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TRANSPORTATION IN CANADA Many Canadian cities have an excellent public transport system that will help you move. Buses make most transport fleets, but in some cities there are also trams, trolleybuses, buses and trains sea. The major cities with metro stops, subway or light rail are Vancouver (SkyTrain), Calgary (CTrain), Edmonton (LRT), Toronto (Metro), Ottawa (O-Train) and Montreal (metro). The single-trip tickets cost on average about two dollars per adult and can be purchased at subway stations and some convenience stores. Usually you can pay the fee in cash, instead of using tickets. Several cities offer transit passes for a day, several days or a month, which allows unlimited travel for a specific period. And if you want to rent cars, find rental companies such as Budget, Discount, Hertz, National and Thrifty, among others, at airports and major cities and towns. Rates vary according to the season, type of vehicle and time of rental. You must be 21 years (25 years in some cases) and have a major credit card. The requirements may vary from one province to another.

 Airports Canada has 13 international airports in the following cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Gander, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal-Dorval, Montreal-Mirabel, Ottawa, St. John's, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Many other towns have airports to local destinations.

 Automobiles Most European ID cards are valid in Canada, although it is desirable to obtain the international license. The speed limit on motorways is 100 or 110 km / h., Depending on the state in which we find ourselves. The Trans-Canada Highway connects the Atlantic with the Pacific, crosses the country in the lands south and connects the cities of Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Regina and Vancouver. In the northern regions of the road network is less and even there are areas that are accessible by paved road. Rent: In addition to large international companies, there are a multitude of national, regional or local offer good prices and conditions. Keep in mind that car rental rates are free and can be a big difference between an agency and another. It only requires the driver's license and a credit card.

 Buses There are several companies of road passenger transport. The two most important are Greyhound Lines of Canada Ltd. and Voyageur Colonial Bus Lines. Means of transport is a relatively inexpensive and highly recommended for the most remote places of the country.

 Train Due to the enormous size of the country, the train is a fast transport medium and fairly inexpensive. As is the case with the road network, there is a railway line that crosses the country from east to west, connecting the two coasts. The trip takes 69 hours and can be done in sections. There are numerous train connections between

Canada and the United States. The most important line is the corridor that links Quebec and Windsor in Ontario.

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