costumes. Something I thought that is very special is the shout out of independence:

Mexican dancers dancing in the rain


celebrating Mexican Independence Day. 1


College Information

Extracurricular Activities

By Hamse Hassan

Soccer and Basketball

I interviewed Ms. Dorothy who comes to If you are interested in sports we have soccer and our school to advise students about college. I asked basketball in our school. Just contact Mr. Chris R. her a couple questions about PSEO and FAFSA. I He is the coach of the school. asked Ms. Dorothy to give us a little bit of information about Post Secondary Education Option, (PSEO). Ms. Dorothy responded, “PSEO is a statefunded program that allows juniors and seniors to participate if they meet the requirements. The program gives students the opportunity to earn high school and college credits while still completing high school. Post Secondary Education Option program has a deadline for next spring semester December 1, 2011 and fall 2012 semester on June 1, 2012. Mauricio, and Osbaldo in Mr. R’s class. As we all know that FAFSA is very important for seniors to apply. So, when do seniors need to apply? Ms. Dorothy said, “Seniors need to apply Speech Team for FAFSA on or after January 1, 2012.” This year as a Lincoln international High school we Lastly, I asked Ms. Dorothy what is the first are having our first Speech Team. Miss Karin, Miss Shelly, and Miss Raine are coaching. There are 13 step you think seniors should take? Ms. Dorothy events that students can pick political speeches to replied, “The first step seniors need to take is to apply for a FAFSA pin number. Seniors can't apply poetry and storytelling. It is great for academics and for FAFSA until January 1st. At this time, all sen- fun. Practices are after school and meets are on Saturdays. ior should be applying to colleges.” Student Government

If you have questioned please see Miss Dorothy at second floor right next to Mr. Loren. She is only here Thursdays . Finally, I want to thank Ms. Dorothy for giving us this helpful information, thank you so much. No School October 19-20 Parent Teacher Conference November 4 2

It is run by Miss Shelly, Miss Karin, and Mr. Tom. It will be very organized with the goals of improving school achievement, school spirit, and a sense of democracy in action. One new aspect this year is Students of the Month which will be nominated by student government. One boy and one girl will win every month for being great students.


New Teacher Interviews

MR. Derek Oslund Science Teacher

By: Saadiyo Hassan Ms. Krista English Language Learner Student Teacher

Why do you want to become a teacher? I want to become a teacher because I really like to learn about different languages and different cultures.

Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because I really like science. I really like working with students. I think that I can help education be better.

How do you treat your students? I treat my students with respect. I try to let students know who I am outside of school because I want to Where did you teach before know what they do outside of school. you came to Lincoln? I taught at a charter school called Lions Gate Academy in What is challenging to you Crystal, Minnesota. It was a about teaching at Lincoln? school for students with autism. It was a high school. I decide to Learning about new cultures is switch to a different school be- both exciting and hard. This is cause they wanted me to teach a good thing to because I can biology and I would rather teach see how students feel when chemistry or physics. I was they come to a new culture. looking for schools and I found Lincoln. What is the most impor-

tant quality a good Where did you go college teacher needs to have? What do you think about Teachers must care about other Lincoln teachers you and what did you study? I went to St. John’s University. I their students. have met so far? studied natural science (physics, They seem nice and friendly chemistry, math and astronomy). . 3


How do you make a guy or a girl interested in you? 1. Talk all sweet when you are around someone that you like. 2. Look at them and ignore them. 3. Try to be nice to them. 4. Every time you see him/her look at his/her eyes. 5. Don’t give them that much attention and act like you don’t care about them and always try to be happy then they will realize their mistakes. 6. Laugh with them, talk with them. 8. Never go for the guy; he has to come to you. By Latifa Rwaili and Alanoud Rwaili

Fadila’s Corner Name: Hassan Farah

Name: Dare Yusuf

Age:21 Grade:12

Age:18 Grade:12 Q: What’s better this year then last year? A: “More rules, they ain’t playin’ around.”

Q: How’s the school lunch? A: “The lunch isn’t good, everybody complains about the lunch, we should get a special lunch before we graduate.” Name: Nuradin Ali Age:17 Grade:12 Comment: “Man the school food isn’t as good as last year. It tastes like jail food.”




October 2011  
October 2011  

Lincoln High School's first issue for the 2011-2012 year.